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Yuki sighed heavily.

She leant against a wall for support, her legs felt like they had suddenly mastered the transition between human flesh and jelly.

She was so tired. No, tired wasn't quite the word… she was exhausted.

She knew vampires were strong… but then they were hyped up on the smell of Kaname's blood… they were relentless.

She's spent the last 20 minutes, before the wall of teachers had arrived, keeping the entire vampire population on campus at bay, determined not to let them get past her and into the network of corridors that would lead them to Kaname and Zero…

Kaname and Zero.

Kaname and Zero…

In all the commotion, she'd almost forgotten about the realisation that was Kaname and Zero.

It was unbelievable. She closed her eyes slowly, letting her mind slow down to a steady trickle of surprise. It was so unexpected… but she was so happy for them!

Her delicate expression transformed into a genuine smile.

Now that she thought about it, they both needed someone in their lives who was strong and pure. And they were a completely unconventional perfect match.

She shook her head in vague amusement… they'd just proved how thin that proverbial line between hate and love was.

Zero, her childhood friend who she had stuck by when they'd both reached their all-time lows, they'd helped each other out on countless occasions and she'd had so much fun with him… and there was Kaname. The true, just and heroic boy she'd idealised for years and years who'd been with her since she could remember. He'd saved her so many times.

They were both such good people and both so dear to her… they deserved, they needed a person in their life who they could depend on.

A smile flickered across her lips. Vampires were so funny – they were renowned for being icy and well-mannered, most of the vampires she'd met were so strong and unmoving – but they could be controlled with something so simple as blood.

She opened her eyes lazily.

Of course she was slightly sad that they would depend on each other rather than her… but it wasn't like they'd all stop being friends. She'd still see them all the time. But she was bound to feel sad.

She stood up straight, a determined expression on her pretty face. She shook her head, as if trying to shake all the bad and sorrowful thoughts out of her head.

She was happy for them, happy…

She was happy.

… And to be quite honest, she was a little excited. She let herself giggle.

Seeing them like that… connected in the most intense way, kissing… it was one of the most surreal and intriguing things she'd ever witnessed. And if they were together… which she assumed they were… they'd by loads more cute moments like that!

She grinned in spite of herself, in true Yuki-style.

Then stopped abruptly. What if they weren't together? What if this was just a one time thing that was brought on by Zero's desperation for blood and Kaname's good intentions? No – she couldn't let that happen.

She'd literally just accepted them being together and she was going to make it stay that way! They were completely meant for each other and if they couldn't see it, or if they were too embarrassed to confront each other after what would happen tonight…

She knew that, although they would never admit it, they were both very shy people. She'd known them almost all her life and she knew both of them would probably leave a tense situation be if they had the choice…

She also hoped that they'd move their 'intimacy' somewhere else. Sure, she was happy for them, but the hallway was a rather inappropriate place to get carried away like that… especially with the scent of Kaname's blood infecting and clouding every vampire's mind like that.

That brought Yuki back to the tiresome realisation that was her job. She was supposed to protect and help the school and all the people in it, not stand here thinking about the turmoil that was Zero and Kaname.

She shook her head decidedly, her silky brown hair falling back in place over her slightly flushed face. She'd leave them be for now… but in the morning, she was planning to interrogate (a, no doubt, very embarrassed) Zero like there was no tomorrow.

But for now, yes, she'd leave them be.

Zero's eyes slid shut – this was unbelievable. He wasn't quite sure how to deal with this much pleasure at once. All his senses were screaming in a new found bliss, everything inside of him was calling out in desperation; all his being was trying to get closer to Kaname.

He arched his back to meet Kaname, arms encircling the pureblood's strong torso, a loud moan escaped his parted lips.

He felt Kaname chuckle at his neck, but Zero didn't seem to notice or care. He was beyond caring right now.

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