Chapter 7

Bowman ate some of the warm, fresh bread that Sisi and Falcon had baked. His ordeal was severe. Now that Kestrel was back, he knew the wind would soon come.

Pinto arrived later that afternoon with Mumpo. They embraced Kestrel and Bowman.

"Everyone, I need to tell you something," Pinto announced. Mumpo looked surprised and glanced at her. She smiled and he smiled back. "I'm pregnant!" Kestrel smiled.

"Mumpo," Bowman said and Mumpo spun around. "Congratulations!" Mumpo smiled and walked up to Pinto and took her into his arms. They kissed passionately and embraced.

Falcon would not part from Kestrel's side. She wanted to know everything about her. Kestrel told her the story of the Morah, where Bowman, Mumpo and herself battled their way back to Aramanth. She told her about the Mastery and the fought between Bowman and herself on the mountaintop. Falcon listened intently.

Ira was walking around slowly and kept taking more and more bread from the table. He had many crumbs around his mouth.

Bowman looked around at Kestrel. They both felt it...The wind was returning.

They went outside, followed by Sisi, Mumpo and Pinto. They looked at the sky. It had turned red and flames danced between the few clouds. Kestrel and Bowman joined hands and closed their eyes. Pinto grabbed Bowman's hand and copied them. Mumpo and Sisi joined the chain. Falcon took Kestrel's hand and Siri took her mother's. Ira took Mumpo's.

The rest of the Manth people saw the sky and joined the chain. Hanno took Falcon's hand and then noticed Kestrel to his right.

"Kess," he gasped. She smiled at him and closed her eyed again. This long chain of the Manth people began to form an aura around the Homeland. The flames surrounded the shield although the Manth stayed still.

The flames began to dissipate against the icy shield that protected Bowman, Kestrel, Pinto, Mumpo and Sisi. Falcon concentrated stronger that everyone else.

Aunt Kess! Falcon spoke in her mind.

Fal? You too? Kestrel's head stopped throbbing and Falcon concentrated even more.

The flames became smaller and smaller and then vanished. The Manth people cheered and the shield disappeared.

Sisi and Bowman embraced and so did Pinto and Mumpo. Kestrel found her father, Hanno and they embraced.

"Kess...We missed you," Hanno said.

"I know Dad, I know," Kestrel said.

The Manth people celebrated with dancing and singing. They were safe once again and their home remained unchanged.