A Time For Everything

As time passed Kagome and Sesshomaru where happy. Sesshomaru always made sure she wore a smile and didn't cry. He always remembered the promise he had made to her mother the one time he had seen her. He did all he could for her happiness so she would never regret her decisions of what had happened in the past.

Within 6 months of Inuyasha's death Sango and Miroku married. Kagome was her brides maid and Sesshomaru his best man. Kagome cried but they where tears of joy. Sesshomaru and Kagome visited them just after the birth of each of the 6 children. The first born girl they named Kagome after their dearest friend. Kagome cried again at being honored in such a way.

When Kagome was with child and about to give birth they would come and stay with them. Kaede would stay as well helping Kagome as the mid wife. Until she died after the birth of their 3rd child. Kaede died in her sleep an old woman with a peaceful look on her face. Kagome took her death hard and cried again for many days. Sesshomaru held her each time never leaving her side when she was in pain over the womans death.

When Rin fell in love and mated Kagome cried again with tears of joy. Sesshomaru was not happy at the idea of Rin's being mated to a lesser demon. Until the day her mate save Kagome from being attacked. Screaming how nothing was going to harm his family. As he fought a much stronger demon and defeated him. But he was gravely injured for his efforts.

On that day he embraced his son- in- law and they started to become close as father and son. Sesshomaru and Kagome where both glad Rin had chosen a demon to mate to. As she would live longer than normal humans. Therefore they didn't need to worried about her death at least for awhile.

Shippo too mated and started a family of his own. What surprised everyone was who he mated. Someone who had kidnapped him at one time. Soten the leader and last member of the Thunder Tribe. Kagome embraced them both on the day after of their mating. Letting go of the images of him being a child but a man now and welcomed her new daughter to the family.

Kagome cried again on the days that Sango and Miroku each died of old age. They where both honored and buried in the royal tomes with respect. Kagome visited them often there as time went on. Making sure they always had fresh flowers and telling them how her life was going.

As the years rolled on with Sesshomaru and Kagome's children. Sesshomaru's teaching them how to fight and Kagome teaching them how to use their spiritual powers. It was found that even at a very young age their children where stronger than either of them had ever thought they could be.

By the time they where each 15 in human years none would oppose them other than Kagome and Sesshomaru. The Lords of the other Lands feared their strength and powers. Sesshomaru could not have been more proud of his children and Kagome for giving him such strong heirs.

When Sesshomaru and Kagome's children became of age to mate. The other Lords tried to force them to mate to there children. The House Of The Crescent Moon refused them all. He was pissed at the betrayal they tried against his family. Sesshomaru let it be known to all The Lords He would not force any of his heirs to mate. They where free to mate whoever they wished weather they be demon or human.

If the Lords didn't like it, His House could take their Lands for their own. The other Lords stopped in fear of what could happen knowing that each member of his family could do it even if alone. Kagome couldn't be more proud of her mate on the day he had stood up for the human race and their children.

For 500 years Kagome had carried around a type of sadness. Sesshomaru knew why it was there. He hoped that soon it would vanish as the time was now close to see her family once again. The Grand Ball was tomorrow night at last.

The invitations had been sent out for the Grand Ball of the Year. All but one that is. Sesshomaru sat in his office smiling as he looked at the invitation in his hand. " Jaken." A moment later Jaken was standing in front of the desk awaiting his orders. " Yes My Lord?"

" Jaken Take this invitation and personally deliver it. It is for the Higurashi family. Inform them a Limo will be sent for them. They are to be Honored guest. They are not to be informed of who we are." He handed him the invitation. "You may go now." He finished and watched Jaken run from the room.

A white limo pulled up in front of the Higurashi Shrine. Soon there was a knock at the door. A middle aged woman opened the door looking at the man standing before her. " Yes? May I help you?" The man bowed deeply. Then stood straight and spoke.

" Good Day My Lady. Would you be Mrs. Higurashi?"

" Yes I am. Is there something I could do for you?

He handed her the invitation then he continued. " You and your family are hereby invited to attend the Grand Ball of the Year at the Tashiomaru Estate. You are all to be Honored Guest. A limo will be sent for you and your family it will arrive by 6 pm tomorrow evening for this event. Good Day My Lady." He bowed then started to walk away.

" Sir Pardon me but, Why would someone wish to invite a human family who are Shrine Keepers to a ball that is for demons?" A confused look could be seen on her face and heard in her voice.

He could smell her uneasiness and was sure that his Lord and Lady would not be pleased with it. But he knew he also had to be careful of what he told her. After a few moments he answered her as best he could.

