This Chapter is NC-17. If you have a problem with Male on Male situations, please read no further.

Ed sat his bags at the end of the couch and pressed his lips and turned to look at Roy who was still standing in the arched doorway that lead into the living room.

"Here we are," Ed said and clapped his hands in an non-alchemic way then shoved his fingers in the back pockets of his pants.

"Indeed," Roy said, looking around the living room as if were new to him, but finally letting his dark eyes settle on Ed. "I suppose I need to change and then maybe we can sit in here and talk."

"Yeah, that's good, you do that," Ed said. "It's not like I haven't been here before, I can make myself comfortable. I'll just...sit on the couch or something until you get back."

Roy looked at him for a moment more before turning to go out the doorway, then he stopped and looked back at Ed.

"Alright, then I'll be right back," and he turned again, this time successfully leaving the doorway and heading down the hall.

Ed looked around before performing a flop onto the couch. He threw his arm up over the back of it and he threw a foot up onto the coffee table and stared at the sheers over the big picture window that looked out the front of the house onto Roy's pathetically small front lawn. Ed bet it took like a second to mow it, but Roy wouldn't know that because Roy was above menial things like mowing lawns and he would bestow a few cens on some local boy to do it for him. He was rotten. Had he ever worked a real day in his whole life? Ed kind of doubted it.

The fact that the coffee table was dust free was also another thing that included Roy's non-involvement. Roy had a cleaning lady, and she came like clock work, every Thursday and picked up after the man like she was his mother or something. Ever since Ed had made good his escape, Roy had to pay someone to clean the house. Oh how unfortunate, poor Roy, having to hire an outsider because his court appointed servant had finally gained his freedom.

So, what was it they were going to talk about exactly? Ed found, that though he knew they ineeded/i to talk he had not the first clue what they were actually ineeding/i to talk about. Well maybe this whole, 'hi let's be each other's significant other until we can't stand it anymore and throttle each other.' Because the thought had crossed Ed's mind that if Ed did take up with Roy and Roy made those snorty little sounds out of his nose every time Ed said something he disagreed with? Well, there would be violence.

Roy came back in then, de-militarized and took a seat in the chair across from the couch. He folded his hands in his lap and raised an eyebrow at Ed's slack and sprawled posture.

"You take making yourself at home very seriously I see," Roy said, a hint of mirth in his voice. "It's not like it's any different from every other time you've been here; but somehow it feels different."

"Yeah," Ed replied, suddenly straightening up and sitting forward some. "Yeah, that's it. That's what I'm sitting here feeling. I don't know why. I was just laying here thinking about what a spoiled and lazy thing you are with your hired staff and you know, that's it exactly. It's like it always was, but now it's not really like that. And that makes no sense, but I get it. I get what you mean."

Roy nodded, as if he were sage and adjusted himself in the chair a bit.

"What are we going to talk about?" Ed plunged ahead. "I mean, I guess we need to talk about the fact that I want you and you must want me and that sort of thing. But I don't know, do you have those kinds of conversations before hand or does it just happen? I always thought it just happened. But maybe it's a slow progression, and if that is the case we've been having the slowest progression in the history of man. It's not like I'm a total novice, I mean, I get around and things."

"Indeed you do, your lady friend's voice was lovely, what was her name?" Roy asked, resting his elbow on the arm of the chair and putting his cheek in his palm.

"Miranda, why?" Ed asked, suddenly suspicious. "Why would you want to know?"

"Maybe I'd like to know the name of my rival," Roy asked with a lift of his eyebrows. "Did you think I wanted to know for unscrupulous reasons?"

"She's not any rival of yours, and you got a rep a mile wide," Ed said, slouching back again. "So don't worry about it. She's one of those friends that had an itch to scratch but wasn't looking for anything more. I liked it that way," Ed waved his hand. "So what really happened with Stella?"

"Exactly what I told you, I don't feel the need to bore you with the details," Roy said. "Now, we seem of a like mind on the possibility of this indeed going somewhere, so how would you like to start? As you yourself just mentioned we've been taking it slow for years, and with such restraint on our parts, even if it was unknowing but I don't feel the need to take it slow anymore."

