Chapter 18) Bumper Stickers


"I can't believe it took you this long to tell me!"

I winced as Rosalie smacked my arm. We were currently at Dave and Busters watching the kids play around in the arcade.

"I'm sorry! It just happened to damn fast."

She playfully narrowed her eyes at me, "I mean when we found the two of you...I suspected something but I thought you'd tell me!"

I rolled my eyes, "Stop over dramatizing, I just - its new and I really wanted to more of less keep a secret until we were dating a little bit longer."

"Or until you had sex."

My eyes bugged out, "What?"

"Oh come on, somewhere inside of you, you're insecure that it won't last past sex. And if your relationship does continue past you guys having sex, then you'd be more willing to announce it because you'd feel more confident in your relationship." She nodded confidently.

My mind was turning her words over, I mean, it did sort of make sense but the both of us were holding out on having sex for the meantime. I mean it wasn't like we hadn't fooled around but we'd never gotten there yet. I think a big part of it was the boys, once we did solidify our relationship then the boys would of course get involved and if we broke up...then things would get so complicated.

It was strange.

But slow was good for us.

"I think slow is good, we need to test the waters."

She looked at me dead in the eyes, "Trust me when I say this, this is - you two are in it for the long haul, I can just tell. Sure you two might have just gotten in your relationship one month ago, but its there."

Her eyes got misty, "Ah true love."

"You're such a romantic."

"Damn straight, all those romantic comedies do me in."

I laughed, "Its true who wouldn't want to walk into a fading background with cheesy music and a happy ending?"

"Exactly!" She stated proudly. "I mean, I think that everyone wants that in some capacity, you know? That sense of even though you've gone through a lot of shit you'll always find that someone that makes you feel like you got your happy ending."

"Like Emmett."

She slightly wrinkled her nose, "Stop bringing him up, its not going to happen, he's so different. And before I even consider anything he needs to prove to me that he's mature enough to take this" she failed her arms about, "I don't think he's ready."

"But you do like him."

She sighed, "I do, he's funny and charming and pretty cute. But thats not enough for me to want to trust him and want to be in a relationship with him, Lanier is my world and she needs to be part of his too."

"What changed your opinion on him?"

"What can I say, those hours that we were looking for you and Edward, when we were out on the beach. The way he took charge, and he make those kids smile and laugh, indulged them...Its hard to trust sometimes."

My heart clenched for her, I knew what she was referring to. I still remember the story Angela had told me months prior. For anyone to go through that, I shuddered it wasn't right, especially not for someone like Rosalie. I grabbed her hand and squeezed, she squeezed back. We smiled at the other and looked for the kids.

We arched eyebrows as Ryan kept on pulling along Lanier and showing her his 'moves' on pacman, my eyes widened as I saw Sebastian pulling back Lanier to show her his, 'I-can-race-in-a-straight-line' moves. I cocked my head to the side, what was going on?

"Did we just see a love triangle?"

I thought it was a rhetorical question but Rosalie kept on looking at me, imploringly.

I slowly nodded my head, "I think we did."

I kept on looking back at them, Lanier seemed confused but her attention more closely drawn to Sebastian while Ryan stood off to the side trying to get her attention, but Sebastian looked devastated when Ryan ignored him.

"What is going on?"

I answered her, "Ryan told me a few weeks back...he likes Lanier but Lanier likes Sebastian but Sebastian doesn't like Lanier, Sebastian only wants Ryan's attention but Ryan won't pay him attention when Lanier is all over him."

Her mouth was open in a perfect 'O' shape.


"Damn straight."

"What are we going to do?"

"Hope that this passes and that this isn't foreshadowing for when their older?"

She nodded her head, "Good plan."

Rosalie opened her mouth to say something but two beeps from my cellphone interuppted her. She waved her hand for me to go on.

I looked at my screen and unlocked it.

From: Tanya D. To: Bella Swan

Hey girlie, heard you're back from Bermuda, wanna get coffee soon?

I immediately responded.

From: Bella Swan To: Tanya D.

Yeah that sounds great. Maybe Friday or Saturday around lunch?

I hit reply.

Rosalie wiggled her eyebrows, "Hot text from Edward?"

I laughed, "Not quite, from Tanya."

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "Tanya?" Her head was cocked to the side.

"Yeah, one of my new friends, I met her at daycare one day when I was late, she was picking up her nephew."

"Oh...because you know Edward's ex, her name was T-"

She was cut off when the kids came scampering, their faces had a natural blush, they had been running around hard, in their hands were strings upon string of won tickets.

Ryan and Sebastian were at my side within seconds, "Can we cash them, please?"

I laughed and stood up, "of course," I looked towards Rosalie. She was with Lanier.


