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'Yeah, right, because you're not human' Storm scoffed.

Skyler froze, then mentally shook himself and forced a smile.

'Sure.' He said.

Storm rolled her eyes.

It cost's not to listen…

One month later.

Storm sat on the floor with her head resting on the toilet seat.

Her stomach felt tender. She moaned.

She had dragged this out long enough…she couldn't pretend anymore.

Storm flipped open her phone and pressed the speed dial.


'Storm' said the beautiful, velvet voice warmly, on the other side of the line.

'Hey Sky' Storm said weakly.

'Are you okay?' Skyler asked, concerned straight away.

'Skyler…something…something's not right' She replied.

'What? What's wrong?' asked Skyler anxiously.

'I…' Storm moaned, and then threw up again.

She slowly sat back up, and put the phone to her ear, but all that could be heard was the dialling tone.

Storm gripped the edge of the bath, starting to stand up when a wave of vertigo hit. She stood still, giving her body time to adjust, when her stomach lurched again as she bent down, and moved her head over the toilet bowl.

Before she had finished, Sky's cold hand was holding her hair back while whispering soothing words into her ear, and the other hand rubbing her back gently.

When she had finished, she sat up again, leaning weakly on Skyler.

'How did you get here so fast?' Storm asked, her voice a little rough.

'Um…I ran I guess' Skyler answered.

Storm laughed weakly.

Skyler smiled grimly.

'How long?' he asked simply.

'About two weeks' Storm whispered.

'Every morning after you leave for work. It's…only in the morning though…'

'Honey. Why didn't you tell me?' Skyler asked in a hard voice.

Storm's head dropped.

'I didn't want you to get worried. You know how you react…'

Skyler's eyes softened.

'With good reason. Two weeks? You could be seriously ill. We don't know what could be wrong with you! Anything could be wrong!' Skyler ranted protectively.

Storm bit her lip nervously.

'I think I know…I'm not entirely sure…it wouldn't make sense…though all the signs are there…but…'

Skyler stroked the back of her neck, pushing away the sweaty strands that stuck to the back of her neck.

'Storm. Tell me.'

Storm sighed heavily.

'I…I…I think I'm pregnant' stuttered Storm.

Cue the gasps xD

Sky's head snapped up.

'What? No way…how could…'

Storm sighed again.

'That time…that one time…' Storm said softly.

Skyler pinched the bridge of his nose, and counted to ten.

Storm looked at him anxiously.

Skyler turned to smile at her.

'It must be something else. Flu maybe. That…one time…no. I mean, I'll get you a test. Not that you need it. You can't be pregnant.'

Storm rolled her eyes.

'I'm pregnant dude. I must be. What else could it be?'

Skyler ignored her, still smiling.

'Don't worry, we'll get a test.'

'Not that I need one' Storm mimicked darkly.

Sky just smiled.

'You're right, because you're not pregnant' he said.

Storm looked at Skyler defiantly, sticking her chin out slightly.

'I'm having your baby' she said, emphasizing the 'your'.

Skyler smile faltered.

'Storm honey…is there a possibility that if you are pregnant, the baby is…' Skyler trailed off as Storm was shaking her head before he finished.

'One, we always used protection and two…' Storm trailed off before blushing slightly.

'Two..?' prompted Skyler

'Well…um…I finished my…my…well…my monthly a few days before I met you…and I haven't had one since we…' Storm trailed off, looking mortified.

'Ah. Um. Okay. I'll be going to get that test now…' Skyler said embarrassedly, easing Storm off him and standing up.

Storm opened her mouth to argue but he was already gone.

Storm rolled her eyes and shook her head.


This time when she tried to stand up, she done so successfully.

She walked over to the sink and began brushing her teeth, with one hand resting over her stomach.

She mulled over her thoughts while she brushed.

As she reached for the mouthwash, her stomach rumbled, making her acknowledge the fact that she hadn't eaten for two days, always using the excuse 'she wasn't hungry'.

'Mmm.' she thought.

'Toast and jam looked particularly appealing right about now…'

She put away the mouthwash and walked into the kitchen.

Before she had come, the whole kitchen had been void of food.

Skyler claimed he lived on takeaways, so Storm never pushed, but the doubt was always there…

As she popped two pieces of white bread into the toaster, she pulled out a plate and a knife.

She let out a frustrated growl as she pulled out an empty jam pot.

Looking around, the only sweet spreadable substance on offer was coloured decorative icing. Sky blue of course.

'Whatever' she thought, as the toast popped up from the toaster, indicting it was done.

She took the toast out of the toaster and squeezed a generous amount of icing onto each slice of toast, and spread it thickly.

Not being bothered to sit down at the table, she began eating the toast with icing where she stood.

'Mmm. Now this is some good shit' she thought blissfully.

Still munching on the toast, she walked over to the kettle, and turned it on to boil.

There was a problem.

She didn't believe in abortions.

Spooning some instant lemon tea into her cup, she sighed.

She turned off the kettle before it was fully boiled, so the water wasn't too hot to drink. Storm, fully distracted with her thoughts, picked up the kettle, aiming it incorrectly. A stream of water poured in front of her, missing narrowly as thankfully she was standing sideways.

'Aww shit.' She thought, putting the kettle down, and walked over to the sink. Grabbing an old dishcloth, she walked over distractedly, before catching her foot in the, now warm, puddle of water she had spilt.

Time seemed to go in slow motion as she started to fall backwards.

'This is gonna hurt' she thought, closing her eyes and wincing as she braced herself for the impact.

But before she was a metre from hitting the ground, a cold, hard arm had caught her.

Opening her eyes slowly, she looked up to see Skyler's dazzling aqua eyes looking down at her.

He began to smirk.

'Do try not kill yourself every time I leave. I mean…I know I'm irresistible but…' he broke off laughing at the indignant look on Storms face.

Storm scowled and used Skyler's arm to stand up.

'Did you get it?' she asked tartly, crossing her arms.

Yep. That wiped any trace of amusement off of his face.

'Yeah I got it' Skyler replied coldly.

Storm giggled, and went over to the counter which held her toast.

Picking up a slice, she said,

'Where is it then? I ain't got all day. Well…okay maybe I do but that's not-' Storm stopped as she saw the bemused look on Skyler's face.

'What?' she asked innocently before taking a bite of her iced toast.

'We were out of jam. It's good….want some?' she said, offering him the piece of toast, with an angelic look of pure innocence.

Skyler grimaced and passed her a rectangular box.

'You go and…you know, and I'll make you your tea.'

Storm giggled, and grabbed the box, then tiptoeing to kiss Skyler on the cheek.

Skyler wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her slightly to kiss her on the lips. Storm rested her head on his shoulder, and they remained like this until Skyler set Storm down gently.

'Go on love.' He said softly, pushing her gently towards the door.

He turned around and began making her lemon tea.

Storm began to walk out, when Skyler called out,

'Try not to slip this time!'

Storm stuck her tongue out at his back as he busied himself with the making of her tea.

'I saw that' he said, chuckling, while Storm walked out with wide eyes.

She began to laugh, stopping as she reached the bathroom.


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