"Uh, well, ok, so what does that entail? I mean...the couch is pretty comfortable and we can draw the curtains...," Ed started on a bit of a stammer.

Roy's eyebrows rose, i(and other parts of his anatomy thought about it)/i, it was so very like Ed to take any suggestion literally and for once he was rather glad of Ed's obsessive need to take everything at face value.

"I think I might enjoy that, but the bed is bigger and we are less likely to roll onto the floor," Roy said, rising from his chair. "I want to do this properly with all the variables in place. This first time has been a long time coming."

"What sort of variables are we talking about?" Ed asked, trying not to glance in the direction of the bedroom. "I mean we only need a couple of basic mentioned the bed, that's one of them," Ed said.

"I would like to suggest an atmosphere," Roy half purred and took a step or two closer. Ed pushed his shoulders up but kept his eyes on Roy's face and didn't retreat. "Can I tell you something?" Roy asked.

"You can tell me anything," Ed said, looking so open and earnest Roy wanted to snatch him forward and kiss him breathless on the spot. But he shouldn't deny himself the pleasure of this; savor every nuance of Ed, offering himself, laying himself bare metaphorically. It may be egotistical of him, but he knew he was a man of ego all along, but here Ed was again, asking for Roy's touch. Roy himself had been instrumental in bringing this new Ed, this Ed that was delectable and obtainable, again to the threshold of his desire. This time, Roy would not be denied.

"I always thought you were exceedingly sexy in your biker wear," Roy confessed. "All that leather hugging all those details, it was always a welcome sight, Edward."

Ed looked like the proverbial deer in the proverbial headlights. His jaw flapped a time or two without anything coming out and then he seemed to gather himself together enough to speak.

"You did?" he said, sounding a bit astonished. "You thought I looked hot? You always looked kinda annoyed when I tromped into your house in those big boots. You didn't want me to put any of my dusty things on the furniture...but you thought that was hot? Me?"

Why did Edward sound like he found the thought of himself being eye candy so unusual?

"So this is the atmosphere you're talking about...and I'm not here on my bike and I don't have my leather...wait, iyou/i have leather!" Ed promptly turned and trotted back out to the foyer, going for the coat closet.

"I do? Are you talking about my trench coat, Edward? Wait...Ed," Roy moved to follow him. He saw Ed yank it off the hanger and throw an arm through a sleeve. It was, predictably, much too large for him and it hit the back of his ankles and his hands disappeared up the sleeves. Ed lifted his arms, shook the sleeves of the coat down and clapped his white gloved hands.

"I like that trench," was as much as Roy got out before Edward's body was enveloped in blue lightning. And after that, Roy just stood back to watch. The leather, the fabric of Edward's suit, even his shoes became a maelstrom around his body of almost gossamer looking ribbons, and peeking between these gaps were glimpses of tantalizing flesh. A nipple, a brief glimpse of abs, the erotic peek of a navel and the even more alluring flash of wispy golden curls on Edward's lower stomach. Each defined line of his chest, of his shoulders and arms, the square of his hip, the smooth skin of his flank; a maddening peep show of what was surely to come. Roy realized he was holding his breath.

When the whirling stopped and the clothes settled again, Ed stood there as if he'd just rode in on his bike. If Roy were to give a thorough inspection, he would notice that most of his trench coat went to the 'boots', a bit to the leather 'pants' and it would be obvious that Ed used the remaining leather as light cover to his duster, while stealing fabric and stretching it very thin, from the clothes he'd actually been wearing. But it was enough to perpetuate the fantasy and it was enough to bring a sharp edge to Roy's iwant/i.

Ed was flushed, grinning, pleased with himself and his eyebrows rose when Roy advanced on him. He half yelped when Roy drove him back against the wall and he flailed in an entertaining way when he was slid along the wall and wedged into a corner. Roy insistently pushed with his knee until Ed parted his thighs and then Roy pressed his body against Ed's, as much as he could and Ed gasped and squirmed and even bared his throat, and Roy grinned in a feral manner.

