- To Save a Hero.

Samson, without his strength and sight, had no choice but obeying the Philistines. He had to do all kind of degrading works while they mocked him, and the soldiers were always watching so nobody could help the prisoner.

The scene shows Chuckie, with very short-length hair, pushing a sacks-filled cart. Now having just normal level strength, it was a very hard job for him, and, to make it worse, a soldier was keeping him on a leash and mocking the redhead.

"Hurry up. You still have to put down all the sacks and go back for more." The soldier laughed at him.

"We couldn't use horses… or at least a goat?" Chuckie, panting, turned at the soldier, his vision barely recognizing him as a blurry spot.

"The horses are resting; they need vacations too." The soldier replied before yanking the leash. "Okay, we arrived. Now, start taking down all the sacks and carry them inside the store."

As said, Chuckie and the soldier are now in front of a general store, with a couple of Philistines waiting for them. The redhead, guided by the soldier, starts carrying the sacks, but, his sight so diminished, he doesn't notice another Philistine extending his leg in Chuckie's path, making him to trip.

"Whoa! Look where you walk." The Philistine laughed as well as his companions, while Chuckie rubbed his belly and chest before standing up, picking up the sack and return to his job.

At a distance, Tommy, Kimi, Lil and Dil looked at the scene, sadly. Lil was holding a pair of glasses and wanting to give them to Chuckie so he could, at least, have his normal sight back, but knew the soldiers would stop her before doing that and even break the glasses.

"Those soldiers are very big meanies!" Kimi groaned.

"We have to help him. Not just because he's our friend but because the Philistines are being very bad with everyone again!" Tommy frowned.

"But how are we going to help, Tommy? The soldiers wouldn't let us save him." Lil sighed sadly.

The babies looked down, almost in a depressed state. As Tommy said, without Chuckie to keep the Philistines under control, they had returned to their old ways, torturing, messing and insulting the Israelites.

"Phil." Dil pointed at the other side, everyone turning at Phil, who was approaching the group running at top speed.

"I found Delilah… or Angelica, or whatever!" Phil panted when stopping. "She's staying at a hotel, but it's very far from here."

Tommy got a decided look and addressed his friends.

"Come on. I want to talk with that girl."


As Phil said, Angelica was at a luxurious hotel room, the blonde laying at the bed while eating cookies from one of the many piles around her… and not enjoying it as much as she expected.

"Who cooked these?" Angelica groaned as munching a cookie. "It seems they lose flavor… every cookie is less tasty than the one I ate before."

At that moment, the girl heard someone knocking the door.

"Who's there?"

"We are… uh…we came to clean the room!"

"That voice sounds familiar." Angelica thought out loud. "Come in, it's open."

Angelica looked back at her half-eaten cookie and sighed, dropping it. The girl grabbed the little sack she had on her bed and hugged it tightly while closing her eyes; Angelica then heard someone clearing his throat so turned at the door to look at the room service people, and got a mildly surprised expression when noticing who was there.

"So, you're now working here?" Angelica sighed while Tommy, holding Dil, approached her. Both kids were frowning, just like Kimi, Lil and Phil, who entered behind them.

"No, we came to talk to you!" Tommy snapped at the blonde.

"Yes, why you did that to my brother?" Kimi glared at Angelica.

"He was always kind with you, and you did a very, very nasty thing to him!" Lil pointed accusingly at the taller girl.

"That was the most baddest thing I've seen anyone doing!" Phil added.

"Bad girl!" Dil joined the collective scowling.

"SHUT UP!" Angelica roared, making the babies move several steps back, and stood up from the bed, still hugging the sack. "I did what I had to do; the king ordered me to spy on that dumb baby, find his weakness and help the Philistines defeat him. I did that, and the king paid me. End of story!"

"But you still did a very bad thing to someone who's nothing but good with everyone!" Tommy glared back at her after putting Dil on the floor. "And he liked you!"

"I… I don't care!" Angelica turned, showing her back to the babies. "It's not my fault he was very dumb and thought I was a nice girl that liked him. Because I… I never liked him! He's a dumb carrot head that was fool enough to let me trick him!"

Tommy was ready to snap back at the girl when Lil tapped his shoulder and pointed at a large mirror the other side of the room. Tommy and everyone else looked at the mirror that, unknown to Angelica, was showing the face she was hiding from the babies; despite her words, the blonde had tears running down her cheeks, and looked even sadder than the babies had felt when looking at Chuckie's torture.

"Want to make a deal with us?" Tommy, in a more calm tone, talked back to the blonde. "Come with us to see what the Philistines are doing to Chuckie, and, if you still want to leave after watching that, then we'll leave you alone forever."

