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Warm, sunny, bright, and perfect. Life couldn't be better then it is now. Good grades, good friends, good home, good… everything! I cant believe how great everything is!

Edward Cullen is so sweet. He asked me out the other day. I seriously couldn't believe it! I am just so plain, and well, Edward is just so perfect! I am so excited!

I was walking into the school with a huge smile on my face next to my new sweet, glorious, gorgeous boyfriend. His hair stood up in a messy fashion and he had wonderful porcelain toned skin. He had perfect and deep green eyes and a smile that can make the most beautiful person faint.

"So Bella, want to hang out this weekend? I was thinking of doing something fun and-" he couldn't finish because I cut in, "I'd love to!" I practically yelled. I couldn't wait for him to finish his sentence, it just burst out of me.

We said our good-byes and walked off to class.

The day went by in a blur. Jessica asked me and Angela to go to her cousins party. I agreed to go, but only because if I didn't she wouldn't of left me alone. It was supposed to be tonight so Alice, Edward's equally beautiful pixie like sister offered to pick an outfit out for me to go in. She wasn't going because she and Jasper planned and special night for just them and she would rather do that then some stupid college party.

I knew it would make her day if I let her pretty me up and send me on my merry way. She dressed me in a black dress that went to my calves and some leggings and some flats to go with it. it looked good, so I didn't make any complaints.

I ran down stairs trying not to trip and grabbed the matching Alice threw at me before she jumped out my window. "Promise you wont get drunk and promise to stay safe" Charlie yelled before I walked out. He was always reminding me to stay safe. I would understand, I mean he is 'the Chief Swan'. " I'll be home around ten", I answered back loudly as I shut the door.

I walked out to my big rusty car and sped off (if you consider 50 miles an hour speeding). It was pretty old but it had personality. At least if I get into an accident I wouldn't have to worry about insurance. The most another car could do to old faithful is scratch the old paint.

I made it to the party in no time and parked in a small spot near the house and walked slowly towards the door. It was cold out but it was okay since Alice prepared me for any thing. I tightened the waist belt and pulled the jacket over the dress to keep warm.

Jessica was waiting out side for me with Angela and I ran towards the so they wouldn't have to wait anymore.

When we walked in people were hanging on the doors and were drunk out of their minds. We walked into the living room to see if we could get a seat but all the couches were covered with people making out and doing other things that I wouldn't imagine people to do in public.

I was so embarrassed about my surroundings that I just went to the kitchen for a drink. Of course all they had was beer but I was parched, so I grabbed a beer and enjoyed it.

I set it down for a minute to go find Angela and dance. When I found her I danced for a while and enjoyed the music. I got a few offers but I turned them down using the 'I already have a boyfriend' excuse and continued dancing.

It was kind of embarrassed because I tripped and fell on this good looking guy. I apologized and continued dancing.

I felt someone tap on my shoulder and I turned around quickly to see who was bothering me. It was the guy I tripped on with a sly grin on his face. "I wont accept the apology until you dance with me". I still felt bad about falling on him, so I said yes and danced with him.

He was a good dancer I had to admit, but I had to stop because I had a great boyfriend who cared about me and I to him. I let him get me another beer and went back to Jessica and Angela.

"He was cute! Too bad you have a boyfriend. I'll take him though!" Jessica said while looking him up and down.

"Okay Jessica, you enjoy. While mike will be all alone with no one with him…" I trailed off knowing that Jessica would interrupt any minute.

"Well Mike wont be alone for too long… by the way, that reminds me, I have to call him in a minute…" she trailed on while walking off.

"Well that was interesting," said a smooth voice behind me.

I jumped and turned around slowly to see the handsome guy with a cold beer in his hands, handing it to me.

"why thank you!" I said sucking down the beer and getting a bit tipsy. But something didn't seem right. I was falling more then usual and my words were slurring.

"are you okay? Let me take you outside to get some air." He said, his voice was full of concern and worry. So I followed him.

Next thing I knew, my face was covered and thrown into a car. Scared and confused, I began screaming. Just then something hit my head and it all went black.

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