"What...what the fuck?" Ed said in a breathless way, the kind of way that went straight to Roy's groin. "I thought you were all sophisticated and shit, you know, smooth talker, slow seducer...," Ed licked his lips, his eyes focusing on Roy's nose.

"Do you really think the sight of you transmuting your clothing to please me leaves me with any restraint whatsoever? I suppose we could have an introduction. My mouth? My tongue? Meet Edward's mouth and tongue," and Roy covered Ed's mouth then and Ed yelped a bit into it, but submitted instantly and was very obedient when Roy's tongue demanded attention.

Ed's hands were flat against the wall on either side of the corner and he kept lifting his right leg and kicking it out, and so finally, Roy let him breath.

"Smooth enough for you?" Roy purred, sliding a hand up and down the side of Ed's neck and then finally hooking his fingers in the top of Ed's transmuted tank top. Ed licked his lips and lowered his foot back to the floor.

"I think my tongue has rug burn," he half grinned.

Roy gave a little tug with his fingers and heard the faint sound of fabric ripping. He looked down at where he'd hooked his fingers into Ed's shirt and sure enough the fabric was giving way under the slight pressure of his tug.

"You transmuted this fabric very thin," Roy said, tugging some more and watching the shirt give way as if it were made of little more than tissue. He just continued to pull and the shirt ripped neatly, all the way down and Roy released it. It hung open revealing half of Ed's chest, his automail shoulder and a dusky nipple. Roy looked back up at Ed slowly.

"I had to make do," Ed protested faintly. " going to rip my clothes off with your teeth?" And the mere suggestion from his own lips made Ed squirm in the corner and rub his front against Roy's front.

"Could you make it edible?" Roy teased, his own grin going back to something just beyond predatory and Ed pressed his lips and actually considered it.

"I wouldn't vouch for the taste," Ed began, "but it would be good fiber. You might get stuff stuck in your teeth, man I hate that, stuff stuck in your teeth. Skeeter likes to eat celery and he gets these little threads in his teeth and it about drives me batshit to have to see it...FUCK," was how Ed ended.

Roy had a handful of crotch. It wasn't his crotch, it was Ed's crotch. It was a sizable lump and it was warm and hard and barely covered by any fabric at all. He pressed and rolled it in his palm and Ed tried to do a split right there against the wall and reached up to grab onto Roy's shoulders for balance. Convinced he now had Ed's attention again, he ran his hand up Ed's stomach and hooked his fingers into the waist band of the transmuted jeans. With a strong jerk the front of those soon were gaping open as well.

"You gonna make me naked in the hall?" Ed whined without any fight. He kept lifting his leg and acting like he wanted to hook it around Roy.

"And what if I do?" Roy husked to him, leaning in close, pressing Ed to the wall, hands gripping Ed's hips for a moment before going back to his ass, cupping his butt cheeks to squeeze and lift.

Ed took full advantage of his position to wrap both legs around Roy Mustang's hips now. Roy grunted and the sound was just idivine/i and Ed wanted to lick his face and couldn't figure out why he wanted to do it but proceeded to do it anyways.

"Make me naked in the hall, fuck me in the hall I guess," Ed panted between licks. "Fuck Mustang, how is it all you gotta do is growl a few words at me and I'm so horny I want to eat your face off. Why is it? Why?"

"My dear Fullmetal," the general gasped as he began to grind against Ed using the wall as a brace, "you are an alchemist and you should be well acquainted with ichemistry/i."

The problem with trying to dry hump Ed through sheetrock was that Ed wanted to hump back, and Ed was predictably the stronger of the two. Where as Roy was using the wall to help him simply hold Edward up; Ed was using the wall as leverage to thrust forward to meet Roy's initiated grinds. It wasn't working quite as well as Roy had planned and after a particularly strong counter thrust on Ed's part he was propelled a few feet back. But he was game and turned, still holding Ed up; Ed still trying to lick the top layer of skin off his face; and staggered a few steps down the hall.

