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Breaking A Habit

Kagome had gone home for three days but decided to go back early. She was excited to see her friends again, even Inuyasha. Though he had been acting strange the past weeks. Kagome couldn't understand why he was acting in such a way.

Inuyasha had told Kagome that he loved her and wanted to be by her side. They had both decided to wait until Naraku was dead before their mating. Not long after this was when Inuyasha had started acting strange. Things had become even more strained between them. However, she always ended up forgiving him.

Kagome was about to leave when her mother called from the kitchen.

"Kagome before you go dear, come have dinner with us." Kagome, of course, couldn't refuse her mother and she was hungry anyway. She loved her mothers cooking and didn't get anything like it when she was in the Feudal Era.

After dinner she placed her dishes in the sink and was walking over to her pack to leave when her mother stopped her again.

" Kagome Dear I have something for you"

" Aww mom, you didn't need to get anything for me." Kagome's mother handed her a pack that fits around her waist. When she opened it there was a CD Player with CD's and four sets of extra batters.

She hugged her mother tightly and thanked her with a wide soft smile. Her mother knew she would like it. Kagome placed it around her waist and hugged her mother again and said her good-byes to everyone else then she was off. Kagome sat on the edge of the well and jumped in.

She loved the feeling and the colors she always saw and felt when she went through the well. She felt so free when she traveled through it. It was like nothing else she had ever known. There was always a feeling of complete happiness and joy when she floated through the ages.

When she touched down on the other side she knew no one would be there since she was a day early. After leaving the well, she started walking through the woods to visit the Tree Of Ages, like she always did when she came back. It had become part of something she always did of habit.

Just as she was about to step into the clearing she heard noises and voices. One of those voices was that of Inuyasha. But who was the other one? She carefully looked around the edge of a tree and what she saw made her freeze in her tracks. Now it was clear to her why Inuyasha had been acting so strange and said some of the things that he had over the past few weeks.

Next to the Tree Of Ages was Inuyasha and Kikyo holding each other in a passionate lovers kiss. What she heard hurt her even deeper.

"Inuyasha do you Love me?" Kikyo ask with a smug look on her face. Kikyo knew full well that Kagome was watching them as she was looking right at her over Inuyasha's shoulder.

" Yes Kikyo I Love you. I have always loved you and I always will." Inuyasha pulled Kikyo into a tight embrace holding her close to him.

" Inuyasha what about Kagome? Don't you love her as well? I will not be your mate if you love her too." She ask as her eyes twinkled with victory clearly showing in them. She knew this would hurt Kagome and that's what she wanted.

Kagome stood behind the tree tears in her eyes and falling down her face as she heard Inuyasha's answer.

" Kikyo I don't love Kagome I never have, I love only you. When I looked at her, you are all I can see. I want you to be my mate." Inuyasha then slowly started laying Kikyo down on the ground as his hands started roaming over her body.

Something snapped inside of Kagome. For some strange reason she felt no pain no nothing. She turned from the tree and walked away heading to the village where her friends would be waiting. After reaching the village, Kagome had decided she was going to leave the group. She no longer wanted to be around Inuyasha but she knew she still had a mission to complete.

Even though she would be all along, she knew down deep she could still make it on her own. When she entered the hut she was greeted by her friends warmly. Kagome never smiled or showed any emotions at all to anything them but Shippo.

When Kagome sat down she cleared her throat to get everyone's attention. After seeing that she had it, she started to speak. "I have something important to tell you all and I ask you not say anything till I am done." Taking another breath she went on. "Miroku, Sango and Shippo. I am leaving the group. I no longer wish to be around Inuyasha. At this very moment he is mating with Kikyo. I saw them myself." Picking Shippo up she spoke softly to him while she stroked his hair.

" Shippo I am leaving you with Sango and Miroku but I will return for you, though it might take some time. I have some things I need to get straight for myself. Please forgive me for leaving you like this. But I feel it is for the best. I will be staying here in this time, I still have a mission I have to do. Tomorrow night at dusk if you go to the well there will be something there for you. Oh and the shards are staying with me they are mine not his. I know he would only give them to Kikyo."

After speaking her mind Kagome stood up and started for the door. Everyone was in such shock they didn't know what to say but Miroku was the first to speak up. "Lady Kagome are you sure this is what you really want to do?"

