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Chapter Five: Teething and Bender's Worries

Allison had no idea where to start. Mr. Kelly had yet again assigned a pointless essay on The Merchant of Venice, claiming it to be worth a substantial portion of their final grade. Who knew when the loon was actually telling the truth? He had a bad habit of being unpredictable. Allison hated it. Then there was the American History test on previous Presidents to be done on the same day that the essay was due. This didn't include the lab that was due the day before that, a Wednesday, and the essay on Nelson Mandela due the day after, a Friday.

On top of all of that however, was the stress that seemed to take the cake. Here she was, stuck in after school detention for one too many times late to class, and Bender was left to take care of Jordan.

It was by no means that she didn't trust the boy. No, if that were the case she wouldn't be hanging around him period. Kind of like how she was treating Andrew really. But this was her baby girl she was talking about here! Quite often she would only settle for Allison, any other person and she takes to throwing a bit of a hissy fit.

Sighing Allison let her head fall onto the table with a 'thunk'. Rather painful though it was, it did not distract her from her worry. Jordan could be so picky...No, she would be fine with Bender. After all, the girl liked him well enough. Some nights she even forgot that her mother was not in the same room. He had come to know Jordan well and she him. He could deal with any mess that came up.

"What do you mean, something's not right?!" Allison demanded of a rather panicked looking John Bender as he came down the stairs with messed up hair and his eyes wide.

"I mean that's something's fucking wrong," he said back as he began to lead Allison up the stairs by her wrist. She hadn't even been given time to take off her coat and shoes or even to rid herself of her bag. "She's got a fever that won't go down and she's finally asleep, had to give her some Tylenol to shut her up though..."

Allison's eyes went wide with shock and she gave a little squeak. He had done what?!

"It's not what it sounds like," he quickly continued. "Mrs. What's-her-face next door said that something-or-other might be up, which apparently is normal for kids her age...Said some child strength would be fine..."

Allison didn't move from her spot on the stairs where she had stopped their process. Taking a deep breath she calmed herself so she could figure this out.

"Okay, so there's a fever," Bender nodded his head. "It won't go down," again Bender nodded. "And Mrs. Whitton said it was normal?" Still Bender nodded and Allison thought this through. Hearing Jordan waking up, she continued up the stairs still in thought. She had an inkling as to what might be the cause, but she wasn't too sure yet.

Once in her bedroom Allison shed herself of all her school things and outdoor wear before approaching the crib. Though generally when Jordan wanted up and out of the crib her fussing quieted, today it did not. Her fussing continued and there was no doubt that the baby was beyond not being a happy camper.

Bringing Jordan into her arms, Allison kissed her child's forehead and frowned at the temperature her lips met. Slowly she began to walk the babe to see if it would calm her any. Nothing doing, the fussing continued. She ceased her walking and instead sat on her bed. Shifting her child in her lap, she gently placed her index finger into the child's mouth and felt along the gum line. At eight months she already had her front teeth, both the top and bottom. But it seemed it was time for her to grow more, and this time she was having trouble with them.

Sighing, Allison looked up at the doorway where Bender stood with his arms crossed and leaning against the doorframe, "What's the prognosis, Doc," he asked sarcastically, both knew it to be his easiest way of dealing with stress.

Standing once more, Allison moved to walk back downstairs. "She's teething," she responded simply. She didn't really have anything in the house right now to help Jordan other than the child's Tylenol, but a cloth soaked in cold water should help sooth her a little.

Bender followed Allison, still a little confused. Didn't the kid already have teeth? She had been fine getting the first ones, why was she having trouble now?

"Can you get me a cold cloth," Allison asked as she went into the living room to get the stuff she would need to change Jordan's diaper. She couldn't wait until her daughter was potty trained...

Bender did as he was bid, wanting to stop the baby from fussing. First off it sounded horrible. Secondly the sound tore at him. It wasn't just the loud crying or whining, it was something else. What he couldn't rightly tell, all he knew was that he wanted that baby to stop being so uncomfortable.

When Jordan finally calmed, Allison had the baby curled up on her chest as she lay on the couch and had her American History book in her lap studying. Sometime after supper she had convinced Bender to at least crack open his book to glance over the material. By nine o'clock, Allison's parents had come back home from their trip and both girls were asleep on Allison's bed with Twisted Sister playing in the background.

Sighing, Bender closed the binder Allison had tossed at him and leaned back against the wall the side of the bed was pushed up against. It had been a long day with Jordan and with school. He had no idea how Allison had done if for eight months alone.

Looking over at the two sleeping girls next to him, he couldn't help but think that Allison was doing pretty good considering where she had come from. Would he have been able to do the same? Would he have ignored his responsibility as a father? Or would he wind up like his own?

Shaking his head as if to rid himself of those thoughts Bender stood up to put Jordan in her crib. Hadn't he heard somewhere that it wasn't a good idea to have the baby sleeping in the same bed as you? Besides, what if she rolled off in the middle of the night? That was the last thing anyone needed.

Tucking first Jordan in and then Allison, Bender hoped he didn't turn out like his father. That was definitely the last thing he wanted. He never wanted to hurt the people who had become such a big part of his life.

Tomorrow they were all planning to go to the park after school with Brian and Jordan. The homework-driven boy had been complaining he didn't get to see the girl often enough. Hopefully Tuesday's weather co-operated. The last thing they needed was for Jordan to catch a cold on top of teething.