A/N: This is my first fic which takes place during an incomplete or non-exsistant season to date. This one takes place exactly one month after the end of season 4. Jaden now has a copy of Yugi's deck excluding the Gods. Please be gentle in your reviews. Thanks! Also Adrian has managed to come back from the alternate dimension in this.

It was one month exactly to the date of Jaden Kiyo Yuki's and friends final day at Duel Academy.

On that day, many tears were shed.

Many tears of happiness that the students were graduating, and many tears of sadness that their time as students was over.

This was especially hard for the Slifer brunette.

Jaden had loved every moment he had spent there, and it was hard for him to imagine himself being anywhere else.

But as his close friend, Alexis Rhodes had told him that day that once they had graduated they would be free to become pros.

Jaden had smiled about that, but something inside him told him that his adventures as a pro wouldn't be all fun and games.

As Yubel, the other side of Jaden had told him "he had to become a man."

Jaden's personality at that point had changed to a sort of Kaiba-esque personality, but luckily for him his friends Alexis Rhodes and Blair Flannigan in their own ways brought Jaden back to his old self.

His alarm clock rang out, awaking him from his sleep.

He slowly and groggily awoke, before slowly undressing and getting in the shower.

As the water rained down on his messy brown hair, he smiled as if the warm water had revitalized him with new, untapped energy.

After about 20 minutes he stepped out of the shower, and got dressed in his old Academy blazer and placed his 2 decks, his own deck and the copy of Yugi Moto's deck he had received in his medium-sized suitcase which contained his duel disk and other clothes before leaving.

He smiled happily as he made his way to collect his best friend, Syrus Aidan Truesdale.

At first glance, if you met Syrus, you'd think he was somehow a clone of the King of Games.

He in a lot of ways resembled Yugi.

He was short but with long spiked hair which was a light fluffy-blue color.

When the 2 first met, Syrus had little confidence in himself because he was always overshadowed by his older brother Zane.

At first, much to Jaden's own surprise, Syrus and Zane had a sort of distant relationship.

But as the 2 boys got to know Jaden, the iciness in the elder Truesdale gradually melted or so Jaden had thought.

He grinned ruefully at all the memories he, Syrus and Zane had gone through though the latter was only around for Jaden's freshman year, that year being Zane's final one.

In the first year from the onset, Jaden was battling with high stakes from the start it seemed.

Around his first few weeks there, Jaden and Syrus went on to face the Paradox Brothers, duelists whose last opponents were the King of Games and his best friend Joey Wheeler.

Several months following that Jaden along with 6 others went on to face the Shadow Riders all but Jaden fell in that effort.

In Jaden's second year he lost the ability to see his cards for a brief time and went on to save Chazz Xavier Princeton along with the aforementioned Alexis from a mysterious organization known as the Society of Light.

Jaden cringed at the thought of his third year his toughest one. After defeating Professor Thenlonious Viper, Duel Academy was pulled into another dimension where his friends Chazz and Syrus became Duel-obsessed zombies.

But all in all he somehow managed to pull through it all.

He knocked on the Truesdale's door.

"Syrus! Come on, we have to go pick up Alexis and Chazz still! Adrian, Jesse, Axel, Jim and Aster are already there waiting for us!" He called.

After a few minutes, the small bespectacled blue-haired boy stepped out with his things already packed, his brother Zane there next to him.

"Hey Jay! I'm so excited. I mean soon, we'll officially be pro duelists!" Syrus cried, joyfully.

"I know come on Sy!" Jaden urged, taking his hand and pulling him along.

Zane followed behind, walking behind in his usual thoughtful, virtually emotionless manner.

After about 10 minutes of walking, they reached the Rhodes' residence where Alexis Harper Rhodes, Blair Aidan Flannigan and Bastion Lee Misawa were there waiting for them.

The group greeted one another as Chazz's limo arrived.

They all got inside the spacious car, strapping themselves in safely.

Moments later, the limo took off, their new adventures finally underway.

To be continued..