Silence the Past

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Summary: Harry is confused and lost when he learns that he's lost nine years of his life, and there is only one person in the whole world who he feels he has a strange connection with. His original life is shunted aside as he has eyes for one person only. A HP/DM story, but it does start off with HP/GW, but don't worry, nothing happens.

Warning: This story will be full of angst and slash halfway through, if you don't like that then please just don't read it. For those of you who do like the slash and angst, please be patient, we'll get there, please don't be drawn away from it because it doesn't happen in the second chapter hehe!! You'll love it when you get to it hehe!!

A/N One more little thing; this chapter will be short as my prologue's always are, but the rest of the chapters will probably end up quite long! Now I'll let you read hehe…

Not His

Harry heard the wind roar through his ears as he sped over the open fields near his house. His wand was out, and no sensation of fear or worry ran over him as he chased after the two old Death Eaters before him. Every second he drew nearer, shooting jinxes and curses every moment, but missing by only millimetres.

Finally, he was sure he had one; he himself was only feet behind the rogue Death Eater now. His arm was outstretched, a firm grip on his wand when he heard the most terrifying noise in the world.

His head span round so fast it was as if it was slow motion, and he could see Ginny far away in the distance closing her mouth after her scream. And then pain shot through his head like it had used to before Voldemort was gone. He felt himself falling sideward's, his broom falling away from the middle of his legs, and he saw one last thing before his wide eyes blurred and there was nothing left to see. A face that shone in the moonlight, white as a sheet, and long hair that flew around him in the soaring wind. And on the face sat a smirk, smug and cold like the night air, watching Harry fall hundreds of feet to the frosty ground below him. And the last thing Harry heard was another scream of terror from Ginny's lips.

Harry opened his eyes, and then shut them quickly after. Wherever he was, it was a bright room that hurt his head.

Slowly, Harry opened his eyes once again, and came to see that he was in a large white room, with hardly anything in it. He was lying on a bed that hurt his neck, and so he moved onto his side. He was always told that beds were better for you than the floor, but Harry had no idea why now that he was laying in one. That made him think. How had he come to be lying in this bed? What room was he in? Perhaps he had had an accident, and no one cared about him enough to be sitting next to him.

Slowly, Harry closed his eyes again as a wave or tiredness flowed through him. He suddenly felt exhausted, and so decided to go back to sleep.

"Yes well that's not… Ron… Ron! Ron he's moved! Ronald! Get here now! He's moved!"

Harry twisted in the bed as he woke up again. It felt like only two minutes ago that he had gone back to sleep. There was a woman's voice shouting loudly, and then quick footsteps over to his bed.

"Blimey! He has! He moved!"

A man's voice followed the woman's, and Harry decided it was probably best to open his eyes and find out why they were so excited at his movement. But before he did, he was shocked to hear his name being spoken.

"Harry…" The woman's voice said softly right by his head, "Harry, can you hear me?"

Harry opened his eyes slowly and came face to face with a crying woman with bushy brown hair. She wasn't quite crying actually, but she had tears in her eyes and a bright smile on her face, which Harry did not understand at all.

"Harry!" She exclaimed, "You're ok! You're awake! I can't… Oh, Harry!"

And then the scariest thing of all happened. The woman grabbed him, pulled him up with seemingly brute force and squeezed him tightly. Harry jerked and pushed her away, then looking from her worried face to a man that stood next to her, also looking particularly worried. The man was tall and gangly, with freckles and hair that could challenge the colour of a carrot.

"Let the man breathe, Hermione," The man said with a clumsy smile, which seemed quite fake to Harry. "Are you alright, mate?" He added on the end.

Mate? That was a strange thing for someone to call Harry. Harry didn't have any friends. At first he had assumed that these strangers were doctors or nurses, but now, as he looked at their odd clothes, he thought differently.

"Harry, say something…" The woman said agitatedly.

Well, what did she want him to say? 'Who are you'? 'Where am I'? They both seemed like silly questions that people asked on the television all the time, but they needed to be asked.

"Who are you…" Harry stopped the last word shortly and cleared his throat; it sounded like it was blocked and being deepened somehow.

He tried again, "Who are…"

What was wrong with his voice?

