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"Suprise!" Eiji threw the confetti as if it was the key to bring the celebration spirit back into the players. The other players seeing this half-heartedly tried to be just as enthused "…Surprise."

"You guys are morons."

"Why you little-" Kaidoh was quick to anger after his and Momo's squabble

"But thank you, for everything you all done these last few months." For the second time that day Fuji was able to see Ryoma blush.

"Come here Kiddo!" Eiji pushed through the rest of the stunned players and hugged Echizen.

"Ah! Eiji! He's turning blue!" While Oishi was busy trying to get Eiji to release Echizen, Tezuka walked up next to Fuji.

"Fuji, did you tell him?"

"Ah, Tezuka, you doubt me?"

"You may be able to hide it from the others and possibly him, but I know you care deeply for Echizen, maybe even deeper then I can understand. Just do not let that compromise with what is right and wrong. You must tell him. If he finds out from anyone else….he might run from you. That is something I do not believe you want."

Fuji always wondered how a junior high student could contain such knowledge and advice about such things that he has not experienced. Also how he could always stand in such a way that you couldn't help but respect him.

"You are a mystery, Tezuka, but you have a valid point. I told him on our little "outing" today."

"I see…very well then." Tezuka felt awkward that his little speech was no longer in need. Seeing this, Fuji decided to save his pride.

"You are a great friend, and your words will not go to waste." Fuji was starting to think he had a way of making his team mates blush. Though seeing Tezuka blush was a first.

"Hey, hey we have cake! Oishi bring out the cake!"

"Momo, must you be so loud?" Both Echizen and Oishi said that at the same time. This started a new wave of laughter. Fuji was relieved to see that Ryoma was enjoying himself. He seemed so broken and lost in the hospital earlier and now he was a freshman enjoying a night with friends.

"Goodnight, everyone. Sorry Ryoma, I have to work at the store tomorrow morning for my Dad." Takashi had brought the sushi for the party though he had to bring all the platters home on his bicycle the balancing that had to take place to pull that off would take a lot of talent.

"Takashi let me help you. I have to take Eiji home tonight as well."

"Awe, Oishi, just a little longer?" Oishi's look apparently answered the question. "Night, night Kiddo! Glad you are home!"

"I need to leave as well."

"What's the matter, Viper, can't have too much fun? Jeez act like a man rather than an old lady."

"What would you know of being a man you over sized power puff!"

"You wanna take this outside?"

"We have tennis courts still outside."

"Huh?" everyone had tried so hard not to mention tennis around Ryoma, seeing as they had no idea when he could play again.

"My dad normally has extra racquets out in the shed."

"Ryoma?" Fuji didn't know if this was a good idea.

" You sure about this?" Momo caught onto Fuji's concern

"Madda, madda dane, Senpai."

"Why you brat! Viper it's on!"

"I can't believe we had to force them to forfeit, it's two O' clock in the morning. You'd think they'd be tired." Eiji ended up staying for the match after Tezuka assured Oishi that he'd take Eiji home.

"VIPER, this is not over!"

"Shut up, bubbles!"

"What the hell is that?"

"It's a power puff girl you idiot!"

"Why you bas-"

"That was a good game though, everlasting but entertaining in the least." Fuji was walking with the group towards the door when he realized that Ryoma hadn't fallowed.

"Ryoma, is something the matter?" Ryoma seemed startled by the break of silence accept for the bickering of Momo and Kaidoh which could easily be blocked out with practice.

"Fuji-Senpai …Will…will you play a match with me?"

Trying to hide his surprise he set his face into a comforting smile. "I'm not saying no, but, what it we postpone the game until later, after both of us have had a night of sleep?" He knew Echizen would not take a "no" for an answer, and he didn't want to discourage the small prodigy.

"Tomorrow ?" Fuji was trying to lead Ryoma inside by walking toward the house, Ryoma still stood in the same place, with determination radiating from his fierce eyes.

"Ryoma, we will play, when we are both ready. Please come inside before you catch a cold."This time Fuji put his hand on Ryoma's thin shoulder to lead him inside.

'You ain't nothin' but a hound dog!'

"Hello, ah Mother. No, I think I'll be spending the night with Ryoma- kun tonight…. Oh really? You two have fun. ..She is? No, you three have fun, I have practice as well…. No, I finished my assignments. Yes, I'll come by tomorrow before you leave… Yes. I love you too."'click'

"Something the matter Echizen?" Fuji felt the golden eyes stare at him the entirety of the conversation.

"All of your ring tones are English…"

"Ah, well my parents are somewhat of Elvis fans, so as a joke I set that up for when they call me. My father has to travel to America a lot, he come back with presents each time he goes. He brought me back a Poison cd one time; I liked that song so much that I still have it as my ring tone."

"You are staying with me?" Echizen looked away hoping to conceal his childish wanting in his eyes. He didn't want Fuji to go away. He seemed to be the only one to care so deeply.

"If you want me to, I would like to."

"What about your family? Won't they miss you?" Ryoma supposed he should have thought about that during the stay in the hospital but it really didn't dawn on him until he heard the phone conversation. 'Some people can have normal families.'

"They seem to be going to our beach house for two weeks as a celebration of the summer. I still have responsibilities here," he gave a meaningful look at Echizen, "But they understand."

"A- Are you sure?" He stared into Fuji's eyes, seeming to try and find any regret they might hold.

"Yes, though if you want you are more than welcome to come with me tomorrow to see them off. "

"Y-yes, I mean… sure." He dug his flushed face into his knees as they sat on the couch.

"I hope you like babies." Fuji closed his eyes and stretched as Echizen looked at him in shock.

"My sister married last year, didn't seem long after that a little one was on the way. She's due next month. We are all very excited. I get to be an Uncle. I wonder what she'll name him.."

Ryoma took the silence to think about if he'll ever be married of have children. He looked over at Fuji who seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. 'Just as long as I never lose him.'