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Just Another Bloody Secret


So…cold. I shivered violently and realized that it was snowing. Snow? I thought curiously. And in the middle of July too. Something warm dripped on to my hand and I looked down.

I'm bleeding.

I started to cry. The wound in the side of my body wasn't healing and it hurt so much.

Where am I? Help me. Help me please.

And then I realized that I could see. It was nighttime, but in my eyes I could see as if my surroundings were bathed in light. And I realized, with a silent horror, that I was standing before a steep drop. Far below, a river roared fiercely.

A twig snapped from behind me and I spun around with one hand gripping my wound tightly. A familiar green-eyed young man stood there, a cruel smile turning up the corners of his mouth. His smile failed to reach his eyes. As he took in the sight of my weakened body, the smile on his face grew wider and he said softly. "It's over."

My body acted on its own. I just looked at the green-eyed man and then, strangely, I smiled too. He seemed slightly surprised. Then I began to back up slowly, towards the edge of the cliff. One foot after the other.

The man cursed to himself and reached for his belt, desperate to stop me from escaping, and pulled out a silver stake. He launched it at me before I reached the edge and it pierced through my chest.

The young man was suddenly taken down by a dark blur. There was a terrible sound as his limbs were separated from his body and strewn across the floor, staining the snow a dark, rich red. The moonlight caught the figure standing over the chaos, plastered crimson, and it revealed a young man, with scarlet eyes. There was raw rage burning within them and his hands were ruined with the blood of his victim.

And then, I finally felt the pain, a sharp pain in my chest. The stake had met its mark. I heard the young man give a yell of despair. He raced towards me, his eyes filled with helplessness and grief. Why was my heart aching for him so much?

He cried out, "NO!" But it was already too late. The force of the blow had sent me falling backwards over the cliff. Time seemed to stop as I looked at him, my eyes clouded over with sorrow and what seemed to be something much deeper than that.

I whispered two last words to him before I disappeared into the wild waters below.

"I'm sorry."