" My Lady, I assure you that you have no reason for fears or worries. Your family is being honored. You are all personal guest of Mr. and Mrs. Tashiomaru themselves. You, your father and your son. This is all I am allowed to say. Good Day My Lady." He bowed and left before she could stop him again.

Mrs. Higurashi stood confused as she looked at the invitation in her hand. Maybe Grandfather knows something about this. She thought as she headed inside to ask him. Reaching the kitchen she found him drinking tea. He could tell something had happened.

" Daughter who was it and what is wrong?" He asked with a bit of concern at seeing his daughters face.

"Father. Our family has been invited by the Tashiomaru family personally to attend the Grand Ball at the Tashiomaru Estate." She saw his mouth dropped open and his face was consumed in shock.

After talking it over they both decided it would be for the best to attend The Ball. After all even though humans had no problems with demons it would not be a good idea to turn down an invitation from such a powerful family. It would be taken as an insult if they did not go.

With it decided Mrs. Higurashi announced they needed to do some shopping. Going to such a thing one must look their best. After collecting Souta from his friends house he was informed of what was going on. He of course was excited to be able to be around so many demons at one time. He only hoped there would be some his own age.

After what seemed to be forever shopping, the family finely had the perfect clothing to wear. They stopped and had dinner before returning to the Family Shrine. The idea of not knowing why they had been invited weighed heavily on Mrs. Higurashi's mind as everyone retired for the night.

Sesshomaru stood in the doorway watching his mate being a nervous wreck as she fussed over the preparations for the Ball. He wanted to laugh as he listen to her blowing off steam at someone who did not agree with her decision on a matter.

" You listen to me you pompous ass. I am the one who is in charge of this not my mate. You either do things the way I say. Or I will see to it that you never work for this house again. I am sure your employer would just love that now wouldn't he? Get it done and get it done now! If it isn't done when I return I swear I will purify your ass to the seven gates of hell and laugh about it."

She let her Miko powers swirl in the air around her in her anger. " I think you forget who it is you are talking to." His fear was so thick in the air Sesshomaru could almost taste it. He wanted to laugh at seeing the fire that still lay inside his mate after so many year.

To Sesshomaru seeing his mate like this was just the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Many a time he would get her worked up like this just so he could tame her and heat her up in other ways. He always loved the warriors fire that lay inside her with her defiance. Life was never boring that was for sure.

He almost moaned as he watched her walk away. The way she moved when she walked was all it took to get his fire going. If he wasn't for the Ball tomorrow he would be dragging her out of the room and ravishing her body right now.

Images started flashing in his mind of her being under him unable to stay still. Hearing her moans of pleasure. This caused his body to react on it's own. Being so close and not being able to touch her in such a manor was like a torture to him. He had to leave the room before he did something he would regret.

He went to their room and took a cold shower. He was amazed that even after 500 years she was still able to affect him so strongly in such a way. It made him love her all the more. He walked to a portrait of his Father.

He stood looking at it with a smile on his face. " Yes Father prevention is a good way to be." He said as he lightly laughed. He could have sworn he saw his Father portrait smile as he was turning away.

He wondered how many of the servants and contractors would be babbling to themselves before this was all over due to her need for it's perfection and constantly looking over their shoulders.

The food contractor already had to redo the main course two times. He heard the man mumbling to himself about letting them eat it off of the floor already. Or maybe adding a laxative to their desert as revenge. He knew the man wouldn't ever do it in fear he would die., But it was still funny to listen to.

He returned to his study and his work. Later when he looked at his watch he figured it was time to save everyone from his mate and her obsession. Smirking he left his office in search of Kagome.

Just as he thought he found her in the Ball Room still a nervouse wreck and servants all around that looked as if they where about the drop. He smirked as he approached her. " Mate a word." He didn't wait for a reply he just turned and walked away to speak to her alone.

When they reached the hall he stopped and turned to her. " Mate it is time to stop for the night." She started to object until he gave her a look that said. Do not argue with me. She had seen this look too many time and knew it was be wise not to press the subject.

" Alright Sesshomaru." She replied with a sigh. Stepping back inside the room she informed everyone they may go for the night but would need to finish in the morning. She was surprised at how fast they all vanished.

As Sesshomaru checked with Jaken, Kagome went up to their room. Stepping into their room Sesshomaru didn't see Kagome anywhere. He had a feeling where she was. As he looked in the bathroom he found he was correct. She was indeed in the hot tub but what bothered him was she had fallen asleep.

Reaching down he pulled her out of the hot tub while wrapping towels around her. He placed her on their bed and covered her. Soon he returned from the tub after his bath and dressed, crawled in bed, he pulled her close and soon he was asleep as well.