"You can do it old man," Ed grinned in wicked merriment, clenching tighter with his legs and arms. "After all, how heavy can I be? You told me yourself on several occasions I was kinda small, remember?" After this declaration that was really...beyond astonishing to Roy, Ed decided to try to eat Roy's bottom lip. This caused Roy to get off course and walk into the wall in the hall way, they bounced off of it and hit the opposite wall. Roy gave a mighty exhale, bounced Ed up higher onto his chest and wrapped his arms under Ed's ass to keep him aloft.

Ed now had both hands in his hair and was trying to rub him bald and Roy was busy trying to taste Ed's tonsils when they staggered off course again, but instead of hitting a wall this time, they went through the kitchen door and had a brief moment of really off balanced teetering before Roy was able to right himself at the last second.

They let each other breath and looked around briefly. Roy went for the counter and sat Ed's ass on it and backed off a moment to pant. Ed swung his legs back and forth and grinned, leaning forward and wiggling his eyebrows.

"This is quite opportune," Roy said with his own leer, "here we are in the land of homemade lubricant. We have some choices...butter, lard or cooking oil?"

"The solids weird me out," Ed said, "bring on the oil."

Roy bowed then, yanked a cabinet door open next to Ed's head and pulled out a bottle. Ed decided since Roy was right there that he should just go ahead and try to suck Roy's ear off, it's not like he'd need it in order to fuck Ed, it was extraneous. Roy was unscrewing the cap of the bottle, trying to turn his head to save his ear and offer Ed his lips instead. Ed might think better about pulling them off because Roy would just look funny afterwards. Roy got the cap off but his face was preoccupied and he just hovered there at the counter, holding the open bottle in one hand and the cap in the other. He soon abandoned them there to get his hands on Ed, because Ed was getting rather demanding and sliding his ass back and forth on the counter and that was just enticing. Roy decided it was a good time to go ahead and rip the paper thin things substituting for jeans right off Ed's hips and Ed didn't seem to mind as long as he could try to shove his entire head down Roy's throat while he did so. Neither one noticed that Roy managed to elbow the bottle of oil onto its side until Roy got his hands firmly under Ed's almost nude ass and tried to lift again.

Then they both hit the floor.

For a moment it was all flailing limbs and grunts of surprise and frustration. Roy tried to push himself up right but both his hands slid on the oil slicked floor and then his chin connected with it sharply. Ed tried to push up on his ass and laugh, but his ass went south and his head went north and thumped a good one on the floor as well. They both lay there for a moment.

"We're not going to look at this like fate is telling us this is a bad idea," Roy said, trying out his jaw to make sure it was unbroken. "Let's try to get up again, despite the intense pain and the fact I may lose my teeth I still want to fuck you senseless."

Ed immediately began to thrash and managed to roll over onto his stomach and snake his way out of the oily spot. He grabbed Roy by the shoulder and heaved as Roy scrambled to follow. Roy reached up and grabbed the handle of the ice box and slowly got to his feet. He then reached down and gripped Ed's hand and between the two of them they got Ed up as well. Ed braced himself against the ice box and they both cautiously slid their feet around to make sure they had traction.

"We seem to be in the clear," Ed panted. He grinned up at Roy, ponytail askew, ripped clothing gaping open and Roy grabbed his chin and attempted to suffocate him by trying to get his mouth over Ed's entire face. There was much sucking and artless pawing for a few moments. Roy grabbed another handful of what was passing as Ed's jeans and ripped it free, dropping it to the floor. This left the entire expanse of Ed's lower stomach bare and the tantalizing evidence that Ed was a natural blond trailing down into what little bit of fabric was left that was preserving his modesty. Ed's own erection was threatening to overcome that.

"Alright," Roy said, trying to sound steady and not quite managing it, "the rest of this needs to come off. I think we should move to the bedroom so I can finally get a good look at what you've been hiding all these years."

