Last Chance


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Chapter Eight: Enter Hope

The Great Hall was chattering very loudly this morning. There were rumors about that a new student was coming in this late in the school year. New students like that were sorted when they arrived. But to hype everyone up even further apparently this student was different and needed special accommodations. No one knew what the newbie needed just that they needed.

The Golden Trio was sitting together at their table as usual, Hermione and Ron avidly arguing and basically ignoring the fact that Harry was blatantly staring at Malfoy. With the intensity that was being used to stare at the blonde, random people had to be wondering if he was trying to set the boy on fire with his eyes, or just memorize what he had for breakfast.

Jumping high from his seat Harry's eyes whipped towards the main doors when they suddenly banged against the walls. He cursed himself for getting so lost with watching his Draco that he was caught off guard. Tilting his head he watched as Hagrid walked in carrying a bunch of luggage, only to set it off to the side to be dealt with once everything was settled…obviously he was carrying the new students stuff until their house was decided.

Since the newbie's stuff was here, the newbie had to be here. Green eyes watched with curiosity to see who this new student was. A light voice was heard before a face was seen. A young child came running through the hall before stopping and looking around with wide eyes. The little girl couldn't have been more than two years old. Laughter broke the spell that everyone was under at having seen a small child, Harry included.

Looking back at the door there stood a young girl maybe a year older than Harry, if that. She had another child in her arms, this one not even a year yet and from the clothing it was another girl. Blinking stupidly for a moment it took that girl telling the child to come back for Harry to realize that those kids were hers. Ahhh, so that was what her accommodations were for. Harry couldn't believe that someone so young could already have two children, it was almost scandalous.

Hermione must have been thinking that it was definitely scandalous, Harry thought as he looked at his friend. The bushy haired girl was somewhat mortified at the sight of the small family.

"How could she even think that having kids so young would be a good idea?" Rolling his eyes Harry didn't answer. He really didn't want to point out the duh part of the girl's statement. Usually Hermione wouldn't ask stupid shit like that.

Following the new girl's approach to the front, Harry couldn't take his eyes off of her. There was something about her that seemed off…or if he thought more about it, she seemed off limits, taken, claimed, or however else someone was to put that.

Shaking his head at those thoughts, Harry narrowed his eyes, trying to focus more on what this girl looked like. She was an average height, had light brown hair naturally that was cut short enough to be out of the way but still long enough to put it up in a hair tie. Her hair was dyed a few different color streaks, red and black framed her face with sporadic patches of blonde and pink. It was easy to see her natural color but the other colors were fun to look at.

Her eyes were a bright blue that were as deep as they were bright and filled with laughter. The new girl was slim with little to no stomach or visible evidence of ever being pregnant. She was gorgeous and Harry appreciated the sight but he still found her pale in comparison to Draco. Flicking his eyes at said boy, green eyes widened in shock to see that Draco was no longer there. Looking at the two that were always next to him he noticed the glare on Parkinson's face…and it was directed at him, Blaise was missing as well.

Blinking Harry tried to figure out what had happened, he couldn't think of anything and then mentally shrugged. He would find Draco later and get him to tell him what he did. Hopefully it wasn't too bad.

Looking back at the head table, Harry was just in time to see the Headmaster stand up for a small speech. The old man looked healthy and full of life. His eyes twinkled as usual.

"My friends, I am here to introduce you to your new schoolmate. She has just transferred here to finish her education. As you can see she has two young children with her, they will be allowed to stay with her for most classes so unless they are highly distracting I expect everyone to pay attention. I have been assured that they are very well behaved children, much like the people we have here."

Pausing in his speech to allow the background of snorts and snickers to pass Dumbledore looked over his school. Children were amusing.

"Now I do believe many of you are anxious to find out if this wonderful young girl will be your housemate, so let us not dally any longer. Hope Morena will you please step forward to be sorted."

The new girl, Hope, smiled pleasantly at the headmaster as she stepped up to the stool and sat down in front of McGonagall, who was holding the sorting hat at her side. The hat was lowered over her head by the strict professor. The entire school waited as the hat tried to place the young mother. It took about two minutes before the hat shouted out, "Gryffindor."

The Gryffindor table clapped loudly at the addition of their new member. The other tables looked slightly disappointed, but they all clapped along…well Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw did anyway. Most of the hall's eyes were on the new girl as she sat down at the edge of the Gryffindor table with her two kids.

