Of the Utmost Importance

Ready, set? It Pokemon drabble time, folks! This one is ImageShipping, the pairing of Misty and May. Enjoy as they plan to move Misty out of Cerulean City and into their own place. Find out that they have thier priorities in order and then some.

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"Well, here we are, Misty. Home sweet home," May says to Misty as they drive into the apartment complex in the suburbs of Cerulean City. Ever since becoming an item about three years back, the two of them have become virtually inseparable, and that has at times served to become a problem for Misty's sisters. Many nights of wild and uninhibited passion shared between the two lovers would keep Daisy, Violet and Lily up most nights. Indeed, the two would often go overboard, but it was all in the name of the love and affection that they had for one another.

Unfortunately, in the democracy that was their home, majority ruled, and even though Misty's sisters liked May a lot, they decided unanimously to help Misty and May find a place of their own. Talking it over during breakfast, Misty and May agreed and from that point forward, all five of them spent several months apartment hunting. Wanting the most bang for their buck became an exhausting process, and neither of them could not have made it to this point of having their own place without each other's support and their family's support.

Getting out of their car, they see the men in the back of the U-Haul unloading the boxes and furniture to go in their one bedroom apartment just two miles away from the Cerulean gym. While the proximity allows Misty to effectively continue her duties as a gym leader, being close to the gym was not the primary reason for choosing this particular apartment.

"This place has it all, doesn't it?" May asks, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend's waist and giving her a light kiss.

"Yes," Misty agrees, "but aside from the fact that it's all ours, do you know what I like about it the most?" It's a question that May knows the answer to, and in unison with Misty, they say the two words that sold the pair on the place...

"Soundproof walls."

A/N: So the title is quite relevant as Misty and May certainly do know (in their minds) what is of the utmost importance.

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