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Intro Notes; This is a Smallville reboot using Kara instead of Clark. The same basic storyline is there, but there is a lot of differences. It's more a flat-out reboot than anything else. Originally, intended as a One-Shot, but found some popularity so I decided to go further with it. Anyway, read and review, hopefully enjoy. Be honest, if it's trash... Let me know.


Chapter 1- "Secret Origins" Part I of II

Once upon a time, some fifteen years ago, an event took place that would later alter the very fabric of not only our planet Earth, but the entire universe we're a part of. It was something that proved unrealistic yet dreadfully realistic all at once. A meteor shower rained down upon an otherwise little known place in Midwest America known as Smallville, Kansas. Of course, after the fact, Smallville wasn't so little-known anymore.

Smallville, Kansas became known the world over, multiple tourist attractions were implemented, including a theme park centered around the meteor shower. The population grew, the local economy did as well. Sadly, some years later, all the excitement quieted down lower than a whisper. There was never another meteor shower again in Smallville. Stocks dropped, interest in the town sunk along with them. The population slimmed and businesses suffered because of it. The only anything big that endured the hardships was a LutherCorp factory.

But, not all was lost. You see, that day of the meteor shower, a miracle happened...

Martha and Jonathan Kent, the loves of each others lives. They owned a farm, had so for years and years even since they first moved in together. They lived together, married, in love, happy. But, there was always something dragging them down from time to time, letting them know that perfection was just barely out of their grasp. That was the tragic fact that Martha was unable to become pregnant.

It was a wound that cut deeply, leaving her in tears on more than one ocassion over the years. Her husband assured her numerous times that it was all right and not her fault. She accepted his kind words but couldn't shake an empty feeling. Martha couldn't put it behind her. It was always there, always hurting.

Then came that fateful day fifteen years ago. The meteor shower, rocks falling from the sky, trails of pretty yet violent green streaks tailing behind. The Kents hid in their basement for safety, peeking through a small window. They were half-scared, half-thrilled by this display. Was it the end of the world? More than likely, not the case. Would it change the world? Like in so many movies the couple had watched over the years?

Who knew?

The two prayed that their poor farmhouse wouldn't take too much damage. It was all they had in this world, other than each other. They couldn't afford another home or to even move.

The shower lingered on like a rain storm that just wouldn't leave. The corn field was utterly destroyed. Some rocks landed dangerously close to the house. One even hit the ground not four feet away from the window Jonathan and Martha were looking out of.

Ten minutes passed, all becoming quiet outside. With mounds of dirt piled up in front of the window, Jonathan was unable to see anything outside. So, he decided to take a chance. Cautiously, he exited the basement through the hatchway, Martha tucked closely behind him, quivering like a leaf in the wind. Truth be told, her husband was a bit shaky too.

With the sky clear and calm, the two split up to cover more ground.

The sun was shining brightly, the birds were freely flying through the sky, not a cloud in sight. If you kept your gaze locked on the sky alone, you may have presumed it was just a stereotypical Saturday afternoon in Smallville. But, look down... and... well... different story. The meteors had done a number on the crops and field below. Maybe not everything was lost, but a high percentage of it had been erased.

Jonathan surveyed the damage closely, slowly walking around, stepping carefully over and around these supposed space rocks. Unbelievable, completely unbelievable. The stuff of a sci-fi novel.


His head quickly turned and he ran to where Martha's voice was, finding her behind the house, standing in front of something that was spitting a vast amount of thick black smoke into the air. What was it? What it looked like... It couldn't have been. It was like... a tiny space-ship. Gray and silver, metallic, and bearing a logo of some kind. It was an upside-down triangle shape with a big S burned into it.

You could feel the heat radiating off of the vessel. In the background, emergency vehicles roared, their sirens crying. But, that didn't take the Kents' away from their discovery. They had to wonder... Was there someone inside? Or maybe the correct question would be... Was there something inside? Both of them were fearful, their imaginations painting pictures of little green martian men prepared to take over the world.

A noise!

It sounded like something opening up. Indeed, it was. In the front, a hatch lifted automatically, revealing a tiny baby girl sleeping soundly and comfortably, wrapped in a blue and red blanket. The girl very much resembled a normal human being. No green skin, no monstrous features of any kind.

Martha's eyes filled with tears as she slowly bent down to pick up the child. Jonathan held her waist calmly, just in case, "Be careful."

Heeding her husband's advice, Martha carefully leaned forward and gently took hold of the child, cradling the baby in her arms. The girl couldn't have been a day over one year. And, she was beautiful, an absolute angel in more ways than one. A darling little gift from Heaven, Martha thought to herself.

Momentarily, the baby's eyes opened, displaying a stunning color of crystal-blue. She started cooing and giggling playfully as Martha held her lovingly.

"Kara," Martha said, her husband now hugging her, the both of them unable to look away, "Her name is..."





Kara Kent could hear her mother's angered yet calmly voice shouting from downstairs. But, the sixteen year old Sophomore from Smallville High School was far too sleepy. With her covers protecting her from the invading sunlight and outside world, Kara was intent on sleeping until at least 11am. The 'rents wouldn't wouldn't care, right? They were peaceful farmers, after all.