Morning came all to soon for Kagome. Slowly working her way out of the bed without waking Sesshomaru. She stood smiling as she watched him sleep. She felt a shiver of pain when she stretched. Guess I over did it a little.

After a nice hot soak she felt much better. Sneaking out of the room she went to grab something to eat before starting her day.

As the day wore on Kagome was well pleased when everything was finely done. Calling all of the servants around her she began to talk. " Alright everyone. Everything looks great we are all done. I would like to thank you all for working so hard. As a reward for each of you. You shall all be given 2 days off with pay. This will take place after the Ball." She announced with a large smile.

One of the servants spoke up surprising everyone. " My Lady? I do not mean to sound disrespectful but, has our Lord approved this action?" She asked hoping that he had. Kagome giggled. "Well no not yet but shall we ask him?" She looked past the servants. " My Lord do you have any objections to what I have said?"

Everyone turned and looked at the doorway. The servant who had asked shivered in fear. She just knew she was going to be punished for her forwardness of speaking out.

" I have no objections in this matter." He slightly nodded his head and walked out of the room. Kagome knew she was nervous thinking she was going to be punished by Sesshomaru. After everyone else was gone She spoke to the servant to ease her fears.

She went to lay down as she was feeling a little sick to her stomach. She soon fell asleep. Through out the day guest started to arrive.

At 6 pm sharp there was a knock on the door. Opening the door Mrs. Higurashi was greeted by a tall young demon. He bowed and introduced himself.

" Good Evening My Lady. I am Tar. I shall be your escort this evening. I have been sent to escort you and your family to The Grand Ball at The Tashiomaru Estate. " Tar smiled softly at her.

" Oh please do come in for a moment." She said as she stepped back to allow him more room to enter. Within five minutes they where on their way there. When they arrived they where shown to their rooms to wait.

All the guest where in the Ballroom but the Tashiomaru Family. Kagome was a nervous wreck. Knowing she was going to see her family again. There was a knock at the door Mrs. Higurashi opened the door and saw a servant.

" Mrs. Higurashi it is a honor to meet you." A low grow was heard from someone who was unseen and it made Mrs. Higurashi step back from the door not liking the sound of it. " Mrs. Higurashi I would like to present your host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Tashiomaru."

The other side of the door opened to releviel Kagome and Sesshomaru standing there. Kagome cried as she ran to her mothers embrace tears fell down both their faces at seeing each other after so long.

Sesshomaru stepped in a small smile on his face. Nodded to her grandfather. Her Grandfather walked over to him. " Lord Sesshomaru. I can see you have kept your word all these years. I thank you."

Sesshomaru looked at the old man for a moment before he answered. " There is no need to thank me. She is my mate as such it is my duty as her mate to make her happy."

As much as he didn't want to take her away from her happiness he knew it was time. " Mate it is time we go." He turned to the servant named Ken. " Ken you will escort the Higurashi Family to the Grand Hall. Stay with them till it is time. They are most honored guest. They are my family make sure they are treated as such."

He bowed " Yes My Lord." Then turned to the others. " Follow me please." He showed them to the Grand Hall. As soon as they where at the door he informed the door servant who they where and they waited to be announced.

A loud voice could be heard from the other side of the door. " Introducing The Higurashi Family. The Mother, Grandfather and younger bother to The Great Lady Kagome Tashiomaru Miko Priests and Protector of The Shikon No Tama."

Ken turned and softly said Follow me and stand where I point. The door opened. As they entered they looked around and saw many many Demons and humans there. Ken lead then up a red carpet.

At the front of the room was a row of chairs above them was a large Crescent moon with a symbol inside of it that looked like a pink whole moon. They stood at the front close to the chairs.

Soft whispers could be heard through out the room. The servant at the door spoke loud and clear. " Introducing Lord Sesshomaru Tashiomaru Lord Of The Western Land and his mate The Great Lady Kagome Tashiomaru Miko Priestess and Protector of The Shikon No Tama."

When the door opened and they started to walk in everyone bowed as they walked by them. When they reached the front where her family stood Sesshomaru stopped. "Mrs Higurashi You and your Family need not bow to us. It is I that bows to you." Sesshomaru lightly bowed to the three of them in respect.

After they reached there chairs The door man spoke again. Introducing Master Sinko First born son of Lord Sesshomaru and Lady Kagome." Kagome and Sesshomaru heard her mother as she whispered " I have grandchildren." and she smiled. As each of their other two children where introduced The smile on Her mother face grew more.

After all where in the room it was time for the announcements. Sesshomaru growled to get every-ones attention. When he was sure he had it he spoke.