"I didn't try to hide it, you just never came around to look when I was being slutty," Ed growled. Then they both grabbed each other and took a cautious step away from the icebox. Slowly, still clinging, they made their way toward the kitchen door. Roy stopped and stretched hard and Ed held onto his arm like a pair trying to rescue a bottle from a pond of frozen ice. Roy managed to snag the cooking oil bottle and preserve what little was left in it, and he hugged it to his chest as they gingerly picked their way to the hall. They picked up speed going down the hall to Roy's bedroom and when they made it in Roy gave Ed a really hard shove at the bed and Ed went down face first. Roy pounced him, ground against his upturned and mostly revealed ass. Ed tried to spit out Roy's comforter and braced his hands on the bed and pushed up, though not with a lot of force as the bed sank under his palms.

Roy tried to keep him pinned and get the bottle of oil on the bedside table without spilling it and Ed growled like a cornered animal and tried to buck Roy off. Roy pushed down on the back of Ed's head with his free hand and Ed slammed his automail shin into the side of Roy's leg. Predictably, Ed won and Roy hopped back hissing, but managing to keep hold of the bottle and not drop it.

Ed flipped over then, bared his teeth and Roy snorted and squared his shoulders, slammed the bottle down on the bedside table and dove on. The bed groaned mightily beneath them and Ed squinted his eyes closed and slapped at Roy with both hands then they started to grapple in earnest. Roy was trying to grab Ed's hands and Ed was playing keep away and in frustration Roy just planted his hands to either side of Ed and started to grind. Ed, not to be outdone, reached around and grabbed Roy's ass and tried to arch up to grind back harder and all the friction going on finally wore away the thin layer of fabric over Ed's crotch. At first this felt really, really first.

"HOLY FUCK WAIT UP," Ed shrieked, "you're giving me rug burn in a place no man should ever have rug burn, FUCK, GET UP," and Ed released Roy's ass to plant his hands on Roy's chest and shove.

"OK, OK," Roy snarled back just before he almost went backwards off the bed. He managed to catch himself and sit up on his knees and began to frantically work at his belt and the front of his pants. Ed reached up to help, i(but not really)/i, and grabbed Roy's belt and gave a yank. Roy crashed back down on top of him and the Ed's chin dug right into the pit of his throat. Then Roy had to roll off to gag and Ed sat up beside him, got on his knees and hung over him, fretting and wringing his hands.

When Roy could speak again, he gave Ed a twist of his lip and a flare of his nostrils.

"This is going to kill me, but by god I'm going to die a happy man," he croaked, then pushed himself up and pushed Ed back down and Ed flopped back on the bed and spread himself out like a blanket.

"Do it before something else happens!" Ed encouraged. When he spread his arms the seams in the shoulders of the transmuted duster gave loud ripping sounds.

Roy nodded and then managed to get his pants undone and shoved them, and his boxers to his knees. He then noticed Ed still had on the knee high black boots he'd made mostly from Roy's trench coat. These seemed to be made of sterner stuff. Roy tugged and tugged but they refused to rip at his demand. Ed lifted his head and looked down at Roy, lifted a leg helpfully, but it was a no-go. Roy snarled and finally gave up, settled for ripping the last remnants of the clothing Ed still had on off and sat back up to look down at him.

Ed, naked on his bed, save for a ripped black duster on his back and a pair of knee high, leather biker boots.

"You know, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this scenario, not even once," Roy said in a dazed way.

"So, you use to think about having sex with me?" Ed asked pushing up on his elbows.

"Of course I did, you threw yourself at me those years ago, how could you think I didn't?" Roy said, putting his hands on his naked hips. "Just because I was acting in your best interest doesn't mean I don't have a fertile imagination."

"Ok, well," Ed said shifting a bit, "was I hotter in your head then than I am right now?"

"No, I think that right at this moment, you are probably the hottest thing on the planet," Roy said. "As usual Ed you're above and beyond. I stand constantly amazed at your achievements."

Ed grinned then and flopped back, threw his arms over his head and stretched. He lifted a foot and kicked Roy lightly in the side.

"So what are you waiting for then?" He asked, balling up the comforter in his fists. "I want the legendary Roy Mustang to make me scream his name so loud the house shakes on its very foundations."

