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The Shot Heard Around the World

"Interlude: The Rise of Tyson, Part 3"

June 12 20XX

Tyson watched sadly as Ron loaded the last of his suitcases into his car, a tense look on the blond's face as he slammed the trunk close.

The young five year old boy glanced up at the woman whose hand he was holding, silently asking why she looked so sad and why his daddy was leaving.

Kim looked down at her confused son, her olive green eyes wet with unshed tears. She forced a smile on her face as she bent down and picked the young boy up.

"Where's daddy going?" Tyson asked in a small voice. He didn't understand what was happening, but something was telling him his father wasn't coming back anytime soon.

Kim glanced at Ron's back, who had heard Tyson's question and had frozen, a painful expression flashing across his face before he turned around to stare at them.

"Daddy and mommy just need some time apart, baby," Kim said quietly, her sad eyes still trained on Ron. Ron winced and turned his head away, fidgeting uncomfortably .

"But why?" Tyson asked innocently, wide jade green eyes blinking up at Kim. Kim's forced smile faltered for a second.

The older redhead bent down, placed a small kiss on the young five year old's forehead.

"I'll explain when you're older," Kim whispered against his soft skin. "Now go on and say goodbye to daddy."

Tyson was confused even more as Kim gently placed her hand on his back and softly pushed him towards Ron.

The young boy walked up to the depressed looking blond, and before he could say anything, Ron bent down and engulfed the young redhead in a massive bear hug.

"Everything's going to be alright," Ron murmured against Tyson's hair, not knowing if he was reassuring himself or his son. "Mommy and daddy still love you."

Tyson tentatively hugged Ron back, still not knowing what was happening.

"But why are you leaving then?" Tyson asked, leaning back to stare up into Ron's teary eyes.

Ron glanced over at Kim, who had a few tear streaks down her face as she watched them. Ron forced a smile on his face and stared down at Tyson.

"Mommy…mommy and daddy just think that…that," Ron took a deep breath and stared over at Kim, a tear sliding down his face. "Daddy wants your mommy to be as happy as possible, Ty. And for that to happen, I can't stay."

Kim flinched and turned away, not able to stare into Ron's pain filled gaze.

"But I don't want you to leave," Tyson whined , gripping Ron's shirt.

A real smile crossed Ron's face as he hugged Tyson tightly.

"I'm not going very far, Ty, I'll be in the area," Ron let Tyson go and ruffled his hair. "We'll still hang out and do the things that we always do. In fact, why don't we go and play some baseball tomorrow, just me and you."

Tyson grinned happily and glanced back to get confirmation from his mom. Kim gave him a small smile and nodded.

Tyson grinned up at Ron and nodded happily. Ron chuckled and kissed his forehead again before standing up.

"Go on inside, Tyson. Mommy and daddy need to talk for a little bit," Ron said quietly, staring at Kim, whose smile had disappeared and was replaced with that sad look again.

Tyson frowned but nodded, walking into the house, whining in protest when Kim ruffled his hair when he passed her.

After walking inside, the young boy immediately found a window to spy on his parents from.

Ron shoved his hands in his pockets as Kim quietly walked up to him, her arms crossed tightly around her chest as she stared at the ground.

"I'm surprised Shego wasn't here for this," Ron murmured, bitterness laced in his voice.

Kim winced before sighing, glancing up to meet Ron's eyes, her eyes still a little wet.

"This is just between me and you. Shego has no reason to be here," Kim quietly answered, rubbing her arms as if chilled.

An uncomfortable silence settled over them.

Two years.

It had taken two years of indecision and denial for Kim to finally get to this point.

After that first kiss Kim had shared with Shego that literally tilted her world sideways, it was only a matter of time before her and Ron would go their separate ways.

Kim had tried her hardest to save her marriage. After Shego had kissed her for the first time, she had pushed the thief off of her and ran away like there was an axe murderer behind her. The emotions and feelings that had emerged from such a simple action had scared Kim like nothing else.

After that fateful day, Shego dropped off the map. Whenever the hero was called in to deal with Drakken, Shego was noticeably absent. Kim didn't question it and didn't ask around for the plasma wielding woman.

As far as she was concerned, it was for the best that she never saw the older woman again. So for the following year, Shego was none existent in Kim Possible's world.

But that kiss that Shego had planted on her haunted her dreams for months on end.

Till a year later when out of the blue, Shego returned in the most unlikeliest of ways.

It was all over the news how Shego struck a deal with Global Justice to pardon her for her past crimes in return for her services.

It was reported everywhere how the former villain had returned all her stolen property and ill gotten fortunes for nothing but forgiveness.

It was talked about everywhere how Shego used her knowledge of the underworld to bring down some of the most notorious of villains which had eluded authorities for years.

It was speculated by the media about what caused this 180 degree in someone who was once considered the most dangerous woman on the planet.

Despite not having heard a word from Shego, Kim knew.

She knew deep in her gut what Shego was trying to do. Or at least she thought she knew.

For the next several months, Kim tried her hardest to ignore the implications of Shego's actions and instead focus on the man who was trying his hardest to make her happy and her son who she desperately wanted to raise in a proper family.

And yet...

She couldn't help but take that step beyond simple attraction and lust to falling head over heels for the former notorious villain turned valiant hero.

With every act of kindness and heroism, Kim's resolve had slowly started to wear away. And the killing blow was delivered when during a routine mission in the Amazon, the redhead had ran into Shego, who was doing her own mission in the area.

