BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. Went the DVD alarm. Naruto was asleep on the couch, almost falling off. Koji slept on the table hugging a flower vase. Sasuke on the other hand, was asleep kneeling with his head resting on a chair. The alarm rang even louder, and Naruto groaned. Each time the alarm rang, Naruto's groaned matched it.

"Koji, turn it off," mumbled Naruto, kicking the air missing Koji with each kick. He kept kicking, until he kicked something soft and squishy. He kicked again, and he felt the same squishy feeling. Naruto kept kicking it, than began laughing. After several minutes, Naruto heard laughter. He turned around, leaving his foot on the squishy thing.

What Naruto saw turned his entire face RED! His foot was, the thing he was kicking was....should I even say. It was Hinata's RAMEN SUIT! Naruto ran up to the large ramen and hugging it, not realizing that Hinata's face was stinking out of a head hole.

"Oh, my ramen! My beautiful ramen!" yelled Naruto, kissing the ramen.

'Uh, um N-Naruto," began Hinata, "would y-you like t-to go.... OUT WITH ME!" Hinata turned bright red, her face began to glow, it was spreading fast. But she was able to keep herself from fainting.

"Oh MY GOD!" yelled Sakura and Hiruka in unison.

"Did she just?" said Hiruka.

"Uh-huh," nodded Sakura.

"What," whispered Hiruka to Sakura, "That wasn't part of the plan!"

Sasuke woke up. He began to stand up. Then his back cracked. Everyone stared at him. Silence.

"What, you try sleeping on a chair," said Sasuke. Every nodded in agreement, then all eyes were on Naruto.

"Well Naruto," said Sakura, "What's your answer?" Naruto began to mumbled some words still hugging the ramen. He buried his face in the ramen, yelling something.

"WHAT! We can't hear you!" yelled Hiruka, "talk louder! Wow I never thought I'd say that."

Naruto removed his face from the RAMEN suit "OK! YES I WILL GO OUT WITH YOU RAMEN!"

"Hooray!" yelled the two girls as they jumped for joy. "The plan worked!" Hinata sighed in relief. Her face began to turn back to normal color. She smiled happily.

"Hmph," grinned Sasuke, he walked towards the kitchen to start making breakfast. Pots and pans bang and clang against each other, while Sasuke was looking for the right pan. Than the refrigerator door opened than closed with a bang.

"Better be careful with that door!" yelled Hiruka. Sasuke didn't respond, he has busy making putting bacon on one pan, and cracking eggs for another pan. Koji woke up groaning. His back was hurting.

"I'm gonna get ready," he said as he walked to his room, with one hand supporting his back.

"So Naruto, where're you going on your date?" asked Sakura.

Naruto sighed happily, "First we'll go to the Ramen shop, then to Ramenland!. Oh, Yuki sensei would love seeing this giant ramen!"

"WHAT!" screamed the girls in unison. Hinata suddenly felt like fainting, which she did.

Then they heard Sasuke scream from the kitchen. Sakura ran to the kitchen. The man with the bacon was on the floor, as well as the pan of eggs. But the food was no where to be found, and Sasuke where is he.

"Sasuke, are you here," whispered Sakura. She walked closer to the oven, she saw Sasuke's feet. When she finally go to the oven, she burst out laughing. The missing eggs and bacon were found. The eggs were covering Sasuke's eyes, the bacon landed on Sasuke's mouth.

"You look like a clown, " laughed Sakura, "but why are you frowning?

Sakura went over to Sasuke's face and flipped the bacon. Now Sasuke's clown face was smiling.

"Aww, that's better," joked Sakura.

Sasuke picked up the eggs and bacon from his eye and mouths, and quickly placed it on Sakura. Except the bacon was turned, to make her look like she is frowning.