A clearing of a throat got the hall's attention again. It was the headmaster…of course. "Now that we have sorted and welcomed our new classmate let me assure you that there are bound to be a few more endearing surprises this year. Also I will now reiterate the rule stating that the Forbidden Forest is off limits to students unless accompanied by a professor. And just like I mentioned at the beginning of the year remember that there are floors that are off limits it is pretty obvious if you get to one that you should not be there. Please enjoy your breakfast."

Everyone dug in and started talking. The new girl was the topic of most conversations. Everyone was wondering if she was smart, if she was nice, how she got two kids. For the most part Harry noticed that the girl was very adept at ignoring the obvious comments in lew of taking care of her kids.

Harry waited till about halfway through breakfast before he got up and excused himself to look for Draco. His friends still didn't know about him and Draco and they wouldn't know until he freed Draco from his mind like coma. He just didn't think either Hermione or Ron would be able to pass up the chance to get to Draco when he was not at his best.

Walking down the halls, Harry looked around wondering where Draco would even go. Seeing a bathroom he headed straight to that first. Entering the room he saw Blaise talking to a very depressed look Draco. Ok now Harry knew he'd done something Draco, well the mind thing that was controlling Draco, didn't like. Both males looked at him. One had angry eyes while his mate had eyes that would make the coldest person alive cry.

"Ok so obviously I did something, now tell me what I did so I can fix it." Harry wasn't in the mood to beat around the bush; he wanted his happier Draco back. Draco looked away upset, not to disobey him but cause he was upset. His voice was soft as he spoke.

"You don't want me anymore…"

Harry's heart almost shattered at the voice he had never thought that Draco Malfoy would ever let escape his lips. Then the words hit…huh?

"What gave you that impression? I don't under…" Harry was confused and it showed but Blaise was having none of it. Potter was obviously not concerned about being monogamous with Draco in his opinion.

"Oh shut it Potter, Pansy Draco and I all saw you drooling over the new girl. You couldn't take your eyes away from her."

Green eyes stared at the two before the open and gaping mouth closed. Shock had never felt this cruel to him before. Shaking his head he looked at Draco his eyes pleading.

"Listen I wasn't watching her because I'm attracted to her, I was watching her cause I was comparing her to you. Draco listen I was thinking that even though she's pretty hot…" Damn those were the wrong words. He hurried up before the blonde got too upset, "but she doesn't hold a candle to you."

Draco let the words sink in and those sad mercury eyes looked up through the blonde hair. He wanted to believe his Harry, the only one that ever mattered, but Blaise had him worried.


A nod was all he needed before he was across the room in his lover's arms. Somewhere inside of him a small part of him was screaming at even allowing himself to act this weak. Obviously that part was ignored and shoved away. Blaise was not as readily convinced he glared at the Gryffindor his anger still apparent. Harry was not oblivious to it.

"Look Blaise, I'm really not attracted to that girl. I can't explain it but I get the feeling she's off limits anyway. I'm pretty sure she's taken. Besides I only want Draco." The Slytherin's eyes were wary at the Golden Boy's very personal admission but the anger and distrust had eased. Nodding slowly he moved towards the door. He easily noticed how Draco was starting to writhe against the darker teen.

Ok so apparently whenever Draco was faced with a challenge of his faith in belonging to Potter, he got horny when it was resolved. Shaking his head at this new finding Blaise just left the restroom and hoped that they would lock it before anything got too heavy. This was taking a while to get used to but it wasn't too hard, after all he knew how Potter was as a partner in bed. Off to find Pansy and explain what happened, Sabina left the two horny boys to their own devices.


Draco's writhing body felt amazing. Harry was instantly hard when he felt Draco start to move against him. Damn they were in a bathroom, where anyone could walk in and the dark haired boy knew he had no chance in hell in stopping this. Perhaps he could stop the people from entering.

Glaring at the offensive door Harry struggled to grab his wand and send the proper locking and silencing spells along it. When that was done he dropped his wand and attacked his mate's lips. The taste and flavor of Draco instantly filled his mouth as he nipped and licked at the blonde's lips and pliant mouth.

It had been way too long since he last kissed the blonde, though most people would think that a few hours weren't that long of a stretch. Harry barely held back a moan as Draco just let him do what he wanted, while just continuing to writhe so seductively. Tan hands latched onto the smaller body to slow down the movements. He knew that if Draco kept moving that way they would be finished before they got to anything good, though anything would be good at anytime besides now.