" Yes it is and no one is going to stop me. I feel nothing for the Filthy Half Breed now. Please protect Shippo and take good care of him for me till my return for him." Kagome turned and started walking away from the camp when Inuyasha came out of the tree.

" Wench were are you going and when are you going to cook dinner?" said Inuyasha in a very loud and hurtful tone.

But when Kagome turned around and looked at him. She answered in a cold voice void of any emotions. " Whenever you decide to make it for yourself you Filthy Half Breed."

She looked over at the hut and saw her friend watching the exchange between her and Inuyasha. She turned to walk away.

"You Bitch never call me that!" Inuyasha screamed as he grabbed her arm yelling at her.

As Kagome was turned around her hand came up in defense. In her hand was a ball of crackling Miko power. She hit Inuyasha in the chest with it. He went flying back and hit a tree. His body slid down the tree until he was sitting on the ground looking at her.

" Never ever touch or talk to me again Half Breed or else next time I will not just throw you back. I know about Kikyo. I'm leaving. I've had enough." Kagome then turned to walk away then stopped and looked at Inuyasha over her shoulder. " One more thing Half Breed. If you come after me to find me for any reason, nothing, will stop me from harming you next time." She then turned around and left the village.

Kagome went to the well cast a spell and jumped in. When she got out on the other side she used a sealing spell she had learned from an old miko. It was now night and her family would all be asleep. So Kagome left her pack in the well house and sneaked in the house.

After going into her room she gathered a few things in another pack then got into her memory box and got all the money she had. She had been saving her money since she started going into the Feudal Era. She figured now was as good as a time as ever to use it.

She wanted to buy a few things then return to the past. After getting the money and other items she sneaked back out of the house and made her was downtown. In a shop she bought a hikers pack and a compound bow, a pair of hiking boots with camo pants and camping supply, the same things she had in her pack with a few extras but this set was going to be for her. She was going to leave her pack by the well for her friend to found .

Inuyasha picked himself up from the ground he started walking to the well swearing loudly. " That BITCH! Who does she think she is? She isn't going to get away with this.!" He was pissed in the fact she dared to attack him. He was even more pissed with the fact she had been able to throw him back and she had done it in front of the whole group.

The rest of the group finely came to their senses after being shock by what had happened. They started running after Inuyasha. Miroku was the only one who dared to even speak to Inuyasha. The other were to mad and refused to even look at him.

" Inuyasha what have you done? You mated with Kikyo and Kagome saw you! Leave her alone Inuyasha, don't do anything stupid!" Miroku doughted anything he could say would do any good. Inuyasha only confurmed it with his next statement.

Inuyasha turned around looking at Miroku " Shut up Monk and stay out of this."

When they reached the place the well was supposed to be, it wasn't there anymore. Kagome had put up a barrier around it that would hide it from others. The group was stunned with it being gone. Miroku, on the other hand, knew what she had done but he wasn't going to let Inuyasha know. He wanted to protect Kagome and he was unsure if Inuyasha be so cruel as to destroy the well trapping Kagome here or on the other side.

" Monk. Do you know anything about the well being gone?"

Miroku looked around then to Inuyasha and he lied. " No I have never seen anything like this before."

Kagome finished her shopping and went back to the well house. She sat down and wrote out a letter to her friends. Then readied herself for the trip back. After grabbing the yellow pack she always carried she jumped into the well. Only to be greeted by voices on the other side.

She heard Sango and Miroku trying to get Inuyasha to leave the area. After an hour of them trying, she was tired of waiting. She knew sooner or later her secret would come out. She climbed up to the top of the well and when Inuyasha had his back turned she jumped up into the air.

Miroku and Sango saw her appear only a few feet away from them. They turned to walk to her. Kagome bent down and set something small on the ground. Holding out her hand above the object she whispered. " Unfolded." They watched as Kagome's yellow pack grew in it's size until it was back to normal before their eyes.

After doing this she looked up and knew Inuyasha was coming closer to her. " SIT" She yelled. He went crashing to the ground. Kagome picked up the pack and handed it to Sango " There is no need to come here tomorrow now. Good-Bye my friends and that does not include you Half Breed." As she said this everyone could hear the hate that was in her voice.

Kagome bent down and rubbed Shippo on the head and smiled. " There is something special in the pack for you Shippo. Always keep it with you no matter what." She stood and walked away into the woods. Before Kagome was out of hearing range of the small group she yelled " SIT" one more time just for the fun of it.