"And if I don't do that you're never leaving, right?" Angelica washed away her tears and turned back at the babies who were nodding at her while folding arms. The blonde took a deep breath and sighed. "Okay, I'll go. It can't be that bad."


"I admit it… this is bad." Angelica gulped from her hiding place, at an alley, right aside Tommy and company. They looked at Chuckie, with a broom, cleaning the street while a bunch of soldiers laughed at him and threw spitballs at their defeated foe.

"You have to clean the dirt at your left!" A soldier mocked the redhead.

"No, your other left, you fool!" Another soldier added while throwing another spitball; Chuckie, barely looking what he was doing, obeyed and kept working.

"Okay… they mock him and he has to work a lot; it's bad but not that bad." Angelica gave the group a nervous smile. Phil replied by pointing back at the scene.

A bunch of Philistine soldiers had arrived, each one holding several tomatoes and eggs. They surrounded Chuckie and started throwing their munitions at him, the kid falling to the ground and covering from the attack after a few moments; the attack lasted for almost five minutes, when the soldiers ran out of projectiles and Chuckie looked like a living salad.

"Now you have a lot more to clean!" A random soldier laughed loudly while Chuckie looked down and stood up to clean the mess without protesting. The Philistines grinned and then, while Chuckie was still cleaning, they gave his butt a kick each before leaving; of course, after receiving a few kicks, Chuckie fell down again, where he received the rest of the kicking until all the Philistines but the soldiers in charge of watching him had left.

"And this is every day." Kimi, who was now closing her eyes and turning away from the scene, said to nobody in particular but her words stung Angelica as nobody could even imagine.

"Except when they throw water balloons, sand buckets or dirty diapers," Phil added, sighing. It was more than Angelica could stand.

"Okay, I'm sorry! There, I said it!" Angelica fell on her knees, crying and covering her head with both hands. "I was obeying orders… but… I never wanted anything this bad happening to him! When I got the job I didn't know he was the most cutest and nicest dumb baby ever! Now I feel awful!"

"And you should!" Lil scowled the larger girl but softened her expression when Angelica uncovered her eyes and everyone could get a clear look of the blonde's tear-filled face.

"I… I'll help you rescue him." Angelica cleaned her face with her sleeve. "I don't care if he punishes me later… I want to save your… no… I want to save OUR Chuckie."

Tommy, for the first time in ages, got a wide smile.


After finishing his work for the day, Chuckie was guided back to his cell, the kid tripping when entering both because of exhaustion and due his lack of glasses; luckily, his regular training gave him a good level of non-superhuman strength or he wouldn't be able to barely stand this torture every day. As always, two guards stood out of the cell to prevent any escape.

A while later, Tommy, Lil, Phil and Kimi arrived at the dungeon, dressed with white coats over their according-to-time-an-age tunics, and carrying some bags.

"Stop! Who are you?" A guard stood on the babies' way, folding arms.

"We are the people that cut Samson's hair so he doesn't get his lot of strength back." Tommy announced as taking out a pair of scissors.

The Philistines gave the group a second look. Everybody knew Chuckie's hair had to be cut every couple of days because it grew back quite fast and, near-sighted or not, having him recovering his might was a major risk.

"Okay… but you're not the people who normally cut his hair." The other soldier pointed.

"Uh… they had things to do." Kimi explained.


Out of the jail, the real stylists/barbers were having a cookies feast.

"Now remember; you can have more cookies tomorrow if you let my friends cut the prisoner's hair." Angelica, carrying Dil, said to the barbers. "But don't tell anyone or I'll tell people you boys don't do their job and disobeyed the king."

"Fine, we're not telling." A barber paused his eating to address the girl and then turned at his companion. "Handle me the milk."


The soldiers eventually allowed the babies enter the cell, but they got curious about the bags.

"What do you have in there?" A guard asked Phil.

"Ah, you know… brushes, shampoo, scissors… lunch," Phil shrugged while opening a bag, showing it to the Philistines. "This one has cookies. You want them?"

The guards accepted the gift and grabbed the bag, eating the cookies and ignoring what was happening at the cell.

"You came to cut my hair, right?" Chuckie, not recognizing the visitors without his glasses, sighed sadly; it was the only time when another person was allowed to visit him. "Okay, let me kneel so you can cut it more easily."

"Chuckie, it's me, Kimi." The Asian girl whispered at the redhead. "And Tommy, Lil and Phil are here too."

Chuckie, recognizing the voice, was about to stand up and hug his sister but Tommy and Lil stopped him.

