Valentine's Day

Timeline: Twilight Au

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Valentine's Day:

Bella Swan let out a frustrated sigh as she made her way to Biology. It was a week until Valentine's Day, and both Mike and Tyler were driving her crazy. She slipped on ice on her way to her truck this morning, spraining her ankle. It was now tightly bound in bandages while she hobbled around on crutches.

To make her day even more special, she had to deal with Edward Cullen. She remembered the lab on Mitosis when they had talked, and she'd thought that perhaps she'd made a friend. Iknow better now, she thought bitterly, as she sat down next to him at the lab table.

He hated her. He'd saved her from Tyler's car in an unexplainable way, but hadn't spoken to her since the argument they'd gotten into at the hospital. His voice echoed through her mind: "In that case I hope you enjoy disappointment."

She wasn't enjoying it, though. Class started; as always Bella was hyper aware of the boy sitting next to her, even as she ignored him ignoring her. Mr. Banner talked about global warming, while Bella took notes. She tried to pay attention to the lecture, and not the boy sitting next to her.

After class, while Bella was gathering her stuff together to leave, Mike bounded up to her like an eager puppy.

"Bella, will you go on a date with me this Friday, for Valentine's day?" he stammered.

Bella felt horrified, confused, and dismayed all at once.

"No, sorry, I have plans already," she lied badly, hoping that he would believe her.

He did, and his face fell. He looked at her, sadly. He was making her feel bad, like she'd just kicked the puppy in the face. It didn't, however, make her want to accept his date offer.

"I'll see you tomorrow, then," he said as he left.

Edward was looking at her, but as she noticed his attention, he turned away quickly. Bella wondered why he was still here, since normally he was the first one out of the classroom.

Throwing her backpack on her shoulders, Bella muttered to herself about annoying boys, evil holidays sponsored by greeting card companies and stupid shiny Volvo owners.

If she'd looked back over the shoulder, she would have seen an incredible sight: Edward cracking a smile.

The week went by rather quickly. By Valentine's day, Bella was walking on her own accord. However, by Valentine's Day, Bella just wanted to stay home from school: sick for the rest of her life, or at least this horrible day.

She wore black slacks with a black sweater; she took no extra care in her appearance, and avoided all shades of red and pink. She allowed her color choice to reflect her mood: how she hated this accursed holiday.

She spent the day ignoring everyone, succeeding until after lunch. Mike had tried to speak to her, but she'd feigned sleep during lunch. However, during Biology, she'd been unable to keep him away. She'd barely been able to keep the disgust out of her voice as she thanked him for the heart shaped monstrosity. Even knowing that there was chocolate in there didn't make it any better.

She shoved it in her backpack, and ignored Edward's curious stare as the teacher started his lecture.

"I hate this holiday," she muttered. Edward choked on a laugh. The bastard was laughing at her! She gripped her hands to prevent herself from slapping him. Her temper was high, and she desperately wanted to go home and make this accursed day go away.

Class ended, and Bella endured gym, managing to somehow hit Mike in the stomach with a tennis ball. Bella stormed to her locker, vowing that the next person to wish her a "Happy Valentine's Day" was going to die in a series of horrible accidents, culminating in dying in a fire, when she saw it. Inside of her locker was a stuffed mountain lion, with its paws around a lamb. There was a note attached to it, but Bella didn't care about the note right now.

Her rage diminished, her mood lightened, and she laughed. Clutching the stuffed animal to her chest, she shoved her notebook in her locker and walked to her truck.

She drove home, put her stuff in her room, and allowed her mind to wonder who'd placed the animals in her locker and why.

She sat on her bed, unaware of the light golden eyes that watched her from the tree outside of her window, and read the typed note.

Dear Bella,

I saw that Valentine's Day was making you unhappy and I just wanted you to smile. I wish I could tell you who I am but that would be most unwise. Don't be sad dear Bella; angels should never be sad.

There was no signature, but Bella couldn't help but smile as she hugged the animal tightly. She let out a small laugh.

Turning around, preparing to go make dinner for Charlie, Bella said to the animals that she'd set on her bed, "The only person I want you to be from is Edward Cullen, but he hates me." Her voice sounded sad.

The vampire sitting in the trees outside her window nearly fell out of the tree as he heard that. "I don't hate you Bella," he whispered softly. He wished for the thousandth time that he was a normal human man so that he could talk to her.