Chapter 9 … Photos

That was amazing! Far better in fact then anything Hermione could have anticipated. Sure, things moved a bit faster then she had originally thought they would, but Severus was a fully developed man, not some fumbling seventh year. Besides, what reason did she have to tell him to slow down when her body was screaming for him to keep going faster? When she had walked out of his chambers after that incredible melding of passions he had said they still needed to talk. She was a little nervous about what he would say, but she agreed they needed to talk about what they were embarking on and she knew they would be okay in the end.

It was kind of funny though, that at the start of whatever it was they were doing now, she had tried so hard to make herself over so she could catch a look or two though in the end she managed to find someone that wanted what she always was. Of course he had noticed her initially because of all the changes so she wasn't quite ready to abandon her new look yet. Besides, even though she would never admit it to Ginny, she rather liked the sexy clothes and the way they made her feel. And she was feeling quite sexy after this evening the positively devilish aura she had surrounding her made her feel so ready to break some more rules.

These reckless thought kept her attention all the way to the moving staircase and when she climbed them she suddenly found herself running her palms against the cool marble of the banister. She couldn't believe this was the first time she had noticed how wonderful the marble felt against her skin. It felt like every nerve in her body was still on fire and everything she touched sent pleasure through her. Even the wool from her skirt, which normally scratched and itched now rubbed against her thighs in a way that made her want to push it flat against her and revel in every sensation of friction it created.

Her cheeks were hot and flushed and when the staircase shifted the wind from the movement caressed her face in a touch so sweetly reminiscent of her new lover's breath, she found herself nearly wanting to cry with the need to see him again. She then had the urge to slowly strip off her clothes and allow the sensations to run all over her body. She wanted, more than anything, for Severus to understand just what it was he did to her, just how he made her body combust with passion using just his fingers and his voice.

It was then that the proverbial light bulb went off above her mane of curls. She had a wonderful idea of what to give Severus as a little gift of appreciation and she just knew that Ginny would help. Hell she would probably want to do the same for Remus. She rushed to her rooms, and when she got there she

immediately pulled out the small spiral notebook she always kept on her nightstand for those numerous occasions when she couldn't sleep because of persistent little thoughts. She grabbed a quill and inside she quickly jotted one word. Photos. She then marked it with several happy little exclamation points and happily drifted off to sleep, still in her clothes.

The next morning she awoke with a bright smile on her face and dressed quickly, ready to set off and begin her plan with Ginny. Once found, Ginny was a little reluctant to leave her breakfast of sausage and eggs, and only after Hermione sat and began shoveling her breakfast away with urgency, did Ginny pick up her pace and finish her meal quickly. When she stood and followed Hermione to he rooms she began to let her friend's enthusiasm rub off on her, even this early on a Sunday, and by the time they arrived at her room, they were both giggling wildly and smiling.

Of course, Ginny, who was unused to having Hermione come up with such a sexy little plan, was a bit taken aback at first. Though after Hermione explained just how boudoir photos worked and how they would be so much more fun with photos that allowed them to move around constantly, the red head was quickly on board. Hermione handed Ginny a list of things she would need to get and assured her that she would be able to get everything else ready. They separated and planned to meet after lunch to put their plan into action.

Hermione and Ginny both had cameras they could use. They had received them as gifts with their Order of Merlin's and Hermione planned to use them both at the same time in order to get a couple of different angles. Ginny was in charge of getting all of their outfits together, and of course after Hermione explained what people traditionally wore in these photos she was sure Ginny would rise to the task of creating a perfect wardrobe for each of them. Hermione had gotten the film they needed as well instructions for developing the pictures correctly and looked up the spells she would need to make the light and the atmosphere just right. She wanted everything to be perfect, and she definitely wanted to have Severus drooling when he looked at them.

Lunch thankfully passed quickly, as the girls weren't sure they could contain their excitement for much longer without bursting at the seams. Hermione took a moment to explain the Ginny what she had planned and when she smiled and nodded, Ginny headed off to Hermione's private bath to have soak and get ready for the pictures, giving Hermione time to look through the clothes and make changes as she saw fit.

After both girls where clean and primped to Aphrodite like perfection they picked up their first set of clothes and slipped into them. With a wave of her wand, Hermione had her room looking like a professional photo studio, complete with sets and props. One after another the girls posed and took pictures. Each one posing provocatively and giggling with delight at what they thought Severus and Remus' faces would look like when they saw what their lovers had been up to.