"So," Roy said, "no pressure then?" He cracked his knuckles and reached for the bottle of oil on the bedside table.

Ed threw both his legs in the air and Roy admired the boots, even if they were transmuted from his own trench coat.

"So you replicated your boots from before," he said casually as he oiled up his fingers. "They are a bitch, how do you get them on at home?"

"I transmute them, duh," Ed said with an eye roll. "How do you think I could replicate them so well?"

Roy moved his shoulder under one of Ed's legs and reached between them to skate his fingers under Ed's balls and up the cleft of his ass. Ed sucked in a breath and Roy leaned forward, forcing Ed to bend his knee over Roy's shoulder. Roy found what he was looking for, began to press and rub and Ed let go of the breath he was holding and did this amazing thing with his stomach muscles.

"That is amazing," Roy commented, working slowly to get Ed relaxed and ready, "how do you do that? I don't think I could do that," and he looked down at himself. "I mean I can suck it in and out, but you just like rolled it all the way down, that is some tight control."

"'s just...sit ups," Ed groaned, turning his head slowly back and forth. "I do sit ups, yeah, ok," he swallowed.

While Roy was looking down, he took the time to take in the competition. He was a bit envious that Ed's pubes where both blond and curled, where as his own where very straight and matched the hair on his head. He scooted a little closer, forcing Ed into more of a bend and Ed's breathing hitched up a bit and he flexed his chest.

"You know, I'm starting to feel like the pale, skinny guy on the beach here," Roy said.

"Uh huh," Ed said distractedly. He kept clenching and unclenching the comforter in his hands.

" I living up to your sort of imagined expectations?" Roy asked, reaching with his other hand to stroke through the blond curls he was jealous of and drag his fingertips along Ed's cock.

"Pretty much, except without all the chit-chat," Ed said in a kind of strained way and then he groaned and trembled. It was obvious he wanted to arch to the touch on his cock, but not pull away from the fingers currently inside him.

"Is the chit-chat some sort of detractor from how you imagined me making love to you in your fantasies?" Roy continued, running his fingers down to Ed's balls and then back up again.

"Not when you do that," Ed said, voice strained and high. He gave in and arched then and Roy followed him with his hand, wrapping his fingers around Ed's cock.

"Well that's good to know, but really it's a technique to get you to relax. But you seem to be doing that pretty well on your own. I suppose I ishould/i know you're no stranger to this, but well, I feel like I should treat you as brand new because this is brand new between us," Roy said.

"I wish I hadn't fucking told you to make me scream," Ed said, panting, "because it made you nervous and now you're stalling...oh fuck Roy, fuckfuck..." and he trailed off as Roy began to stroke his cock to shush him.

It only he wasn't so fucking perceptive, he wasn't quite Al, but he could get close!

"Maybe I am a little nervous," Roy grudgingly admitted. "But I also want the chance to feel you up and watch you work up a sweat. I want to see you want me. Maybe I want to see you ache for me. Maybe I want to savor the fact that someone like you could still carry a torch for someone like me all these years."

Ed was panting lightly, his cock throbbed against Roy's palm, he tightened and relaxed around Roy's fingers. He pulled hard at Roy's comforter.

"Best thing, other than getting Al back, to ever happen to me," Ed stuttered out, eyes squeezed shut. "Who wouldn't...want you?" And Ed tilted his head back and gave a low throaty sound. But it was more his words than anything else that had happened up until that very moment that made Roy want him like he'd never wanted anything before.

He lowered Ed's leg off his shoulder, withdrew his fingers, pressed Ed's thighs open wide and moved further up between them.

"Do it, do it, do it," Ed begged in a ragged, husky whisper.

It only took a moment of guidance and a steady push forward and they were joined. They were rocking against each other. He was iinside/i Edward. He was predator and the prey, he was gone.

"FUCK," Ed started off with, loud and gravely, "FUCKING HELL," he continued and yanked the comforter down, over his head and eyes, he gritted his teeth and bent his knees up. And those sleek, black, unbearably sexy leather boots rubbed against Roy's sides. Roy leaned forward, adding pressure and weight, giving himself a better angle for momentum, lengthening his strokes. It was precise ecstasy, it was exacting pleasure and he wanted to give Ed all the experience and expertise he could bring to the table.

