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Bella: 20

Edward: 24

Sebastian and Ryan: 4 (Their twins by the way)

Chapter 1) Welcome to the City

How do I always end up in these situations, it was supposed to be a simple transfer simple college transfer, but instead I find myself lost in an over crowded airport. I can't even spot Alice! Granted it probably would have been a challenge anyways considering her small size. Maybe if I ask one these people standing around. I couldn't really bother anyone right? I'm just asking directions to a simple flat.

Even it was New York, someone had to be friendly.

I was still wandering aimlessly around the airport with now two roller suitcases in hand and a black messenger bag. I was just about to enter one of the shops when I bumped into something more like someone. I looked down at who I had bumped into.

"I'm sorry here let me help you up." I put down one of my suitcases and helped up the little kid that I had bumped into. He looked at me and I looked at him. He paused for a full second and then flashed a brilliant white smile.

"You're pretty!" I blushed at his comment and knelt down to his level, he couldn't have been more than four.

"Thank you, you're pretty cute yourself but didn't your dad tell you not to talk to strangers? Speaking of your dad where he is? I might need to talk to him" He just nodded and I took a better look at him messy bronze colored hair and green eyes - how cute. I just needed to talk to his dad to ask directions to NYU and by then I should be able to find myself to Alice's apartment. He walked around looking and then paused. He ran up to someone's leg. The man knelt down to his kids eye level. I could see them muttering to each other.

I caught one snippet.

"Daddy I found the nanny." Wait what?

What happened next was a blur, the mans eyes widened and his kid pointed at me.

The little boy walked over to me with his father in tow and another little boy following behind they were twins?

And then to take the topping on the cake I came face to face with their father.

And I swear for a second - I couldn't breathe, the breath had been knocked out of me, he was gorgeous.
Gather yourself together, Bella.
You're not here to get laid.
Even if he was like a living Adonis.

"Hello and you are?" The Adonis looked at me, I had never seen deeper pools of Green.
Fuck me, I'm turning into a total sap. I needed to snap out of this, but he was so...stately.

"Um, lost?" I finally found my voice and I sounded nervous. I saw his lips curl into a smile.

"I meant your name."

"Isabella Swan."

"Hm, Isabella Swan I suppose you're the new nanny?" Before I could respond, the little boy - I think I had talked to latched onto my leg and toppled me over.

"She's our nanny! She said she wanted to talk to you!"

He blinked and looked at me curiously waiting for an explanation.

"Well, really, I'm not the nanny quite frankly I just bumped into him on accident and he just assumed…" I trailed off. My words lost as the little boy kept on tugging at my leg.

"But you are the nanny! You are!" He was on full pout mode and he looked up at me, eyes shining I didn't know if I could resist. But I was college student I couldn't take care of another human being let alone two. I was about to answer when a lady came by she looked to be about in her sixties, and well I hate talking about my elders, but she smelled bad. The twin's father sensed it to because I saw him wrinkle his nose.

"Are you Mr. Cullen?" Cullen, that last names hit me, I had heard it before but where? The thought didn't stay long, quite frankly I was focused on the woman's voice. It was like scrapping cat nails on a chalkboard. And her breath smelled, I could smell it and I wasn't even next to her. I looked down at the kid and saw him still looking at me with his big wide eyes pleading that I wouldn't let this woman be his nanny.

I didn't hear what Mr. Cullen answered.

"Yes, well I'm the new nanny that you hired."

This time the little guy on my leg didn't look at me as he spoke,"NO! You're not! She is!" He said while pointing at me.

Really, right now I just want to disappear. I looked into the little guy's pleading eyes, and into Mr. Cullen's eyes and I saw the plea in there too. I was caught, I was on the brink of saying no when I saw a tear slide down the little kid's face. Before I could stop myself like I had no control over my actions, I sealed my fate.

"I am their nanny, there must have been a mix up but I'm the nanny." She looked at me up and down and I saw apparent dislike in her eyes.

"Very well then." She said a testy tone.

"I expect that you will book and pay for a flight back to my home, Mr. Cullen."

"Yes, I'm sorry for the inconvenience Ms. Muztagh." She just turned her heel and took a seat I saw Mr. Cullen walk over to her and say some things she just nodded at whatever he said. I felt some one grab my hand and saw that it was the little boy.

"Thank you, I'm Sebastian." His smile stretched across his face. His eyes were constantly lit up.

I looked at the other twin, "Hi I'm Ryan." And just like that I was smitten.

"You're our new nanny, right?" Asked I think - Ryan, he looked up at me with hopeful green eyes.

"I don't know." I whispered so that he couldn't hear me. I saw Mr. Cullen walk back an annoyed look covering his features. He walked over to me, and spoke with irritation in his voice.

