Chapter 4: The Virus Family

Chapter 4: Digital Waves


Grandma's driveway, 3:22 PM


Mega, obviously in a state where he couldn't become anything like a human, used Fox's communicator to stay hidden. By that, I mean he stowed away in it and annoyed everyone all day. Of course, he could be invisible. But no one cared to force him out.

John, after having convinced his parents to let Lucas and Azure stay at their house, sat in the car waiting for his grandma to start it. He grabbed his DS and started playing Pokémon Diamond. His grandma and Jake got in the car, and they were off…


En route to John's house, 3:50 PM


John was just about the Elite Four for the umpteenth time when he heard a low pulsing sound. He checked his suitcase, which he had put the sword in earlier. He was shocked at the sight.

When John first got the sword, it was a pure white samurai-style blade. Now, it had taken on a blue color on the blade, and a light green color with a red gem in the hilt. The heck? He thought. This is interesting… He whispered to Azure, "Take a look at this… She leaned over to look at the now slightly glowing sword. She then told Lucas to look, and Mega and Jake saw it as well. "Looks like it was meant for me," said Mega through the link, "at least the colors, anyway. But I have no idea what the gem is for…"

Lucas spoke up softly. "Taurus was a Fire Element, right? Maybe that's representing you deleting Taurus."

John's grandma overheard. "Are you three talking about those games again? I swear, those things'll be the death of you…"

"Sorry…" said John, then thought: But you don't know how right you are…


McDonald's, 10 miles from John's house, 4:00 PM…


John sat and waited for the order to come. The five had come up with a plan. It was going to be a sword that they found in an unmarked floating crate on the beach. They also decided that there were a few other things in there, because the sword was unfinished. They also said that it wasn't a real samurai sword; it was a worthless replica, but still steel, which was at least half the truth. They said that they would try different paint jobs on it, for fun, thus explaining any future color or gem change.

The food came after a bit. The five sat and talked for a while while chowing down. Suddenly, there was a spark from a plug socket, and the lights flickered. "What the… what's going on?" asked Lucas, noticing that John's grandma had ran out of the restaurant.

Jake stared blankly. "I have one guess. I've seen this before, but only on a show…"

A metallic groan was heard as a bunch of the cooking appliances merged together to form a suit of armor with a purple cloud inside. The cloud held a sword and a shield. "Oh god, I was right. Its… Xana."

John spoke to Mega. "Xana is a virus, a smart one, created by the government to destroy the world's most powerful supercomputer. It succeeded, but became evil. Unfortunately, I don't see any of the few who were able to stop him in the show… so, with any luck, we should be able to bust him."

"I like the way you think, kid. Reminds me of Geo, but tougher."

He leaned over to Lucas. "Looks like Xana is real… I'm going to try and EM bust him. Take good care of yourself and Azure, this guy is pure evil… tell Slippy to send for the staff. If that thing attacks you, and it probably will, you'll need it."

"Got it," he responded.

"Alright then. Ready, Mega?"

"Ready," he said, appearing to human sight frequency.

"EM Wave change! John Zinscape, ON THE AIR!"

There was a flash, and the two were merged into a Megaman-esque form. The sword suddenly appeared in John's hand. A low whisper entered his mind. "Use the sword…"

He confronted the giant swirling vortex of terror that was the virus Xana. His sword began to glow. Suddenly, the mass changed shape. It took a more human form, with the same appliance-armor and sword. A faint message in the back of our hero's head said, "Help… me…"

The ghostly knight attacked furiously, with John barely parrying every blow. Finally, he went on the offensive. The sudden flurry of slashes and jabs severely wore out the virus. John managed to send the embodiment of Xana hurling backward. The sword started glowing. "Mega, I think it… wants something from us…" The low voice came again. "Help me…" The armor faded away, and a boy was left in its place, wearing all black clothes with a large, ominous, purple aura surrounding it. "Mega! Charge a shot through the sword?"

"What? Why?"

"Just do it!"

Mega began charging energy through the sword. John tried too, as best a human could. The sword glowed a pure white as it became charged with power. The aura seemed to recoil in shock, then gather energy as well. "Now, Mega!" They jumped and slashed the glowing white sword straight through the boy's body. There was a sickening crack followed by a huge explosion. The dark cloud had disappeared. The boy was now wearing red, and had a device over his right eye, bearing his symbol. "Thank you… I don't know how long I was in there…" John and Mega cocked an eyebrow. (Or whatever… Mega… would cock… that was above his eye…) "Allow me to explain. My name is Xana Hopper, son of Franz Hopper, brother of Aelita."