Her father knocked on the bedroom door and entered, taking a seat at the foot of the bed, "You know the drill, honey."

"I hate the drill," Kara grumbled comically from underneath the covers, head buried inside of an extremely comfortable pillow, "Five more minutes?"

Jonathan chuckled, rolling his eyes, "Right. Last time I let you have five more minutes, it turned into five more hours. Never-mind the scolding I got from your mother. C'mon," he patted her in the back, through her fluffy red and blue comforter, "Bacon and home-made waffles on the table. School in thirty minutes."

He exited the room, not shutting the door.

Kara hated it when they didn't shut the door. Loathed it, even. Like a turtle peeking his head out of his shell, Kara slipped her own head out from under the bedding, revealing a very beautiful face with long blonde hair, flawless skin and pretty blue eyes. Although, the hair was a touch messy, the eyes a tiny bit bloodshot, and her otherwise flawless skin was a little pale.

Kara's eyes blinked repeatedly while a yawn escaped, reminding her of exhaustion. It wasn't a joke or hoax to get out of school. Kara Kent was honest to goodness exhausted. But, why? That was the million dollar question of the day.


Breakfast was spread across the kitchen table. Jonathan was busy scanning the morning paper as he bit into a bagel and sipped his coffee. Martha was not in a cheerful mood, by any means. All last week and now this week, Kara was refusing to get up for school on time. It was becoming worse and worse as the days passed by. The past three mornings, the teenager had been late to school. Another would surely warrant some form of punishment from the school.

And without a proper excuse, other than...

"I've just been really really tired," Martha said in a dopey voice.

"What's that?" Jonathan looked up from his paper.

"Hmm?" Martha hadn't realized she spoke out loud, until it became obvious, "Oh, sorry. Just thinking out loud."

"Thinking or worrying?"

"You know me too wel,." she would have smiled, but wasn't in the mood.

Jonathan folded the paper, setting it down on the table, "What are you worrying about, specifically?"

"Do you think we should tell her?" Martha whispered, leaning towards the table, "I know that I've been against the idea. But now, with how she's been acting lately..."

"I've been thinking the same thing myself," Jonathan admitted.

They didn't know what to do.

For years, the Kent's had secretly struggled with the idea of confessing to Kara that she had been adopted. Well, not adopted in the general or usual sense. How do you tell a sixteen year old, or anyone for that matter, that they were found in a tiny space ship that crash landed on Earth during a meteor shower?

Kara was an alien. A fact known only by Jonathan and Martha. To protect Kara, they had lied to absolutely everyone, claiming that they happened upon her during the meteor shower. The details were kept foggy for obvious reasons. If someone discovered that their darling Kara was from outer-space... Oh, the Kent's shuddered to even think of the consequences. What's worse, what if Kara was able to find out? She had always believed she was the birth-daughter of Martha and Jonathan Kent. She never even seemed to have the slightest idea of anything different. At least, they didn't think so.

Momentarily, the two decided it best not to converse over such delicate matters when there was a good chance of Kara over-hearing. As luck would have it, this turned out to be a good idea. Though, not because of Kara. It was because of a few soft knocks at the door.

Martha walked over and answered the door with a smile, "Hi, Lana."

Lana Lang, long-time friend to Kara. Lana lived a few miles down the road from the Kent farm. Always had since the time she was born and brought home from the local hospital. Sadly, Lana's mother and father were killed in the same meteor shower that blessed the Kent's with Kara. Ever since, Lana had lived with her Aunt Nell. Due to the tragedy, Lana possessed a strong sadness that wasn't always showing, but lingered inside. Though, she always chose to wear a sweet smile daily.

"Hi, Mrs. Kent. Is Kara ready?"

Martha grimaced just a tiny bit, "You mean Sleeping Beauty?" they shared a brief laugh, "I'm sorry, Lana, she overslept again."

"Again?" Lana's eyebrows raised slightly, "Mrs. Kent, you or Mr. Kent would tell me if something was wrong with Kara, right? I mean... I'd hope that she would tell me herself. We've been best friends for so long... Known each other since forever."

"You'd be the first, Lana," Jonathan answered while walking by, on his way out for work, "Hi and bye."

Lana appeared a bit upset, "Is she mad at me for some reason? Did I do something wrong and just didn't realize? If I did, I'm really sorry."

Martha smiled faintly. Lana had always been such a sweet girl and a great friend to Kara. The two of them had gotten along wonderfully for as long as anyone could remember. For the longest of times, Kara had been Lana's support in dealing with her parents' deaths, giving her a shoulder to cry on, a nudge of encouragement to keep going, and lifting her spirits with a silly joke if need be. In short, they truly were best friends.

Though, lately, Kara had distanced herself, but Martha didn't believe it to be personal by any means at all. It was just obvious to everyone that Kara was going through something that she wasn't spilling the details on. It couldn't solely be exhaustion. There had to be more, something deeper and more painful.

