Summary: Kurama Spends A Moment With His Stepfather...

The wood of the den was cold beneath his feet. He could feel pain through the numbness as he damned the demon who had torn his clothing during the fight. Currently, he was wearing some of Shizuru's clothes. The shoes, however, he drew the line at. 'Disgusting' he had thought at the very suggestion. Shivering, he let the shoji door open to reveal the empty hallway, illuminated only by a small nightlight in the far corner.

Good; no one else was awake.



He straightened despite the pain it brought him, turning to face the corner of the it had come from. Kazuya turned on the lamp at his side, looking at his startled stepson and his unusually disshevled appearence. He seemed like such a gentle boy but...so often he came home with bruises and bloodied clothing.

He sighed, "Another one?"

A single nod.

Kurama walked, trying to hide the slight limp, over to where his stepfather sat and stood before him, bowing respectfully. "Gomen nasai. I didn't mean to disturb you." The man gave what could have been a laugh and pat the seat on the sofa beside him, "Don't be so tense," Suichi sat down, keeping his back straight, "So...do you want to tell me what happened?" Kurama shook his head slowly, locks stained with blood swinging gently back and forth and falling over his face.


"Your mother's asleep," Kazuya sighed, looking his son up and down and deciding whether or not a doctor should be called.

"It's nothing."

The man got a chill up his spine; he hated it when Suichi read him like that. 'Such a strange child.' Shiori hadn't told him her son was this...creepy. It didn't help that his eyes glinted so in the lighting; they looked almost...gold.

"Something wrong, Kazuya-san?"

He could have flinched at the name. He honestly wished the teenager would see him as a father. But from what Shiori said, it shouldn't surprise him. The redhead didn't make attatchments well. Clearing his throat, he took a look at the cut on his cheek and slowly helped him off the couch, "Let's get those taken care of." A stiff nod was his only reply.

"...And, Shiori won't have to know."

Disinfectant, bandages, sharp sting...

"Suichi," Kazuya sighed, neatly smoothed back the quilt that covered his feminine son, "What are we going to do with you?" The fox smiled ever so slightly, letting the light come into his striking green eyes.

As the teenager drifted off to sleep, Kazuya pulled a strand of hair off of the slender shoulder. His eyes widened at the color. It was...

"White?" His voice was a whisper, loud in the silence.

Sighing, he turned off the lamp and left the teenager to sleep. He'd figure him out someday.

"...Goodnight father."

The tired voice reached his ears and he let a smile come to his face.

"Goodnight son."

Just a fluff fic .