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She walked slowly, with tears running down her face.

Arms wrapped around her torso, trying to hold herself together.

He said he loved her and she said she loved him, so what more was there to it?

A lot apparently.

She saw him kissing the girl she thought was her friend.

The girl who acted like her big sister.

Not now. Not any more, cause would a big sister do what she had done to her?


No a big sister wouldn't kiss her sisters boyfriend like there was no tomorrow.


A big sister wouldn't even look twice.


It was beginning to get cold.

She rubbed her arms, her sobs breaking constantly. Like her heart.

Well fuck them.

They could both go to hell.

She shivered while sobbing dispiritedly.

Her pinstripe skinny jeans weren't keeping her warm. Neither was her top. Corsets weren't exactly practical in this weather.

"What's a beautiful young woman, like you, doing on her own? And crying too!"

Asked a sexy, dangerous, velvety voice, suddenly breaking the vulnerable silence of the night.

She whipped her head around.

No one was there.

Or was there?

She turned her head back around.

She sucked in a breath, trying to hold back the tears.

"Stop crying" she muttered to herself furiously.

Before she could administer what had happened, a pair of strong hard arms had enclosed her in an embrace.

"Shh. Just cry." He whispered.

So she did.

She wept into his chest, with his strong arms wrapped around her tiny waist, and her arms around his neck.

A few minutes later her sobs were beginning to subside.

He then picked her up bridal style and began to walk with her.

After walking for some time, her breathing had slowed and become more even, and her chest rose and fell slowly. He glanced at her tragically stained, beautiful face.

Whoever had done this to someone with such innocent, striking beauty deserved to die.

Actually, no.

Death would be too good for them.

Torture would be more fitting.

She stirred in his arms, and rested her head on his chest.

He kissed her forehead caringly.

She sighed contently.


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