"Yeah, in a minute you go on ahead."

I walked away but looked back at her, she seemed to be confused as she half listened to Lanier and half looked at me. She shook her head after a minute and smiled before getting up and letting Lanier drag her away.

"So what do you boys want?"

Ryan was the first to chime in, "I want the football!"

"I want the stuffed dragon!"

"Ryan, I thought you were a soccer player."

He nodded his head, "I am, but Uncle Em says to play all sports to get the ladies."


"And you, Sebastian the stuffed dragon?"

"Yes! they're so cool and dangerous and they breath fire!"

I smiled at him and squeezed his hand.

I could see it now, at age sixteen who Ryan and Sebastian would be. Ryan would be the jock playing whatever sport he could get his hands on, going on multiple dates. Sebastian would maybe play a sport but he'd be more into student government and debate and have the long term girlfriend.

My boys.

They ran away from me as we got close to the counter, their hands eagerly shoving their tickets at the cashier's face. Smiling sheepishly at him, I stood beside the boys and did a fake drumroll as they machine tallied up their tickets.

And the totals were:

1336 - Ryan

1478 - Sebastian

Both stood wide eyed as they each got their prizes for most of their tickets.

"Bella! Did you see, do you see, I got my football! Yeah, I can get Uncle Em to teach how to throw, do you see?" I laughed and hugged him close.

"Yes, I see, you'll be big time NFL one day." I smiled as he raced off to show Lanier and Rosalie but mostly Lanier.

Sebastian looked at me shyly and stuck out his dragon for me to see. It was multicolored with its mouth side open. I hugged him close.

"I like your dragon, its very scary. You could scare Edward with that."

He smiled wide, "Its like the Hungarian Horntail from Harry Potter."

"How do you know what Harry Potter is?"

"Uncle Jasper showed me, its his favorite."

"I'll read it to you sometime then."

He stuck out his pinky, "Pinky promise?"

I hooked mine to his, "I pinky promise."

He hugged me tight before racing off to find Ryan.

Rosalie walked over to me after getting the Barbie for Lanier.

"So, she wouldn't settle for anything less than the Barbie. Even though she has a million of those dolls at home because its different at this place."

"It must be nice to be that age again, being all innocent and stuff."

She hummed in agreement, her eyes glassy. She coughed, snapping back into reality.

"Did you get Emmett or Edward's text?"

I looked at her confused.


"We're invited to dinner at Carlisle's and Esme's tonight, so when we get out of here we'll go over there."

"Sounds good, the best times are always spent at the Cullen household."

She giggled, "Don't I know it, they always try to out embarrass the other with old stories."

"Personally, I love Emmett's stories, he always gets into trouble."




The Cullen house, I had learned was always in a flurry of activity when guests were expected. Rose and I had arrived a little bit early and we managed to catch Esme offguard. When she saw us, her hands had been covered in flour and she wore a shocked expression.

"Girls! Come on in!"

She had kissed our cheeks and pulled us in, and hugged and kissed all three of the kids. Ryan and Sebastian had been quick to go to the living room and watched television with Lanier. Rose and I just sat on two of the barstools, we watched Esme go back and forth in her kitchen gathering her ingredients.

Looked like lasagna.

"Are you sure you don't need help?"

Rose and I asked for the umpteenth time but Esme just shook her head, "You two are guests, you aren't meant to help."

"Whatever you say, Momma C."

I giggled with Rose at Esme's new nickname. She truly was a caregiver, before she had gone back to making dinner she had given Ryan, Sebastian and Lanier juice boxes and prepared them their sandwiches, made sure Rose and I were taken care of with a glass of wine eat and a small salads. She really believed in her guests feeling at home, Rose and I were not allowed to touch anything.

The kitchen had begun to fill with the smell of garlic bread and lasagna when Emmett announced his entrance with a boom. His laughter filled the air as his footsteps echoed in the house.




"Your favorite son is home!"

Rose and I arched our eyebrows, "Five bucks he pauses and gazes at you like a starstruck fan, before he bows down to you."


We waited for him impatiently, Esme quietly giggled to herself - she had heard of our bet. I counted down in my head.

5...He was putting away his jacket.

4...He was whistling to himself.

3...He was calling Jasper.

2...He had stubbed his toe and was cursing every god he could think of.

1...He paused at the doorway, he did a double glance and sure enough, he gazed at Rosalie like she was a goddess. He gasped, and went slowly to her, his hand at his mouth.

"Oh Great Aphrodite, you have come for me!" He stumbled over to her and kneeled before grabbing her hands.

"Oh great one, please I beg of thee, have mercy on my poor soul."

She shot me a look of, Bitch, what the fuck?

