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A Sophomore Life

Chapter 7: Secret Valentine

It's words you forget
To anniversary songs.
The bottles bite back,
Your tolerance wrong.

Your good intentions count for little anymore.
If you're sorry, why wage war?
I'm not fully convinced.
There's something wrong with this.
Could another point of view,
Biased and untrue,
Tear me away from you?

"Oh crap, don't tell me it's already morning!" Rukia mumbled to herself as she pulled her bed sheets over her head. The song kept on playing the background and she found it useless to try and go back to sleep. A week had passed since Tatsuki asked Rukia about the study session about Chemistry. Rukia's mind was about to explode with all the Chemistry that she had to re-teach to her friends three days ago. She got up and out from her snug bed and once again went on her daily routine in the morning. Leaving the song playing on, she made her way to the bathroom.

"It's Valentine's Day… woop-dee-FREAKING-do…" the young girl said to her reflection, her voice thick with sarcasm. Her mind went on the memories of what she had done for this years' 'Single Aware-ness Day'.

"Oh yes that's right…I wasted at least ten flippin' dollars for this stupid day…" she thought, while brushing her teeth. She had bought a single rose for five of her friends, which were, CJ, Mae, Orihime, Tatsuki, and Ichigo. It was 2 bucks per rose, and Rukia was only going to buy the flowers for the girls, but they somehow persuaded her to get one for Ichigo.

"As a friend my ASS " she fumed inside of her mind. She spit into the sink, and frowned at herself in the mirror. Luckily, she had made the note that would go on the card unsigned, making it to be anonymous. The ones who would have any knowledge of it would be only her and her girlfriends.

Will you be my valentine
If I'm a world away?
Are breaking me.
Constants aren't so constant anymore.

Two days I wait for
Calls to come through.
Tonight for me translates
To yesterday to you.

It was about 6:45 in the morning and Rukia got dressed quickly. A simple dark blue shirt with a white flower print on the front and a pair of blue jeans to go with it.

"I didn't notice that the song playing is called "Valentine" Rukia mused as she finished putting on her clothes and brushed her hair.

"That's pretty ironic…" She grabbed her black jacket and ipod before leaving her room to go downstairs.

"Hisana!" she called out as she was walking down the stairs.

"Yes, Rukia?" her older sister answered back, "I'm in the kitchen,"

"Let's go I'm ready," Rukia replied once she was at the door of the kitchen entrance.

"Okay then. Let's go, here's your breakfast," Hisana handed Rukia a blueberry bagel with cream cheese spread on it.

"Oh, thanks Hisana!" the younger sibling said with gratitude and took a huge bite of the bread. She put on her shoes and followed her older sister towards the door.

"Byakuya, Happy Valentine's Day dear, we're going now!" Hisana called to her husband, who was sitting on a chair reading the newspaper. She walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He nodded in response and his wife smiled back. Rukia was just waiting by the door and eating her breakfast.

"See you later Byakuya!" Rukia said as well as she slipped out the front door with Hisana.

Bend and you wave
You're barely away.
I wish I could say tonight
When you bend and wave goodbye
You'd take me with you.

Will you be my valentine
If I'm a world away?
Are breaking me.
Constants aren't so constant anymore.
The constants aren't so constant anymore.

Will you be my valentine
If I'm a world away?
(Constants aren't so constant anymore.
Constants aren't so constant anymore. )

"Hey Rukia, are you okay with being home alone tonight?" Hisana asked her as they were driving to school.

"Yeah, of course Hisana, you and Byakuya have left me alone a million times already,"

"Mmm, okay, but call me if you need anything…"

"Hisanaaaa, don't treat me like I'm 10! Come on! I'm 16 years old, go and have fun with Byakuya tonight, you guys go have fun at your dinner… even though I don't know how you can even get him to smile…" Rukia added the last part quieter than the beginning.

"Alright, alright, fine.. we will, and… just so you know, I have my ways to break his hard cold exterior…" Hisana smiled to herself, while Rukia stuck out her tongue in disgust.

"Thanks… but that was just a little too much information…"

"I know that you want to hear more of it little sister," Hisana teased.

"EW no! No thank you! My imagination has enough stuff in it as it is…" Rukia said in defense. Hisana laughed and continued driving towards Karakura High.

"Bye Hisana, see you later!" the smaller girl kissed he sisters' cheek and went out of the car. She looked at the front of the school and began walking. All of a sudden, couples surrounded her and she was lost in a sea of love-sick twosomes.

"H-Hey! What the freaking hell is this?!" she yelled out, but no one seemed to notice her.

"Damnit, I HATE Valentine's Day…" she said to herself hotly. Her usual big violet eyes narrowed and became an icy glare to all the people around her. She hastily put in her ipod to her ears and blasted it as loud as it could go, and pushed and shoved people out of the way to get to her locker.

