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After four years of hard training the King of Crystal Tokyo looked at his kingdom. Trunks stood in his saiyan armor with his long hair pulled back in a pony tail with his sword in its regular spot. He was ready for the Desias. Neo-Queen Serenity was the next to appear her long silver hair in it's regular style and despite losing her sailor powers she was second only to the Omni Super Saiyans that were her close allies. A young saiyan boy in a Blue T-shirt with Blue Jeans and Brown shoes appeared behind Serenity he appeared around 8 years old and had black/dark brown, slightly wavy hair with sky blue eyes. Leairo stood next to his parents while they said goodbyes to his brother and sister as well as his grandmother.

"Remember mom, Chi-Chi and Videl we be on their way with Anikan and Hotaru is already here so all the kids are safe." said Trunks. "All but you." said Bulma. "Don't worry Grandma I'll keep them safe." said Leairo. "I'm sure you will Leairo." said Bulma. Trunks and Serena began to fly while Leairo took off running below them. To Bulma Leairo became a Blur while Trunks and Serena did the same above him.

Trunks, Serenity and Leairo stopped at the spot chosen to meet the Desias at and noticed two grown men and a young boy in orange and blue matching Gis. Their were also 7 women in sailor fukas and a man in a tuxedo.

"You're late." Darien said, as the three joined the other eleven. "What took you guys so long?"

"Xicor?" Leairo said, just now noticing that he was there with them.

"What are you doing here?" Serena asked, just now noticing as well.

"Hey guys." Xicor greeted, noticing that he had their attention. "I guess the same thing you are though Leairo?

While Serena went to stand with her inner and outer court Trunks and Leairo headed to Gohan, Goten and Xicor.

"So how's the married life been treating you Goten? Asked Trunks.

"The same, how had the royalty been?

"What time is it anyone?" Gohan asked

"Well, let's see, according to my computer, its 10:30." Ami explained as Xicor walked over, wanting to know what time it was too. "The Desias should be showing themselves in another thirty minutes or so."

"Anyone what to go they better get out of here, before it's too late." Trunks said, walking over to Serena.

"Quiet you guys!" Uranus suddenly yelled out, gaining everyone's attention. "There's someone coming."

"Do you think it could be them?" Goten asked.

"I can't tell yet." Neptune answered.

They all waited a bit as something started to come into view from the air. But it didn't take long for them to see who it was, as a hover car came in for a landing.

"Sammy!" Serenity yelled out excitedly, as she noticed who it was in the hover car. "What are you doing here?" At that question, Sammy looked over at his older sister and current queen with a "are you serious look". This confused Serena a bit.

He got down to the real reason he was there, as he handed a small bag to Trunks. "I'm only here to drop off these Senzu Beans. There from Korin."

"Thanks a lot! You can always count on Korin." Goten said, once again excited, taking the bag from Sammy before Trunks could take it. "And give my thanks to Korin." said Trunks.

"Yeah, no problem." Sammy said as he turned around and walked away from Trunks. "Well, I'm out of here, and best of luck to all of you." Sammy stated, as he got back into his hover car.

"Hey, Sammy, are you sure you don't want to stay and help us out?" Trunks asked jokingly, before Sammy could take off and leave.

"If you guys want to stay and get yourselves killed, that's your own business I'm not a super saiyan or sailor solider." Sammy stated as his way of explanation and excuse. Then he started up his hover car, getting ready to leave. "But I'm taking off while I still can, good luck everyone." And then he was gone.

"Don't you think it's a bit strange?" Jupiter asked, as Goten, Gohan, and Xicor watched as Sammy disappeared into the distance. This question caught their attention. "It's already past 11 o'clock, and there isn't a single sign of those Desias." Jupiter explained, as she was still looking down at the city below them.

"Yeah, I forgot all about the time." Gohan agreed. Now they were all looking down at the city below them, trying to figure out what could possibly be going on.

"I can't believe I actually listened to that kid." Uranus said, as she came up to join them over by the edge, to get a better look at the city below. "Maybe what he told us wasn't true. I mean, Desias, come on, it's a good one, don't you think?"

