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Tracy sat on the couch reading the paper. There was a small article about Mrs. Von Tussle being arrested for conspiracy in kidnapping. She just finished reading when she heard a knock on the door. Smiling she walked over to the door and opened it. Link was wearing a nice gray shirt and matching slacks. His hair was perfectly coiffed with his sculpted curl. Tracy wore a patterned skirt and white blouse. Her hair was like it was the previous night, pushed back with a headband.

"Hi Link" Tracy said giving him a peck on the cheek.

"Hey lil darlin how are you feeling today" Link inquired

"I'm feeling alright. My ankles and wrists are sore from being bound. How bout you didn't you get punched in the stomach" she responded.

"I did. Its starting to bruise but I'll survive" he replied. "Maybe I can make your wrists feel better" he added.

"How" Tracy asked.

"Like this" Link answered as he took her hands in his and then gently kissed the inside of her wrists, tickling her in the process.

Tracy giggled. "Link! I can't believe you did that"

"Well it worked didn't it"

"Yes, but what if Ma saw us" Tracy responded.

"But she didn't Trace. I think she's in the kitchen" he replied. She nodded.

Walking into the kitchen Tracy spotted her mother.

"Bye Ma Link and I are going to meet Penny, Seaweed and Inez and then after lunch we are going to go make our statements at the police station" she told her.

"Alright hun, I'll see you later" Edna replied.

"Bye Mrs. Turnblad" Link called from the other room

"Bye Link, drive safely" she told him in her motherly tone.

"I will" he replied.

Tracy walked back to Link and taking his hand followed him out to his car. He opened the door for her and she slid into the seat. He closed her door then walked around to the driver's side and got in. He interlaced the fingers of his right hand with her left after he started the engine. They drove over to Maybelles and parked by the curb. Link got out and opened Tracy's door helping her out. She took his arm and together they walked up to the door and knocked. Inez answered.

"Hi Tracy, Link. You are just in time. We are almost finished"

"Finished with what" Tracy inquired.

"Lunch silly" Inez answered.

Tracy looked inquisitively at Link. "I forgot to tell you that Miss Maybelle wanted to make a special luncheon for you and Inez" he told her.

"But why" Tracy asked.

"Momma's just happy to have us home and safe" Inez answered before Link. Inez wore a simple red dress with her hair in pigtails.

Inez moved aside so that Link and Tracy could walk inside. They were greeted by Penny and Seaweed. Penny walked over to them and with a loud "Tracy!" she hugged her friend. Penny was wearing a conservative light blue dress and her hair was half up half down. Seaweed wore a red shirt and tan slacks.

"Hi Link" Penny said after she hugged Tracy.

"Hey cracker boy, hey Tracy" Seaweed said

"Hi Penny, Seaweed" Link and Tracy said together.

One of the tables that were set up had a tablecloth on it and place settings for six.

Maybelle came out of the kitchen with a plate full of delicious looking sandwiches.

"I thought I heard you two" she said smiling.

"Seaweed, Penny will you be darlings and help me carry in the rest of the plates. Link, Tracy have a seat" Maybelle continued. "You too Inez honey"

"Yes momma" Inez simply said. Tracy, Inez and Link strolled over to the table and Link pulled out Inez's chair then Tracy's. He then sat down next to Tracy.

"Thank you Link" Inez said. Link winked at her. She smiled.

"Thanks Link" Tracy said to him as well. She kissed him lightly on the lips.

"My pleasure darlin" he told her giving her his famous wink. Tracy grinned at him.

Penny, then Seaweed then Maybelle came back out with plates in their hands. They placed the plates around the table and took their seats. Seaweed held out the chair for his mother then Penny and sat down next to her. The plates consisted of sandwiches and scrumptious looking sides.

While eating the tasty food the conversation fell to Mrs. Von Tussle.

"What do you think will happen to her" Tracy asked.

"Hopefully she'll go away for a long time and never hurt anyone, especially Inez and Tracy again" Penny responded.

"As long as I'm around she won't get near Trace" Link said looking at her with complete adoration while putting his arm around her shoulders. Tracy snuggled into his arm while snaking hers around his waist pulling him in a sort of hug. When she looked up at him she grinned. He grinned back. She kissed him softly on the lips. Lost in her chocolate orbs he was about to kiss her again when he heard

"Link some of us are trying to eat here" Seaweed told him. Link just grinned sheepishly while Tracy crimsoned slightly.

