Crystal Tokyo was a peaceful place to live ever since the black moon clan was defeated. But just as one evil seemed to end another arose. Neo-Queen Serenity thought to her self about how the Neo-Titan could have been stopped so long ago. Hero only hope was to send her only daughter back in time to try and prevent the Neo-Titan from ever emerging.

"My Queen he's here"said Neo -Mars. "Alright let's hope this works." responded the Neo-Queen. On the other side of the city Neo- King Endymion and the rest of the Neo-inners scout were readying themselfs for the Neo-Titan to enter Crystal Tokyo's new barrier. The wait was not a long one. "Are Mars and Saturn with Rini and the Queen? Asked Endymion.

"Yes King Endymion." replied Neo Venus. "Here he comes." cried Neo-Mercury. The Neo-Titan had Gold spiky hair and green angry eyes. "Well hello Neo-King Endymion." "Leave here now Titan." "Now why would I leave here with out getting what I want." "There's nothing here for you Titan so leave my city." "Oh when did the King get so high and mighty." "I wont's tell you again Titan leave now or be destroyed." "You and the scouts couldn't kill a housefly how do you expect to kill a Super Sayian." "You know what King choke on this."

"Burning Storm!" The Neo Titan then knocked out the King and inner scouts and preceded to the main palace. "Serenity I'm home." "Neo-Titan what do you want." "What do you think I came for. The Neo-Titan then walked up to Serenity and whispered to her. "Our daughter, Queen." As if someone was watching the events like a Tv show the scene in the palace was placed on hold.

A man stood up about 6'3 250lbs with a blue scythe, white shirt, white slacks with a black hood, black cape, black gloves and matching black boots. He was talking to Sailor Pluto at the moment. "So you came here big sister to beg me for help instead of helping them fight Pluto?" "If I was there it would have not maid a difference he has ascended way beyond Super Sayian at this point in time." "SO what do you want me to do about it sister?" "Crono you are the master of time and space you have to take care of the Super Sayian." "Sister you know I can't interfere but I can send my followers back in time to test him." "No you need to send BIAC into the past not only to stop him but to protect Small Lady." "I'll think about sending BIAC back in time." "You'd better because if you don't Crystal Tokyo is doomed." "But you Queen loves him not your King." "Crono if she believes he is the father of small lady she will act on behalf of her daughter not her heart." "You'd better hope so because these Super Sayians get what they won't and even time bending can't stop them some times.