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Yuuki Kurosu sighed, running a towel through her wet hair. She yawned slightly, dropping the damp towel to the floor. She walked quietly down the hall, passing by zero as she went. She opened her mouth to say something, but decided not to when zero shot her a cold glare. Yuuki lowered her head and continued on, stopping at the huge picture window in the hall of the headmasters private quarters to look at the moon.

"Hey, what's wrong Yuuki?" A smooth masculine voice drifted to her ears as a pair of strong arms slid around her waist.

"Hi Kaname…" Yuuki looked up at her elder brother, smiling slightly.

"Yuuki, I can tell that something is wrong."

She shook her head, twisting out of her brothers grasp. "its nothing, I'm going to sleep." She started to walk off. "does this have to do with him?" Kaname asked quietly. Yuuki froze momentarily, before she started walking again.

Zero… 'Ever since that day, two months ago when Yuuki had 'awakened' so much had changed, she had been moved to the night class, she had attended her first night party, but most importantly, her already strained relationship with zero had began to fall apart. Yuuki had no idea what to think anymore. She had thought she loved kaname, but now that she knew he was her brother, she couldn't be sure. Maybe it was nothing more than a strong bond of two siblings, that had been lost for many years. That also lead to the question of, what was Zero to her? In the past, she had told him she thought of him as 'a younger brother who needed looking after'. Although after she had decided to give him her blood, their relationship had changed to something more. Once again this had brought the question that had started to plague her mind. What are you to me Zero?

Yuuki frowned again, she couldn't bear to lose zero, she had promised to always be with him. She could see the pain hidden behind his eyes, it always made her heart twist in pain as well. Yuuki shook her head trying to clear her thoughts, sliding open the door slowly as she looked up. Her eyes widened slightly, and She realized where her feet, or rather her heart, had wanted to go….