Chapter One: Howl in the Meadow

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Oh yeah, Bella POV

I stood there looking down the aisle at my groom. My gorgeous groom. God he looks good in a tux, even more dazzling then normal. If that's even possible.

I heard the music start, thanks to Esme, who was acting as DJ and the photographer in the wedding. I walked down the aisle to my lullaby, my song that Edward made for me.

I smiled at him as Dad walked me down the aisle. I dabbed at my eyes as I cried from the sheer joy of this day. I'll have to thank Alice for the waterproof makeup idea.

I smiled as I reached the alter. Edward smiled at me, and behind him the groomsmen, Emmett and Jasper, both beamed at me too. Alice and Rosalie were my bridesmaids, they stood behind me looking as if they were about to cry, that is, if they could.

I saw Mom bawling her eyes out as we turned towards Carlisle. Who knew he had gotten his marriage license before his doctor's degree? I smiled and dabbed at my eyes again as I turned towards Edward. He whispered to me out of the corner of his mouth, "I love you, Bella." I smiled, "I love you, Edward."

"We are gathered here today to-"

Carlisle's words were interrupted by a howling in the distance.

A russet wolf bounded into the meadow, mine and Edward's meadow where we decided our lives would be joined together.

Jacob bounded into the meadow, the rest of the pack behind him. He crouched low and growled at Edward as shrieks of terror echoed through the clearing.

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