"No, stay down. We're going to get you out of here but it's going to take us a lot of time. Just stay down and let us do everything." Tommy whispered at his friend, who nodded and allowed them continue the plan.

The four rescuers surrounded Chuckie and started making noise, pretending to cut his hair. When finishing and walking away from him, Chuckie was wearing a helmet.

"Why you gave him that?" A soldier, finally ending his meal, asked the 'barbers'.

"It's a helmet that stops hair from growing back again." Lil explained. "If he uses it all day and night, his hair will take many, many days to grow."

"And we already cut a lot of hair." Tommy said as opening a sack, showing the soldiers a good amount of red hair.

"Okay. You can go now, and thanks for the cookies." The soldier opened the gate and allowed the babies out, all of them waving bye to the soldiers and giving Chuckie a discreet glance. The near-sighed baby went to sleep without removing the helmet.


A long time later, the Philistine King organized a huge festival for his people. Practically all the Philistines were present, and, as part of the celebration, he made the soldiers bring Samson so everyone could mock him.

The palace was filled up with Philistines partying and enjoying, Timmy sitting at his throne and laughing loudly. He then paused and, after recovering his breath, called his soldiers.

"Now, bring our 'strong' kid." Timmy said in sarcasm. "We need to laugh a little more!"

The soldiers obeyed and brought Chuckie, chained and still wearing his helmet, that now had several ugly drawings on it. Since everybody believed the whole thing about the helmet, no soldier removed it from Chuckie's head, and he had been wearing the helmet day and night since receiving it; instead, the soldiers used the helmet as a drawing board, another way of humiliating the kid.

"Chain him to the columns!" Timmy announced. "We can throw him things and then, when we finish, he'll clean the mess!"

Chuckie got chained to the palace's main columns, the kid looking down and waiting for the laughing Philistines to start throwing tomatoes, eggs, pudding and whatever they wanted, but, instead of that, the redhead heard a quite familiar voice he wasn't expecting ever hearing again.

"Hey, wait, I helped catch him!" Angelica entered the room, grinning proudly at the Philistines. "I want to play too!"

"Oh sure; why not?" Timmy grinned evilly, just like the rest of the Philistines, "Just do it fast because we want to play piñata with him; he's the piñata!"

"Okay; this will be fast." Angelica walked in front of Chuckie, the kid looking at her as a blur but still clear enough to see her wide, mocking grin. The kid looked down, not wanting to see a thing and wishing he could be as deaf as he was near-sighted.

"Hey, dumb baby!" The blonde started doing a victory dance in front of him and talking in a sing-song voice. "You were strong, and now you're nothing! A girl tricked you! A girl was smarter than you! A girl defeated the invincible! I got you! I trapped you! I fooled you…"

Chuckie felt his eyes getting teary; he wished his friends appeared at any moment, but they had no time to explain him the whole plan, so now was standing, chained between two columns, and hearing the laughing Philistines and the voice of the girl who had betrayed him.

"I tricked you! I made you cry! I made you prisoner!" Angelica kept singing while approaching him slowly. "And, for all that…"

Chuckie suddenly felt an object on his face, and opened his eyes, surprising himself; he was seeing quite clearly. And the first thing he saw was an apologetic face.

"… I'm very, very sorry." Angelica whispered at the end, once finishing putting the glasses on his face, "Wait until I go and then do your thing."

Chuckie's jaw fell when looking at the sad smiling girl walking away, and then, despite the pain and humiliation, he got a little smile. Before the Philistines could question her, the blonde addressed them.

"I put him a new pair of glasses so he can see all the things you're going to do with the poor fool!" Angelica chuckled, her answer satisfying the Philistines. "Okay, I have to go."

While Angelica walked the other side of the room, Timmy and his soldiers approached Chuckie, each one of them holding a plank.

"Time for the piñata!" Timmy announced. Angelica, at a distance, yelled something before exiting.

"Oh, and someone remove the helmet! He'll feel the hits a lot harder!"

"Yes, you're right!" Timmy laughed and ordered a soldier to remove the helmet. Angelica left, a smile broadening on her face when hearing a collective gasp.

"H-his hair… he has…" Timmy walked a few steps back, paling as much as every Philistine at the palace when looking at the abundant, messy red hair. Chuckie got a large smile; he had felt his head a little hotter from a few days now, but, since he had kept the helmet as Tommy and the others had told him, the kid had no idea his hair was back to its original length; of course he had noticed work and torture hadn't been as hard to stand these days but he thought it was mostly due him slowly getting used to that treatment.

"This is the part where I break the chains and do something you guys are very afraid of, right?" Chuckie smirked at the Philistines and then, without waiting for an answer, broke the chains as if they were noodles.