He really wanted Ed to scream his name.

The younger man bucked beneath him, sobbing in air and perspiring out his lust. He gave Roy a beautiful display of the musculature of the male form, for every one of his was corded and tense and on display. His Adam's apple bobbed and he kept his eyes hidden under the edge of Roy's comforter. Roy raised the sakes by once again reaching between their undulating bodies and gripping Ed's cock and Ed opened his mouth and made a pained inarticulate sound and his stomach jerked hard. He threw his head to the side and railroaded his breathing.

Ed was holding out, Ed was trying not to come.

And suddenly Roy was 25 again and he was a magnificent lover and he knew what it took to make the other person cry out his name and ask for mercy from a bemused god.

"Are you close? Are you close?" Ed asked desperately. "Fuck you, answer me, oh fuckFUCK..."

"I might be," Roy answered him on a low, silky note. In all honesty, just watching Ed succumb to his lovemaking was enough, all he needed, never wanting for more. "I think it depends on something you said you were going to do for me," Roy purred.

"You fucking BASTARD," Ed sobbed and groaned. "You're a bastard, you're a bastard," he panted as his tried to spread himself wider, as he tried very hard to give Roy total dominion.

Roy leaned in hard then, got as close to Ed's face as he could.

"I'm yours," Roy whispered against his jaw.

"ROY!" Ed shrieked and released all over him.

Roy followed him over the brink without another word.

Ed grinned as Roy licked him behind the ear, nosed down the side of his neck. He was all twisted up in the comforter and the remains of a duster but he had managed to get one boot off before Roy drew him back down and molded him against his body.

"We are going to have to figure out this commute to our satisfaction," Roy murmured against Ed's temple. "You don't think for one minute I'm going to only have ithat/i on the weekends, do you?"

"Yeah, fuck, we have to make a schedule," Ed said, shoving a leg between Roy's legs and wrapping an arm over Roy's waist. "I don't want to leave my job, and you won't leave your stupid General's office, I know."

"It's not stupid," Roy retaliated, "it pays your bills."

"That's another thing, if I'm working for the military by contract, then I guess we need to keep up sort of hush-hush appearances. I mean, I don't want you accused of favoritism," Ed nuzzled against Roy's lips and Roy ran a hand the length of his back.

"Are you kidding me? Everyone I know is going to know just what a stud I am by having a lover who is fourteen years younger than me," Roy grinned as Ed snorted. "It's not a worry, I am not in charge of granting any military contracts, that's Hassler's department."

They lay there for a bit then, quite, basking in afterglow and each other. Roy had freed Ed's ponytail, i(it had mostly escaped it's rubber band corral ages ago)/i, and was idly fingering his hair. Letting it drip through the cracks between his fingers.

"I remember when I never thought I'd get this far," Ed said, drowsy and content. "And what do I have to show for it? A motorcycle, a job and a bastard," he smiled against Roy's collar bone.

"Two out of three isn't bad," Roy said, sounding amused.

"Give up on the fucking car already," Ed growled. "You know what else? I have a life. I think that's the most important thing, I have a life and I get to share it with the guy who gave it to me. I get to actually have one," Ed's voice dropped off into a murmur and Roy kissed his head again.

"I didn't give you a life," Roy said softly, "I just showed you want to do with it. You just needed a push, ok, a really hard shove to get you started."

Ed shrugged, nodded, and pressed closer.

"If you really wanted to keep sharing it with me," Roy continued, "I think you'd at least iconsider/i a car."

"I wish you'd shoved me in ifront/i of a car when you had the chance, would have taken care of this whole mess," Ed growled.

"Oh Edward, Edward, Edward," Roy sighed, patting his back. "Back then I'm not sure we'd been doing the car any favors."

"You're an unmitigated bastard, do you know that?" Ed asked frankly from the area of Roy's chest.

"Truth hurts." Roy sighed again and gave Ed one last pat.