Harry lifted the paler boy up and put him on the edge of one of the sinks, leaving those pink lips was hard but he easily placated himself by moving down to suck and nip at that gorgeous pale neck. Gods, he just wanted to leave his mark but he couldn't. If he was to protect his mate he needed to keep them a secret. Hickeys were not secretive in the least. Growling unhappily at this predicament Harry roughly pulled off Draco's robe and unbuttoned his shirt as fast as he could.

He couldn't mark Draco in the open but he'd be damned if he didn't leave the boy with some marks. Sinking his teeth in enough to cause his blonde lover to cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure yet not enough to draw blood, Harry was pleased when he noticed the purplish mark that was left behind. He was so happy that he decided that Draco would look perfect with a few more.

Moving down Harry continued to mark his mate. He still couldn't believe that Draco was his. HE wouldn't believe anything else; it would kill him to think those thoughts. Looking up at his angel he smiled darkly when those now darkened blue eyes met his own vibrant green ones. Those eyes told everything, his pleasure, his need for more, and his need to be loved. Mewls escaped Draco's throat as he squirmed for a moment in need of more contact from the dominating boy.

Smirking Harry took one of the pale nipples into his mouth and suckled lightly before he added a small bite. His smirk only grew when he heard the long moan that escaped Draco's lips. He played with that nipple until the blonde was squirming and whimpering quite loudly, then after giving the boy about a five second break he attacked the other one.

"Harry…*gasp* pl…please. *moan*…need you…*whines*" Draco tried to speak as best as he could but he was so overwhelmed by pleasure that he wasn't sure if it even came out right. Again that small part of him that seemed so familiar yet unimportant screamed at him for being so submissive. Again he shoved it away.

Grinning almost maniacally Harry rose up to hover about the panting blonde. His dark hands were teasing the obviously aroused boy by trailing lightly around the top of his pants and every now and then fingering the button as if trying to decide whether or not to undo it. Draco's eyes opened halfway, when they had shut he couldn't say but when they met his loves, his one and only, his entire world's deep eyes he arched his back and moaned pitifully. Those eyes made him hot and he just needed to be fucked, and fucked how ever Harry wanted.

Harry smirked at the need that the one below him displayed; he conveniently pushed away the thought that it wasn't possible for Draco to do otherwise. He pushed away thoughts that if he found a way to break this that the boy might not even want him. He pushed away thoughts that if anyone found out what he was doing with a boy that literally couldn't say 'no' that he might be considered a rapist. He pushed all thoughts away except for the ones that told him that the boy that he loved and wanted for all eternity was horny and wanting to be filled. How could he deny that?

Leaning in he kissed those parted lips and popped open the boy's trousers and dove his hand down to touch that heated skin. They both moaned at the first contact, each felt the electric tingles that coursed through them at the touch. Wrapping his hand around that firm flesh was wonderful. His need to feel more skin was overwhelming him suddenly. Taking the hand out of the tight pants he grunted at Draco to lift his hips and when the smaller boy did he pulled the offensive clothing off and let him settle back down, knowing that the cool feeling of the sink would make his skin a little more sensitive.

Finally able to run his hands over most of his lover's pale skin Harry broke their kiss and just smirked down at the pale blonde as he ran his hands over sensitive hips and teased his fingers around the edges of the boy's cock, never actually touching it. Those sharp hips arched in an attempt to get more contact, Harry wanted to tease more but he was just as on edge and needy as his partner. Roughly he pulled Draco's hips forward; giving him easy access to his entrance, in the same move he pushed Draco backwards so that he was leaning somewhat awkwardly against the cool tiled wall.

Grinning he muttered a small spell and his fingers were suddenly covered in thick oily lube. Looking up at his love's face he smirked as he slowly pushed the first finger in past that tight ring. The blonde Slytherin threw his head back with a moan and a thud. He just couldn't believe how good just that one finger felt yet it still left him aching for more. Draco wanted to be pounded; he wanted to feel it all day.

Whimpering he tightened his internal muscles around that finger, begging for more. He couldn't believe how much Harry was teasing him; didn't Harry want to fuck him? As if to answer his silent ranting he felt Harry push in not one but two more fingers on his next push in. The burn was painful but delicious at the same time, his mouth opened into a silent moan. The feeling of being full and stretched by any part of the Golden Boy was amazing and Draco wished he could feel like this all the time. He felt so…so claimed, so owned.