"Stand back… STAY AWAY FROM US!" Timmy said in fear, using his plank as an improvised sword pointing it at Chuckie, the other soldiers doing the same.

"Well, I'm going to get my own hitting thing!" Chuckie turned, looking for a weapon; he smirked at the closest column after a couple of seconds. "It's not a baby rattle, but guess I can use this one."

Chuckie grabbed the column with both hands and started pulling, cracks appearing on it almost immediately, making Timmy to pale even more and scream.



Chuckie was now holding a large portion of the column, just as if it was a baseball bat.

"No! That's one of the palace most important columns! It supports half of the building's weight!" Timmy exclaimed in fear; Chuckie, who was about to start batting Philistines, stopped when hearing this and moved back a few steps.

"Really? Maybe I should find something else…"


"Oops." Chuckie stopped moving when hearing the loud noise and turned to see his section of column had damaged another one.

"This is the column that supports the other half?" Chuckie asked the Philistines, all of them nodding while looking at the cracking, slowly breaking apart column. "Well… okay… GET OUT OF HERE!"

All the Philistines screamed in fear while Chuckie used his improvised weapon as a battering ram and made a hole in one wall, running out of the palace that was now shaking and cracking as well.


Chuckie stopped running after a few minutes and turned at the palace's remains, the whole place totally destroyed.

"Uh… are you okay?" Chuckie shouted at the Philistines.

"Yeeeeeeesssss…." The Philistines chorused in a pained tone.

"Phew; thank God." Chuckie sighed in relief and walked away. After a few moments, another voice was heard from under the debris.

"Maybe we should have said 'No' so he could come and get us out of here."


"And here's the last one. Enjoy." Angelica said to a random kid while giving him a bag with cookies. Around them, at the town's main street, lots of kids were eating cookies from similar bags.

"Okay, I gave all the cookies I still had left." Angelica sighed and turned at Chuckie and the rest of the babies. "Now… my grounding is over?"

"Well…" Chuckie got a thoughtful face for a moment and then changed to a serious one. "As the judge, I'll give you one final punishment… whoa, that's the longest word I know… okay, one final punishment and then we'll forgive you."

"Fine; what I have to do? Clean what was left of the palace?" Angelica sighed.

"No. Chuckie already did it." Phil commented.

The scene changed for a moment, showing a huge playground, filled with happy kids, at the place where the palace originally was.

"Well… I have to cut the lion's hair?" Angelica guessed again.

"No offense, but we don't trust you with scissors." Tommy said to Angelica in a half-joking way.

"And besides, my mommy does that." Kimi pointed behind them, and everyone saw Kira grooming the lion, its mane now looking like a French Poodle's cut.

"Then, what I have to do?" Angelica looked at Chuckie, who, despite conserving his serious tone now was smiling slightly.

"I want you to take care of me, forever."

"R-really?" Angelica got a half-shocked, half-happy look.

"Yes. You know bad people can trick me, so I need someone who is very good with tricks and lies to take care of me. And, if I'm going to live with someone for the rest of my life…I would like that person being you." Chuckie blushed a little bit when ending. Angelica smiled broadly at him and got the kid in a tight hug.

"I promise I'll always take care of you, and never, ever, do something that mean again." Angelica then gave him a little kiss on the cheek. "And you will take care of me too; my strong, nice, dorky and cute sputter-baby."

Chuckie blushed a little more and returned the hug, not as tight as hers, of course, to avoid hurting the girl. The rest of the babies smiled at the duo.

"Hey, let's go play. I want to try the slide!" Phil exclaimed. Everyone agreed with him, and they started heading to the playground, Tommy carrying Dil, and Chuckie giving Angelica a piggy-back ride.

"You know what happened to the Philistines?" Lil asked Tommy while walking.

"I think they moved to another place." Tommy shrugged.


As Tommy said, the Philistines, with Timmy leading them, were walking far away from town, all of them dirty, bruised, and some of them limping.

"Okay, maybe being bad with the Philistines was a bad idea." Timmy said to his followers. "But I know a place where we can be bad, do mischief, and break things without anybody stopping us!" The kid pointed ahead. "Let's go to Greece!"

"Where's Greece?" A soldier asked to another one.

"I don't know, but my daddy says a man called Travolta dances there." The second soldier replied. The Philistines found a large sign reading 'To Greece' on the road, and walked straight ahead, stopping due a huge boulder on their way.

"Okay, move the rock so we can continue." Timmy said to his soldiers. Right at that moment, the rock started moving and the Philistines stared at it in disbelief; then, the rock left its place, moved effortlessly by Harold, who was wearing a sleeve-less armor, a blue cape, brown wrist bands, and a dark red headband.

