Its just gonna be fluffy moments from House and Cameron's life together, it'll all be 'established relationship' stuff, and there won't be a plot line, because i'm not creative enough to make one up!

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"I like peace train by Cat Stevens" she said matter of factly, with her eyes wide open for emphasis. She was sitting in front of him on his desk, looking down on him while he sat in his swivel chair.

"Take it back" he warned, he refused to accept that she had even heard that song, let alone like it.

"No!" she pursed her lips and tried her hardest to look defiant, "I like it, it's pretty."

"The man is a lunatic, he became a Muslim, because he had a hallucinogenic dream that told him to, at least I think that's why he became a Muslim, I suppose it's a better reason than most of the other Muslims in the world, although 72 virgins when you kill yourself for a cause isn't a bad deal either." He rambled, dropping her foot as he finished tying the laces on her shoe.

"What is a virgin?" she asked nonchalantly as she offered him her other foot, so he could do the laces there too.

"Isn't it about time you did these yourself?" he asked changing the subject "most four year olds can do their own laces, you know."

"I can tie my own shoe laces" she replied indignantly.

"Oh yeah, prove it" he dared his daughter. She pulled her foot up onto the desk and proceeded to attempt the feat alone.

"First you tie a knot, and then you make to bunny ears, and then you tie the bunny ears in a knot" she extend the foot out for his approval. Technically it was a bow, but a very messy loose one, that he was almost positive he'd be re-tying halfway down the corridor.

"Its lovely" he commented with a smile before picking her up and plopping her on the floor. "Pack your stuff into you bag and we'll go find your mother ok" she smiled and ran over to his couch to pack up her pencils.

He slung his backpack over his shoulder, grabbed his cane and moved to meet her at the door, holding her hand they wandered towards the elevator, stoping briefly for her shoe to be retied, it was not until they were within the elevator (with an elderly couple) that she remembered her earlier question. "Daddy?" he murmured for her to go on "What's a virgin? And why do Muslims get 72 of them?" Both the man and woman looked deeply offended and the woman muttered something under her breath about distasteful children.

House ruffled his daughters hair, an action she seemed to disapprove of, which was made obvious by swatting away his hand and glaring at him, "I don't know what a virgin is" he lied, before the elevator doors opened out into the lobby and his child darted off towards her mother.

"Mama" she called as she neared the desk where Cameron was standing, he continued to limp across the lobby as his wife scooped their daughter up, giving her a kiss before balancing her on her hip. "Mama, what's a virgin? And why do Muslims get 72 of them?" he cringed and paused for a moment before continuing onward towards his now scowling wife.

"You told her about virgins?" she greeted him as he reached her.

"You played her Cat Stevens" he tried to counter.

"Oh yeah, that's just as bad" she said sarcastically, before turning back to her 4 year old, "you know how Jesus' mother was called Virgin Mary?" the child nodded "well that's what her name was, so when Muslim men die they get given 72 women named Virgin" she pasued, clearly aware of how ridiculous she sounded, "as a present" another pause "from god." Cameron smiled at her daughter in ana attempt to be convincing, and put her down, as if to symbolically end the conversation, however, her daughter pressed on.

"Virgin isn't a very pretty name, I like Molly better" she continued as the threesome walked out into the carpark together.

"Well that's because Molly is your name" Cameron levelled.

"Nuh-uh, I'd like it better anyway" and they walked in silence to the car, where Cameron buckled the child into the booster seat. She was about to close the door, when her daughter protested "Mama" she said as her hand flew out as if to halt the car door.

"Yes baby" her mother asked mildly impatiently, as house climbed into the drivers seat.

"What do Muslim men do with the 72 Virgins that god gives them?"

From the front of the car House made a hiccuping noise in his most powerful attempt not to laugh, before he turned around and said "they make brothers and sisters for Baby Jesus." He was fully aware that there would be no baby making in his house that night, but it had been to priceless to pass up.