"Harry…" The woman choked. "What's wrong? You know who we are… It's Ron," She signalled to the man, "And Hermione," She put her hand on her chest.

"Sorry, do I…" He shook his head, "What's wrong with my voice?"

The woman, Hermione's, eyes were wide and fearful as she shook her head and said, "Nothing… Nothing's wrong with your voice."

"So, your not doctors, then?" Harry asked wearily.

Hermione started to cry and held on the Ron's arm. Harry suddenly felt very scared and alone. He didn't know where he was, what was wrong with him, where his aunt and uncle were, or why there were two people in here trying to talk to him.

"Ron…" The woman whispered.

"It's ok, we'll go and get the Healer…" The man muttered in response. "He'll be ok, come on…"

"He can't remember us!" Hermione tried to whisper.

"I know, don't worry, it'll be fine…"

"Do I know you?" Harry asked suddenly as the two had started towards the door.

Ron looked at him as Hermione cried into his shoulder. "We'll talk later, I'm going to get someone to come and meet you…"

"Sorry, where are my aunt and uncle?" Harry asked, "And my cousin, Dudley. Are they here?"

The red-headed man shook his head, "They're not… Look, I'll go get someone. They won't be long, stay here."

And before Harry could ask anything else, Ron and Hermione left the room, closing the door behind them.

Harry was still sat up in the bed as he stared at the door that had closed on him. Next to it there was a large curtain, which Harry assumed covered a window. He wanted to go and look out of it, to see where he was. What was a Healer? Why weren't his aunt and uncle there? He knew they didn't care much about him, but he would have thought they'd be here…

Slowly, Harry shuffled to the end of the bed and hung his legs over the side. He pushed himself off with his arms and stood for a second before finding himself on the floor feeling immensely dizzy. His breathing quickened as he got more worried about himself. What was going on? He couldn't stand up now?

Quickly he put the palms of his hands on the floor to push himself back up, but stopped when he looked at them. They were not his hands. There was no way. They were bigger, muscleier, darker. From his hands he looked further to his arms. They were not his arms, either. It was the same difference as his hands. Much more muscle waited to be used from these arms. It was like they were older.

Suddenly the door to the room opened, making Harry jump and look up. A woman strode in with a smile on her face, which dropped at the sight of him on the floor.

"Oh, Mr Potter!" She said happily as she helped him up and back into the bed. "It is lovely to see that you're awake but I must ask you to stay in bed; I don't think you're quite up to walking just yet."

"Who…" Harry started but she cut him off.

"I'm your Healer, Mr Potter, and privileged to be so," She smiled. Harry looked on in confusion. "I'll let you call me Anna, since you've been here for such a long time!" She giggled a little, but Harry merely stared.

"Now," She continued, "I'm just going to ask you some questions; Mr Weasley and Miss Granger tell me they're a bit concerned about your memory."

Harry assumed those names meant the two that were in the room a moment ago, Ron and Hermione. The woman sat down swiftly in the chair next to the bed with a clipboard and what looked rather like a feather in her hand.

"So, Mr Potter," She started, "Could you tell me your full name please?"

Harry hesitated before answering, slightly scared to hear the voice that wasn't his again. "Harry James Potter," He said.

"Lovely, and your address?"

"Four Privet Drive, Little Whinging," Harry answered.

The woman raised an eyebrow behind her clipboard.

"And what is your occupation?" She asked slowly.

Harry heard a crash at the back of his brain, and for some strange reason, he wanted to say the word 'wizard'.

"I'm… I'm at school…" He said slowly.

"I see," The woman replied, "And what sort of school is it you go to?"

Harry started to feel slightly agitated. Why was she asking him these questions? But more to the point, why didn't he know the answers?

"I don't know… A school…" He said quietly.

A silence followed his words. Something was wrong. He knew there was something wrong. And the whole time he kept hearing a crash, faintly seeing a door being pushed down in a little shack, and the word 'wizard' kept replaying in his brain.

"Harry," The woman said in a friendly manner, "Could you please tell me how old you are?"

Harry paused. He knew then and there what was wrong. He'd heard about things like this on telly all the time. All the pieces suddenly fit together. Hands that weren't his, arms that weren't his, a voice that wasn't his. He knew he wasn't actually the age that was going to come out of his mouth.

"I'm eleven…"

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