And almost as if there hadn't been a year of no communication between the two warriors, they worked together flawlessly to accomplish both of their objectives, all the while bantering back and forth with an ease and comfort only found kindred spirits.

It was while waiting for their respective rides that Shego informed Kim that she had no intention on chasing after a taken woman.

That the drastic change in her lifestyle was to seek personal redemption from her demons and nothing more.

And it tore Kim's heart in half when the former thief told her that it would be for the best if they never say each other again.

That had been the straw that broke the camels back.

It was a haze to Kim how during that moment she had made the decision. That she couldn't let Shego leave and disappear from her life again. That this moment wouldn't come again.

So after anknowledging that she could no longer lie to herself, to the man who had pledged his life to her, and to the woman who stirred her heart like no other, Kim gave in.

After a heartfelt confession to Shego, after the weeks of heart wrenching debate and pleading with the reluctant woman, after a soul torturing revelation to her spouse, Kim Possible had finally arrived at a point in her life she would have never envisioned herself to be in.


And not any divorce. She was divorcing her highschool sweatheart to be in a lesbian relationship with a woman who had spent a number of years trying to hurt and maim her.

And yet, her she was.

Ron ran a hand through his hair as he glanced away from his wife.

"Sorry, I...I didn't mean it like that," he apologized, the sincerity in his voice lacking.

Kim just continued to stare regretfully at him.

"You have no reason to apologize," Kim automatically responded.

Never in a thousand years would she have imagined that she would be the person who would hurt this wonderful man like this.

It was despicable yet liberating at the same time.

Ron was silent for a moment before staring sorrowfully at the woman who he thought loved him like nothing else.

"I just don't understand Kim...how did this happen to us?" the blond ask pleadingly, wanting nothing but some kind of explanation that would relieve some of his bewilderment.

A tear slid down Kim's cheek as she looked away.

"Ron...I'm still asking myself that. The only thing I can tell you is that Shego...," Kim took a deep breath and met Ron's eyes with resolute olive ones. "When I kissed you for the first time, I felt like I was finally standing on that solid ground I've been looking for all my life."

Ron closed his eyes as he looked away. Somehow, he just knew what Kim was going to say next.

"But when I kissed Shego for the fist time...I felt like like I was being taught to fly," Kim finished, whispering at the end as tears slowly slid down her cheeks. "She turned my life upside down, Ron. And it scared the hell out of me. It...it took me a while to finally see that she actually made my entire life make sense."

"That you were a lesbian and was only with me out of convenience," Ron choked out, turning away as he brushed away his own tears.

Kim resisted the urge to hug him. She had a feeling he didn't want to be touched right now.

"No," Kim said quietly, hating hurting Ron in such a manner, but knowing he needed to hear her words. "It showed me that I was so intent on living a life based on expectations, that I never considered the alternate possibility. That I....that the only reason I fell for you in the first place, was because I knew you were the only man I could have imagined having in my life for as long as I lived."

"But not as a husband," Ron muttered, wiping away the last of his stray tears.

Kim didn't answer the rhetorical question, just tightening her arms around herself.

Ron didn't look at the redhead. The sight of her caused too many painful feelings emerge. Instead, he walked over to the driver's side of his car.

"Tell Tyson I'll pick him up from school to take him to the park," Ron informed quietly before getting in his car and pulling out of the driveway.

Inside the house, the young five year old watched helplessly as his mother watched his father drive away with wet eyes, wondering why his parents, who both always had smiles on their faces, looked like they both had just lost something they loved very much.

"Tyson," the computer generated voice of the ship toned out out, jerking the redhead out of his daydream.

"What is it Seraph?" Tyson asked from his sitting position on the large windowsill in his bedroom, wearing nothing but a loose pair of black sweatpants.

"Grim has been teleported to Earth as per your instructions. I also thought I should report that several minutes after Grim left, Jacques teleported to Earth also," the computer droned out.

Tyson grinned to himself, his eyes trained on the glowing blue planet floating in space.

"I expected something like this to happen. Jacques was always too impatient for his own good."

Tyson stood up and stretched out, his rippling muscles bulging.

With a satisfied sigh, the redhead padded towards the door of his bedroom.

"Use the surveillance systems to keep track of those two. Keep me updated," Tyson ordered as the medal door to his room hissed open.

"Tyson, I should also report that it seems that the H.R.V. probe that was planted in Go Tower has been deactivated. Based on radio communications, it seems it was Kim Possible who was able to infiltrate the facility and deactivate it."

Tyson paused as he was stepping out, a surprised look on his face.

"Really now?" he murmured. Suddenly, he broke out into loud laughter. "My, my, my. It seems that even in this world, anything is possible for a Possible."

"It was much sooner than expected, but nothing to worry about. Inform Grim and Jacques of this latest development," Tyson ordered as he stepped out of his room, the door hissing shut behind him.

Tyson glanced out one of the windows lining the hallway, his gaze on the Earth.

"You never were one to fail to rise up to a challenge," the bearded man said quietly to himself, an amused smile on his face. His face darkened considerably as he turned and began walking away.

"But I'm afraid that Grim is one challenge that not even you will be able to handle."

As he walked away, the light from the Earth casted a long shadow him, which seemed to grow more and more as he walked further into the ship.

to be continued...

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