Roxas is living the life of finally owning an apartment all to himself. But what he doesn't count on, is the unexpected roommate living with him. Axel x Roxas.

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A blond boy heaved a box that was almost half his weight in through the front door of his apartment. He was surprised that his back hadn't snapped under the pressure yet, although when he accidentally let go of the box too soon, he thought that he might've broken something in there.

What it was? He had yet to find out.

He let out a tired sigh as he rose back to his full height, wiped the sheen of sweat off from his forehead and looked around the box filled living room of his new abode before he stretched, popped his back three times, then trudged back out to his car to get his other belongings.

It took him a whole day of constantly going back and forth from his house to his apartment to move his stuffs and boxes around. But by the time he got his mattress in, the blond was feeling sore and tired and decided to leave the rest of the unpacking for the next day.

For now, he'll go take a shower, change into a new set of clean clothes, and sleep until it was well into the afternoon the next day.

He woke up in the middle of the night feeling cold in his face and he couldn't figure out why but he shrugged it off and buried deeper into his blankets and didn't bother to move until he was fully rested.

The blond woke up the next day with throbbing muscles and he ended up taking an unhealthy amount of painkillers, which didn't help much, as he moved around trying to unpack everything and make his new apartment resemble something a little closer to home but with a little touch of his own.

Several times he heard a faint, strange noise but convinced himself it was something like bees. More than once, he felt a small gust of wind blow into his ear, but he shrugged it off as a normal occurrence, he figured there must be a gap in the windows somewhere. He couldn't care less, as long as they don't leak in rain water or whatever.

The blond managed to get his whole kitchen, bathroom and half of the living room set up before he decided that it was good enough for the day. After a shower and a new change of clothes, he went to bed earlier than usual that night.

He woke up in the middle of the night wondering if he was getting frostbite on his feet. They were horrendously cold. It must've been because they were sticking out of the blankets. He decided to put on a pair of socks before he went back to sleep.

The blond woke up to a knock on his front door and at first he ignored it, thought it was just a figment of his imagination until he heard another knock. He wondered who it was as he took a blurry look around his room, the boxes on the floor and then on the clock that was on the table by the bed. It was just past eleven in the morning. Still too early, but he got up regardless and trudged towards the door.

He stretched his arms about, they were still sore from the other day, as he walked closer to the front door of his new home. He looked through the peephole on his door and couldn't help but smile as he unhinged the chain on the door and pulled it open, "Naminé, congratulations, you're my first visitor."

"Really? Wow, that's an honor." She laughed as he took in his choice of wear, "You just woke up?"

"Yes…" he replied a little guiltily as he allowed her access into his new home before he closed the door behind her, "So, anyways, it's not that great yet, make yourself at home, I'll go brush my teeth." He left her alone as he shuffled back into his room, grabbed his things then locked himself in the toilet for a good five minutes before he was done with the morning routines.

When he came out, his pajamas in hand and his hair still a little messy, he saw that Naminé was helping around with some boxes, putting away some DVD cases beneath the TV in the glass cabinet and then putting up some books in the bookcases, "Hey, I thought I said make yourself at home." He couldn't help but smile a little.

"I would, but seeing your home in such a state is absolutely devastating." She grinned as she continued to empty the boxes into the multiple cabinets and drawers in meticulous order.

He rolled his eyes with a smirk, threw his clothes on top of his mattress without looking and then proceeded to help her help him.

"Roxas, you need some more decorations." She brought up once she was done with the bookcase, "Ever thought of hanging some pictures around?" she asked as she went over to the table in between the kitchen and the living room.

"Er…no." he shook his head as he stuck the rest of the DVD's in the glass cabinet and proceeded to put them in alphabetical order, "This is a guy's apartment."

She randomly picked a box and opened it up, "Some guys have pictures handing around." She reasoned as she rummaged around and pulled out some of its contents, "And um Rox? I think you need to buy a new light bulb."

The said person turned around and noticed that his table lamp was with only half a light emitter, "Oh, so that's what broke the other day." He shrugged and turned back to the glass cabinet, "Leave it in the box Nam, and don't touch it."

"Ok." She placed the lamp back inside the box, closed it up and left it on the table and opened up another, it was filled with some photo frames of the family and some other trinkets and things, "Rox? Why do you have five alarm clocks?"

"Six actually…" he corrected. There was one in his room already.

The blonde laughed, "Why six? One is enough, maybe two if you're lazy, but six?"

"I figured if they nagged me enough, I'll get the strength to wake up sooner." He smirked as he stood up and stretched.

She laughed again, "You're such a lazy-" she paused and the blond turned around to stare at his guest.

He looked at her with a mixed expression of worry, "Naminé?"

She blinked, "Sorry, zoned out back there."

"Yeah, scared the shit out of me, what's up?" he asked as he walked away from the glass cabinet towards her with a worried expression on his face, "Maybe you should rest."

"No, no, it's not that." She shook her head in an attempt to get her point across, "Did you know you have a ghost in your apartment?"

He stared at her blankly and then blinked twice, "I really think you should lie down for a while." He spoke as he got up and reached out a hand for her to take, "Come on, you need to rest." He motioned for her to take his hand.

She pouted, "I'm serious Roxas." She folded her arms and refused to move, "You have a ghost in your apartment. But don't worry, he's friendly." She smiled in reassurance.

'He?' he rolled his eyes, "I don't believe in ghosts and/or superstitions ok?"