I shrugged before laughing.

"Marry me! and together we can create a legion of sexy babies."

Rosalie was an inch away from slapping him, I could tell.

But before she could Edward's silhouette appeared. My heart skipped a beat before I smiled widely at him and he grinned at me. Before I could say anything Ryan and Sebastian had pounced into Edward's arms and nearly mauled him down.

"My boys," he said hugging them both.

"Daddy, we had so much fun with Bella today, she took us to the arcade, and we ate more pizza..." I let the sounds lull me for a bit. I was content being here, with all of them, the ruckus the noise and the love that was so obviously surrounding all of us.

I grinned at Rose as she dislatched herself from Emmett's grip.

"I wonder what shenanigans he will bring tonight?" She muttered.

"Who knows, but we won't have to wait long, Jasper just got here and so did Carlisle, let dinner begin."

She grinned, "Indeed, five bucks says you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and Edward will follow you."

I gaped at her, "No!"

"Please, I know your potty breaks and saw him looking at you, he wants you."

I playfully punched her arm, "Deal."




"Dad, I can't believe you never bailed me, your own son out."

I sighed in frustration, on and on. The conversation had been taking a toll for the worst for the past half hour, the debate at the table was Emmett.

"I mean, Dad, I was nearly made a wifey in that jailcell. I didn't want to take it up in th-!" he yelped as Rosalie kicked his shin, her eyes staring at the kiddies. "Before Rosalie interrupted me, I didn't want to have the displeasure of getting acquainted with my voluptuous back."

Eyes were rolled and Emmett wailed.

"It wasn't fair I tell you, they wanted to take my Gucci, I work hard for my gucci belt and gucci shoes. I work hard damnit."

"You were photocopying your voluptuous back as you eloquently put it and your...your hamburger." Deadpanned Jasper.

"I still have rights in that company, tell them Daddy!"

"Son, don't ever call me that again and it was indecent exposure, you needed to hard learned your lesson at some point."

I rolled my eyes before forking another piece of lasagna, Emmett stood up and pointed at me, "Did you just roll your eyes?" He sputtered.

"I did?"

"You did! I can't believe it, see you wouldn't just understand because you're a policeman's daughter, you could never have gotten into any trouble."

I looked at Rosalie for assistance but she just shrugged her shoulders.

"If you must know, I have done stuff in my past."

"Like what?"

"Let me tell you a story."

He sat down and I blushed when I realized I had garnered the table's attention. Edward grinned at me, and I found myself goofily smiling back. Boy, did I love his killer eyes.

I coughed, "Well it was senior Summer, Alice and I had just gotten our nails done."




We had been driving down county line, I was dropping her off at her house after our latest outing. Alice had just moved to County Line, and I knew some kids that lived around there one in particular that rose to mind was Tyler Crowley. Tyler and I weren't close friends but we had hung out on occasion and he had invited me to this pool party.

Why anyone would own a swimming pool in Forks, I have no idea but he did. And I had gone therefore, I knew where he lived.

So why not pay him a visit, we had time to spare. And I had wanted his bumper sticker, since my Forks High: Spartans bumper sticker had been lost in the interstate two weeks prior.

I needed his and it would be a great damn awesome prank.

So we drove in quietly - as quiet as a forty year truck could be anyways. His neighborhood was nice, upkept lawns, houses typical of suburbia. It was quiet, no was was really around.

There were two cars parked in his driveway, one was his with my future bumper sticker and another red truck, but I needed to make sure he wasn't home to see me in the act. So I called him.

"Hey Tyler?"


"When will you be home?"

"In about an hour, why?"

I laughed nervously, "no reason at all, bye."

Alice looked at me, an eyebrow arched, "What the fuck was that?"


"Way to be inconspicuous."

"You know it!" I winked at her, before taking a deep breath and looking around. Coast was clear, blinds were drawn, it was all good and set to be in motion.

I let the mission impossible theme play in my head as I ran to his car with Alice at my side peeled off the sticker before putting it on my truck. We breath heavily as we got into the cab.

"What a workout."

Alice heaved, "You know it, we must do this more often."

"We're so out of shape its sad, his driveway isn't even that long anyways."

We sat in my car for a bit, staring at the other before bursting out into giggles, "lets go!" She cried. Before her eyes widened, "Does the sheriff live next door?"


She pointed at the sign on the lawn, "It doesn't mean anything." I told her nervously.

"Shit just drive away!"

"It shouldn't matter right? I mean my dad is the Chief of police, right?" I was tapping my nails on the steering wheel nervously.

"Should we leave a note?" I asked her.

"I have a napkin and sharpie."

"Lets do it."

So after doing a three point turn we set back to Tyler's house. We pulled into the driveway and sat for a good minute contemplating our note.