"Don't be so literal, Amara. He did say it would happen around 11." Mercury said, as she walked up next to Venus as she tried to check her Computer. "It's only 11:11, which I would group as being around 11. So, I wouldn't jump the gun just yet."

"Excuse me, but I think we would've sensed their power levels by now." Uranus argued, still thinking that this was just some elaborate prank. "And why haven't Pluto or Crono noticed them at all in the time stream." "One they could be Androids, two Pluto and Crono don't see everything." said Leairo. And just a couple of seconds after he said that, an explosion went off at some distance away from them, but it was above, not below like they were thinking it would have happened from. This caught everyone by surprise, thinking that if there was an explosion it would've happened down in the city below them.

"What was that?" Trunks asked, being the first one to talk, after the unexpected explosion happened. "What happened?"

"It's Sammy!" Xicor was the first to answer, as he saw the hover car start to plummet to the ground. They watched as the falling hover car quickly landed in the water that surrounded the city to one side.

"You guys, look up there!" Gohan said, being the first one to look back into the sky after the slash down of the hover car. "It's the Desias. I see them! They're probably the ones that attacked him." That declaration got everyone else's attention, as they also looked skyward.

As the smoke from the explosion cleared, it was clear as to what Gohan was seeing, for now all of them could see the three figures that were there. But they didn't stay in the clearing smoke for long, as the two figures quickly headed down to the city below.

"They flew into the city!" Venus pointed out the obvious, just in case someone didn't see in which way the two figures went.

"But where did they go?" Mars asked, trying to see if she could spot them in the city below from their vantage point.

"Did you see them, Trunks?" Serenity asked, as everyone seemed to be trying to see if they could find where the two went in the city below.

"I'm not sure. One second they were up in the sky, and then…poof…they just vanished." Trunks answered, puzzled. "I didn't see what they looked like. Heck, I didn't even sense their power levels. How can this be?"

"Well maybe the Desias don't use Ki or Magic so you can't sense them?" Leairo tried to explain, hoping that he was right, but at the same time, hoping that he was wrong. "Or their like the Androids."

Darien did not like the revelation that Gohan had just pointed out. "That's crazy!" Dairen all but yelled. "How are we suppose to find these Desias if we can't even sense where they are?"

"Aw, man." Amara mumbled out, trying not to sound like they had lost the battle before it had even begun.

"Well, if we can't sense there power levels, then we'll just have to find them the old fashioned way, with our eyes!" Xicor declared.

"Right." Trunks agreed, and then suggested, "Let's split up and spread out." Trunks then turned his attention to Serenity. "Serena, look after these." Trunk said, as he tossed a small bag to Serenity. Serenity did her best to try and catch the small bag while thinking about the Desias and her brother. But in the end, she couldn't catch it and the bag landed on the ground at her feet. Serenity then crouched down and picked up the bag. With the bag in hand Serenity stood back up.

"Now, remember…" Trunks continued, turning his attention back to the other fighters after he threw the small bag to Serenity. "…if you find the Desias, don't try to take them on by yourselves. If you find them, find a way to alert the rest of us, then wait for everyone else." After saying that, Trunks turned his attention to the outters, "Outters, go check on Sammy. See if he's ok, he should still be alive, Inners stay with Serena everyone else with me"

"Right." Pluto agreed.

"Let's go!" Goten declared with a shout, raring to get the ball going, wanting to find these Desias before something happened. And once Goten shouted that, they all took off into the air, going to do what they had to, all except the sailor scouts, heading to the city, all of them leaving Serenity and her inner court behind, all five of them watching the fighters take off into the air.

Darien was looking around for anyone that might look like out of place, when he spotted 3 odd looking people two looked similar, a boy with long black hair and a scarf around his neck, and a beautiful young girl with long blond hair. While he hadn't know the first two he knew the 3rd woman. It was Queen Beryl. Darien began to call for everyone when Queen Beryl covered his mouth and pierced her hand through his abdomen Within seconds, every one sensed his power dropping, in moments, everyone was there.