John stared mouth agape at this news. All this time he had been rooting for the destruction of Aelita's brother. "You see, I was transported to Lyoko with my sister and father. When the government sent the Virus to Lyoko, I was attacked by it during transport. I thus joined with the Virus, seemingly inseparable. When Franz escaped into the internet and Aelita lost her memory, I was left to control Lyoko, under the Virus of course, and was never remembered, thinking to be inseparable. I managed to gain a slight bit more control, however, when they destroyed the Virus, I even screamed in terror in front of Ulrich and Yumi, and was able to flee into the net, as this half-virus, half-human monster. But you, great one, you have ended my pain… who are you? I must know your name…"

John snapped out of his shock. "My name is John Zinscape, and this is Mega," he stated, "and we are going to help you further." Suddenly the sword glowed once more. It changed color again, the green from before taking on a red color, and the blue staying the same. The boy named Xana disappeared as a red cloud appeared over John's head. It suddenly became the headset that he was wearing in a flash of white. Mega's symbol now had an Eye of Xana conspicuously placed on it. Their armor got more powerful, and darker as well. An extra black samurai sword, made of digital code appeared in a sheath in John's right side, as a sheath on his left, a real one, took shape. "Um, I don't know what just happened, but… I think we merged with him."

"Guys, its Xana," came a surprisingly deeper, gruffer voice, "because you were willing to help me, I was able to take my true age and re-enter the real world. I'm going to stay with you in this link for a while." The COM link changed itself into a Bluetooth. "Good, here we go…"

They pulsed out. A dark, swan-like figure stood hidden behind a net-sign, watching the whole battle. Cygnus opened his link with the king. "Sire, the virus we planted years ago has failed us. It was instantly destroyed by this Zinscape character. What should we do?"

The king pondered this for a moment. Finally, he ordered, "Find a human to merge with, anyone that suits your ideas. Gather a small squad of viruses from the ones remaining. We must destroy this fool who dares get in our way…"


Kadic Academy, 8:23 PM


Something flashed on Jeremy's computer. "Um, guys? I just got a message that Xana was destroyed. What the heck?"


Back at McDonald's


Krystal had just finished wiping memories, and reverted back into her Azure form. She got tired afterwards, so Xana used the Supercomputer's Return to the Past power to fix everything. After that, (or before, if you prefer) they finished eating their food and got back into the car.


Mountainside County, 4:32 PM


Jake got dropped off at his house uneventfully. Mega thought he saw something, but it was only static. Then the remaining three (with the two others hidden in Fox's Bluetooth-style transmitter) went to John's house, a little ways further. Then, a new problem arose. This was the problem of where Azure and Lucas would stay. The following ensued.


John's house, 5:00 PM


As they pulled up the driveway to a white house with three tall palm trees and one short, the three friends heard excited screams from inside the house. They said goodbye to John's grandma, and sneaked stealthily toward the door. "Alright, guys… This usually ends badly. You may want to brace yourselves and cover your ears…" The other two, still getting used to human forms, almost covered their currently nonexistent fox ears. They corrected it. John cautiously unlocked and opened the door. Then, two piercing screams erupted from out of nowhere. "JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN!!" Two girls came running up to, well, John, and then they started pretty much jumping over him. The Lylatians did a sweatdrop, or its real life equivalent.

He introduced his two new "exchange students" to everyone. "Guys, this is Lucas and Azure, the exchange students that are going to be staying here for a while. Lucas and Azure, this is my dad, John Jr.…"


"Sorry, I forgot to mention I was the third. Anyway, this is my mom, Sarah, and these are my sisters, Fern and Melissa." A little one-year-old walked into the room. "This is my little brother, Phil." Phil walked up to Azure and smiled.

"Um, why is he doing this?"

"He likes to flirt. Yep, a flirting one-year-old. And he gets away with it because he's cute. Crazy kid."

John's parents were in their forties, but they aren't too important to the plot. A one-year-old boy with curly black hair describes Phil pretty well. Fern was 11, a bit on the completely insane side, with long brown hair. Melissa was even more insane, 6 years old, about half the height of John, and currently trying to climb to the top of his head. "You have to put up with these guys every day?" asked Lucas.

"You better believe it."

John's parents were a bit skeptical at first, but after dinner, they were perfectly fine with that.


A few hours later…


"So you have a few options on where to sleep. I could sleep on the couch and just give you my room…"

"I guess that would probably be the best idea. After that one incident on the Great Fox, I'm sure we don't want that happening again…"

Lucas, Azure, and John were talking about where they would sleep.

"Yeah, we really don't want a repeat of that… with Katt and Falco…"

John was about to ask, but didn't, sure that that was one story he didn't want to hear.


Later that night…


Azure heard sounds coming from the den. She cautiously rose to see what was going on. John was flipping around in his sleep. She tried to figure out what was going on, and this is what happened after inserting herself into the dream...


Inside John's mind, 12:35 AM


Azure stood in an empty void. From afar, she could see on a TV screen of sorts what was going on. John was with someone. The air around was very happy… then suddenly there was an inferno of fire, and there was a flash of lightning, and John was in the midst of many people, taunting and jabbing at him with their fists. John was hit, and suddenly began to rise in the air, glowing brightly as the people watched in terror. The magnitude of the mental shock came as a surprise to Azure, and she was instantly kicked out of John's mind. Azure, terrified of what she had just seen, retreated to John's room and Lucas…


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