"Like you don't want to do the same thing with Penny" Link shot back. Seaweed looked at Penny with love in his eyes and she looked back at him with complete admiration.

"Yeah, but my mother is sitting right over there" he said pointing to Maybelle. Maybelle just grinned at the two couples.

"If Mrs. Von Tussle is in jail what will happen to Amber" Tracy asked turning the subject back to the Von Tussles.

"She'll probably go live with some relatives" Maybelle answered.

"Oh I see" Tracy replied rather sadly.

"Don't worry Trace Amber can take care of herself, she might even be better off without her mother's corruptive influence" Link told her. He smiled at her knowing that she felt bad for Amber. The fact that she still saw the good in people made Link love Tracy even more.

The rest of lunch was spent talking of pleasanter things such as Corny's upcoming summer hop and what songs they thought should be played or sung. The council members had to be there but they could invite friends.

"We should sing a duet" Link told Tracy.

"How do you know I can sing" she inquired.

"Darlin you have a wonderful voice. I hear you sing along to the radio in the car and to all the songs that I sing on the show" he answered.

"You hear me singing at the show" she asked.

"Trace I can't keep my eyes off your beautiful face" he replied. Tracy beamed up at him.

On the other side of the table Seaweed and Penny were talking.

"Penny, will you go with me to the hop? I'll teach you some new steps" Seaweed asked looking into her eyes.

Penny grinned. "I would love to" she said kissing him softly.

When lunch was finished Link, Tracy, Penny, Seaweed and Inez said their thanks to Maybelle and walked out to Links car. Link opened the door and Penny, Seaweed and Inez slid into the backseat. Tracy sat up front. Link walked around to the driver's side and slid in his seat. Starting the ignition he intertwined fingers with Tracy and drove to the police station. Link parked in the visitors section and opened the door helping Tracy then Inez out. Seaweed climbed out and then turned to assist Penny out of the car. The two couples walked hand in hand with Inez following into the station and up to the desk.

"Hi sir, we are here to make our statements. Officers Williams and Jones asked us to come down" he told the officer at the desk.

"Have a seat. I'll call the other officers. Mr. Collins was in here earlier" he told them. They nodded and walked over to a small waiting area sitting down. Officers Williams and Jones came out with three other officers.

"Good afternoon to you all. Each one of these officers will be taking your individual statements" Officer Jones told them nodding at his colleagues.

"We aren't going to do this together" Tracy asked.

"No it's better to have you all do this individually" Jones answered.

"Ms. Turnblad please come with me" Officer Williams said. Link who was still holding Tracy's hand squeezed it. She gave him a look of gratitude and stood up to follow Officer Williams.

"Ms. Stubbs this way please" Williams said leading Inez in the same direction as Tracy but to a different room.

Link, Seaweed and Penny followed the other officers to do their own statements. Seaweed gave Penny a hand squeeze for support just as Link gave Tracy before they parted.

Almost three hours later Tracy walked to the waiting area and sat. Soon after Inez, Link, Seaweed and Penny came out. They each gave their statements and had to go over it with a fine toothed comb several times for accuracy before signing them. After signing the statements they were allowed to leave. They silently walked out to the car and slid into their seats. Penny, Seaweed and Inez were in the backseat while Tracy and Link sat up front.

"I'm glad that is over" Link said.

"Me too" Seaweed concurred.

"Why did they make us go over and over it before we signed" Penny inquired.

"I think they wanted to make sure it was accurate" Tracy replied.

"I hope I never have to do that again" Inez said. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

Link drove to the record store and opened the passenger side door. He helped Tracy out and then Inez. Seaweed climbed out and then turning helped Penny climb out. Tracy hugged Penny, Inez and Seaweed.

"Bye guys" Tracy said.

"Bye guys" Link said as well.

"Bye Tracy, Cracker" Seaweed replied.

"Bye Tracy, Link" Penny and Inez said almost in unison.

Seaweed walked both girls to the door and opened it for them. Then he walked in after them.

Link and Tracy walked hand in hand back to the car. Link opened the door for her and grinning she slid into her seat. He walked over to the other side and got in. Tracy without thinking laced her left fingers with Link's right. He looked at her and bringing her hand up to his lips kissed it. She grinned widely. He started the car and drove to her building. He pulled up to the curb and shut off the engine. Link turned to Tracy.

"When I came by your place after your mom called saying you were missing I found something on the top step" he said.

"What" she inquired.

"This" he said producing a white rectangular box and handing it to her.

