Heero's a girl part 10.

"What... what is that thing?" Duo asked firing a lighting spell at the creature from the hiding place.

"I don't know… I'll check with my scan magic!" Linda said and concentrated on the red creature.

'Pussy crab, this monster is on of many pets that Johan has serving his every wish…its weakness is ground and holy attacks, it has got its name from its crablike pincers and its cat like reflexes and body' The sense magic told Linda.

"Perfect!" Linda muttered.

"Quatre to Linda, Quatre to Linda. What is that thing, over?" Quatre's voice asked on the radio.

"It's a pussy crab, a pet of Johan's… Quatre can you use the buster rifle while Duo and I use our magic?" Linda asked, getting a gem out of her pocket, on her top.

"Uh…ok, Trowa and Wufei go back to the carts…I don't know how the heat of the rifle is going to affect the water temperatures!" Quatre said, getting ready to fire the rifle.

"Ok, we will stay with the carts until this is complete" Trowa said into the radio.

"Roger that, ready Linda and Duo?" Quatre asked, moving his and over the trigger.

"Ready when you are! Ok Duo?" Linda asked powering up her holy magic.

"Yes, I hope this hits though… are you sure this will work on it?" Duo said, his hands shaking from the power of the magic he was holding.

"It should, Ok on the count of three?" Linda said into the radio.

"Three, two, one" Quatre said and fired the buster rifle the same time as Linda and Duo fired their spells.

"Whhaaagggghhhh!!!" The pussy crab yelled out in pain as its torso got hit and incinerated.

"Direct hit!" Quatre said, as the buster rifle finished.

"G…g…good…we ca…can…go home and rest now" Linda panted as the magic spell took a lot out of her.

"Does the gems always take that much out of you?" Duo asked, helping Linda swim back to the carts where Trowa and Wufei were waiting.

"Are you ok?" Wufei asked, helping Duo with placing Linda onto the cart.

"Just tired from the gem spell, I'll be fine once I get some rest… it has been a while since I used the gems" Linda said, pulling herself to the front.

"Oh right, Duo to Quatre… can you follow in Wing Zero?" Duo asked Quatre through the radio.

"Yes, is Linda ok? Zero is showing signs of worry" Quatre's voice said, through the radio with a worried tone.

"She's fine, Linda I'll lead us back to Cleyra ok?" Duo asked, giving Wufei the radio back.

"Ok, if you don't mind… I'll sleep while Duo takes us back" Linda said, sitting down with her tail tucked underneath.

"She'll be in a deep sleep, come on then… back to Cleyra," Duo said to the giant seahorse and dolphin.

"Bit! Bob! Get in here!! NOW!!!" Johan yelled from his room.

"Yes sir…what is it?" Bit and Bob said coming into the room.

"Princess Linda and her friends destroyed my precious pet, Pussy crab!! Go and find Stormy the shadow shifter!" Johan ordered, looking into his crystal ball.

"Yes sir…how will we find him sir?" Bit asked. Bob tried to hide behind Bit.

"Use this, this will track down my pet" Johan said throwing a moldy rock at them, Bob caught it in his mouth and held back the urge to throw up.

"A sea cake sir?" Bit asked watching Bob turn green with sickness.

"It will attract Stormy, when he comes say that I want to see him. Now leave! I have important experiments to complete" Johan said, waving one of his tentacles to say to leave.

Bob and Bit swam out of Johan's room and out of the base.

"Stormy? Why does he want that monster?" Bit asked Bob as he placed the sea cake on a big rock.

"I don't know Bit, but we better be careful as Story has powerful magic… I have seen it before" Bob said drifting back a little so he could see if any shadows move.

"It must be part of his major plan he mutters about in his sleep" Bit said, joining Bob and watched out for any moving shadows.

"Sssssea Cake!!" A hissing voice echoed around them.

"Its here… but where?" Bob said looking around for the source of the voice.

"There, Stormy! We have come to find you, our boss Johan has asked for your presence at the base," Bit said, trying to keep his voice strong.

"Johan'ssss asssked for me? I ssshall follow you… lead on" Stormy hissed while taking form.

Stormy, a black shadow in a shape of a stingray, but dark green instead of grey, glided behind Bit and Bob.

"Linda's still asleep," Duo said coming into the main room, where Leviathan was waiting along with the other boys and Jenny.

"First day back as a mermaid and she wipes her magic out! What did she learn from those humans," Leviathan muttered shaking his head.

"She learnt to act on her emotions and self detonated her gundam once" Trowa said, from his seat the boys were giving.

"Self detonated? How long was she out for?" Leviathan asked, looking up to Trowa.

"One month, we were scattered or thinking when it happened" Duo said, taking his seat next to Quatre.

"So now we have the gems back, what are we going to do? I'm sure that Johan will want revenge for the loss of his favorite pet" Jenny asked, changing the subject away from Linda.

To be continued