"I assume you are the nanny considering all the trouble you have put me through, I have booked her another flight and have to find her a hotel room for the night, and not only that but if you say no I could take me weeks to locate another available nanny which I am not going to do so you are now the new nanny." I wanted to say something, to protest against this but he held up his hand.

"Follow me to my car, I will provide you with room and board, a monthly allowance of two thousand for needs such as clothing, and you will have free time whenever it is placed on a schedule or with two weeks notice. Also, I am aware you are a college student."

"Any questions?"

"When do I have my free time? So, that I can work against my class schedule, Mr. Cullen?"

"Well, lets see depending on the days you are to take Ryan and Sebastian to pre school from eight to about two forty five, they have little kids soccer practice on Tuesday's and Thursday's from three to about five. And I expect you to be responsible and pick them up on time work it against your schedule do night classes' online classes whatever. And also quit calling me Mr. Cullen makes me feel old call me Edward, Isabella."

"Understood Edward and you in exchange call me Bella." I saw him smile, we got to his Volvo and he picked up my bags and placed them in the trunk. He opened the passenger side of the car to let me in and buckled in Ryan and Sebastian. A thought hit me just then, I was their nanny. I was responsible for taking care of them, taking them to practice picking them up and also handling outside activities. I understood this was New York most didn't drive cars in New York. But wouldn't I need one?

When we were on the road, I asked Edward more questions.

"Edward, what if I want to take out Ryan and Sebastian to the museum wouldn't I need a car to do so?"

He took a moment to answer, "Yes and no, you could easily take the subway or Taxi. But considering you don't know the subway routes and neither do Ryan or Sebastian and Taxi's have high fares...I will have to let you borrow a car. Any other questions?"

"Well, as a nanny I have to cook and clean is that correct?"

"Yes, I expect dinner by seven." We slipped into silence.

Our silence was interrupted by two kids, "So Bella where do you come from?"

"Well I'm from Forks Washington." From the rear view mirror I saw Sebastian and Ryan's eyes get real wide.

"You lived in a Fork?" I heard Ryan ask.

I laughed and I saw Edward's lips twitch into a smile.

"No, it's a town called Forks really small all the way across the country."

"Ohhh." I heard them say together. And that's how basically how the car ride went Sebastian and Ryan asking questions, and I answering, occasionally laughing at the questions that they asked me. I hardly noticed we had pulled up into the Upper East Side, New York. I got a view of his building, a modern structure and at least had thirty floors.

I opened my door and walked outside, Sebastian and Ryan each grabbed one of my hands and pulled me inside.

"I want to show you my room!" Ryan's eyes danced with merriment as he pulled me along.

"No mine first!" I looked over to Edward who was barely taking out the bags I was about to say something but he said.

I looked over to Edward, he was taking out the bags, I wanted to tell him - I could help him. He just waved me off.

"Naw, don't worry I have it covered go up there with them," I just nodded and followed them inside.

I met them at the elevators.

"I want to press the button!" I heard them argue.

"Gentlemen, how's about you both push the button at the same time." They looked at me. And then the elevator door's opened and we stepped inside they both pressed the button that read thirty five. We rode all the way up there both of them talking animatedly about everything. We got Edward's door, his one the only door on the floor. I looked for a key, they wouldn't have one under the mat.

That would be stupid.

So where?

I looked at the boys for guidance, "oh, we have one."


They just shrugged their shoulders, and dug around their pockets until one of them found the key. Sebastian handed me his and I opened the door.

They both pulled on my arms and lead me through the kitchen, living room, sitting room, other rooms, until I reached one blue room. There was a race car bed, some stuffed animals, planes daggling from the ceiling, a TV little kid room paradise to sum it up. Then I was pulled into a green room that looked like the exact replica of the blue one but instead of a race car bed it was a plane bed.

"This is my room!' I heard Ryan said.

"The blue is mine!" Sebastian said. Their rooms were connected to the other.

I heard Edward enter, "I put your bags in your room, here I'll show you." I followed him to my room, Sebastian and Ryan followed us. When I saw my room I was in shock. I didn't expect this, I had expected a room like the one in the nanny diaries but no. The walls were a light beige the comforter which was white with some dark brown designs. And it was quiet elegant and there was also an adjoined bathroom.

"Well, I have to leave for work." I heard Edward announce.

"I'll leave you to get settled." He said to me.

He looked at Ryan and Sebastian pointedly, "Guys don't give Bella a hard time; help her if she needs any help." He then kissed each of their heads and hugged both of them, he threw me a smile and left in a hurry.

He called out, "I expect dinner at eight!" And then he left.

But hadn't he said seven earlier?

I didn't ponder for long before falling on the bed. Ryan and Sebastian did similarly.

I stared at the ceiling, "so, what now boys?"

End Chapter 1

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