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The Shot Heard Around the World

"One Shot"

One shot. Thats all it would take to end it all. To end everything. What am I waiting for? Just pull the fucking trigger and be done with it already.

Shego blinked as sweat and dew from the leaves dripped down her face and into her eyes. She shifted the gun against her shoulder as she peered down the scope at her unsuspecting target. The smell of freshly cut lawns and blooming roses surrounded her as she lay hidden in the tall oak tree.

The air in the park was crisp and cool as the sun continued to rise into the early morning air. The early morning joggers were taking advantage of the chilled air and the uncrowded running paths, trying to get their exercises done before the park was filled with the city's patrons.

One of these early morning joggers was unknowingly being followed by the scope of sniper rifle.

Pull the trigger, ditch the gun, and go home. Pull the trigger, ditch the gun, and go home. Pull the trigger, ditch the gun, and go home. Pull the trigger, ditch the gun, and go home.

Shego continued her mental mantra as she followed the ignorant runner. Her heart felt like it was going to beat through her chest at any minute. Her palms were sweaty and slightly trembling in her gloves as her finger rested on the trigger. Her back was starting to feel stiff from laying in one position for the last hour. Her vision was clear and sharp as she zoomed in on her target, the cross-hairs resting over the jogger's bobbing head.

It's just one shot. You knew one day you would have to get your hands a little bloody, and you knew that it would come to this one day. You knew that some day the price on her head would get too big and you knew you would be the one to collect. So why delay the inevitable? Do it. Now.

As she slowly tightened her finger over the trigger, her target suddenly stopped and looked around. Shego felt her finger freeze as her vision through the scope was suddenly filled with curious olive green eyes.

Shit, she knows! Abort! Abort-

And as suddenly as those eyes filled her vision, they left as the jogger looked behind her and waved in the general direction. An elderly couple walking taking a stroll through the park waved back as they approached the jogger. The jogger waved again to the couple, beaming them a smile that made Shego's heart clench and her stomach tighten, and continued her jog. Shego felt a mixture of relief, disappointment, and a deep cold feeling in her chest when she realized that her target was still blissfully unaware of what was happening. She took a deep shuddering breath.

It's just one shot, Shego. Just one shot. She wont even feel it if you do it right. Hell, it'll probably be over so quick that she wont realize what just happened. So finish the job. Now. Before someone else does.

Shego's jaw clenched as she watched her target stop by a water fountain to grab a quick drink. Shego closed her eyes, and prepared herself for what was to come. She reflected on her history with her target, how they met, how they fought, how she watched as the hero slowly changed the world as she brought peace and justice to the world, and how she herself slowly began to realize how that there was no way that a hero like her would avoid the fate that fell upon all those that attempted to revolutionize the world. She remembered the day when the contract hit was offered to all the villains of the world and she knew what she had to do.


To: Drew Lipsky

From: Mr. X

The world as we know it is changing. The world was once a place where one man could challenge the world and bring it down to his knees. Napoleon, Caesar, Alexander, Genghis Khan; all these men were able to fully realize their destinies and mark their place in history.Nowadays, a man can't even hold a small assembly without licenses, permissions, and with Global Justice breathing down your neck. It's time to restore the natural order of the world. It's time to make the people realize that peace and justice is just an illusion.I will not reveal who I am as I am not ready to make my presence known, but know that I am a man who wishes to mark his name in the history books. For me, you, and every other villain in the world to do this, we need to clear away the road blocks. And the first road block that needs to be removed is a certain red headed hero: Possible. I am offering the person who is able to assassinate Kim Possible $5 billion. Not capture, trap, convert, control, or transform. Kill. I want to know that I will never have to even think of Kim Possible again. Know this: the same offer has been made to every villain I've been able to get in contact with. The clock is ticking. I await good news.

Draken and Shego stood there speechless before the large computer monitor, still trying to comprehend the offer. In Shego's mind, she was quickly putting together what would soon happen, or more likely, was happening right now. Every crook on the planet, from the petty pick pockets to the would-be world conquerers, would be scrambling to Middletown right this moment to take their shot at Kim. And this time there would be no elaborate plot. There would be no hostages, death traps, or long winded speeches. When that much money was on the table, fighting the teen hero would stop being about trying to prove a point or satisfying an ego: it would be cold-blooded business.

"Heh, heh...". Shego snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Draken, wondering if she was hearing things.

"Heh,heh...haha...HAHAHAH!!" Draken threw his head back and laughed a laugh that Shego wasn't use to hearing from the blue skinned scientist. It sounded not maniacal, but almost insane.

"I never would have thought I would even consider the straight forward method," Draken said once his laughter died down, but that insane look stayed on his face. Shego tried to put an annoyed scowl on her face, but something about the look in Draken's eyes spooked her.

