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Tracy Turnblad was excited about her date with one Link Larkin. They were going to their first summer carnival together. She was sitting at her vanity putting the finishing touches on her makeup which included pink lip gloss. She smacked her lips together as she heard a knock on the door and her mom say

"Tracy hun Link is here"

Tracy stood up, and walked out of her room. She walked into her living room and found Link sitting on the sofa. The minute he saw her, a huge smile came across his face. He hopped off the sofa and walked to her.

"Hi Trace, you look beautiful" he said as he kissed her cheek.

"Hi Link, thank you. You look handsome yourself" she replied blushing. Tracy was wearing a blue sundress that reached her knees. Her hair was styled in a bun as to keep her hair off her face. A few wisps of hair escaped around her face. Link was wearing a blue short sleeved shirt and black slacks.

"Ready to have some fun" Link asked her. Tracy grinned and nodded.

"You kids have fun at the carnival but don't stay out too late" Wilbur said as they were almost to the door

"Thanks dad" Tracy told him

"I'll have her back at a decent hour Sir" Link replied.

"Bye Ma, dad" Tracy kissed her mother and father's cheek.

"M'am, Sir" Link added as they stepped outside the door.

When they arrived at Link's red Chevrolet he opened the door for Tracy. Before letting her get in Link placed a hand on her cheek and kissed her newly glossed lips. He tugged at her lower lip asking for entrance and she gladly gave it to him thus deepening the intensity of the kiss. Link's hands wrapped around her waist and massaged her lower back as Tracy's hands went around Link's neck holding him in place. Tracy's knees started to feel weak. To steady herself, she leaned against the car. She moaned as they continued to kiss. Link smiled as he heard her. A few more minutes went by before they had to break apart for oxygen. He was still holding her waist and she still had her hands on his neck.

"Wow" Link stated looking into Tracy's chocolate orbs. Her eyes were glazed over as were his. He absentmindedly played with the tendrils on the left side of her face.

"That was amazing" She declared as she stared back into his glazed deep blue eyes.

Link leaned in and captured her lips again. Several more minutes went by before Tracy had to break away and put her index finger up to his lips.

"Link, don't you think we should go pick up Penny and Seaweed. They are waiting for us" she asked.

Sighing Link said "I suppose we should"

Tracy giggled. "We can continue this later"

"Promise" he asked.

Tracy gave him a quick kiss and wink then got into the passenger side of the car. Every time she winked at him Link felt his heart melt. Link grinned as he shut the door and walked over to the driver's side and slid in the seat. He intertwined his right hand in Tracy's left rubbing his fingers over her ring finger. On that finger sat his class ring which he had given to her on their first month anniversary. With his left hand he steered towards Miss Maybelle's record store.

They pulled up to the record store and Link got out. He opened Tracy's door and helped her out. Holding her hand they walked to the door and knocked. Seaweed answered. He was wearing tan slacks and orange short sleeved shirt.

"Bout time you two got here. I was afraid we had lost you two for the night"

"And hi to you too Seaweed" Link said.

"Hold on Cracker Boy I'm just playing with you" Seaweed responded.

Link grinned. "I know"

He had to admit that he was warming to his nickname since he and Seaweed had become friends.

"Hi Seaweed where's Penny?" Tracy asked.

"Hi Tracy, Link" Penny said as she came out from behind the door and hugged her friend. Penny was wearing a green sundress and her hair in its trademark pigtails. Tracy let go of Link's hand so that she could hug Penny back. Link's hand felt sadly empty without hers in it and he frowned slightly. Yet Link knew that he could not deny Tracy from hugging Penny. Tracy loved giving out hugs to people, especially her family and friends. After they hugged Tracy walked back to Link and intertwined her fingers with his. He smiled as he picked up her hand and placed a kiss on it.

"Hi Penny. So are you two ready" he asked Penny and Seaweed. They both nodded. Seaweed opened the door for Penny and slid in after her. Link walked to the door and held it open for Tracy, kissing her forehead as she slid into her seat. He closed her door and walked over to the driver's side and got in. He instantly laced fingers with Tracy and started the car.