Tracy took the box and opened it. She tenderly picked up the bracelet that he had won for her at the carnival.

"I thought I'd never see this again" she exclaimed.

"I had it in my pocket. This morning I took it over to the jeweler and put the bear on a sturdier chain. Notice anything else" he asked.

Tracy looked closer at the bracelet and noticed that the bear was accompanied by a musical note and a key with a heart shaped top.

"The musical note represents singing and dancing" he told her.

"And the key" she asked.

"The key to my heart" he replied grinning.

"I thought I already held that" she responded.

"Trace, you've had my heart since the day I saw you dancing in detention"

Tracy leaned over and kissed him passionately. Link returned the kiss with as much fervor. Her hands were at the nape of his neck pulling him closer to her. His hands rubbed up and down her back. Link tugged on her bottom lip and she gave him entrance deepening the kiss. A need for oxygen several minutes later made Tracy and Link pull back from each other slightly. They remained gazing into each others eyes. Tracy's twinkled with happiness. Those twinkles made Link think of an earlier conversation.

"What did you wish for on that shooting star at the carnival" he asked Tracy. He gave her a heart melting look that she couldn't refuse. If he had asked her to murder someone she would have done it.

"I wished that we would always remain as happy as we have been the last month" Tracy told him.

"Darlin I will always try to make you as happy as you have made me" Link said

"And I you" she responded.

Link captured Tracy's lips in a loving kiss. Then he moved to the side of her mouth, then cheek, and her ear finally kissing her neck. His hot breath made Tracy shiver. He grinned as she let out a small moan.

"Link I think we should stop before we get any further" Tracy said after regaining some control.

Link looked up at her desire still etched in his eyes. "I understand" he said pulling away slightly regaining control himself. Tracy smiled at him and then gave him a kiss. She looked at her watch. It read 5pm.

"I don't want to go but mama has probably seen your car by now and will be looking for me soon" she told him frowning slightly.

Thinking that she looked adorable even when she frowned Link smirked. "I don't want you to go either but you're probably right about your mom" he responded.

He squeezed her hand and got out of the car. He walked over to the passenger's side and opened the door for her. Helping her out Link grasped Tracy's right hand with his left and together they walked into her building, up the stairs to her front door. Before opening the door Tracy gave Link a chaste kiss.

"Thank you for the bracelet Link" she told him.

"You're welcome lil darlin" he replied.

"Want to come in and have dinner with me and my parents" she asked.

"That sounds great doll. Your mom is a great cook" he answered. She smiled and nodded.

Opening the door Tracy walked inside followed by Link.

"Ma we are back" she called to Edna.

Edna came out of the kitchen. "How was it at the police station" she asked them.

"It went fine, just tiring" Tracy answered. Link nodded.

"They made us go over our statements many times before they let us go" he added.

"Can Link stay for dinner" Tracy asked her mother.

Edna smiled. "Of course dear. Link you are always welcomed"

"Thank you ma'am you are a great cook" he replied.

Edna grinned blushing slightly. "Well I don't make anything special"

"It's something alright" he told her. Edna grinned wider.

Tracy grinned at Link.

"Dinner will be ready in an hour" Edna told them. Tracy and Link nodded heading into her bedroom keeping the door partially open so her mom wouldn't get suspicious. Tracy started playing her favorite Elvis record. Link held out his hand.

"Want to dance Trace" he asked.

"I would love to" she replied taking his proffered hand.

They began to sway to the music. Tracy rested her head on Link's chest with her arms around his neck. His arms encircled her waist holding her close as they listened to "Can't Help Falling in Love". After the song was over they practiced a couple new dance moves until they heard the door open. Walking out into the hall they saw Wilbur.

"Hi kids" he said to them.

"Hi dad" Tracy replied.

"Hi Sir" Link said.

Wilbur then walked into the kitchen and Tracy thought she heard her mom giggle at something. Wilbur came back out into the living room and sitting in his chair read the paper. Tracy and Link sat on the sofa.

Around six Edna asked Tracy and Link to help her set the table. They all sat down to eat a few minutes later. Tracy and Link had to admit that the past couple of days had been quite interesting. The other day started off with a regular date to the carnival and ended with a kidnapping, search and rescue mission. Velma Von Tussle was behind bars. Their summer that started with complete bliss was turned upside down by another's revenge. Link and Tracy were glad to have this last adventure behind them as they happily looked forward to Corny's hop and the rest of the summer.

The End

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