Hanging By A Thread

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Somewhere in the far reaches of the galaxy, a mysterious spacecraft zooms furiously across the asteroids reaching at full capacity. The spacecraft immediately stopped before reaching Planet Earth, just a few miles away from its destination point.

Inside the spacecraft was a tall shadowy figure who grinned evilly by turning on the monitor and reveals a dark purple object with a black and white eye shape in the middle.

"Are you ready for your important task?"

"Yes, my master. Soon, Galaxy High and the whole universe will be all yours for the taking."

"Good. Now, listen. I want you to hunt down a certain female at Galaxy High and when you do, finish it by injecting her with a lethal dose of poison. Do I make myself, clear?"


Back at Galaxy High, a few spaceships had zoomed across the school and landing to their immediate positions. Several marshal students were attending classes while others are having conversations with their friends and taking a break at the cafeteria.

Fortunately, the three marshals, Brett, Josh and Yoko, along with their ultra-pet, Fluffy, sat down at the table with a few smiles on their faces.

"Oh, boy! I'm so pumped up for the upcoming karaoke Nationals in two days! This is my chance to prove myself that I'm the best karaoke singer in the world!" cheered Yoko.

"Don't get too excited, Yo. You might just blow your chances of winning the nationals. Much like getting Seth's attention," told Josh, resulting of Yoko getting irritated.

"Come on, Josh. Cut her some slack. This is her big break and besides, she could be one of the best" replied Brett.

"See? At least someone cares about my work. Don't you agree, Fluffy?" she winked at him.

Fluffy, the red and white ultra-pet, smiled and nods its head in agreement to Yoko's suggestion.

"Oh, wow. Everybody's a critic" grumbled Josh.

Later on, the projection screen had light up from above and it shows the face of Principal Kirkpatrick on-screen with a mixture of concern and gladness on his face to tell the whole school about the upcoming event. "Attention all marshals! As all of you know by now, the karaoke National finals will begin in two days. Anyone who has participated, I wish you all the best. Also, I would like to have a word with Josh, Yoko and Brett in my office right away."

Josh folded his arms about his dad's announcements. "Another space mission. What do you think it is, Brett?"

Brett shrugs his shoulders in confusion. "Beats me. It's been a little too quiet."

Inside the office, Principal Kirkpatrick sat in his chair with his hands clutched together on his desk and looked very sternly at his fellow marshals. "Now listen up, marshals and you listen well. This mission weighs heavily on you all."

"How so, Dad?" asked Josh to his father, as he raised his eyebrow.

"I've received a warning signal from the Planet Omega Euphoria that a space assassin named 'Gilgamesh' has been running amok across the galaxy and he so happens to be an assailant of the Dark Force" replied Principal Kirkpatrick.

"Do you have any information on when or where he will strike next?" asked Brett.

The principal of Galaxy High continued. "There's a strong possibility that he may strike at this very school and his main target is a woman. Furthermore, he's armed and dangerous and don't ever let your guard down."

"You don't suppose that this Gilgamesh guy is targeting Yoko? Is he, dad?" requested Josh.

"I'm not exactly sure, Joshua. But if it is, you'll have to take drastic measures into your own hands by stopping him in his tracks."

"Me?! A target?!" panicked Yoko as she grabs Josh by his shirt and starts shaking him. "I'm too young to be a target and I'm also too beautiful! What are we going to do, Josh? What are we going to do?!"

Josh carefully removed her hands from his shirt and maintained his headache problem. "Whoa! Easy there, Yo. We'll take care of him. Besides, we've been through tough missions before and we can do it again. I mean, after all, there's no 'I' in team, right?"

Brett sweat dropped. "Yeah, whatever you say, Josh."

"My son's right, Brett." Principal Kirkpatrick responded. "Just make sure that you don't lose sight of him and bring him back here immediately."

"Just one more question, Principal Kirkpatrick. What weapon of choice does Gilgamesh have, anyways?" questioned Brett.

"If I'm not mistaken, his weapon of choice would so happen to be…poison" said the principal.

"Poison?!" shouted Yoko, Josh and Brett in unison.

Fluffy lowered his head down in shame after hearing the dreadful news from the principal's warning about Gilgamesh's weapon.

"What happens, if someone like me gets struck by the poison?" asked Yoko while feeling nervous.