"Now you can pass." Harold said to the Philistines.

"Yes… uh… and you are…" Timmy, paling, asked the fatty kid.

"I'm Haro-cles." Harold pointed at himself. "I live in Greece but now I'm looking for a very big snake that has many heads. Had you seen it?"

The Philistines shook their heads in silence.

"Oh, well, thanks anyway." Haro-cles looked at the rock aside him. "Now I'm here, I'll better take this rock away so people can pass."

The chubby redhead lifted the huge boulder and started walking away while the Philistines followed him with their eyes without leaving their spot. Timmy waited until Harold was out of sight and cleared his throat; he then pointed and started walking at another direction.

"Now, as I said… let's go to Egypt!"

"YES!" All the Philistines chorused and followed him.



"And that's how Samson got rid of all the Philistines and freed the Israelites." Boris finished the story, all the kids but Angelica clapping at him.

"That was a very good tale." Susie commented.

"Yes. Samson was a good sputter-hero." Harold added.

"I liked Delilah." Angelica shrugged. "She was very smart."

"Yes, she was." Boris said while smiling at Tommy, who was still on his lap. "But the main thing about heroes is that they use what they have to help people. Samson could have used his strength to do many evil things, but most of the time he chose to do right and help others, while Delilah, even if she was very smart, and obviously brave too, used her abilities for bad stuff."

At that moment, Didi called everyone from the kitchen, as it was almost dinner time. Boris, still carrying Tommy, stood up and called all the kids to follow him. Angelica, who was the last one to move, stopped Chuckie, who was just ahead of her, nobody noticing them staying behind.

"Finster, wait, I have to ask you something."

"Uh… sure, what do you want?" Chuckie asked the girl.

"When you don't have the glasses… how do you see?"

"It's like walking into a very dark room at night without turning on the light, or… when you see through a window and it's raining a lot outside." Chuckie explained. "I can see things close to me, but anything very far is like a weird spot."

"It's like that?" Angelica arched an eyebrow at Chuckie, the girl thinking for a few moments before wide-opening her eyes in realization. "But that's awful! How can you let me grab your glasses?"

"Angelica, I can't stop you from doing anything! You're stronger and bigger than me." Chuckie frowned at the blonde. "It's like… if I was Samson without his hair and you were a very mean Samson with his hair!"

Angelica was about to snap at him when realizing he was right. Angelica, being older than all her friends but Susie and Harold, was bigger and stronger, and she could use this to her advantage whenever she wanted. The girl normally liked playing the villain, but now she knew how her victim felt and that heroes were liked by people because they used their advantages for good she suddenly felt quite bad with her usual role.

"Uh… Chuckie… you would want to be a hero?"

"Me, a hero? That would be nice… but I get scared of almost everything." Chuckie gave her a puzzled look.

"But heroes do things that are very difficult for everyone else and when doing that they make people happy, right? Well, I'll ask you to do something very, very hard, that no normal kid would do, and it would make me very happy." Angelica grinned at the kid.

"Really? What?" Chuckie got an expecting and curious look. Angelica sighed and looked down, rubbing the back of her head.

"Forgiving me for all the bad things I always do to you."

Chuckie got stunned by Angelica's words, but reacted after a few seconds and smiled at her.

"Angelica, I don't need to forgive you; I always do that even if you never ask."

The blonde gave the redhead a surprised face, not believing his words, but she soon remembered the kid was a terrible liar, and, if saying that without stuttering or hesitation, he was saying nothing but the truth. Angelica smiled and gave Chuckie a tight hug. When breaking it, they both walked to the kitchen, holding hands, and the girl talking softly at him.

"See? Now you're my hero."



And that's it! (Not bad… but I had to return all the cookies?) Hey, don't complain; you know how the original story ended? (Uh…no, not really.) Let's just say that, if doing an exact adaptation, this fic would be M-rated due main character death and some gory scenes. (You aren't serious…) Angelica, had you read The Bible? The only thing it has as much as moral advice and spiritual help is violent scenes. (Ouch. I must start going Church more frequently.)

Thanks again to everyone reading and reviewing. (Also, as a final disclaimer, as you guys noticed, we had references to several series and cartoons here, including Superman, Power Rangers, Spiderman, Powerpuff Girls, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Flintstones, and Disney's Hercules and Darkwing Duck; actually, the lullaby I sang to Finster is a slightly altered version of 'Little Girl Blue', a song from Darkwing's episode 'Darkly Dawns The Duck'. Ramiro, of course, owes none of this.) Thank you, Angie.

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