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Chapter 1: The Mission

In a small room a blond haired hokage named Tsunade talks to Sakura, a pink haired konouchi wearing a red dress with black shorts under her dress, Naruto, a blond, spiky haired boy wearing a orange jacket and orange pants, and Sasuke, a black haired boy that has his hair sticking up at the back of his head, he wears a blue shirt with a wide turtle neck, and white shorts.

"Team 7, today you will go to the Land of Beasts," began Tsunade, "you will go their to help an owner get its animal back."

"NANI!!" yelled Naruto, " what kind of mission is this baa-chan! Were not babies, we might as well just stay in the village babysitting!"

"Naruto's right, there's no point in leaving the village if-," said Sakura, but was interrupted.

"Who said anything about it being a C rank mission, this is an A rank mission," said Tsunade smirking.

"You mean,"said Team 7 in unison.

"Yes, and you all should go before I give the mission to someone else."

"Hai!" they all said and left at once.

"Tsunade, did you really send them to do an A rank mission," asked a white haired man standing outside the window.

"Of course not Kakashi, I just did it so Naruto would shut up."

Kakashi silently giggled.


"This is going to be the greatest mission ever!" yelled Naruto, as he continued jumping tree to tree, " I mean for once baa-chan actually let us go on an A-rank mission without Kakashi-sensei!"

"Sasuke, shouldn't we tell him that lady Tsunade lied?" asked Sakura

"No, unless you want to go back and hear Naruto argue with Tsunade," answered Sasuke.

"Your right," sighed Sakura.

Team 7 continued heading towards the land of beast to continue their C-rank mission. After two hours of non-stop traveling they finally arrived, sort of.

"NA...RU...TO...you...are...so...DEAD!!!!"yelled Sakura, taking as much oxygen as possible.

"Hehe sorry Sakura,"apologized Naruto, while rubbing the back of his head, "I guess I got so excited about the mission, that I couldn't hear you yelling at me."

"Yeah right,"grumbled Sakura to herself.


"Naruto can we stop to rest?" asked an exhausted Sakura. Naruto kept jumping through the forest mumbling to himself about the mission.






"Sakura, can you stop yelling!"complained Sasuke, "your going to break my ears!"

"Sorry Sasuke, but aren't tired from non-stop traveling for a whole hour"


"Aww, c'mon you know your tired, just admit it."


-end of flashback-

Sasuke sighed. "Can you two just stop arguing for one second. We still need to walk to the gate, than we can REST," said an annoyed Sasuke, looking at Sakura after he said rest.

"Oh all right," said the other two ninjas, and followed Sasuke to the gate.

After five minutes of traveling, they finally arrived at the gate. At the gate there was two people, one was standing and the other was sitting on the ground. One was a boy, who was standing, had bleached white, short hair that spikes at the front. He was wearing a red shirt with a black unzipped hooded jacket, blue baggy jeans, and black and white DC shoes. To his right there was a girl sitting down with long, dirty blonde hair wearing a beanie. She was wearing a sky blue shirt, dark blue denim miniskirt, and a white DC shoes. They both looked like they were the same age as team 7, twelve years old.

"Are you guys the Konoha ninja we hired to find our lost pets?" asked the girl, standing up.

"We sure are!" yelled Naruto, making a huge smile on his face, "were ready for this awesome, super, duper A-rank MISSION!"

"An A-rank... mission?"asked a confused girl, "but we assigned this mission as a C-rank mission."

"What, but granny Tsunade said it was an A-rank mission?!" said Naruto, starting to worry.

"BAKA! Don't you know anything, lady Tsunade lied to you so you can shut up ans leave her office already!"yelled Sakura, punching Naruto in the head.

"You are such a loser," said Sasuke.

After settling down from Naruto's stupidity, they were ready to talk with any interruptions.

"Anyway what are your names?" asked the boy.

"Well I'm Sakura Haruno"

"Sasuke Uchiha"


"Knucklehead," said Sasuke quietly

"KNUCKLEHEAD NINJA NARUTO UZUMAKI!" yelled Naruto with pride and ending it with a giant grin on his face.

Everyone started laughing, while Sasuke smirked at his own joke. Naruto just stood there wondering why they were laughing.

"What're your names?" asked Sakura curiously

"Well I'm–," began the girl.

"SASUKE! YOUR GONNA PAY FOR PLAYING THAT TRICK ON ME!" yelled an angry Naruto, who finally figured out why everyone was laughing thirty seconds ago.

"Naruto SHUT UP,"yelled Sakura punching Naruto on the head.

"Ok, ok, geez Sakura you didn't have to hit me."

"Sorry for the sudden RUDE interuption," apologized Sakura, "please continue."

"I'm Hiruka Toyotoma," said the girl.

"And I'm Koji Yorimoto," said the boy. "And you don't have to be formal with us were the same age probably, were twelve."

"Ok, sorry but usually we get older clients," said Sakura, "and your right we are the same age."

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