"Scientifically, if anyone gets hit, the victim will only have 48 hours left to live" the principal replied.

Josh nodded. "We'll stop Gilgamesh, no matter what."

Principal Kirkpatrick smiled. "Good. You are dismissed marshals and be very careful in your mission."

"Yes, sir!" said all three of them as they leave his office and proceed to carry out the mission he had instructed to them with Fluffy catching on.

After the countdown, their spacecraft known as 'Hornet-1' immediately takes off into outer space and head into pursuit of the space assassin known as Gilgamesh.

During their space, Josh holds the controls of Hornet-1 and maintaining speed. Whereas Yoko, she's doing her makeup and glancing herself in her small mirror. Whereas Brett, he was busy on the computer trying to find Gilgamesh's whereabouts. As for Fluffy, it rests in the nearby cockpit.

When Josh glanced at her for a brief moment by seeing Yoko's smile, he right away giggled a little bit before she caught his strange attentions.

"What are you laughing at, Josh?" asked Yoko angrily.

"Yeah! What's the big idea, anyway?" added Brett.

Josh answered while his forehead began to sweat. "Oh, just making sure that Yoko is safe from Gilgamesh, that's all. I mean, she is…pretty and single."

Yoko became shocked, when she heard those words coming from out of his mouth and literally dropped her mirror onto the floor. It then cracked into a few tiny pieces. Even Brett and Fluffy couldn't believe it either.

"Josh! Out of all the strangest things I've heard from you, this has got to be…the worst thing that I've ever heard from you!" says Brett.

"Seriously, Josh! There's no way that I would ever go out with you! You're just a lazy, stubborn jerk who just wants to cause trouble and doesn't do his homework!" cried Yoko.

"Hey, know! It's not like that. It's just that I…" But before he could finish his sentence, they were suddenly attacked by a mysterious black spacecraft and it struck one of their engines.

"Argh! We're under attack and he hit one of our space engines!" informed Brett.

"Eek! Do something, Josh or we're going to crash!" yelled Yoko.

Josh tried with all of his might to pull the spacecraft back up again. But because of the direct hit that damaged one of the engines on Hornet-1, he failed to hoist it up and therefore, they're making a hard landing back to Galaxy High.

The only thing that Josh and his teammates could do is panic by landing into the lake near the school. It made a huge splash as it crashed and steam was coming out from one of its engines. The door from their spacecraft was opened and Josh and his teammates, along with Fluffy made it out to shore as they swim back to their school, despite Josh's fear of water when he was a child.

He looks on in disbelief as they see their beloved spacecraft totally damaged. "Just great! My dad's really not going to like this at all."

"I'm with you on that one. Brett to central control, our ship is totally damaged and it's in the lake. It needs repair, pronto!" called Brett to Galaxy High.

"Roger that, Brett. They're on their way."

An hour later, the pit crew of Galaxy High helped out by hoisting the damaged 'Hornet-1' ship from out of the lake and being sent to the repair shop for rebuilding the damage that it sustained

Yoko became very afraid to think that she might be a target on Gilgamesh's hit-list. Her body began to tremble with fear. "I am…so…dead! Why would anyone target me?"

"Get a hold of yourself, Yo. You're not in real trouble yet. Besides, I don't see Gilgamesh here anywhere" says Josh.

"He's probably biding his time. Just waiting to make his first move on us and when he does, we'll be ready" told Brett.

Suddenly, a fast laser shot came from out-of-nowhere and the team quickly moved out of the way, just before the laser shot made an impact on the ground; leaving a medium-sized pothole.

"Holy cow! That was like, too close for comfort, if you ask me" cried Yoko.

"How right you are, my dear." A new dark voice interjected.

"Who goes there? Show yourself, creep!" angered Brett aiming his space weapon at the incoming individual.

Fluffy growls very angry as well, when he heard a strange voice.

The unknown person unveiled himself from the bushes. He has a tall, blue-haired goatee man with green skin, yellow eyes, wearing a black vest, red shirt, purple cargo pants and brown soled shoes.

"I take it that you're Gilgamesh, aren't you?" asked Brett.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Indeed, I am! I shall enjoy tearing all three of you apart and that includes your hunk of scrap pet of yours!"

