DISCLAIMER: These characters were not created by me, but by William Nicholson. This is a FanFiction story only based on the Wind On Fire trilogy

Chapter 1

Pinto sat alone, clutching a picture of her sister. She thought of the deed that Kestrel had done and wept silently, her head in her hands. She missed her with all of her heart.

Mumpo noticed this and decided to leave her to her grief. He also wept at night for Kestrel. If it hadn't been for her, he would still be an orphan who had nothing, unlike the warrior he is today. He had not had a chance to say goodbye to her. He could not express himself to anyone apart from Pinto, who was passionately grieving for her sister. Although Kestrel lived through her twin brother, Bowman, he could not find the courage to face him and express him feelings about Pinto.

Bowman did not grieve. He knew that Kestrel live on in the wind and will use her strength to help him. He and Sisi were growing more and more close everyday since he returned from the mountaintop where he fought his sister to the point of no return.

He sensed the wind was getting stronger each day. He heard roars to the south-east and Kestrel was silent on the matter...She knew what was to come in time.

Kess...I need to know...Tell me what it is. He spoke to her through his mind. It's the only way we can prepare for it. His head was pounding from the strain of Kestrel's connection to him.

I mustn't say...I promised. Her mentality was growing stronger every time he asked her.

Please Kess! He pleaded. It's the only way I can protect everyone.

I know...It's just...Bouncer...made me promise... She stuttered.

Please Kess! I need to know! He continued to pressure her.

I...I...The Wind is Returning! I may return to you! Kestrel sounded depressed, but Bowman looked shocked.

Is this why the animals roar and the wind strengthens? He asked.

Yes. I think so. But the wind will destroy the Homeland. Get everyone away from there. If I do return, I want you to come to the mountaintop where we fought to meet me. She explained as Bowman's head became painless. I will tell you when you must find me!