"Aww, what's wrong," mimicked Sasuke. Then stood up, picking up the pot and pan. As he was placing them in the sink, he felt something wet on his back. He touched it, and looked at it. It was yellow. Sasuke turned to look at Sakura, she was acting innocent. Sasuke pretended to be washing the pots. Once one of the pot was filled with water, he slashed Sakura with all the water in the pot. Soon enough they were having a water fight.

Now let's head back to Naruto.

"Yuki sensei?" said Hiruka, "Yuki sensei? You have got to be kidding me."

"No, I'm not kidding," answered Naruto, "c'mon ramen, you'll be a great present for Yuki sensei!"

Naruto grabbed the giant Ramen, a.k.a Hinata, and place it on the couch.

"Naruto, you do know that's Hinata, in that ramen," explained Hiruka, pointing towards Hinata's head.

"What are you—," began Naruto, he look down at the ramen, and saw Hinata's head., "AHHHHH! Oh, no this can't be happening!"

"See! Now do you know that it was Hinata, NOT the ramen who asked you out," said Hiruka. She walk towards Hinata. She carefully took off the Ramen suit. Luckily Hinata wore her sleeping clothes underneath it.

"I don't have a gift to Yuki sensei?" yelled Naruto


The roof of the house began shaking violently. Sasuke and Sakura ran to the living room, all wet. Koji came out of his room all dressed up for school, except his hair was messed up. Then the shaking suddenly stopped.

"What's going on?" yelled Koji.

Sasuke ran to the door followed by his team. Hinata was still on the couch unconscious. But before Sasuke could open the door, the roof began to cave in.

"Sakura get Hinata!" yelled Sasuke, "Naruto..."

"I know!" yelled Naruto, grabbing Koji and Hiruka.

Sasuke grabbed the couch and threw it towards the wall, breaking a giant hole. The ninjas quickly ran out the hole just as the roof collapse. Hinata opened her eyes.

"Well, well, looks like you guys will be late for school," said a voice, laughing. Followed by a loud screeching noise.

"Who's he?" asked Hinata.

"Oh, that's right. We haven't met," said Tsuiji, "I'm Tsuiji Kaiji pleasure to meet you. And who are you?"

"None of your business!" yelled Naruto, stepping in front of Hinata.

"Huh, N-Naruto,"said Hinata, surprised.

"I can't let anything happen to you," said Naruto to Hinata, "We haven't gone out yet,"


"What! I'm not that dumb, of course I knew it was you," laughed Naruto. Hinata smiled.

"Aww, that's so sweet, not," said Tsuiji, "remember my tarantula, Raijin, his twice his size!"

The giant 4 foot spider jumped out of Koji's house, screeching. "Oh and that's not all, guys come out!"

Out of nowhere four guys came out, all from Tsuiji's gang. Behind them was a 3 foot dog, a 2ft rolly polly, a regular size crocodile, and a 4 foot bird. The gang surrounded the ninjas. Team 7 gritted their teeth knowing that its impossible to escape.

"I have a proposition for you, Sasuke!" yelled Tsuiji, "If you join our group, we'll.....hmmm....stop attacking your friends."

All eyes were on Sasuke. He was thinking, hard.

"AHHH," yelled Naruto, punching Sasuke. Naruto stood in front of him, holding his fist in front of him, panting hard. "What're you waiting for, join them!" The group of friends were shocked. This wasn't what they expected for Naruto to say. Sasuke smirked, and Naruto smiled.

"Well see you, Sasuke," Naruto wave good-bye. Sasuke walked towards Tsuiji, frowning at him. Tsuiji's gang back down, while Naruto and the gang looked down. But suddenly looked back up, Tsuiji was on the ground. Sasuke has punched Tsuiji.

"New proposition," said Sasuke, "Naruto, Sakura, and I will fight you. If we win, you leave them alone. If we lose, I come with you."

"Hmph. Fine with me," answered Tsuiji, standing up, "Daisuke, Riku your fighting with me. Kyo, you and what's her face judge. This is a one on one battle!"

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