Fluffy the ultra-pet, couldn't stand the man's intolerance about him as he charges at him into his attack mode. But Gilgamesh foresaw the attack by grabbing him from its tail and tossed him against the wall hard with only one hand. It suffered serious injuries.

"Fluffy! You madman! You'll pay for what you did to him!" yelled Josh.

"So, what?! I couldn't care less about your so-called ultra-pet. The same goes for you and your pathetic teammates!" insulted Gilgamesh.

"Hey! Who are you calling' pathetic', mister hot-shot?! You're the one running with the big mouth and all!" said Yoko as she sticks out her tongue at him.

"Yeah! And that goes double for me too, you jerk!" added Brett.

Josh sweat dropped about their rude comments towards Gilgamesh. "Oh, brother! That's not exactly what I had in mind."

"Humph! So, you want to play hardball, eh? That's fine by me! I'm game!" grinned Gilgamesh as he pounces right at Josh's team. First, he targets Brett by grabbing him on the arm and starts spinning him around in circles until he threw him onto the hot dog carton. By making a total mess, Brett is covered up in a mixture of ketchup and mustard.

"Ugh! Yuck!"

During their scuffle, Principal Kirkpatrick notices this from his view screen in his office and watches in horror to see his son and his fellow marshals brawling with Gilgamesh within Galaxy High. "Oh, no! Spavid, raise the defense shield over the school! This is not a drill! Gilgamesh is in Galaxy High!"

"You got it, sir!"

Elsewhere, he glares his attention at Yoko and Josh. "Now, who shall I pulverize next? Perhaps, I should start with you!" He charges straight at Josh by throwing combinations of left and right punches/kicks at him.

For Josh, however, he immediately dodges his every move while trying to avoid physical contact from Gilgamesh's poison weapon. But, he didn't see his oncoming elbow that lunged him in the stomach and then following it up with a backward front kick right at his face; where it sent him sprawling back first against the tree and was rendered unconscious.

"Josh! Please get up!" screamed Yoko.

"You're next, young lady!" chuckled Gilgamesh as he points his trusty weapon at Yoko with an evil smile on his face.

Yoko didn't know what to do. Her teammates are literally down. Brett's stuck with ketchup and mustard all over his body from the collision that he took from the hot dog carton. The ultra-pet Fluffy is damaged from Gilgamesh's vicious assault and can't move a muscle. Josh is out-cold on the ground after Gilgamesh threw him against the tree.

Her forehead began sweating like crazy and her body is again shaking while being helpless without her comrades to assist her.

"How does it feel, my lady? With no one here to help you, I've got you right in my sights! So, any last words before I pull the trigger?" requested Gilgamesh.

"Uh, yeah! Like what's the meaning of this, pal? Are you trying to take over Galaxy High or what? Cause quite frankly, I don't like guys such as yourselves that are somewhat too fashionable and too overrated!" yelled Yoko.

"Oh, is that so? You mean like, if I wasn't like that, would you say that in front of your worthless marshals?" replied Gilgamesh.

"What? No way! I would never say something like that! Also, why would you pick on someone beautiful as me?" said Yoko.

Gilgamesh grunted. "First off, I'm not taking over Galaxy High and the reason why I'm targeting you is obvious: I can't stand your ridiculous singing!"

Yoko blinked her eyes in shock. She couldn't believe that he doesn't like her singing voice. "Is that why?! You are so rude, mister!"

"Than, I shall give you a farewell song." With an evil grin, he fired his weapon at Yoko as the dark purple pin missile is sending right at her.

But before she could react, Josh quickly got back on his feet and ran fast enough to shove Yoko out of harm's way, just as that pin missile pierced him right into his ribs. "Josh! You creep! You'll regret that with my Sonic Blaster Mode!" cried Yoko as she unleashes full sonic sound waves from her right hip and sending it onto Gilgamesh, which only phased him a little bit.

"Why, you little…" Just as he was about to strike back at Yoko, a few shots of glue-foam was fired and thus trapping him.

Yoko turned around to see who blasted the glue foam that prevented Gilgamesh from attacking. It was Josh, standing on his feet; while clutching his ribs and holding his glue foam gun that he fired.

"Hey, Yo. I'm just glad…that you're…alright…" Suddenly, he collapsed to the ground and dropped his weapon next to him.

