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Colour Me Seduced – Fricken Hiccups!

The evening was coming to a very fulfilling end. Axel and Roxas were scraping out the last of the popcorn and chips with fingertips and Sora had somehow ended up sprawled on Riku's back, who was trying to reach the bottle of alcohol that had been brought out earlier.
"Sooooraaaa…" Riku whined, scrabbling at the carpet. "I can reach the booze."
"But I wanna hug you." Sora replied, nuzzling into the long silver tresses.
Roxas looked over to his brother with half-lidded eyes. He had drunk way more than his limit and everything was beyond blurry.
"Sora." He said thickly. "You're so gay."
Axel tittered through a mouthful of chip-covered fingers. "Ehehehee. So gay." He hiccupped and grabbed another handful. He hiccupped again as he licked his fingers.
Roxas glanced at Axel, then snorted. "You've got hiccups!"
"So" Hiccup. "What?" The redhead said, continuing to run his tongue over his fingers.
"Only cartoon characters get hiccups when they're drunk." Roxas stated, holding his head up with one hand. "Or girls."
Axel hiccupped in protest. "Says. Mister Baby. –face him. Self!"
Roxas scowled. "I am not cute."
"Suuu-" Hiccup. "uuurre you are" Hiccup. "N't." Axel leered, still hiccupping badly.
"I will bleep you up!" Roxas said threateningly, putting up his dukes.
"Did you just censor yourself?" Riku asked, distracted momentarily from the unreachable bottle. He let out a big yawn, his eyelids drooping. Sora echoed the sleepy call. Then Roxas. It became a canon of yawns – even Axel tried to yawn, but failed due to an interrupting hiccup.

"Maybe we should go to bed now?" Sora asked, rubbing an eye sleepily.
"Hear, hear." Riku yawned. He looked like he was going to pass out in the carpet.
"Mmkay." Roxas murmled. The blonde untangled himself from the couch and made a flappy-hand gesture at Axel. "C'mon Hiccupy McHiccup-pants. Let's get to bed."
Axel hiccupped in agreement.

The four drunken men headed up the stairs like drunken men do. They swayed, they cursed and occasionally nearly fell to their untimely brain-damage due to impaired depth perception. Once they had reached the summit of the treacherous stairs, Sora and Riku bid the others a drunken goodnight and staggered into their room. Roxas waved and drifted over to the bathroom. Axel hiccupped them goodnight, then followed, his bag of night-stuff magically remembered.

The redhead shuffled through his bag, pulling out his pajamas, toothbrush and toothpaste. He let out another interrupted yawn and proceeded squeeze the cinnamon flavoured paste onto the bristles.
Roxas already had a mouthful of minty froth when Axel joined him in front of the bathroom mirror. The blond glanced at his friend.
"Your toothpaste is beige." Roxas said.
"S'cinn" Hiccup. "amon." The redhead replied through a mouthful of foam.
"Really?" Roxas switched hands.
"Yu-" Hiccup. "-hup."
Roxas remained silent while he finished scrubbing his his molars. He spat into the sink and rinsed his mouth. Axel kept brushing and hiccupping.
Finally, Roxas spoke up. "You need to get rid of those hiccups."
"Whu-" Hiccup. "uht?"
Roxas shook his head in disbelief. "Rinse your mouth out." He commanded, rubbing the bridge of his nose. Axel obeyed, rinsing out his toothbrush for good measure and replacing it into his bag.
Roxas poured out a glass of water and gave it to Axel. "Here. Now, drink from the otherside of the cup."
"What?" Axel hiccupped in confusion.
Roxas rolled his eyes. "Look." He tipped his head forward over the cup so that his mouth was on the side furthest from him. He then tilted the cup downwards so it flowed into his mouth. Basically, he was drinking upside down.
"Aah-" Hiccup. "-hh. I get it now." The redhead took the glass and tried to copy Roxas. He hiccupped and it went up his nose. "Auuggghrughughuhhuu." Axel flailed about, trying to get the water out of his nose. "Eurgh. Ugh. Ew." He spluttered, pinching his nose. "I hate the feeling of water in my nose."
"At least your hiccups are finally gone." A shell-shocked Roxas mumbled.
"Oh hey! You're right." Axel paused to check. "Yep. They're gone. Thanks, Rox."
"Noooo problem." Roxas yawned.
"Bed time?" Axel asked, drowsily.
"Mmyeah." Roxas replied rubbing his sleepy eyes.
"Okay." He said, reaching over to ruffle Roxas' hair. "Let's go to bed, then."

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