Harry only spent a small amount of time stretching Draco before he pulled his fingers out to partially strip himself. He opened his pants and pulled them and his underwear down to his knees, this was a quickie and he didn't want to dare push their luck. Muttering the lube spell again he quickly slicked his own pulsing cock up, groaning slightly at the pressure. Not having been touched since the very beginning he was desperately on edge.

Stepping closer he put his length at his lover's entrance. Rotating his hips lightly he allowed his cock to tease that ring of flesh; it was his way of asking for entrance. A groan of frustration and a jerk from those wonderful hips was all he needed. Pushing in Harry closed his bright eyes and gritted his teeth against the noises of pleasure he wanted to let loose. Damn but this felt right and amazing.

Draco's whimpers of pleasure shot straight through the Wizarding World's Savior. Those sounds were addictive and Harry tried every angle he could to produce more. He knew it when he hit the prostate of his lover. Those moans turned down right raunchy and some even morphed into soft shouts of pleasure. Groaning lightly into the pale neck that was presented to him he tried to keep his voice down, he didn't want the silencing charm to break on them. Oh but it was so damn hard to stay quiet, those pale legs wrapped around his waist so perfectly not to mention the convulsing muscles that were surrounding his throbbing cock. Everything felt magnified by at least ten fold.

Over and over and over he pounded into his mate. His release rushed at him, the pleasure and the need to come was just so overwhelming he couldn't fight it. Looking down at his mate he growled lightly and spoke in a possessive tone.


Two punishing thrusts later he bit down on that gorgeous neck, where it met with his collar bone, and left his mark as he came fiercely. Vaguely he felt his mate arch up into the bite and come all over their stomachs and where their bodies met. It felt cleansing. His mate wouldn't doubt him again.

He barely caught himself from falling onto the smaller body as his energy and will to stay upright left him. He wanted nothing more than to go to sleep with Draco in his arms. Damn school for interfering with him and his mate. Panting harshly he carefully pushed himself further up and lovingly looked down at the pale Slytherin. His eyes were closed but there was a smile on his face, he was content.

Licking his lips at the sight, the taste of blood shocked him. Looking around he located the nasty looking bite. Staring at it he licked his lips again and instead of feeling disgusted or bad he felt happy and possessive. Draco was his and there was the mark that proved it. Then it occurred to him…hopefully Draco could cover that up so nobody would become suspicious.

Sighing, he gently pulled himself out of his Slytherin and stumbled back a step as he regained his center of balance. Biting back a groan he averted his eyes from the sight that was pure debauchery. Draco was spread out, his legs having fallen wide open when Harry had pulled out, his face was still flushed, eyes dilated and his lips were swollen from the rough kisses they had shared. Draco just looked like sex right then. Damn it was enticing.

It took all of Harry's will to force himself to cast a cleaning charm and pull his clothes back together in a somewhat acceptable way. When he finished he stole a glance of Draco from the corner of his eyes. Draco had barely moved, though now he was sitting up on a sinks ledge, instead of leaning against a wall while sitting on the ledge, and watching Harry curiously. Those eyes held very few emotions; devotion to Harry, love, fear of being sent away, and need for his lover. There was none of the usual arrogance that normally would be there, no sneer, no smirk, and no witty comeback. Nothing…

That more than anything strengthened Harry's resolve to break whatever hold was keeping him under this spell. Even if it meant losing him. Softly so as not to worry the doll that Draco had become he told him to get dressed. They did need to return to their regular schedules. Casting Tempus Harry sighed with relief they still had about fifteen minutes until their first class started. It would be awful if they were both late to Transfiguration.

Leaning on one of the stalls Harry silently contemplated everything that was going on as he watched Draco meticulously redress himself. At least that one characteristic was still there. From a conversation with Blaise a while ago he had learned how careful Draco was with his clothing. It was a little amusing.

Finally they were both put back together as well as they could…or deemed necessary. Putting his ear to the door he made sure that there were no footsteps on the other side before he opened the door.

To come face to face with the new girl…Hope. Her two children were with her as well.


He didn't mean to cuss but the word just slipped out. The new girl frowned lightly but then smirked right at him. Eyes knowing when she looked back and forth between Harry and Draco, she easily came to the right conclusion.