"Josh!" shrieked Yoko as she ran to his side, fell to her knees and tries to console him with her warmth. "Josh! Josh, talk to me! Say something! Anything!" Tears were formed on her eyes and it trickled down on her pretty face.

Just moments after the vicious beat down, Josh was taken to the medical center where he's being treated from the poison that he's now suffering. As for Gilgamesh, he's being sent to his holding cell for aggravated assault, break and enter and many other charges. Also, ultra-pet Fluffy was sent to the maintenance room after receiving damage that Gilgamesh had done to him.

In the waiting room, Yoko, Brett and Principal Kirkpatrick were sitting patiently for an answer from one of the doctors about Josh's current condition. At last, one doctor came from the operation room and told Josh's friends about some upsetting news.

"What's my son's status now, doctor?" asked Mr. Kirkpatrick.

"Well, we've managed to remove the pin missile from Josh's ribs and also stitched up the wound. Unfortunately, around the same time that we've removed it, the poison had already begun to spread inside his body. I hate to break this to you and your marshals, Principal Kirkpatrick, but your son has only 48 hours left to live before a cure can be brought in and restore your son's health back to normal."

"Is there any kind of medicine or substance that we can find?" thought Brett.

"Yes, there is and you must hurry in order to save your friend's life before the poison takes its hold on him" he said.

"Can you please tell us the name of it and its location of this medicine?" Mr. Kirkpatrick offered.

"The name of this medicine is called 'indigo nova'. It's a very rare mixed herb essence that can heal any kind of poison and it might even cure the poison out of your son's body as well."

"Do you even know what this medicine looks like?" Yoko asked.

"It's a medium yellow and in a green flower shape. The location of this certain object is somewhere in Alpha Quadrant; Sector Thirteen. It's a very primitive planet, filled with forests, waterfalls and very rarely endangered species. But know this, marshals. You must bring back at least ten or more flowers for us to cure Josh's poison" the doctor explained.

"In that case, I'll be filling in to complete this new mission. Brett! Yoko! Let's move out!" the principal commanded.

"Right away, sir!" nodded Brett and Yoko in unison.

They all join Principal Kirkpatrick in his spaceship and head out to Alpha Quadrant; Sector Thirteen in search of the medicine for Josh.

Whilst inside the principal's spaceship during their routine mission, Yoko has remained silent throughout the whole time and continues to shed more tears. She remembers the good times that she and Brett have spent with Josh together such as completing their missions and also having some fun while causing numerous problems along the way.

When Brett had noticed Yoko's unhappy expression, he turned his head around and asked her a simple question. "Hey, Yoko? Is there something wrong? You've been awfully quiet."

Principal Kirkpatrick interjected him. "Leave her alone, Brett. Yoko is upset about what happened to Joshua back there. You should know that a marshal like herself needs some time alone to think it over."

"Okay, sir. If you say so."

After their long search and unusual conversation, they've arrived at Alpha Quadrant; Sector Thirteen and spotted a mixture of a green, blue, yellow and orange colored planet.

Principal Kirkpatrick accelerated the engine fast by pressing down the pedal hard as the team zoomed in to their destination at full capacity.

They were able to get through the atmosphere and safely landed on the soft primitive planet. The marshals were standing outside of the jungle, when they've exited out of the spaceship.

As the team slowly but silently approaches the pre-inhabited jungle with caution, Yoko still thinks back from what happened to Josh after he saved her life from Gilgamesh's poison attack. That is, until Principal Kirkpatrick caught her unhappy behaviour.

"Now look, Yoko. I understand that you're very worried about my son. Whatever you do, just don't let your emotions get the better out of you."

"Sure thing, sir. I'll try to keep that in mind."

"I think, I'll have to agree with Principal Kirkpatrick on this one," told Brett.

They've been traveling throughout most of the thick and dense jungle planet of Alpha Quadrant; Sector Thirteen for quite awhile. With their trusty weaponry, Mr. Kirkpatrick and his teammates were able to cut down some thick green bushes by creating a narrow path to locate the exact medicine for Josh's poison.

As they've reached the climax of this dense jungle, they became awestruck of what they see at the end of their trail. Dozens and perhaps hundreds or thousands of flowers were blooming beautifully in every garden.

