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"Please make it stop, please… I don't want this; you didn't want this for me, did you? Why me?" The questions ran through Ryoma's head what seemed like the good portion of his life right now. He enjoyed very little anymore, because he knew there were consequences. School he never really liked, he endured it due to Tennis club afterwards. He had a new appreciation for the long hours, atleast he was safe.

He still enjoyed tennis club. Though he'd never show it, but it was painful because it caused him to reopen cuts, or move swollen joints that begged him not to. He still had that training and a goal to go for. He couldn't give up on that yet, he promised her, he promised his mother while she lied on that hospital bed that he would accomplish what his father had not. He was going to be the best tennis player. She had smiled at him and told him to never give up and no matter what, she was still proud.

Thinking of that made Ryoma even more unwilling to get up, even with his body screaming in agony. He slowly rose and assessed the damage. 'Damn, my rib. This won't be easy.' Wincing, he sat up and a rush of nausea overcame him. Luckily he hadn't eaten anything since lunch yesterday so all that came out was a dry heave.

"Good Morning Ryoma, why you are looking a little peaky today. Come here." He flinched as her cool hand grabbed his face.

"It's nothing Clarissa-san."

"Very well, I made you breakfast! The cook had some business to attend to." He looked at his plate with no appetite, though not wanting to even chance of insulting her, he ate the food though it all tasted like rubber and he didn't recognize anything on his plate.

Clarissa was born in the states. She was born to a wealthy family, and has been divorced four times. She has one other child but he now lives with his dad. She and Nanjiro met early this year while Nanjiro was in America for business. Since then she eased her way into their life like a wrecking ball "eases" it's way into its victim. She put on such a good act that at first even Ryoma believed her, though he was never thrilled with his father dating so soon after his mother had died. Eventually after three months and Nanjiro's guilt of having to travel so often for work and no one to take care of Ryoma, he married her. Though hasn't been home for longer than two days since.

After forcing down as much of the breakfast as he could, Ryoma went upstairs to retrieve his backpack, tennis bag, and his hat. Noticing that Clarissa wasn't in the dining room nor office, he decided to go to the car and hopefully she hasn't already left.

The car was still there though no driver and no Clarissa. He set his things in the back seat, wincing as he leaned over. He retreated back into the house. Clarissa was in one of the recliners, knitting.

"Clarissa- san," he spoke barely audible to even himself. He cleared his throat. "Clarissa-san, w-will we be leaving soon?"

"IDIOT! I told you to get that idiotic friend of yours to pick you up today. You think that I like that I have chauffeur you around all day long? I bet you think I have nothing better to do than to entertain your wants, don't you, you stupid ungrateful..." She stood up so fast that Ryoma didn't even have to flinch. He saw the needle in her hand one moment, the next he felt the sting of the metal across his face.

He left without a word or a ride to school.

Feeling his face he felt a bruise forming on his cheek and blood coming out of the small cut. He was lucky this time. Though he would have to walk to school telling himself that it was a small price to pay for her stopping herself.

By time he arrived at school first period was over. The teacher was out of the classroom when he walked in so he took his seat, by the window. He felt the stares of his friends and other classmates, curious to way he was late for the third time this month. He distracted himself by thinking of other things, such as the tennis courts that he could see outside the window and about practice after school. Though the thought of after school reminded him that he'd eventually have to pay for this morning He thought about how mad she'll be. He tried to think a bit more positively, entertaining the idea that he might get lucky and she might not even be home until late. Laughing in the inside at his little fantasy, he knew better, she'd be there, waiting.

After another meeting and another story he had to tell the teacher, he was released with a threat of calling his family the next time he was tardy. He made his way stiffly to the courts. He tried to stretch out his sore muscles on his way but his body seemed resistant. He was busy stretching his arm behind his back when Momo came up beside him.

"Oi, Echizen, heard you were late this morning. Did your car break down?" Hiro had to open his stupid big mouth.

"This morning Clarissa couldn't give me a ride." He shrugged it off, but at the same time thanking Hiro for not saying anything about the bruise and cut on Ryoma's face. He cleaned it the best he could and was able to get a band aid from somewhere in his backpack, but that was after Hiro had asked about it.

"Echizen, why didn't you just call me? I've wanted to show you my new wheels anyways." Ryoma wanted to test out Mom's new eighteen gears as well but Clarissa thought it to "dangerous", the irony unfortunately, Ryoma couldn't help but notice.

Ryoma didn't trust himself to say anything because he didn't want to hurt Momo's feelings with circumstances he can't understand and he didn't want to make an empty promise.

Momo, taking his silence in as his cocky attitude, said "Sheesh, fine. But sometime you are trying out my new bike!"

"Mada mada dane, Senpi!" This came out more as a habit then heartfelt, Momo, luckily didn't notice.

" Oi! You Brat!"

"Everybody, stretch then ten laps, go!" The sound of the captain's voice stopped their conversation. They joined their teammates in stretching then took off, He tried his hardest not to fall back so far that he would be running with the other freshman, and he barely succeeded, though no one really was paying too much attention to him.

After their ten laps they were assigned practice matches. Ryoma was against Tekashi, who luckily in Ryoma's case, kept hitting power balls and kept hitting out of bounds. After Inui-Senpai announced a new exercise for them. Everybody was to practice with their weaker hand. Taking in consideration that Echizen was ambidextrous, he made him everyone's opponent

"We get to be like Kiddo?" Kikamaru seemed to be the only one to show any enthusiasm for this.

"Kikamaru, you're up first!"

"Okay! This will be fun, eh Kiddo?" The red head was a little more confident looking then the rest of the team. Kikamaru failed the first attempt but nailed the second, and third. He was doing really well until his sixth volley. He had over swung and lost grip of his racquet, which hit Echizen in the same rib that was giving him trouble this morning.

Doubling over in pain, Echizen silently cussed. He heard his name escape all of his teammate mouths. The loudest happened to be Kikamaru.

"KIDDO! I'm so sorry!" The red head's concern was on the verge of hysteria.

"Echizen, are you alright?" Oishi, the vice-captain, and nick named the mother hen, helped Echizen to his feet.

"Ah…yeah...I'm fine." Ryoma gritted teeth hoping no one will expand on it.

"You seem to be bleeding, let me take a look at it." Oishi was checking him over and happened to notice where a cut had reopened.

"Senpai, I'm fine, it's just a scratch." He tried to shrug this off as well but he hissed in pain as he tried to turn away from Oishi.

"Echizen, let Oishi help you. Tezuka noticed that Ryoma was once again about ready to argue. "Or you can go home."

Between the choices, he choose what he hoped would be the less painful one.

They made it to the clubhouse. Oishi was went looking for the first aid as Ryoma sat down. He tried to think of as many excuses for the scars and bruises that littered his body. 'I feel…down a really steep hill, that had thorn bushes at the bottom…and rocks.' No matter what he thought they were all outlandish and Oishi would never buy them. 'Shit'

"Ryoma, let me see the cut." Reaching toward his younger classmate, Oishi wasn't able to see the fear and panic in Ryoma's golden Orbs.

Flinching away from his hand, he stood up quickly, to quickly because he almost fell over. "Senpai, I can do it myself."

"Don't be ridiculous. Come here." He managed to grab ahold of Echizen's shirt and tug up the side where the blood was coming from. He gasped, a bruise the size of a small melon disfigured Echizen's whole right side, under his ribs. The angry purple that was somewhat covered by blood, could not have just happened, this was at least a day old.

"Ryoma! What happened?"

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