After a couple minuets of searching they heard a BOOM. They went to see what it was and found Darien almost dead at the hands of the Desias.

"His power level dropped significantly," said Gohan. "He's not going to make it unless we do something!"

"Leairo take Darien to your Mom and get him a Senzu bean," said Trunks. "When he's back on his feet, catch up to us."

"Right," said Leairo, he grabbed Darien, and ran off. "These must be the big bad Desias," said Gohan, setting down.

"We know who Android 17 and 18 are but we have no idea who you are, care to tell us." Said Goten.

"I find it surprising that all of you have anticipated our being here. Tell me, how did you know we would come?" said Beryl

"If you're so tough, why don't you try and make us?" Gohan snarled

"Very well we killed you before Gohan," said the android. The four got into their defensive stances.

"There are way too many innocent people here," said Goten, looking around. "We've got to lead them out of the city."

"Yes," said Android 17. "It is too crowded here. I agree. Many people could get in our way. 18 and I will see to it that they do not." 17 and 18's hands began to glow red, and ki attacks shot out of them into a gas tank which created a huge explosions

"So," said Android 18. "We cleared the area in accordance with your wishes. Do you disagree with our methods?"


"Very well," said Beryl. "We shall follow you to a different location, if it is your desire, Neo-King Trunks."

"How did you know his royal name was Neo-King Trunks?" asked Xicor.

"We know all of you. The 3 sons of Goku, Gohan, Goten and Xicor." said Android 17.

Just then, they were alerted by a pack of police cars racing to the scene. "Let's get acquainted later," said Trunks. The four defenders shot into the sky, the Desias following.

Time seemed to just go by rather slowly as Serenity and the Scouts waited, The outers had returned with Sammy and he waited with the group while Venus sighed, she was starting to get a little bored.

Not too much later an explosion went off. Serenity turned to the sound of it, instantly finding out that it came from within the city. She hoped that everyone was alright, though the worrying wasn't going to help anyone, though she couldn't help but worry.

It wasn't too much longer after that that Leairo showed back up, bringing Darien with him. Once they got there, Leairo got the Senzu Beans from Serenity. By the time Darien was better again, thanks to a Senzu Bean, it was just in time to see the city go up in flames, explosion after explosion. Heck, he didn't even have much time to get to stand on his own two feet again before the explosions went off, leaving him in a crouching position on the ground.

"Oh my gosh," Serenity muttered, in a somewhat, amazement of all the destruction that was done in such little time. "Did the Desias do that?" All eyes were glued to the same thing that Serenity was looking at.

"It's them alright." Darien answered. "It looks like they just blew up half the city."

"Yeah, no kidding." Leairo agreed.

"I just don't know how we're going to stop them, you guys." Darien voiced his concern. "I hope Trunks knows what to do." Finally, he stood up, still looking at the horror of it all, mumbling to himself as he stood, "This is awful."

They didn't have much time to ponder things before they saw seven figures flying away from the city.

"Look, it's my Dad, and the others." Leairo was the first to point out.

"And the Desias." Darien added.

"We have to go help, or Trunks is going to get beat." said Darien. "One of them is Queen Beryl the other two are Androids 17 and 18." said Leairo. "So what are we waiting for let's go." said Mars. "Dad hasn't used his secret weapon yet." said Leairo.

After a few moments of flying the z fighters and the Desias set down

"Alright who's first" the Android 17 demanded, Trunks stepped out of the crowd "I am" he answered confidently, Android 17 stepped forward ready to fight, Trunks began to charge up. His eyes turned gold and his hair turned blond, his aura turning golden.

"This is a most unexpected development indeed," said Queen Beryl.

"I don't remember his eyes being that color 17." Said 18.

"Nor do I." said 17. But my sensors indicate that there is no cause for concern." Yes, it is a most impressive ability, but it is nothing we cannot handle." "I will demonstrate this by myself." The android stepped forward.