"This is amazing! I've never seen such a tremendous garden like this before! Now, that's what I'd like to call a huge discovery!" yelled Brett.

"Let's not get too impressed with the scenery here. Our mission is to retrieve the medicine for Josh within the next 24 hours or else, he's done for. Is that understood, marshals?" told Mr. Kirkpatrick.

"Of course, Principal Kirkpatrick. But where is it?" wondered Yoko curiously.

"If I was living on this natural planet, we should head north and then north-west that way. Hurry! We haven't got much time!"

"We're right behind you," said Brett as he, Yoko and Fluffy follow Mr. Kirkpatrick's directions; thinking that the indigo nova flowers are somehow close by.

After running for almost two hours, both Yoko and Brett including Fluffy are nearly exhausted. But not for the principal as he still has plenty of energy left with him and tells his marshals that they've almost reached to their destination.

At last, they've found the exact garden where the indigo nova flowers are growing like what the doctor at Galaxy High had mentioned to them recently. They were amazed of the beautiful colors coming from the herbs.

"There they are! The Indigo Nova flowers! Let's grab a stash of these, before anyone else notices us" says Brett, as he carefully grabs ten indigo nova flowers in his storage bag.

"Well, duh! There's hardly anybody around her and obviously unoccupied" said Yoko, as she too takes ten indigo nova flowers inside her bag.

"I wouldn't bet my fair share on that one, marshals. We've got to do this quick as soon as we can" informed the principal as he stashes another dosage of indigo nova flowers.

After they've grabbed of whatever they can find, they've combined their stash of indigo nova flowers into one and the total of them was thirty. First, Brett tries to carry the heavy load himself, but his muscles gave out and fell to the ground. Next was Yoko's turn. But she too wasn't able to lift the heavy bag and immediately fell flat on her pretty face.

Mr. Kirkpatrick sighed deeply, shakes his head in disbelief and when it was his turn, he was able to carry it with ease. "You see, marshals? It takes a bit of your upper body strength to carry this heavy duty bag. Am I strong of what?" He finishes his sentence with a flashing smile and posed his muscle.

Yoko sweat dropped in humiliation. "I don't know about you, Brett, but I think he's a total show-off. Almost way worse than Josh causing a major ruckus around Galaxy High."

Brett grumbled. "I'm with you."

Then, from out of the blue, various arrows were being shot from an unknown location as Principal Kirkpatrick right away drops the heavy bag of indigo nova flowers and shoves his teammates down to the ground, along with himself with it.

"Are you marshals, alright?"

"We're fine, sir. But, who would un-expectantly fire at us?" wondered Brett.

"Yeah, like, what did we do to cause such an outrage?" questioned Yoko.

"Probably whoever fired at us doesn't seem to like visitors. We'll have to take our stuff and head east. If we don't, we may end up on the main menu" warned Mr. Kirkpatrick.

By gulping their throats down, they quickly grabbed the heavy bag and head down south, as they try to avoid the oncoming arrows from a pack of ruthless hunters. When they've escaped from the savage attack, they're now standing at the edge of the gardens; in other words, the waterfall. Thus, the other side of the jungle is a very long fifty feet away from them on the left.

"Uh, oh! Looks like, we only have one choice and that's to jump" Brett commented.

Yoko smacked him at the back of his head. "You pea-brain! Has your mind been turned to gravel or something? We're apparently ten stories high and there's no way we're going to jump all the way down there."

"You're right, Yoko. Brett's choice is too risky and the only other way to escape from here is across through there." Mr. Kirkpatrick looked into one of his gadgets and takes out an automatic zip-line cord. He aimed his gadget very carefully at a nearby tree and fires a perfectly straight line, as the metallic claw pierces right into the thick redwood tree. He makes a soft tug to the zip-line that's connected to the tree and notices that the zip-line will eventually hold strong, while he connects the other side of the zip-line to another tree. "Go ahead, Fluffy. You take the first step and make sure that you carry those supplies with you. Is that clear?"

Fluffy acknowledged the principal's command, transforms into his battle mode gear and rockets straight at the other side of the jungle, while carrying the indigo nova flowers with him. The ultra-pet manages to make it across to the other side safely with the supplies.

Now it's Principal Kirkpatrick, Brett and Yoko's turn to climb across the zip-line safely and carefully without looking all the way down at the bottom that would eventually distract their concentration.