"Just simply killing off Kim Possible without setting her up so she realizes that she has been bested sounds so... uncivilized. Yet for $5 billion...imagine the possibilities."

Shego's gut began to twist. She knew what was coming.

For the last couple months, as Kim's name in the hero world grew larger and larger, Shego considered that maybe one day Kim's name would be to big for the world of villains to leave alone. That maybe someday Kim would stop facing off against the insane scientists and the crazy wanna-be super villains, and she would have to deal with a serious, cold hearted killer. It was only recently that Shego stopped thinking it was a possibility, but a certainty when the teen hero graduated and was announced to the world as a special agent for G.J. Had Kim remained as a hero working solely off of requests from her website, Shego knew the big guns would ignore her as just a nuisance. But combine her with the ever watchful eye of Global Justice, now there was a force that would deal some serious damage.

As Shego had sat in front of the television as Kim Possible, dressed in the blue military uniform of a special agent, marched up the grand stage to except her coronation as a champion of justice, Shego excepted her fate as well.

She knew Kim's time was running out, and she knew she had to prepare herself. Shego had to admit that despite that she detested what Kim fought for, she respected and honored her as a fellow warrior and as a rival. It was only during the times when they were in battle when Shego forgot that she was a villain and Kim was a hero, that she felt the most alive and invigorated. They brought out the best in each other, and had life gone a little different for Shego, she knew that the two of them would have eventually met up and found a kindred spirit in each other.

But that's not how things went. They were kindred spirits, yet they were polar opposites. And Shego knew that Kim wouldn't be around much longer. It was then, right there in front of the television, sitting down on a leather couch in her apartment wearing nothing but her bra and panties, that Shego excepted what would needed to be done with startling ease. There was no denial, or thoughts of warning Kim. There was no imagininng what it would be like taking a life for the first time. Just a grim acceptance that should the time come for Kim's end, she would be the one to do it. At least if it were by her hand, she would assure her death was quick and painless and without any collateral damage. And it would give her a chance to mentally and emotionally say farewell to possibly the only person on this planet who could connect with her on any level.

So it was no surprise to Shego when Draken turned his insane eyes to Shego and gave her the order she knew she would one day get. There was no complex plan, there was no long speech, Draken simply turned to her with an insane grin and said : "Take care of her Shego. Do whatever needs to be done to get the job done, I want her dead by tomorrow." Draken turned away and began walking towards his lab, muttering about what he could do with so much money.

Shego didn't even think about telling Draken she didn't kill, or the she needed a pay raise. She just kept thinking in her head that the day had come. Kim Possible was going to die.

End flashback

When Shego contemplated how she would do the deed, she first considered giving Kim a chance to fight for her life. Challenging Kim to a fight to the death, something that Shego felt would do both of them justice. Yet Shego could just imagine Kim standing across from her, with her arms folded across her chest with that stuborn look on her face.

"I refuse. There's no way I could ever kill you Shego."

And there was no way Shego could have ended the life of the teen hero with her standing right in front of her. So what better way than the cowards way. Take Kim out without her ever knowing it was Shego who ended her life. Shego was filled with revulsion and loathing for herself when she first picked up the rifle, since all her life she viewed people who resorted to using these things as the scum of the earth. Yet as she considered how she would feel if she let someone other than herself finish off Kim, she steeled her nerves and burried that voice in the back of her mind that was screaming at her that everything about this situation was wrong.

And so as Kim Possible, the savior of the world and champion for all that is good, turned towards the sun and stretched out her legs with a smile on her face, Shego, the once hero of Go City and soon to be murderer, aimed the sniper rifle with now steady hands. As Shego took a breath to steady her aim, images of Kim passed through her mind. Kim fighting with Shego, Kim with that annoyed look on her face when she gets captured, Kim grinning victoriously as Shego is hauled away by the police, and Kim giving Shego a small smile as the two drop into their stances. Shego slowly let her breath out as she squeezed the trigger, trying her hardest to ignore the foreign feeling of her insides starting to grow cold and her heart starting to break, and trying to ignore the tears that were starting to blur her vision.

This is the way its gotta be. No hard feelings Kim, but we both chose our roles in life. Your the hero and I'm the villain, right? So no hard feelings pumpkin.

Good bye princ-...Kim. It's been fun.

Nobody in the park heard the sound of the silenced rifle firing off a shot. Nobody heard the sound of a body falling limply to the ground. Nobody heard the sounds of Shego's world shattering as she sprinted out of the park and into a world where she knew there was no Kim Possible.

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chapter 2: Shego reflects on the night she spent in the hotel before she set off for the park where she knew she would find Kim and what the death of the young hero means to the world...and to her.