"Alright, have it your way," said Trunks. "But I wouldn't bank on it if I were you." He shot at Android 17.

17 was ready to deflect the blow but Trunks was no where in sight until he reappeared behind the android. The android aimed a kick at Trunks, who of coarse blocked it. The android tried to get a blow on the hero, but Trunks managed to dodge or block them all.

Finally, the android dropped back, .Trunks leapt after it. The android blew off the top of the mountain using an energy blast then using a second, to hit Trunks, but he managed to avoid it, elbowing it in the back and into a nearby cliff.

"That's it Dad," said Leairo said, smiling. When he arrived along with the entire sailor scout team and no Sammy to see his dad holding his own Gohan looked on, grimly 17 emerged from the ground and charged at Trunks. He stopped the android with one hand and then kicked it upward. He transmitted behind the android, who turned around to try to hit Trunks. Who dodged every punch, then kicked it in the stomach sending it back.

17 charged at him again, But Trunks flipped over and kneed it in the stomach. "Man, Trunks's all over that thing," said Venus.

"He's dominating!" said Jupiter. "That thing hasn't even touched him yet."

"He's got it in the bag!" agreed Mars, smiling.

"Trunks has become far stronger then I thought," said Gohan

Dad's not even close to his max and he's winning," said Leairo.

Trunks charged back into combat, hitting the android with everything he had again. He uppercut 17 in the face he was kicking some serious ass.

Trunks's new abilities go beyond anything I had anticipated, thought Beryl. If this keeps up then 17 is going to be destroyed.

"It looks like we all get to live after all," said Neptune.

"I'm not even worried anymore," said Amara. "How about you, Pluto?"

"Trunks has gained a tremendous amount of power what's your secret my queen?" asked Pluto. "Trunks just trained himself I didn't do anything." said Serenity.

17 looked at the fire in the ravine his attack had caused in awe because in the middle of it untouched was Trunks. "I really hope that's not the best you can do," Trunks snapped at 17.

"You can't win 17," the boy said calmly. "We'll just see about that Trunks!" 17 yelled and sent and even more powerful attack toward the omni super saiyan. The boy put his hands in front of himself and sent 17's attack scattering in different directions. The boy stood up and smirked.

17 jumped in to air and created a huge red energy ball and threw at Trunks. The ball came crashing down on Trunks, and 17 believed that it was over until he saw it rising from the ground out of the corner of his eye.

17 turned around to see Trunks holding his energy ball in the air. "Excuse me did you loose this?" Trunks asked in a mocking tone.

17 took this time to send an energy blast into the red ball the boy was holding exploding it. Trunks landed on the top of a cliff.

When 17 looked again at where his attack had happened Trunks were gone, but just when he thought he finally got fid of him he heard the saiyan king call his name. 17 looked in the direction his name was called and saw an energy blast come from Trunks.

17 dodged it just in time but was met in the air by the boy's sword. 17 was chopped up and vaporized by the boy. The boy then descended to where his family and friends where and put his sword away. 18 came and stood across from the group.

"I'll finish you off right now." Said 18

Trunks then started to battle 18

"You're mine!" 18 charged at Trunks with incredible speed just as she landed a kick towards Trunks, she was caught off guard when the Prince of Saiyans blocked with his forearm. She tried another attack but Trunks easily blocked it with his hand as well. 18 flipped backwards to return to get from Trunks.

18 charged at Trunks again and this time she gave it all she's got. 18 send series of punches towards him but Trunks was easily dodging them all but simply moving his head since 18 always aimed her attacks towards Trunks's face. Suddenly 18 did a round house kick but it didn't make contact since Trunks had already caught her leg.

Trunks kicked 18 towards a rock she landed face first on the ground. 18 slowly struggled to get back to her standing position.

18 tried again but Trunks had thrown an uppercut and disappeared behind her. 18 looked around, Trunks was no where. "You looking for me?" she turned around to meet Trunks's fist and landed on the ground again.