"So is everyone ready for Baltimore's premiere summer carnival" Tracy asked.

"I'm ready to get my baby alone in the Tunnel of Love" Seaweed replied giving Penny a flirtatious look.

"Oh are you now and what makes you think I will enter the Tunnel of Love" Penny responded teasing her boyfriend.

Seaweed feigned hurt since he knew she was teasing. "You will won't you?"

Penny smiled "Oh I think I can be persuaded"

Seaweed grinned and kissed her gently on the lips then on her cheek and then on her right ear. Penny giggled as she put her hand on his cheek and captured his lips. He kissed her back with as much passion as she was bringing.

While their friends were having a mini make-out session in the backseat Link and Tracy sat upfront talking trying their best not to pay attention.

"So what ride would you like to go on once we get there" Link asked her.

"The Ferris wheel" she replied


"Yeah, cuddling under the stars with you, high above the ground doesn't that sound perfect" she added.

Link squeezed her hand. "There's no place I'd rather be than next to you Trace"

Tracy giggled "You and your corny lines."

"You know you love my corny lines." He said

"I do love them and that's one reason why I love you" Tracy smiled

"What are the other reasons? My charm, undeniable good looks, intelligence, singing voice, dancing" Link questioned grinning at her.

"Your modesty" Tracy laughed. "Though I do love all of those qualities you stated" she continued.

Link smiled. "Good to hear darlin" If he didn't need to pay attention to the road Link would have taken Tracy into his arms and kissed her. Instead he just gave her his patented wink.

Before long they had reached their destination. The Baltimore premiere summer carnival was held every year not far from the school in an open field that lay near a small lake. Link was able to find a decent parking spot not far from the entrance. Link parked and went around the other side to open Tracy's door. He helped her out, receiving a "thank you" kiss on the cheek and waited while Seaweed climbed out. Seaweed then helped Penny out receiving his own "thank you" kiss on the cheek.

Tracy took Links proffered arm and Penny took Seaweeds hand as they walked into the carnival. The two couples were greeted to tents where prizes could be won, the Ferris wheel towering over the other activities and food booths. There was a small roller coaster and a huge slide as well. The Tunnel of Love was set up on the lake with swan shaped boats. The four friends walked over to one tent where milk bottles were set up and the person had to knock them over using a baseball. Seaweed went up first and knocked the three bottles off the table easily.

"What prize do you want sir" the game vendor asked.

Seaweed turned to Penny "What would you like baby?"

Penny looked at the stuffed animals hanging behind the milk bottles. "Um I'd like the pink elephant" she finally said after a few moments of consideration.

"We'll take the pink elephant sir" he told the vendor. The vendor picked up the elephant and handed it to Seaweed. Seaweed then handed it to a bubbly Penny who was shouting

"My boyfriend has an excellent aim"

"Aw thanks baby" he said putting his arm around her waist and pulling her close.

"Let's see what you got Cracker Boy" he then told Link.

Link smiled at Seaweed and took his position in front of the milk bottles. He took the baseball from the game vendor and aiming for the middle threw the ball. A loud "clank" confirmed that there was a hit as all three bottles fell to the ground.

Link grinned and looked at Tracy "Doll now it's your turn to choose"

Tracy looked at the stuffed animals and saw that there were smaller prizes on a table below them. She spotted a charm bracelet with a bear on it.

"I'd like the charm bracelet Link"

"Ok then, the charm bracelet sir" he told the vendor. The vendor gave Link the bracelet and he walked over to Tracy.

"Give me your left hand" he gently asked. She held out her left hand and Link clasped the bracelet around her wrist. Tracy brought the bracelet up to her eyes so that she could properly view it.

"I like it, though the bear seems kind of lonely" she told Link.

"Well I guess we will have to fix that" he said smiling. She smiled back at him. Tracy then walked over to Penny to show her the bracelet and Link walked over to Seaweed.

"I didn't know you had it in you" Seaweed told Link.