Ginny had used a charm to stick the second camera to the ceiling so they could get two angles from every pose, and it wasn't long before they had used up all six rolls of film. After setting everything back to normal (lest the boys come and knock on her door when it was charmed to look like the dungeon inside) and throwing on comfortable clothes, the duo got started on setting the film to develop. It would take a couple of hours to finish so they knew they wouldn't be ready to give out until tomorrow, so Hermione and Ginny said their goodbyes for the moment and each set off in their own directions to see the men they had been pining for.

Once safely ensconced in Severus' quarters, Hermione found herself giving him the proper greeting she had been dying to bestow him since last night and she let every ounce of excitement from the day slip into the kiss she was so enthusiastically laying upon him. After a few moments of the intense snogging Severus came to his senses enough to hold the little vixen that had wrapped herself so completely around him out at arms length so he could speak.

"Hermione, as much as I would adore standing here and snogging you senseless all evening, I did say we needed to talk. We should really get that over with now. Then we can spend the remainder of the evening on more…enticing…activities." The last sentence was said with a purr so low and silky that Hermione was sure she would be scraping herself off of the floor if he continued to speak in that tone.

She knew he was right, even though it seemed just as easy to continue what they were doing and talk later; she still stepped out of his embrace and settled herself comfortably on his couch curling her legs underneath herself. She looked up at her potions master face and wondered how she couldn't have seen what an amazing man he was long before now. It seemed like everything just fell together in a matter of days, but she felt like she had known him all of her life. She knew that wasn't right though, it would take years to know a man like Severus properly, if she ever could. There were secrets in his past she wasn't sure he would ever share with her. That was okay though, because for every bad memory he had, Hermione promised she would create a new happy memory.

She realized her thoughts were drifting when she raised her eyes to find he had been staring at her for quite some time. She couldn't tell him what she was thinking, lest he mistake her concern for pity, so Hermione just smile sweetly, conjured a tea service, and gestured for him to begin.

Over all, the talk went very well, with only slight disagreements on how often they could safely see each other without raising suspicions. They talked about everything that came into their minds, from what they would say to people if they noticed how much time they spent together, to the most mundane things like what classes Hermione liked best and how they compared to the ones Severus always enjoyed the most. Before long they had chatted the entire evening away and when the large grandfather clock in Severus' chambers signaled it was ten o'clock already, Hermione reluctantly kissed him goodbye.

The photos would be finished around ten thirty and Hermione had promised Ginny that she could stay the night so they could get the albums together for Monday. They each went through the photos slowly, analyzing every possible flaw in each pose and each angle. They double checked the contrast, lighting some and darkening others. Some they tossed aside and others they slowly and reverently used sticking charms to secure them into the pages of the black leather albums they had made. The photos had come out beautifully, each girl looking absolutely ravishing in every pose and every outfit.

They had each picked six costumes and then three poses for every costume so that they would have eighteen photos to give. The first was the traditional school girl outfit, with the room transfigured to look like the potions lab for Hermione and the Defense room for Ginny. These were by far Hermione's favorite as she studied the way her skin looked against the dark mahogany of the replica of Severus' desk. She was sure it would be a long time before he could sit at that desk and not think of her after he saw the photo. The next was a replica of a thirties pin up girl, with Hermione sitting in a large martini glass filled with bubbles and most defiantly nude underneath the dense foam except for a cigarette she had resting between her fingers. In the picture the smoke curled around her face and lent her an air of mystery that she though was very compelling.

Ginny's favorite photo was the pin up imitation in which she had dressed as little red riding hood. She was sure Remus would adore the innocent look she had perfected. It seemed to beg the big bad wolf to come out and lead her away from grandma's house. The next series was sunny beach photos, taken with them splashing in a replica of the great lake, and then was the classy black and white photos taken on Hermione's bed. It had taken a ridiculous amount of rose petals to make them look like they had fallen in all the right places coincidently. It was a beautiful effect, but definitely the biggest pain in the arse out of everything.

The last two had been the most fun to take and pose for, but for some reason they weren't as sexy as the others, though both girls did feel that they captured the enjoyment they got out of posing for the naughty photos the best. The second to last was each girl in scantily clad nightclothes having a pillow fight with someone just out of the frame of the picture. It was Hermione's favorite of Ginny because of the adorable pout Ginny had on her face in one pose after she had fallen flat on her arse.

And finally, the last one was the kinkiest of them all, showing each girl chained up in a dungeon while they were being tortured with various instruments. In one they had hot candle wax being dripped on their skin while they arched into the sensation. In another they were bent over a table, strapped down while a leather paddle reddened their arses repeatedly. Both girls made no secret of how it would worry them just a bit if the last set was the once their lovers liked best.

Having the boudoir photos all finished, they each secured an everyday photo of themselves in the very front of their album's and drifted off to sleep with thoughts of their gifts floating in their heads.

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