He should've been used to his blonde haired cousin by now, but really, she just keeps on saying more and more bizarre things as the years passed by. And he really couldn't find himself to believe her even just for a little while.

And as if reading his thoughts, she said, "You never believed me when we were younger." She seemed almost sad about it and he immediately felt guilty.

Sure, she was a little weird, but they were cousins after all. He sighed as he crouched down and pulled open the flaps of a box and peered inside, "Can you see him or something?"

She shook her head, "Nope, but I know he's here."

He tried not to roll his eyes as he picked up the box and left it in his room, "Can you hear him or something?"


His eye twitched, "Then how do you know he's here." He asked as he quirked up an eyebrow at his beloved cousin and walked towards one of the other boxes in the living room, there were only a few left to go through.

"I can sense it."

'…Right…' he was glad he didn't say it out loud although there was a look of disbelief on his face. Not that she could see since he was facing away from her. Just before he let out a silent sigh, his doorbell rang and two knocks resounded through the apartment.

Naminé looked at him in a confused manner before she walked over to the door. Roxas managed to get to it first before she could open it.

He scowled at her as he smacked her hand away from the doorknob and stood on his tiptoes to look through the peephole.

On the other side of the door were two people. A dirty haired blond guy and another guy with bluish gray hair.

He had no idea who they were, but the dirty haired blond was smiling into the peephole and making funny faces.

Roxas continued to have a confused look on his face as he unlocked the door and opened it up to stare at his new guests, "May I help you?"

"Hey! You're the new guy right? I'm Demyx! This is Zexion! We live a couple of floors down. What's your name?" the dirty haired blond introduced himself, and the other and his face was now barely an inch away from Roxas' own.

"Er…" he inched back a little, "I'm Roxas…and," he contemplated whether he should hide his cousin from the crazy guy or not, but decided that Demyx was just being overly friendly, "This is Naminé." He placed a hand over the said person's shoulder as he introduced his blonde haired cousin to the duo. The hand was to signify that if they tried to put any weird moves on her, there would be one hell of a problem.

"Nice to meet you." She smiled and waved, oblivious to his thoughts and ignored the hand. She took it as a gesture to meet the 'new guys'.

Even if his cousin was weird, he was still pretty protective of her. Probably comes with the whole 'family tree' thing.

"Cool, cool!" the dirty haired blond nodded his head, "Are you still unpacking? Wanna hang out in our apartment? Wanna go grab a bite to eat?"

"Demyx, slow down." The guy with the bluish hair spoke in a calm manner.

"Sorry, sorry, but I'm just so excited!" he reasoned, "New guy!!!" as if to get his point across. Zexion merely rolled his eyes.

"Err…" the blond started, "Well, give us a minute, lemme clean up the rest of the place, and then you guys can come in." he spoke as he closed the door, hoped that he hadn't been too rude and started panicking just a little, "Crap, crap, the place is still a mess." He picked up a box, placed it on top of the other, picked them both up and went over towards his room, "Shove them all into my room." He called out to Naminé as he dropped the boxes down and winced when he heard something else break.

It took a grand total of one minute and twenty five seconds before all the boxes were placed one on top of each other, shoved into the room and then closed before the blonde went over and opened up the door for them.

"Welcome to Roxas' humble abode, please step inside." Naminé greeted as she held the door open while the blond rolled his eyes and stalked over to his fridge.

"Sorry, I haven't gone shopping yet, so I've only got juice. Is that ok with you guys?" he started as he pulled out the drink, placed it on the counter top and reached into his cupboards where he stored his cups.

"He's good with anything." Zexion spoke while the dirty haired blond looked around the room and stared right into the glass cabinet.

"Awesome! Nightmare before Christmas! Gotta love that film." Demyx grinned as his eyes scanned the other titles, "Oh! And you have Pirates of the Caribbean, totally awesome."

The blond couldn't help but smile as he poured the juice into the four cups and handed one to Naminé, Zexion, and eventually Demyx after he was done looking over all the DVD's.

"Man, I should bring up all of my DVD's and we can have a movie marathon! That'll be so sweet."

Roxas laughed, and agreed. He liked movie marathons. Had a lot with his friends when they were in high school.

He looked over to his cousin and noticed her down mood, "You ok Nam?" he asked, in the middle of raising his cup to his lip.

"Yeah, I just feel sad for some reason." she replied quietly and at first, he didn't quite get it, until it clicked.

"Hey, just because we're all going to different universities doesn't mean we won't see each other anymore. We're still pretty close with Hayner, Pence and Olette."

She had been a little depressed since they found out that they each got accepted to different universities over the country. Some, a half hour's drive away. Others, a mere ten minutes walk from each other. Another was a half hour's flight to some other place.

"Yeah," she smiled and nodded, "Yeah, you're right. I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry." She laughed and slapped herself gently on the cheek.

Demyx quickly spoke, "Hey! Cheer up! Think of it this way! You'll get to meet new people! Go new places, all that jazz!!" his eyes were twinkling as he spoke.

Naminé laughed.

And Roxas made a mental note to buy more juice along with some other groceries that he needed to buy just in case other guests decided to come around.

It was a while before Demyx and Zexion left, and when Roxas closed the door, he could've sworn he heard that they thought that he and Naminé were going out or something.

He shook his head and figured that he must've been imagining.

First of all…he and Naminé were cousins. Ew…?

And second of all…Ew?

And there you go with chapter one of the new story.