"Well when I was younger I used to play catch with my father" Link told him.

Not far away the girls were talking amongst themselves.

"Our boyfriends are handsome and can throw a ball who'd have believed that" Tracy said

"I know, sure they can dance but never saw that in them especially Link" Penny responded. She felt a hand grab hers and looked up to find Seaweed. She kissed his lips gently.

"Just another thing to add to his ever growing list" Tracy replied. She felt two hands wrap around her waist and she grinned placing her hands on his arms.

"List of what" Link asked her pulling her close to him.

"List of new and amazingly wonderful facts that I find out about my handsome boyfriend" she answered.

Link grinned as he kissed her neck. He felt her shiver as his warm breath made contact with her skin. He found it fascinating that he could still have that effect on her even after a month of dating.

"I aim to please" he told her, his lips close to her ear. Tracy grinned. "Please who"

"You Trace, only you" Link replied as he moved around to face her. He then captured her lips in a chaste kiss that still left her weak in the knees.

Seaweed looked at Tracy and Link "I can't wait any longer. I'm taking my baby over to the Tunnel of Love"

He put his arm around Penny's shoulder and softly guided her towards the ride. Tracy thought she caught a glimpse of a very wide smile on Penny's face as she nervously pulled out a cherry sucker. Tracy knew that the sucker would probably end up at the bottom of the lake.

Tracy looked up at Link who she found was looking back at her. He bent down and gave her a peck on the nose. She giggled.

"You had some frosting on your nose" he stated.

"That's hard to believe since I haven't eaten anything since you picked me up" she told him giggling again.

He smiled at her. "Shall we go ride the Ferris wheel"

"I'd love to" she answered.

Tracy grabbed Link's hand as he led her to the Ferris wheel line. As they waited Link planted tiny kisses on Tracy's lips in an almost teasing way. She would have liked to kiss him more deeply to stop the teasing and show him just how much she loved him but not while they had an audience. That fact didn't stop her from staring into his magnetic blue eyes. Link didn't seem to mind since he was busy staring into her alluring brown eyes. Their gazes were only interrupted by a loud cough. Tracy looked over to where the cough came from and saw Inez.

"Oh hi Inez didn't know you were here. Are you having fun" Tracy asked her.

"Hi. Not as much fun as you two seem to be having staring into each others eyes" Inez responded smirking.

Tracy blushed as Link grinned sheepishly.

"Well I just wanted to say hi, gotta go now" Inez said before she skipped off towards her group of friends.

Link looked at Tracy "Now where were we"

But before she could answer the line moved and they found themselves next to get on. Tracy looked at the couple who just exited the seat and noticed that it was Amber and her new boyfriend Duane. Duane was one of Seaweeds friends whom Amber had met at the Miss Hairspray Pageant.

"Look Link its Amber with Duane" Tracy motioned to where they were walking.

"She looks happy" Link replied as Amber's head tipped towards Duane her face full of laughter.

"Yeah, I'm glad that she found happiness" she responded.

"So she'd stop bothering us" Link asked.

"That and she deserves happiness even though her mother isn't the best person in the world" Tracy replied.

"You can't think ill of anyone can you Trace" he said grinning.

"No I can't" she stated.

"And that's one reason why I love you so much; you have no hatred in your heart" Link told her as he bent down and captured her lips. The kiss ended quickly when the attendant told them that they could sit down in the Ferris wheel bucket seat.

They walked to the seat and sat down. The attendant locked the bar over their legs so they wouldn't fall out. Tracy snuggled close to Link as the wheel started moving. He put his right arm around her shoulders. He then kissed her hairline as she laid her head on his shoulder. Her right hand rested on his chest as her left snaked around his waist. The wheel went around 360 degrees three times before it stopped with Tracy and Link on top. Tracy looked up at the stars, seeing a shooting star pass by.

"Look Link a shooting star, make a wish" she told him.

"But why wish when I already have everything I wanted" he responded looking at her.

"That's the sweetest yet corniest line I've heard" she replied. She was grinning despite what she said so Link gathered that she liked his answer.