Harry was confused…He had checked and heard nothing but then here she was. He mentally slapped himself when he remembered his charms. Damn but he was stupid at times.

"Not that this is my business but I assume this is not a public affair?"

The new girl's voice was smooth, calm and held such a confidence that it relaxed Harry at once. He knew nothing about this girl yet she relaxed him. Her wording was odd to him but once he figured out what she had just asked he blushed slightly and gave a very small nod. His green eyes begged her not to say anything.

He need not have worried though, her face melted into a knowing smile, one that only someone in a similar position could give. "People will be heading up soon, I saw many finishing up. Perhaps you two should separate before they arrive in the corridor."

Again Harry needed to decipher the wording…her speech was so proper. Turing back to Draco he saw those blue eyes slightly empty…damn. Leaning in he kissed his lips lightly and spoke softly.

"Look I need you to go back and hang with Pansy and Blaise for the rest of the day. I'll see you later tonight, k?"

Brightening as much as they could, given the situation the blonde nodded his understanding and put on his old sneer and walked to where he knew those two that his love had designated would be. At least he knew his Harry would be with him later.

Harry watched him go, sadness and guilt easily visible. He didn't mean to show the girl these things but she had been there unexpectedly, what was he to do.

"He's pretty. And a good mate."

It wasn't her voice that caused his green eyes to snap directly towards her, it was that last word. The one word he had been silently calling Draco since the first time they had sex…hell even before they had sex he had thought that word. And now here was a stranger calling Draco just that, as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world.

Harry just gaped at her. What was he even supposed to say to that? Thank you? Shaking his head he just sighed. "He would be much better if he was himself."

He wanted to slap himself. 'Sure go ahead give away all my secrets', he thought, 'She's already knows about Draco…why don't I just spill everything?' The sarcasm he loaded at himself was immense.

"Come; let us be off to classes. I do not believe it is wise to be tardy."

"You're in my year?"

A nod was his answer and he thought that was all he was going to get after she didn't say anything else for a bit as they walked.

"I took an assessment and even though I am older they, being the Headmaster and the other teachers, believed that I would do better in a year that matched my level instead of my age. I would have been doomed to failure if I had gone up a year."

Her damned wording made Harry's head spin. He was just so used to the relaxed common way of speaking that he had to listen closely so as not to mishear anything. He had never met anyone that spoke that way naturally…until now. It didn't even occur to him to ask how she knew what year he was…probably she had overheard the rumor mill. He was always a hot topic on it.

Tilting his head another question popped into his head. "How do you know we have the same classes though? Only first and second years are required to take all the same classes. After that we choose our own schedule pretty much."

She laughed. It was light and filled with joy. He could listen to her laugh for as long as she would. "When I chose my classes based on my interests and strengths they looked for everyone that had my same classes and gave me a list of students that had my schedule. That way if I become lost I can look for them and follow them to the proper classroom. You were on the list and they all praised you highly. Personally I thought it was highly amusing. You're not hard to pick out yet by the way they spoke of you one could be led to believe that you were even more noticeable."

Harry chuckled lightly. It was funny that most of the teachers had talked him up. If they only knew. Looking at the girl walking next to him he studied her for a moment. She didn't seem impressed by the fact that he was Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived. That was unusual most people stared at him, others tried to be polite about it but it was still obvious how they felt, and then the remaining few they usually got used to it. No one that he had ever met before seemed to instantly not be impressed. This was amazing and such a relief.

They reached the classroom much too soon in Harry's opinion. He wanted to talk with the new girl even more but with them being in class he wasn't about to talk about anything important.

"Oh, how rude of me, I almost didn't introduce myself. I'm Aiden. My little one's names are Philomela, she's the older one, and Rukmini is the younger of my two."

The dark haired Gryffindor laughed lightly at how upset she sounded at forgetting to mention who she was. But then he frowned when her words sank in. Aiden? She had been introduced as Hope. What…?

"I thought your name was Hope? That's what the headmaster called you." He looked down at her kids and smiled. They had unusual names but that was ok he had a feeling they meant something unique. Looking back up he waited for her to answer.

"Of course that's what they introduced me as. It's the name I gave them. What I'm telling you is my real name. I know a secret of yours…shouldn't you know one of mine?"

Eyes wide Harry had to stop and just stare at her in disbelief. She had given him a secret so that they would be even in that area…this way she couldn't use his secret against him without hers coming out to the open. More importantly it was a peace offering…or better phrased would be a friendship offering.

