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Please, no flames, this is something that is going on in my family right now.

Thank You

Sometimes I look back and wonder what I could've done to stop this from happening. I look back and go 'I'd throw myself in his stead to keep him alive. He didn't deserve to just... leave'. And no matter what anyone says, that it had to happen, that it was bound to happen... I still don't think it should've happened to him.

To you.

I wonder sometimes, though all this time later, what exactly you're doing back there in that... place. If you're doing what you love again. If you've picked life up exactly as you left it, despite the change. Do you look back on the times we shared? Do you look back on everything that ever happened? The tears? The laughter? The fear? The joy? The love?

I know I still love you.

You were always there, just right there behind me with my friends, with your smart ass remarks, with your laughs in the face of danger, that same smile on your face... And I knew you could never change. I knew that if somehow you returned to this place, this lovely place, you would be exactly the same as you left it.

Helpful. Happy. Fun. Caring. And that's how I'll remember you. For forever and after.

Thank you.

For my Grandpa, Clive Thomas Melville. 27th September 1936 - 12th of February 2008.