Colour Me Seduced

Hi, my name is Roxas Strife.
This is the story of my first year at Destiny Islands Art College. Sounds boring, doesn't it? You couldn't be more wrong. That year was filled with more blushing, sleepovers, drunken nights, microwaved mac and cheese, coloured fingers and weird phone conversations than I can ever remember. Not to mention someone I met that completely turned my life inside out.

Oops, I'm digressing. Better start off the story.
I guess you could say that this whole avalanche of insanity started off on my first Monday…

The sun was shining, birds were chirping and Roxas had just consumed a delicious waffle for breakfast. As far as first days of school were, this one was going pretty damn good. Strolling along the campus grounds, the blonde boy was gracing the world with what his older brother would call the Lemon Tart Smile. (More on that later.) Shoulder bag comfortably bumping against his hips, Roxas entered the appropriate building for his first class.

Several other students were already in the room. Including his ex-girlfriend/best friend, Naminé. Smiling growing even more, Roxas approached her.

"Roxas!" the blonde girl cried out in happiness.
"Morning, Nami." Roxas replied in a slightly more subdued voice, but with an equally enormous grin.
"It's good to see you again. How are you?"
"Awesome." He replied truthfully. "And yourself?"
"Ditto." She giggled. "Come on, let's find some easels of our own."

He nodded, giving a slightly more manly giggle. They quickly took up two easels near the middle of the class room. Gradually, the bubbling conversation died down to be replaced with attentive silence.
The art instructor, a tall lanky woman with frizzing brown hair and large dangly hoop earrings stood in the middle of the easels, smiling out at her new students. She had hooded hazel eyes, that seemed to glint quietly with hidden creativity.

"Welcome, guys." She announced. "To Destiny Islands Art College. This room is for anatomy study and sometimes still life sketching. For today's lesson, we're going to do something fun!" The crowd murmured in assent. Naminé leaned towards Roxas.
"What do you suppose we're going to be doing?"
He smiled at her then returned his attention to the art teacher. "No idea."

Afformentioned art teacher had just clapped her hands. A door opened and in trooped several people, models by the good looking nature of each and every one. One in particular caught Roxas' eye. A tall, lanky man with a mane of unruly red-hair. He stood facing Roxas and Naminé, grinning in a way that could probably mean that he was up to no good.
"That's right, class. We're doing nudes!" the art teacher beamed.

An excited whispering spread right through the crowd. Nudes? This was going to be good. Especially considering how attractive their models were.
Roxas, wasn't quite as thrilled for some reason. Perhaps it was because of the red-head's unnerving smirk? Nah, never. He was eighteen. He was mature. He'd seen other guys naked before. He could totally handle this. He hoped.

The blonde boy picked up his sketch-book and selected a graphite stick. When he turned around, the red head had completely stripped and was smirking directly at Roxas. This smirk, clearly said 'I'm completely naked and you're loving it'. Roxas gulped as a blush invaded his face. He placed his graphite stick on the page and began sketching.
This was going to be a long hour.

About 15 minutes later, Roxas had already finished the loose sketch of the red-head's languishing form. He was busy adding in little details, like the shading in his hair and the muscles definition on his stomach. Roxas' blush bloomed slightly when he got to the crotch area. He looked up to get a better view of the details. Then he looked at the red-head's face again. 'Big Mistake.' Thought Roxas.

The man was smiling, grinning, smirking at Roxas. With the same exact smile/grin/smirk he had had before. Only this time, he was observing Roxas! He briefly flicked his eyes at the art student. The eye-contact made then was so calm it was almost terrifying. Roxas' big blue eyes met the man's fiery green and… he felt okay. Without realizing this sudden revelation, the young blonde smiled at the man. Afformentioned man chuckled quietly in return.

'Okay,' Thought Roxas. 'So making eye-contact wasn't as horribly scary as I thought it might have been.'

Another few minutes passed of quiet sketching, but with more frequent looks from page to subject for Roxas. The red-head was content with passively observing the younger man, even though it seemed like he was about to fidget; he kept still enough for Roxas to complete the drawing.
Later still, Roxas had finished the drawing. He looked at the paper surveying his work. Obviously his pensivity must shown because the man he had been drawing suddenly spoke up.
"You done there, blondie?"

Roxas jumped slightly. He didn't know what voice he had been expecting, but what a voice the red-head had. Husky and lightly drawling. 'Bet he'd make a good singer…' Roxas' mind supplied.

"Uhm, yeah. You wanna take a look?" his mouth replied.
"Sure." The man shrugged, and got up. [AN: He's still naked! Lulz.
"Niiiiiice." He chuckled, and clapped Roxas on the back. "I always knew I was good looking, but this makes me look even better."
Roxas gulped a bit. He wasn't sure if he was blushing or not. He could only really feel the tingling from where he had been slapped on the back. Tingle, tingle.

"Uhm, thanks.." his mouth supplied for him again. "You were really fun and challenging to draw, Mr…?"
The red-head chuckled loudly. "Mister?" he laughed again. "Call me Axel."


Axel grinned at Roxas again. "Well, Rrroxas, if you ever feel the urge to draw my bodalicious body again.." he ran his hands up his figure in a very suggestive manner. "Just give me a ring. I'll give you my cell number."

"Uhm.. okay. Thanks?" Roxas replied as he watched Axel fish for his phone-number. 'Oh hell! He's still naked.' The art student mentally face-palmed himself.

At the end of the lesson the students stashed away their pieces in their shelves. The models dressed and left. Naminé had also blushed quite a bit during the session, and now was giggling at Roxas' picture of Axel.

"You really took great notice of the details there, Roxas."
Roxas merely scowled. Still, on the inside he was pretty happy. As first days of school went, this one was pretty good.

AN: I rreeally wanted to write a one-shot with this title. NO SUCH LUCK. Haha, oh well. CMS (this story) will probably be the higher priority for me for a while. I have half-term but this chappie took about a week or so. So yeah.

... I actually kinda have a plot for this one. It will be good. I promise! cough

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