The 'lives' of the gladiators in the Arena Eternal are filled with frags, gibs, pain, and more frags. Did I mention frags? But is this all they ever do, ever? What about in between battles? What do these guys do when they're not fragging or being fragged?

Well, how the heck should I know? What d'you think I am, psychic? Jeez. But then again, this isn't the whole story. Not even the real story. A completely invented story. I've taken a lot of liberties here for the story to even work. Heck, maybe it ain't even a story. But this story, if that's what it is, is a story of two such gladiators and their alliance and friendship and maybe a little more... Of two cyberpunks and their love, lives, and frags. Of skating and surfing and shooting. This is Slash and Anarki's story. And it is rad.



[Like, it's an Alliance.

"Like, check yourself 'fore ya wreck yourself, dude!" Slash yelled, skating by Anarki, the railgun clutched in her small hands. "How 'bout, I got your back, and you get your front, 'kay?"

"Uh, Slash, hello, did you miss the memo or what? It's free-for-all here! Get in the game!" came the digital voicefile of Anarki's voice into Slash's head. Then came Anarki's rocket into Slash's back.

"Dude!!!" Slash yelled, respawning a few feet away. She skated over in a huff. "Backfragger. What's the big idea? Not cool. Majorly. Not. Cool. Like hear me out, man. Hear me out."

"Okay, dood. You got like, five seconds," Anarki said, poised to back up, his rocket launcher pointed at Slash. "I'm listenin', I guess. Hurry it up."

"Uh, okay, what say you we like team up or something? I mean like, I'm rad, you're rad, and like, these people here? They mega-suck," she said. She looked around quickly before she continued. "We could blow 'em all outta the water!"

Anarki though it over for a moment. "Hey, hey! Not bad! Not bad at all," he said. "I like it! Let's get to mass-fraggin' these lamers!" They high-fived and moved out.

Slash picked up her discarded railgun. "Like, where's the marshmallows?" she asked, giggling. "Hey, I'm goin' that way."

"'Kay," Anarki said. "Guess I'm slidin' the other way. Later!" He jumped, then boarded in the opposite direction.

Thirteen frags later and Anarki was declared the winner, Slash in second, the other people not important enough to be in this part of the story. But if you must know, Lucy was in third.

"Woah, dude! Major win, there. We good, or what!?" Slash said, grinning. Anarki laughed. "Yeah," he grunted as the arena disappeared around them as they were teleported, giving way to a large metal room with thirty-two smaller rooms inside.

"I'm beat, man," Slash said. "I'm gone. Time to like recharge. You better charge it up too. There's way more frags where those came from. Later." She skated off to her cell-room. Anarki watched her until her image left his VR screen, then turned, and headed off to his own.

The door opened as he approached the room, allowing him entrance. He walked in and the door started to close. He snuck another look out before it closed, but Slash had definitely left. Oh well, he'd just ask her his question later. If he remembered. He turned around and went to his bed for a recharge.