"What did you wish for doll"

"If I told you then it won't come true" she said.

"Fine I can try to get it out of you later" he told her.

"Oh really" she didn't get to finish her thought because Link's lips covered hers. He nibbled at her lower lip asking for entrance and she gladly granted it. They shifted their bodies in a more comfortable position as the kiss became more passionate. Neither Tracy nor Link felt the wheel move.

"Sir, Miss, please this is a family ride" the attendant said vociferously.

Tracy and Link broke apart quickly each with deep blushes. They muttered their "sorrys" to the attendant and walked hand in hand to a picnic table a few feet away.

Their cheeks were still crimson when Penny and Seaweed joined them a short time later. Penny's hair was messy and she had a healthy flush to her cheeks. Seaweed looked out of breath.

"How was the Tunnel of Love" Link asked them

"It was very um stimulating" Seaweed said. Link and Tracy laughed at that response as Penny's cheeks reddened slightly.

"And why are you out of breath and blushing" Seaweed asked Link and Tracy.

"Well we were caught kissing on the Ferris wheel" Tracy said.

"Just kissing" Penny asked smirking.

"Well it was quite a kiss" Tracy responded grinning. Link grinned sheepishly.

"It's almost time for the fireworks" Penny squealed looking at her watch.

Seaweed smiled "She's been looking forward to the fireworks all night"

The two couples walked to Link's car. Seaweed and Link put down the top of the car. Link opened up his trunk and pulled out two blankets. He gave Seaweed one of the blankets and then opened his, a light blue colored, up and laid it on the hood of his car. He then helped Tracy onto the hood and hopped up besides her. They lay down next to each other with her head on his chest. Seaweed laid the other blanket, an aqua colored, on the trunk and he helped Penny get into the back of the car and position herself so that she was lying down on the blanket. He then lay next to her. She positioned herself so that her head rested on his shoulder. Other spectators filed in around them lying on their own cars.

The fireworks began shortly after and they were spectacular. The sky filled with blues, yellows, greens, and reds to the sounds of "ooo's and ahh's".

Link was happily twisting one of Tracy's tendrils as he watched the sky. Penny and Seaweed had their fingers intertwined.

When the fireworks ended it was time to get going. The couples got off the car and Link placed the blankets into his trunk. Penny and Seaweed slid into the back seat as Tracy got into the passengers side. Link jumped into the driver's side and as he always did laced his right hand with Tracy's left. They discussed the carnival and made plans to return the following night to see what they had missed as Link drove to the record store.

When they reached the store Tracy unlinked hands with Link and climbed out allowing Seaweed and Penny to do the same. Tracy and Penny hugged.

"Goodnight Penny, Seaweed" Tracy and Link said together.

"Goodnight" both responded before walking into the store together. Penny had been staying in a spare room since her mother kicked her out after the Miss Hairspray Pageant.

Link and Tracy got back into the car and Link drove to Tracy's house. Link pulled

up to the curb. He got out and opened Tracy's door, helping her out. He leaned down and captured her lips in a fierce kiss. She responded to him with equal intensity. He started to move to her cheek then her ear then her neck but Tracy pulled back placing an index finger on his lips.

"I think I should be getting in before mama comes out and drags me in for making out with my "gentleman caller" in the middle of the street" she said.

Link nodded disappointed but he understood that they had to stop "I understand doll. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon"

"I look forward to it" she replied giving him a quick kiss. "Goodnight Link"

"Goodnight Trace" She turned around at the door and blew him a kiss before opening it and walking in. He waited until she was inside then he walked to his car and drove home. He walked in his door and up to his room. Changing into his pajamas he sat on his bed thinking about the night.

An hour after he had dropped Tracy off the phone rang. Link walked out into the hallway and picked it up thinking that it was her. Instead he got a major shock.

"Link, this is Edna Turnblad have you seen Tracy? She hasn't been home"

"I dropped her off at home an hour ago Mrs. Turnblad" he said his heart beating fast and sweat appearing on his brow.