"Okay, marshals. All we have to do is to come across that way and just for the record, don't look down."

Brett gulped in fear, but determined to finish this mission, no matter what. "Whatever you say, sir."

As Yoko carefully climbs onto the zip-line, she ponders to herself for whatever or not if they'll ever make it back to Galaxy High on time and save Josh's life. "Please be safe, Josh. I don't want to lose you."

After a long and vigorous climb on the zip-line, they've finally made it to the other side of the jungle without any interruptions.

While the marshals take a quick break, they immediately went back to their current mission and run through the jungle as they cut away more branches throughout the jungle. That's when Mr. Kirkpatrick quickly halted his teammates from a close-eye view from far away.

"Hey! Why did you stop us?" Brett asks.

"Quiet! I see something up ahead. Look!" pointed Mr. Kirkpatrick to his crew and saw a wild and endangered black panther with cold yellow eyes.

The team slowly moves away, very quietly from the hungry predator. Unluckily for Brett, he accidentally steps on a small tree branch that released a strong sound reaction and it startled the wild animal as it begins to have its first meal on them.

Yoko, Brett and Fluffy were left terrified against the savage beast. But not for Principal Kirkpatrick as he tackles down the endangered panther, while it tries to put the hurt on him with its deadly claws. Fortunately for him, he avoids the panther's attacks and throws him all the way down to the waterfall rock hard.

"Ouch. That's going to leave a mark," said a surprised Yoko.

"Now is not the time! There's not a moment to lose! Follow me!" instructed Mr. Kirkpatrick to his colleagues and continues to run back to his spaceship.

After surviving the unexpected ambush from a pack of bandits, traveling through a dense path they made in the dense jungle, finding the indigo nova flowers, going across to another island with a zip-line and avoiding the vicious black panther's assault, they've made out in one piece.

As they've got there, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy seemed to have noticed that the spaceship is covered with a huge round clear white bubble around the principal's spaceship.

"Please don't tell us that you used your strongest backup shield on your spaceship, sir."

"Get with it, Yoko. Principal Kirkpatrick is a true man of his word. He apparently activated it, when we first landed here."

"Nice explanation there, Brett. We still have some time left, before the poison takes over my son's body. Now, let's get out of this joint and fast" said Mr. Kirkpatrick as they all get inside the spaceship, along with the stacked cargo of indigo nova flowers they took from the garden and boast up the rockets at full throttle.

Now back at Galaxy High, they quickly head into the operation room by giving the doctors and nurses with the indigo nova flowers they've brought back from the planet of Alpha Quadrant; Sector Thirteen. With all of the flowers collected and secured, the operation on Josh's body began right away and the medical team closes the doors in-front of them, locking it tight. The 'operation' logo then lits up and the only thing that the marshals can do is to wait and hope for the best.

Several hours have past, but there's still no word regarding Josh's treatment from the poison.

Principal Kirkpatrick stands against the wall with his arms folded and taps his foot a few times. As for Yoko, Brett and Fluffy, they sat on the bench with their hands clutched together in a moment of silence and waiting for their friend to come out alive. Sitting next to them are Spavid, Princess Kimball, Toby and Bobby also attending to see Josh recover from the poison.

When another hour had went away, the 'operation' logo that was lighting up for a very long time had finally dimmed out. Indicating that the treatment to cure Josh's poison from out of his body has officially been concluded.

All of the marshals and Principal Kirkpatrick turn around to witness the final results from Josh's treatment.

The doors of the operating room had opened and as one of the doctors came out with a smile on his face, he shows them the thumbs-up; notifying that the treatment was a complete success.

Most of the marshals jumped for joy and hugged each other after hearing that Josh had come through from the poison.

"I knew that my son would make it. How can I ever repay you" cried Mr. Kirkpatrick as wipes a tear from his face.

"All in a day's work, Principal Kirkpatrick. The whole reason behind this successful operation was Josh's sheer will to fight off the poison as long as he could. It was also his courage and strength that kept him to stay alive" the doctor exclaimed.

Toby sighed. "What a relief."

"I'll say. It's no fun without him around" mentioned Bobby.

"Really?" says Spavid.

"N-Not really."