Rukia finally got to her locker, but found it to be blocked by a couple, who were making out right in front of it. She pursed her lips together and stomped up to the preoccupied pair.

"Excuse me…" she said politely… she didn't want to blow up in their face. However, they either didn't hear her, or they just ignored her. Rukia sighed, and became ultimately disgusted when she saw that their kiss became much more heated up. She definitely could not take anymore.


The couple finally broke apart and saw Rukia. They shrugged and only moved down a couple of lockers and began where they left off.

"Are you freaking serious?! God damn, this day just gets better and better, and it's only morning!" she vented out to her books in her locker.

"Hey Rukia!" a voice called out to her.

"WHAT?!" she yelled out as she turned around to face who had called her. It was Mae and CJ who stood before her; they were both taken aback at her reaction and had scared looks on their faces. They knew Rukia's temper was manageable for her, but when she was angry… well… she just didn't control it as much as she should.

"Uhh… a-are you okay?" CJ bravely asked her, biting her lip in the process.

"Oh, yeah, sorry guys, it's just that…. You know how much I hate Valentine's Day…" Rukia replied back, returning to her old self, no longer pissed off.

"Well, don't worry; I know how ya feel..." Mae said back. Rukia sighed and she heard the bell ring.

"Well, let's go to class, I'll see you later CJ…" the now calmer Rukia said to her friend.

"Yeah, ok, byeeee" CJ told them as she turned to walk to her classroom.

"So you wanna tell me why you've gotten hit by the bitch-stick and are being all mad?" Mae asked the shorter girl once they were alone.

"Sorry about that… and I did not get hit by the bitch-stick… it's just that I dunno what, but once I got to school I got bombarded and surrounded by couples! Everywhere! And it doesn't make the people who are single, like us feel better, you know? Stupid Single-Awareness day… and then to top it off, there was this couple making out to the MAX right in front of my locker. I asked them to move kindly… but they didn't hear me! And so I totally yelled at them to freaking move, and then that's when you guys came…" Rukia explained, her face already exhausted.

"Don't worry Rukia, just so you know, you're not the only person at this school who's single, and this is only ONE DAY, who knows, maybe someone will send you a flower…" Mae reassured her.

"Yeah, thanks… let's just get into class…" Rukia told her changing the subject. The two entered into their APEC class.

Rukia completely drowned out everything that Luston had said in APEC. The whole classroom was covered in decorations that were all the shades of Red, White and Pink. It wasn't Luston's fault though. His classroom was also the Spirits Coordinating Committee's room. Rukia was relieved when the bell rang and she immediately shot out of the class first, with Mae trailing right behind her.

"God, I couldn't stand another second in that room!" the violet-eyed girl told Mae as they were walking through the halls.

"I know what you mean, it was a little overboard, even for me," Mae agreed.

"Well, I'll see you at lunch," Rukia said back to her as they went their separate ways.


Rukia sighed and headed to her French class. Although it wasn't as bad as her APEC class, the room was decorated for Valentine's Day as well.

"Rukia!" a voice caught her attention just as she walked into the class.

"Hey, Ichigo," she replied back

"Happy Valentine's Day" he said nonchalantly to her, his hands were wedged into his pockets.

"More like 'Single Awareness Day," she corrected him with a smirk, "nice shirt," she added. Ichigo looked down onto his shirt and smiled. It was a black t-shirt with a slanted print of 'SINGLE' on it, his blue jeans shifted as he took his right hand out of the pocket.

"You mean this?" he asked pointing to the word.

"Yep, definitely the best shirt to wear on this particular day, only it's not red," Ichigo scoffed at the girl's statement and thanked her. The bell rang and the two went to their respective seats.

"Bonjour class!" Madame Blak greeted to the students.

"Bonjour Madame," they answered back in a bored tone.

"Okay class, since today is Valentine's Day, and choir will be in and out of the classes today this period and next period we will have an easy class time," she told them in English. Sighs and cheers of approval answered back to the teachers' remark.

"Rukia!" Rangiku said as she turned around to face the girl.


"Did you send anything to anyone special?" the junior emphasized on the last word and she got closer to Rukia.

"Only to Orihime, Mae, Tatsuki, and CJ," the smaller girl said back while trying to pretend to be working on something in her notebook.

"You didn't send anything to Ichigo?" she questioned further. Rukia's eyes went wide, but she covered it up quickly.

"No, why would I? We're just friends,"

"Well, since you guys have been getting closer and all… I just thought you would get him something…."

"That would just make people like YOU, think that we're going out," Rukia accused. Rangiku smirked and she put a finger on her chin as if she was thinking.

"I wouldn't do anything like that,"

"Mmmmhmmm…" Rukia said in an unenthusiastic tone. Just then the door opened and about 10 choir people entered into the class room.