"This is pathetic! What is 18 doing out there?" said Beryli watching the fight

"What's wrong, had enough?" said Trunks.


18 moved her attack towards him again but Trunks hopped over him and sent a double kick, 18 still held his ground as he blocked Trunks's attack. Although, now its Trunks's turn, he punched 18 like a punching bag and sent her flying again.

"Enough!" 18 ran to Trunks, although she seemed much slower, she did her same attempt at the beginning of their fight, by launching rounds of punches but Trunks obviously dodged all of them. Trunks seemed he had enough, he punched 18 in the gut making her freeze in pain. He kicked her, sending her straight towards a boulder. 18 struggled to get up and fight.

"So you still think I'm bluffing?"

18 yelled in fury and once again charged at Trunks leaving many holes in her defense. Trunks pressed his palm on his chest and then a glow started to flow from Trunks's hand and an energy wave shot through 18, instantly killing her.

"And the same attack finish them both off again." Said Trunks.

Trunks and Queen Beryl were staring each other down

"You are lot stronger than I anticipated: said Beryl, but it is nothing I can't handle, your defeat is evident"

Trunks just chuckled and powered down

"Yes, your friends took quite the amount of energy from me before I destroyed them." Berly glared at him why is he so confident what is he hiding she gave Trunks another look over, yes he is shrewd, he seems completely at ease, but is he? "let me ask you this" Trunks demanded "What makes you think that you'd do any better then, you're a Desias too, or maybe you the Desias and those were just your toys."

"Fool!" snarled Queen Beryl "I am far more superior to the androids, stamping you out of existence will be a trifle for a Desias like me." it didn't change Trunks's mind "Your bluffing, lets see what you got" he challenged, obviously knowing Trunks was right she took off into the air.

When Beryl was gone Trunks almost passed out. "Someone get him a bean." said Serenity. "Trunks ate the Senzu bean and he was better. "Haven't used that much Golden energy in a while." said Trunks.

Trunks transformed and flew off after Desias while the others were right behind him.

Trunks who flew ahead scanned the mountains for the run away Desias

'Where are you' he mentally growled, losing his patience he increased his speed. After a few more seconds of flying he landed on a near by peak

"COWARD!" he yelled over the mountains



He shot up into the air, looked around, and shot one big blast at towards the ground.

As the blast from Trunks blew apart the ground Beryl was no in plain sight of everyone.

"What a mess." TJ said, as he looked at what was left of the city.

"It looks like I'm too late. I should've gone back a little further.

"Both Dad and the others, as well as the Desias, are no longer here. The city is a mess; I wonder what exactly happened here. Man, I can't believe that it's already over. I thought Dad with proper prepare time would make a difference against those monsters! You were my only hope, Dad, but I guess I was destined to handle this alone.

"He didn't get much more time to ponder those depressing thoughts as he just then sensed something off to his right. "Wait a second. I can feel some power levels over there. There huge! The fight must still be going on. So, they're fighting in a different place. Awesome, it's not too late, there's still a chance!" And with that thought in mind, he took off in the direction he could sense a battle going on.

"Down there." TJ mumbled to himself, as he stopped at the crater that was made before.

TJ could keep the surprised look off his face as he looked at what he saw. What he had found the head of Android 18,

but to Trunks, this was an Android he had never seen before, and it was confusing him.

"Oh boy, what is this? I've never seen it before! This isn't one of the Desias that killed everyone. What is everyone else fighting against? Oh man, what's going on?" He wasn't given any more time to ponder what was going on, when an explosion went off not too far off from where he was currently standing, off to his right. "I must have gone to far back I have to stop them. The fight is still going on."

With that thought, he took back off into the sky, heading in the direction of the battle once more.

Beryl climbed out of the hole Serenity had kicked her into. "I don't understand!" she said, frustrated. "I know for a fact that the weak princes of the moon's abilities could not have possibly improved this much!"

"You might have been accurate," said Trunks, "if we hadn't been warned of your arrival five years ago. We've been preparing for you, my friend."