"Looks like our mission was a success. Am I right, Principal Kirkpatrick?" told Brett.

"You're correct, Brett. The mission went very well and therefore, we all deserve credit for it. Despite the dangers, we've still pulled it off without a hitch" he replied.

"Speaking of pulling it off, what time does the karaoke National finals start?" asked Yoko curiously.

Mr. Kirkpatrick looked at his watch and when he did, he gasps at the time that's now showing; 6:30p.m. "Oh my gosh! You've only got two hours left before the event starts. You better move or lose it, Yoko!"

"You really think so? I mean, what if I'm not cut out to win this event? Then, what? All of my hard work that I've been practicing for so long will be up in smoke. I'm not sure, if I can do this" says Yoko, sadly.

Suddenly, a familiar voice had answered her. "Lighten up, Yo. You need to turn that frown upside down, so you can win that shiny crown."

The moment she heard his voice and turned around to see him up and running, she runs to him with tears of joy and threw her arms around his neck. "Josh!" She smiled that Josh had made it out alive.

"It's great to see you up and running again, Josh. Are you alright?" Josh's dad asked.

"Who me? Sure, I am. I've never felt better," replied Josh.

"That's great. We're all glad to see you back alive" added Spavid.

During the conversation, the ultra-pet Fluffy smiled with glee, as he nuzzles on Josh's leg to see him alive and well. Josh returns the favor by petting Fluffy on the head.

"You guys, go on ahead. I'll just have a few minutes with Josh alone. If you don't mind, that is" insisted Yoko to Brett, Mr. Kirkpatrick, Fluffy and the other marshals.

"Of course. Let's give them privacy, marshals." By doing his order, they all leave Yoko and Josh all alone outside of the operating room holding onto each other.

"Listen, Yo. About what I did back there with Gilgamesh, I was only doing my job. Just to make sure that weren't hurt" said Josh.

Yoko giggled. "I know that, Josh. For what you've done to save me from that creep, I just want to thank you for doing the right thing."

He blushed as a result. "Aw, shucks, Yo. It was nothing, really."

"Well, I think that was the most generous thing that anyone has ever done to me." She finishes her sentence by pressing her lips against his, in a very sweet and polite manner.

"Whoa! Does this mean what I think it means?" requested Josh.

Yoko nodded. "Josh...I love you."

Although speechless, Josh smiled back and responded. "Thanks, Yo. I love you, too." Like what she did before, he too pressed his lips against hers while his arms were around her waist and her arms were around his neck. Their kiss was a complete bliss.

In the midsts of their romantic embrace, both Principal Kirkpatrick and Brett peeked their heads out and witnessed them making out after they stuck around.

"My word, Joshua."

"This changes everything."

After their long embrace, Yoko goes off to the karaoke National finals with a big smile with Josh catching up to her as they both laugh in harmony and friendship.

At the karaoke National finals, Yoko gave it her all by singing so beautifully from inside of her heart; she was ranked as the new Galaxy High Karaoke Champion. Everyone in the audience clapped happily for her stunning performance and technique as she's wearing a gorgeous sparkling aqua blue dress with white low-heel shoes and a shiny new gold crown sitting on top of her red-yellowed hair, while carrying some pure red and white roses.

She addresses her adoring fans for their thankful support on her amazing win. But the one fan she adored the most was her comrade and now, lover, Josh as he rooted cheerfully for her hard work that helped her reach this far.

The Galaxy High Karaoke National Finals concluded with a very satisfying ending with Yoko declared as the official karaoke champion.

After the special event was over, Josh and Yoko are now in their bedroom alone. Both of them looked into each other's eyes and hold their hands together.

"Can you believe it, Josh? I won! I've never been so happy in my entire life and it's all thanks to you" said Yoko smiling.

"Don't mention it, Yo. By the way, those red and white roses you were holding onto earlier while you were posing for your grand victory...they were from me" answered Josh.

Her eyes glistened like diamonds. "Oh, Josh! That was so nice of you! I never would've appreciated a great person like you for handing me such beautiful roses."

"What can I say, Yo? Nothing in this world is more beautiful than you. And, I love you."

"Thanks. I love you, too."

From that point on, they kissed again. Except that not only was their kiss longer, but it was also filled with pure love and friendship as the full moon shines down on the endearing couple.