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Warning!: Shonen-ai! Not much, but still there.

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Sharp shivers ran down his spine, this odd sensation coursing through his entire body. The familiar sickness, anxiety and anticipation had returned, intense and unwilling to wait. He knew the symptoms, he'd experienced the build up a million times, but he'd normally been able to ignore them, put his other side to sleep for a while and concentrate on something, anything, else. But not this time.

What was so different? Why was his body failing him this time?

The sickness had been there for weeks now, slowly growing stronger with each day. An immense tiredness had plagued him, completely contrasting with this moment now; he'd never felt more awake in his life. The numbed and despised longing had been working its way up to this climax. He'd tried to ignore it, he really had. It'd been all going so damn well, but now this… how was he going to escape this? The monster inside of him begged for release, clawing at his willpower resolutely, refusing to be ignored any longer.

He slid down the wall he'd been using for much-needed support, until he was frozen in a crouching position, surrounded by the darkness of an empty corridor. He was thankful for the lack of people. At least his decided breakdown was at night, and out of mind of the other students. Save one.

Yuki would be worried now, she'd come looking. She'd find him, he knew that, she was too damn lovely not to.

Half of him leapt with excitement and longing as he thought about Yuki and all that sweet blood running through her pretty, delicate frame. The other half was disgusted with it's other.

He wouldn't give into this, he'd make himself win. He couldn't give into this dangerous, dirty, despicable temptation his body yearned for. No. He'd made up his mind a long time ago – he'd fight this on his own. He needed to do this, he had to.

But his body didn't seem to be taking no for an answer.

Not this time.

He bit down on his lip, stifling a small moan of desperation.

All his senses seemed to have heightened and intensified, he was consumed in a strange heat, his entire body covered in a sheen of sweat, his mind becoming hazy and distant, taken over by an increasing sense of desire. Reality was beginning to lose itself and become something entirely different. Something intense, something guilty, something out of control, something dangerous, something magnetizing… something he couldn't let himself give into, no matter how much he wanted to taste that alluring and arousing copper.


His heart was pounding so hard, beating like a drum in his ears. His stomach cried out for sustenance; a strange and primal hunger that, coupled with bloodlust and the longing that rocketed through his body, was nothing but irresistible.


He was burning up, his eyes closed tight… Dear God, it was so tempting to give into this need, this hunger, this sin, this passion… It screamed out, clawing and dominating his rationality, making him remember the intense pleasure that it could bring, the delight, the adrenalin, the power, the weakness… The contrast and the promise that his life would never be the same, never be boring, never have to dwell.

He knew what excitement, or what peace, it could bring if he simply joined with it… All he would have to do is satisfy it… then he could…


No… He felt an odd sensation settle on his canines. He knew what was happening.

Damn it, he'd been able to suppress this the last hundred times it had happened. He'd been stronger, he'd been willing to put up a fight. Now… now… he felt exhausted. And drinking blood was the easy way out, the easy way to please this terrifying and dominating side of him.

He shook his head slightly – he had no idea what he was thinking anymore. He felt his self control ever so slowly fade into the background. He gritted his teeth in desperation, he could feel his fangs pressing down on his tongue…

He clenched his fists, his brain going into overload. There were too many conflicting emotions to count. He just wanted to go to sleep, blank out until this was over – he didn't think he could cope with another second of this torture, this excitement. He didn't know how he was going to calm down without giving into this morbid temptation.

He could sense everything around him, and it was driving him crazy. He could practically feel all the oblivious students sleeping in their dorms while the vampires were sitting in class. He could feel every heartbeat, every breath, he could almost taste their blood…

His heart gave an unexpected jolt of excitement, and then returned to the familiar itching he'd had to endure for the past month or so.

He let out unconscious whimpers, cursing himself all the while for letting himself have this moment of weakness. It wasn't his fault though… it was this other side of him… he moaned, a sudden sound distracting him from trying to explain this hunger.

Footsteps echoed down the darkened corridor. Zero could smell the blood flowing through the intruder's veins. He writhed, moaned and twisted – by the time that the person had rounded the corner, he'd worked himself into such a state, he couldn't quite recognize the familiar face.

"…Zero?" A soft voice spiked with a vague amusement sounded.

Zero looked up at his name, the word bringing him face to face with reality once more. Kaname was standing in front of him, looking down at him with his well-enforced superiority. "… What… do you want?" Zero growled – now finding it a huge effort to talk properly.

"It finally got you," Kaname smiled sadly, "It's been over a month. I must say, I'm quite impressed. I was getting worried."

"No you weren't," Zero spat at him. His hair fell in front of his eyes, hiding his humiliation and desperation from the pureblood.

Kaname smiled again, bending down so they were at eye level, "You know, this isn't just hurting you." Kaname commented, all pretences of politeness long gone. The brunette gently brushed the hair out of Zero's once lilac eyes. They were blood red now. There was a whirlpool of suppressed need and desperation swimming in those eyes, there was anticipation, there was an embarrassed aspect to them for letting himself be so damn vulnerable, there was also a despairing pleading look.

"What do you mean?" Zero mumbled, shaking off Kaname's slender hand definitely.

Kaname shook his head, still vaguely aggravated by the writhing vampire before him. The pureblood casually weighed up his options, deciding what was best for this particular situation. He always prided himself on thinking before acting. After what must have seemed like a year sadistically watching Zero pant and moan (he found it quite endearing, actually), he finally settled on an idea that had been plaguing him for quite some time now.

Zero watched, unbelieving, as Kaname, his mutual enemy, raised a hand to his neck and pierced the skin.

"What…" Zero's senses pin pointed on that small drop of blood trickling down Kaname's smooth neck. "No…"

Kaname winced in slight pain as he dug his nail into his neck again, creating another little cut, creating another little invitation. Sure, they would heal in a matter of minutes, but that didn't stop them stinging. And anyway, this was the only way.

"I…" Zero panted, "… stop… not funny…" He muttered, suddenly transfixed on the base of Kaname's neck. The incessant screaming from his heart and stomach had finally reached it's limit. Zero moaned involuntarily, leaning closer to the other vampire, breathing heavily, whimpering slightly. Right now, he didn't care if this was a staged prank created to humiliate him; it was a considerate answer to all his problems, it was a helping hand. It was soothing, calming – just the mere notion of satisfying his painful bloodlust.

He held Kaname close, as if frightened he'd run away. Kaname had to suppress a smirk.

Zero's eyes were shut tight, trailing his tongue over Kaname's smooth skin before gently sinking his fangs into his neck.

Both boys gasped, submerged in a new sensation of pure ecstacy.

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