" I Lord Sesshomaru Lord Of The Western Land do hereby proclaim and announce that the Higurashi family that stands before you all are my family. As such they are to be treated with the same respect as myself and my mate. To do otherwise is to invoke my wrath."

He stepped down from his place and held out his arm to her mother. He lead her to stand beside Kagome, bowed to her and kissed her hand before stepping away. Her grandfather and Souta stood next to him. After taking his place he spoke again.

" At the request of many of you through out the years You have all asked about The Shikon No Tama. My Mate has waited for this day for 500 years as she is really from this time. Since so many has wished to know the wish that was made on The Shikon No Tama I shall allow her to tell you all now. Until now only she and I know what that wish was." He turned to Kagome and nodded.

Kagome stepped forward and stood beside Sesshomaru and spoke loud and clear with confidence.

" I am Lady Kagome Tashiomaru Miko Priestess and Protector of The Shikon No Tama. I do here by tell you all now the wish that was make 500 years ago. " I wished that humans and demons could live side by side in harmony without fear from each other, no wars, no hateful feeling, living happy in coexistent, one race helping the other as equals for the rest of time."

She and Sesshomaru knew that they all had many questions. " I shall answer one question from each Lord On this matter to clear things up.. If The Lords would be so Kind as to come forward please. Lord Toka Of The Eastern Lands you may go first."

" I Lord Toka Of The Eastern Land ask this My Lady. Lord Sesshomaru said this is your real time. How was it you came to be alive 500 years ago if your family are all human and you in possession of the Jewel?"

Kagome turned and looked at Sesshomaru wondering if she should tell them or not. He lightly nodded. She then turned and looked at her mother. She lightly nodded. She looked back at the Lords.

" I am truly from this time. I was born with The Shikon No Tama inside of me. When I was 16 I was pulled through The Bone Eaters Well that is at The Higurashi Family Shrine. I traveled through time to save the demon race and kill Naraku. After the wish was made the well stopped working closing the portal forever."

Lord Toka bowed and stepped back in line. Kagome looked at the next Lord.

" I am Lord Moren Lord Of The Northern Lands. I ask you this Lady Kagome. It is not about the Jewel but I am sure every being in this room is wondering how it was you became a demon when your family are all human."

This was one question she was not wanting to answer. She turned to her mother. " Mom do you wish this to be known if not he must ask another question." She looked at her daughter before answering her. " Kagome I believe you have more than made up for it."

" Lord Moren I know why you ask this question. The reason this happened shall remain a secret. But I assure you there is no way to change a human into a demon without being cursed. It is something that I would not wish on any living soul. To have ones family cursed is to live a life alone in fear of many things. My Transformation is the result of a 400 year old curse that was placed on my family line. That we was able to brake."

He bowed his head and stepped back. She looked at the last Lord and smiled.

" I am Lord Kouga Lord of The Southern Lands. I ask you this Lady Kagome. The wish you made on the Jewel. When did you decide it was the correct wish and why did you wish it?"

" Lord Kouga my old friend. Before the wish was made demon did not live in this time. The demon race was extinct. In the first year of my travels I came to realize this. Every live being has a right to live. It was man kind the reason the demon race vanished. The way I made the wish ensured that no demon or human would be as Naraku was for the wish would not permit it. It was the one wish that would benefit both human and demon kind and save a dieing race."

She smiled softly at the three Lords in front of her and felt a calming hand on her shoulder. "My Mate has for filled her duties of The Shikon No Tama and the prophecy. Now let The Ball begin."

When they all took their seats Sesshomaru whispered into her ear. " You did well My Mate." She smiled wider at his approval.

As the night went on Kagome talked with her family telling them about her life. Her mother could tell that Kagome had always been happy and was kept safe just as Sesshomaru had promised he would do.

She embraced her son-in-law and grandchildren. Happy in the fact she would get a chance to get to know them. Before long time slipped away from them and the Ball was over. Guest started retiring for the night to their room or went home.

Kagome's family had their own rooms in the private family wing of the manor. After everyone had gone to bed Sesshomaru pulled Kagome into a tight embrace and kissed her softly. Pulling back he could see the joy in her eyes.

" Are you happy now Kagome?" He asked in a loving voice. She was a little taken back by his question.

" Sesshomaru I have always been happy with you. I admit I have longed for my family but now that is gone. Life is perfect now." He stood and held her for a moment longer before they dressed for bed. He pulled her close to his body.

" Good-night My Beautiful Mate. I Love You."

" Good-night My Mate. I love you as well."

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May we all find the one who will make us happy no matter what life has in store for us. :)