"Haha sucka?"

I shook my head, "No, too cheesy."

"I like your bumper sticker?"

"Dude where's your bumper sticker?"

I kept on shaking my head, "we can write a ransom note."

She snorted, "and demand a million dollars for the safe return of his fading bumper sticker?"

"No, just give me that."

I grabbed the paper and sharpie.

I wrote out in bold ink:

I'll give you your bumper sticker in return for...

Fuck, what did I want from Tyler? What did he have, that I wanted?

Alice grabbed the sharpie and took out another napkin.

If you want your bumper sticker back meet at midnight by the big circle, near the courthouse, next to the pretty picture. Bring the goods.

Love Deepthroat

"Alice what the fuck, deepthroat? His parents are going to think he's on drugs!"

She giggled, "an homage to watergate. And damn, I should have put bring the weed."

"Thats right go on and be blunt, leave no doubt to his parents that he's on drugs. We just inadvertently got Tyler in trouble. He'll never invite me to another pool party again." At this point I was full on laughing with her.

Fuck it, I ran out to his car and put the napkin by his windshield wipers. We giggled as I reversed and drove out but not before seeing another car by the stopsign turning into the cul-de-sac, I put my hand up in greeting.

"Fuck Bella, they're turning into the sheriff's house. Drive drive!"





The Cullen table looked at me wide eyed.

"And then what happened?"

Of course Emmett would break the ice.

"Charlie found out, and he put me in a jail cell for the night for trespassing. Turns out the next door neighbors was where the sheriff lived." I finished telling him.

"But here's the point of my tale, shi- stuff happens and parent's don't always bail you out, so you need to give Poppa C a break."

Emmett just nodded while Edward looked at me, I squirmed under his gaze, it could be so unnerving sometimes, did he not approve?

I had this sudden urge to pee. Fucking Rosalie.

"I need to use the restroom."

"Its the down the hall, first door on your right sweetheart."

I nodded to Esme and went down the hall. The bathroom was nicely decorated with little notes on the mirror as reminders to wash their hands, flush and lift the seats.

It was so Esme.

I loved it, I looked at my face in the mirror, did they not like my story?

Opening the door, I was surprised to come in contact with a wall, more like a chest, and little shots of electricity traveled through my body and against my wishes a little smile appeared on my face, Edward.

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me.

"I liked your story,"

I lightly smacked his chest, "You lie."

"I do not."

He was close to me, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, our lips meeting, he backed us back into the bathroom. I played with the hairs on the nape of his neck, as our tongues fought for dominance, our teeth gnashing at the other's, it had been too long without contact. His lips traveled down to my neck and I groaned as he sucked on my pulse point. I couldn't help myself as one of my hands ran down his stomach and touched his crotch.

He groaned into my neck.

It was all running down through me. What we were down was shooting straight down to my core and knowing that they were having dinner.


I knew they would get suspicious. I reluctantly pulled away first.

"We can't do this here." I gasped out. As his hand cupped me.

He sighed, "I know, but I can't help myself."

I pecked his lips before getting out the door. I walked back into the dining room, willing myself not to blush. Rosalie was looking at me with an all knowing look on her face.

"What took you so long?" I glared at her.

"I - I - uh I fell in." I blushed at my word vomit. And guffaws went across the room.

Esme scowled at Emmett, "I leave notes just for you and you still forget!"

"Ma! I didn't, I swear."

I sat down next to Rose, my face on fire.

"Thanks a lot."

"I believe you owe me five bucks."

"I believe you have a debt to me as well."


"We'll call it even?" She asked me.

I nodded my head and shook our hands for it.

After my incident dinner went smoothly, and as we all got up to leave Rose's voice rang out.

"Bella, remember I'm taking the boys tonight."


"We agreed on this remember, you'll be taking Lanier tomorrow for the day and the boys wanted to stay over so that they could watch Lion King on the projector screen."

"Can we Bella, please?"

I gaped at her before Edward smoothly saved the day, "Of course, its fine, she'll be over to pick them up before your photoshoot."

Rosalie got close to me and whispered, "You'll thank me later."

She hugged me and winked before the boys trailed after her, "Party at Auntie Ro's!" She danced away, Emmett trailing her.

"I love Lion King, can I go watch too?"

I hugged Carlisle and Esme goodnight, and walked out to Edward's car with him and Jasper.

"Night Bella, night Edward."

He waved and got into this own car and drove away, Edward opened my car door and we drove in silence until we reached the gates to the neighborhood.

"Hows about we put that rebellious streak in you to the test, I need to get Emmett back for the birthday party incident."

I grinned at him, "Lead the way."

End Chapter 18

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