Lana sighed softly, "Well, I should go. My aunt is waiting in the car. Tell Kara that I'll see her at school? Bye, Mrs. Kent."

"Bye, Lana. I'll pass along the message. And, don't worry, I think Kara just hasn't been feeling good lately. I doubt she's mad at you."


Dressed in jeans, Converse and a red hoodie, Kara sat on her bedroom floor, fingering through pictures of her and her friends from school, soft tears rolling slowly down her cheeks. Everything was such a mess these days. At least, in her point of view. She didn't feel right at all lately. It wasn't like she was sick, though. Something else... Something that she couldn't put a finger on. It kind of felt like she was changing somehow. Weird, huh? A sixteen year old girl changing, and it wasn't to do with hormones or anything gross like that. Just... something was off.

The reason she was so exhausted in the day-time was because of a drastic loss of sleep and rest during the night hours. Insomnia had settled underneath her skin, depriving Kara of the rest she needed to rejuvenate herself for a brand new day.

Something else was odd, too...

She had began hearing better, feeling a lot stronger, not to mention much faster. Her sight was also strange lately. She had the strangest instinct that if she were to stare hard enough, she would be able to see through walls. Now, she supposed that these were all good things that most people would probably enjoy or determine to be accomplishments. But, not Kara Kent.

It didn't feel natural, in the least. There was no reason for her to be so strong or fast, and the hearing talent was something she hated. It mostly bothered her at night when everything was at its most quiet in the house. She would hear animals or birds out on the farm, and it would at times feel like they were literally in her ears. During the daylight hours, the hearing was easier to deal with, and she didn't know why. She couldn't explain it right if she tried.

One thing she did know was she was not a fan of these changes. They made her feel way too different. Like, she wasn't even herself anymore. Like she were a completely different person.

And there was something else nagging her, showing up in her dreams when she could finally fall asleep. Lately, in these dreams, she would experience visions that told her she didn't belong with her mother and father. More so, not even in Smallville. It was so weird, and frightening at the same time. When she woke up, typically in a cold sweat, she felt the sensation that she was meant to be somewhere else.

Somewhere far away.

Kara sniffled and glanced up to her bedroom clock hanging on the wall, 7:25am. School would be starting in exactly ten mintes. There would be no chance of her getting there on time. Kara didn't want to go to school, she didn't want to face her friends or all the other students. She wanted the quiet comfort of slipping back into bed and sleeping the sunlight hours away, briefly forgetting her problems, fears and worries. But, who was she kidding? There was no chance in hell that her mother would let that happen.

Knocks at the door, "Kara Kent, let's go!"

Following a deep breath and clean sweep of the tears, Kara composed herself and opened the door, finding her mom with a none-too-pleased expression painted on her face, "Okay, I'm sorry. I'm going."

Martha crossed her arms, "Don't apologize to me, Kara. Apologize to Lana."

"Lana?" what did she mean? "What for?"

"She's under the impression that you're mad at her. Please tell me you haven't been giving her the cold shoulder, too."

Kara sighed, "I'm not mad at her. I'm not mad at anyone."

"Then what's bothering you? I want to know what's wrong with my daughter."

"I'm just tired, ma," Kara moved past her mother, down the stairs, "It's nothing to get worked up over."

Martha followed, determined to get answers, "Do not walk away from me when I'm talking to you. No more skirting around the problem, I want you and I to have a serious heart-to-heart conversation."

Kara smirked smartly, "All right, fine, whatever it takes to get me out of school is good with me."

A fire lit inside Martha, "The sarcasm stops here, young lady! I want our conversation to be level-headed and honest. I know damn well that there's something bothering you and I want to know what it is right now!"

"Why?" Kara retaliated, not realizing that she was almost admitting there was a problem, "If something is bothering me, then it's my problem, not yours! It's bothering me. Not you! Me, ma. It's my problem!" the tears were threatening to restart, but Kara kept them at bay.

Martha wasn't mad. How could she be when it was crystal clear that her baby was enduring something painful? "Do you hear yourself, sweetheart? You just admitted there is a problem," she took cautious steps toward her daughter, Kara taking a few back, "Kara, I love you. You'll never know how much. I can't stand to see you feeling like this. Let me in, we'll figure it out together. You don't have to feel alo..."

"I don't feel alone!" Kara shouted, "I don't have any stupid problems! I'm just tired! Why can't anyone understand that?" she made a break for the door, "I'm going to school. Bye!" and it was slammed behind her.

In moments, from the back door, Jonathan entered, boots covered in chunks of dirt from working on the farm, "I heard yelling."

Martha stared at the front door, unable to peel her eyes away from it. Her head shook softly and slowly from side-to-side, "I'm losing my daughter," she nearly cried, "I'd give anything to be inside of her head. To know what's going on with her."

Jonathan draped a strong arm around his wife's shoulders, "She'll be all right. We'll all be," then he kissed her genty atop the forehead, "She knows you love her, and you know she loves you. That's all that matters."

(To Be Continued)