"Excuse us, but we have the flowers and songs ready," one of the choir students said to Madame Blak.

"Of course, class be quiet now please," she called the attention of the class.

Rukia rested her face on her hand as she waited to get her flowers from CJ, Mae, and Orihime. Rangiku got about 20 single roses and 4 bouquets of roses. Rukia glanced at Ichigo and he got handed about 10 single roses.

"One of those is mine…" she thought to herself.

Everything was given out and Rukia was glad. But before the choir students left, they announced something to the class.

"And we have one more to give out, a song and a bouquet of roses for a Rukia Kuchiki, from an Anonymous person" Rukia's head shot up at the sound of her name and her mouth hung open. Wooo's and Aww's came from Rukia's surrounding classmates.

"If she could please stand up…" Rukia tried the shrink down in her chair and hoped that they didn't see her, but Rangiku poked her senseless making her stand up. The sophomore girl gave an icy glare to her and the junior smiled widely in return. And then the singing began.

When I fall in love it will be forever
Or I
'll never fall in love
In a restless world like this is
Love is ended before its begun
And too many moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

When I give my heart it will be completely
Or Ill never give my heart
And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you.

And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you.

That 2 minutes were the longest that Rukia had to endure ever in her life. She felt her cheeks feeling extremely hot and although the singing was wonderful she was embarrassed to the extreme. She only made eye contact with the floor as she heard the voices harmonize. The choir finally left and Rukia slumped into her chair clutching her bouquet of roses and the card that came with it. She opened the piece of paper and read it.

"I think we've got somethin' special
Girl, you and me
Together, we'll take over the world
You know I love ya
I need you so
So happy I just wanna let everybody know

-Your Secret Admirer"

She recognized the small paragraph from one of the songs that she loved. Usher's Something Special. Her breathing got quick and she folded up the paper and put it in her pocket. She looked up to find the whole class staring at her.

"What?!" she finally said gaining her self motivation again.

"Rukia has a secret loverrrrr!!" Rangiku yelled out laughing.

"I'm going to kill you," the small girl grumbled as the rest of the class joined in on laughing, even Madame Blak gave a small chuckle. From the corner of her eye Rukia saw Ichigo laughing as well.

"Oh great, even Strawberry thinks this is funny," she thought to herself, rolling her eyes.

"Wow Rukia, I think I'm jealous" Jenna told her when she stopped laughing along with the rest of the class, "I only got a bouquet of roses from my boyfriend! You got a song AND roses, how sweet!"

"Yeah, only that I now have some sort of stalker!" Rukia replied back exasperatedly.

"Well, why don't you figure out who sent you the valentine?" Rangiku suggested her eyes sparkling with excitement.

"That's actually a good idea, thanks!" the violet-eyed teen agreed with the junior.

"See! I can give you helpful advice once in a while!"

"Only when it has something to do with boys…" Rukia added on quietly.

"Is there anything on the note that can give you any hints?" Jenna asked. Rukia took out the piece of paper and looked it over again.

"Mmm I don't think so; it's only the chorus part of Something Special by Usher,"

"That could be a clue,"


"I dunno, I'm not the one with the stalker here, come on Rukia! You're smart!" Jenna smiled after telling her that.

"Thanks for your oh so wonderfully helpful assistance Jenna," Rukia told her.

"No problemo!"

The rest of the period went on, but Rukia could still tell people gave her awkward glances every now and then. She was very grateful again when the bell rang, ending her French class. She walked to Math class pondering on who gave her the Valentine. Of course she could always ask everyone at lunch to help her out, since 5 minds were better than one. She got to Shean's class earlier than everyone else since she rushed to get out of her previous class. So since she still had some time, she decided to listen to one more song before class started.

Soft kiss and wine what a pretty friend of mine
we're finally intertwined
nervous and shy for the moment we will come
alive tonight

secret valentine

We'll write a song
that turns out the lights
when both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside
don't waste your time
speed up your breathing
just close your eyes
we'll hope it's not for nothing at all

lay down be still
don't worry talk they will
i'll be loving you until
morning's first light
breaks tomorrow
i'll take care of you tonight

secret valentine

We'll write a song
that turns out the lights
when both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside
don't waste your time
speed up your breathing
just close your eyes
we'll hope it's not for nothing at all

when guilt fills your head
brush off rise up from the dead
this is the moment that we
will come alive
brace yourself for love
sweet love, secret love.

We'll write a song
that turns out the lights
when both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside
don't waste your time
speed up your breathing
just close your eyes
we'll hope it's not for nothing at all

"Great," Rukia thought, "even my songs are having something to do with Valentine's Day," She took out the note that came with her Valentine roses and re-read it again before the class started.

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Songs used:

Valentine by: The Get Up Kids

When I Fall In Love by: Nat King Cole

Something Special by: Usher

Secret Valentine by: We the Kings

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