"I just to let you know Serena's been training with me, had she not lost her sailor Cosmos power she'd be the strongest one her." said Trunks.

Just then, all the Z-Warriors and Sailor Scouts turned, sensing an approaching power. "Who is it?" asked Venus. Sailor Venus got her answer when TJ arrived.

Just then, Trunks recognized the other person. "TJ is back!" he blurted out in joy.

"Wait Mom don't!" yelled TJ

TJ watched in horror as Neo-Queen Serenity finish off Queen Beryl and the threat of the Desias was over.

"Yay we won." Said the Inner scouts celebrating.

"TJ what's wrong son." said Trunks. "Wait that's TJ?" asked everyone else.

"I could get her fast enough the Desias you were fighting weren't the Desias, the power and armor looked similar but it wasn't them, and Mom by killing Beryl you just released the real Desias." said TJ.

"TJ do you know where the other Desias are?" asked Gohan. "They'll appear right outside Crystal Tokyo's limits but you can't fight them." Said TJ. "We don't have a choice." said Trunks.

Trunks and the others all made it back to Crystal Tokyo where something that looked like a portal was opening. Trunks prepared to blast the portal before it opening completely.

"Don't do it!" TJ said, trying once more to get Trunks to see reason. "We should get out of here. We can't beat the Desias at your current power level!" And that didn't seem to make a difference at all.

"Stop it! You don't understand how powerful they really are!" said TJ

"Too late, if I don't fight them now then my family is as good as dead." Said Trunks

Waiting won't be necessary." Trunks said, as he fired off a shot at the portal, which opened it enough for the Desias to step out. Once the dust settled, they had a clear view of what the Desias were.

First their was the muscle, he was a big guy, about 7'1 and 400lbs of pure muscle this guy had no fat anywhere on his body, He wore a blood red set of armor and had matching eye color. His hair was long but was pulled into a ponytail and he had a beard that was the brown like dirt matching his hair color. The first Desias was know as Tank.

Next was the Beauty. She had long blonde hair hair and honestly looked like a life sized Barbie doll. It was even worse when we found out that the name she went by was Barbie. Barbie wore violet purple armor and matching lipstick with her cold ice blue lifeless eyes. She was 5' 10 and 130lbs.

Then their was Barbie's brother the leader. The leader called himself Jack and just as cold as his younger sister. He wore sky blue armor and had black hair but it was cut short almost the same length Trunks and Darien's hair length. His eyes were black almost like staring into a black hole, he was 6'1 and about 240lbs and also like his muscle and sister all muscle no fat.

Trunks and the Desias all shared a look at each other and the real battle was about to begin. "So this must be the one Bejita told us about." said Jack. "He is nice looking if you ask Me." said Barbie. "Too bad he has to die." said Tank.

"If we let the Desias walk free, it will be the end of all of us!" TJ said angrily, as he went Omni Super Saiyan.


The next thing the saiyan did, was power up to his max and fire his most powerful attack off.

"Get down!" Xicor yelled, as the saiyan unleashed his attack at the Desias.

The result of the attack being a rather huge explosion.

While everyone else took cover Trunks continued to stare as he prepared for the fight of his life.

That won't work. Trunks thought. I tried it before.

There is only one way this can end.

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Goten: 880,000,000

Gohan: 905,000,000

Xicor: 1,005,000,000

Leairo: 300,000,000,000

TJ: 500,000,000

Omni SSJ TJ: 345,000,000,000

Sailor Mercury: 400,000,000

Sailor Mars: 410,000,000

Sailor Venus: 335,000,000

Sailor Jupiter: 415,000,000

Sailor Uranus: 425,000,000

Sailor Neptune: 425,000,000

Sailor Pluto: 430,000,000

Neo-Queen Serenity: 540,000,000,000

Desias 17: 35,000,000,000

Desias 18: 30,000,000,000

Desias Beryl: 20,000,000,000

Jack(less than 1/3): 350,000,000,000

Barbie(less than 1/3):340,000,000,000

Tank(less than 1/3): 325,000,000,000