Getting a grip on what he could barely wrap his mind around he found himself alone in the hall. Looking around he noticed his companion in a classroom, seated with her little ones playing in a little area that had been set up. Ok so apparently he had been standing there for a while if she had just set all of that up. Entering the classroom he noticed that most of the class was there. Sitting next to Aiden he easily spotted the people that were staring at him, whether or not they were trying to be sneaky or not. Seeing how this class was all Gryffindors, it wasn't hard to pick certain people out.

Looking over at the infants he laughed when the younger, Ruk…Rukmini yea that's right, fell onto her sister as she tried to get something around her. The two fell over giggling and squirming about. They surprisingly played very well together. Looking back to their mother he saw her also watching them a wide smile on her face. Obviously she was having fun watching them as well. Her blue eyes lifted up and met his and she just rolled her eyes, obviously she thought her kids were being silly.

The class started without a hitch, Aiden being introduced again as Hope preluded everything, their head of house was actually pretty happy with having the new girl in her house. Then it was down to business, everyone had to pair with the person they were sitting next to and transfigure a rock into a purple cat.

The first one to finish was actually not Hermione; Hope beat her to it by about five minutes. McGonagall checked her cat out and nodded that it was indeed done correctly and she gave Gryffindor five points for the speed at which she had accomplished the task. Hermione wasn't happy at being shown up. Those brown eyes glared at the new girl before turning back to focus on her own rock…which was now purple.

After Hermione got it others began to finish up as well. The rest of the period was quick as homework was given out and they were soon dismissed. Harry and Hope waited till the rest of the class had left before they started to pack up. Hope packed her bag quickly and then set to shrinking and packing the little play area down. While she was doing that McGonagall came over and smiled down at the little ones but then looked back to their mother with her usual tight face.

"I don't know the full situation behind your children but it is a good thing that you decided to continue your education no matter how taxing this might be. I am not going to expect any less from you than I would any other student. Is that clear Miss Morena?"

Harry remained silent as Hope nodded to her new head of house. She didn't expand or even look like she was willing to discuss her situation to the older woman so the teacher left leaving Hope and Harry there by themselves.

Harry watched his HOH leave the room before he turned back to Hope. Her head was down her hair concealing her facial features. Her shoulders were shaking and Harry thought for a moment that she was crying until he heard a soft giggle come from her. Then he realized that she was laughing. She threw her head back and laughed even harder before she tried to stifle it with her hand.

Harry couldn't help but smile amusedly as she laughed her amusement was catching. After she settled down a bit he cocked his head to the side as she gathered her children and they both began to walk out of the room.

"So what was up with the laughing trip there?"

"Oh I just find it funny that people instantly assume I'm some kind of harlot and that's why I have kids."

Harry frowned at the word 'harlot' but he easily guessed at the meaning by the way she said the rest of her statement. Laughing lightly he shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

"Eh people always assume stuff like that."

Smirking Aiden looked over her shoulder and rolled her eyes. She was still highly amused at the fact that even the teacher had subtly suggested where she thought her reasons for having kids stemmed from. Oh that woman's words were simple enough but that tone…that was what had given her away.

"Yes I do believe that people no matter if they have proof or not will always form their own opinions without facts to base them on. From the sounds of it, you have much experience in that, don't you Kier?"

Harry stopped dead and just stared at the new girl's back. Kier? That name sounded so familiar to Harry. It meant something, something important even. How did that girl even know to call him that? Should she have called him that? He didn't think it was just a nickname in another language; no it sounded way to much like a name.

Aiden stopped walking when she noticed that she was not being followed. Turning around she looked back at the dark haired boy. From here it looked like he was struggling over something mentally, something important. Smirking knowingly she tipped her head at the young boy and waited for him to look up at her. She knew she should probably have waited for a bit to drop that bomb but they were running out of time.

She hadn't told her mate yet but recently her magic had spoken to her of what would come to pass if haste was not taken. If they did not revive the queen before her lover became queen then her mother in law would be forever lost to this realm. She had no time to waste and neither did Kier or Ea. This had to be done before the next blood moon, and that was only a short time away.

Watching the boy struggle fiercely she mentally sighed. If he was fighting something as simple as his name how was he going to accept the rest of it in time? There was just so much she had to show and explain. He had no time to be difficult.

Kier would just have to cope.

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