'Kate Maxwell here,I thought of a brilliant idea but I'll need some help....I know'*click*the
gundam boys appear out of no where 'Where ? Oh....hello great fanfiction.net author...we have
learned our lesson of tormenting the authors that write about us' Quatre and Duo said together
and threw a looks at Heero,Trowa and Wufei who looked at each other then bent down on to their
hands and knees. 'We are at your service....just be gentle..' Quatre and Duo said. 'Ok but if
you do one thing wrong..bye bye paint and polish,hello Tweenies and Barney'. Kate warned with an
evil grin. 'Here's my fic.. enjoy and review '.

Heero a girl ? ? ? Who would'a guessed ? ?

"Morning Duo,sleep well ?" Quatre asked Duo. "What sleep ? Heero kept me awake all night...he's
in the shower now, what's for breakfast ?" Duo said yawning and sat at the table. "Oh sausage,
egg,toast and tomatoes....and black pudding if you like it, Morning Wufei, your paper is on the
table..." Quatre said moving from the cooker to the microwave. "Morning Quatre, did you sleep
well ?" Trowa asked coming in and kissed the busy Quatre on the cheek. "With you...who wouldn't".
Quatre managed to say before going into a deep kiss with his lover.
"Are we having breakfast or lunch ?" Heero muttered coming into the kitchen. "Morning...Heero"
Quatre said stopping to get some air. "We will carry on later Quatre" Trowa said and got five
plates out. "Ok, here is breakfast" Quatre said coming away from the cooker with a frying pan
full of sausages and eggs. "Thanks, so what are we doing today ?" Wufei asked placing his paper
back on the table. "We have to meet Relena and the others tonight, they want to take us out
somewhere... we have till six to do our chores and other activities.." Quatre said while playing
two sausages and a fried egg onto each plate and placed the frying pan by the sink.
"I wonder what activities the girls want us to partisipate in this time ? I hope its not
another carnival, luckly we were trained for that kind of ride or we would of been aching for
weeks...pass the ketchup" Duo said while helping himself to the just done toast. "Excuse me a
minute, I can hear my laptop bleeping" Heero said gettting up after finishing his sausages.
"Oh ? Ok, but isn't it..." Wufei started to say but Heero had slammed the door shut. "The laptop
is on recharge over by the tv, not in his room..but I guessed he moved it" Trowa said grabbing a
glass of orange juice. "It's at the computer menders actually...Heero shot it and he got really
mad as he tried to shoot me.." Duo said taking his glass of orange juice and drank it all at once. "I'll go and check on him in a minute to make sure that he is ok" Quatre said stiring his cup of tea.
"Good thing I noticed that slipping, if I left it any longer then they would freak out" Heero
muttered to herself and tightened the knots on her bindings.'If they found out then I'm a dead
girl' Heero thought to herself placing her t-shirt back on. "Ok, I better go back to the
breakfast table or they will figure out that something's wrong,Or that Maxwell opened his mouth
about it being shot by me..." Heero said looking in the mirror. 'Bring Bring Bring' A phone
rang. " Hello, Heero Yuy speaking" Heero said. "We need to talk, meet me at the normal place at
6 tonight ". A woman's voice said. "We have to meet the girls tonight but I'll come... Out of my
disguise " Heero said and hanged up. 'I better lie to them, I'll just say the laptop is mended
or something'. Heero thought checking herself over and left the room.
"I wondered when you were going to come out " Duo said watching Heero come into the room,
while on channel surfing. "Hn, I just got a phone call from a woman holding information for the
preventers " Heero said sitting down on a armchair. "So,when have you got to meet her ?" Wufei
asked looking over his book he was reading in another arm chair. " Tonight at 6 o clock, which
means I can't come along with you and the others... " Heero said getting a book from a draw in
the desk near him. " Oh, ok I'll tell Quatre and Trowa when they have finished mucking about ..
." Wufei said going back to his book.
" Well, if its for the preventers then we will have to say that it's ok " Quatre said
looking at Heero before they left. "Ok, so you are leaving now then ? There is still half an
hour to go " Heero said looking at the clock. " We have to pick them up and then take them to
where ever they are taking us " Duo said zipping up his jacket. "We better go, we'll be back
later than you .... good luck with your meeting "Wufei said and closed the door behind them."I
better get changed and make my way to the coffee shop "Heero said and wandered into her room to
get changed.


Kate Maxwell : Here's part one of many,sorry its short but I am trying to type and chat at the
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