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Last Time

Zane quickly wrapped the towel around himself, totally oblivious to what laid in wait for him nearby. The assailant readied herself. This had to be quick or Zane would get away. Zane hummed a tune to himself as he walked toward the door. As soon as he stepped out of the bathroom, someone grabbed him from behind…

"What the—!" Then Zane screamed as a cloth went over his face, making him out cold and drop to the floor within seconds.

'Gotcha,'the assailant thought, grinning. Meanwhile two other assailants entered the room and wrapped the unconscious Syrus in a blanket and dragged him out of the room, their attack an easy success…

End Flashback

Meanwhile Jaden's eyes widened, hearing Zane scream but he hadn't however seen Sy be carried away by the 3 twisted fangirls and assumed Sy was still in the room he shared with Zane. "What the heck was that?!" He yelped, almost in a panic.

"Jaden what's the matter?!" Alexis yelled, running to her boyfriend's side. She knew by the tone of his voice that something was seriously wrong.

Jaden turned to his girlfriend, his brown eyes wide and trembling with worry. "Lex I heard Zane!" He yelped, before walking into the room to check on his friend.

"Hey Zane, you ok?!" He called from outside the bathroom, figuring Zane had to have been there.

Zane, unfortunately, was knocked out on the ground, wearing nothing but a towel.

Jaden crept into the bathroom and knelt at Zane's level. "Who could've done this to him?" He muttered, before standing back up.

"Syrus?!" Alexis called, now looking around the spacious room for the younger Truesdale, but much to her horror she couldn't find him.

"What is it, Lex?" Jay asked as he walked back in to see his girlfriend looking both extremely scared and extremely worried.

"Sy's missing!" She answered, the urgency and panic obvious in her voice.

"Say what?! All right all right the key is to not panic." Jaden responded, clearly trying to stay calm himself.

Alexis grabbed a napkin and picked up the phone to call hotel security. She was quite honestly and understandably scared out of her wits at this point.

Jaden then quickly rushed over to the fallen Truesdale's side, checking his pulse. It was still behaving normally but Zane was out cold...

"Darn it…what could've happened?" Jay quietly asked aloud, predictably worried for his friend.

"I-I-I don't know…" Alexis stammered, clearly afraid for her surrogate big brother, and for the safety of the younger Truesdale that she thought of as a surrogate little brother.

Zane showed signs of stirring and Jaden got up, hugging the girl. "Lex...it'll be okay...You got security coming...we'll find Sy..." Jay spoke softly; as he reassured the woman he loved.

"I hope he's safe Jay...I love you." She whispered softly in answer as she hugged her fiancé tightly.

"I love you, too, Lex," he murmured.

"Oh, my head," Zane groaned as he slowly came to, his grey eyes slowly opening again.

"Zane your awake! Oh, thank God for that!" She cried, both happy Zane was awake, but worried for his overall condition.

"Yeah...what happened?" he wondered.

And then he realized he was in a towel.

"Where's...Sy? And...uh...I think I need a robe..." He added, blushing faintly.

"He's gone..." Alexis whispered, hating to have to break such dreadful news to her surrogate big bro.

"Gone?!" Zane yelped, honestly openly freaked. He may have had a reputation for not showing his emotions too often, but with Sy in danger; it was easy to see why he did then. He was really wobbly so he couldn't get up despite some valiant struggling on his part.

"Take it easy, Zane," Jaden soothed as Alexis came with a robe.

"Yeah...Sy got kidnapped..." Alexis answered, confirming what Zane had asked in an understandable panic about his little brother's fate.

"Alexis..." Zane groaned as Jaden helped him into the bathroom, "I was such a jerk..." He berated himself, likely over the time he had spent as Hell Kaiser.

"I told you I forgave you, big bro." Alexis soothed her surrogate older brother. She didn't want him to beat himself up over what had happened in the past or about what had happened to Sy, it hadn't been his fault.

"Lex...I was a jerk to him..." Zane groaned, still not over what he had done to his dear little brother, when he nearly killed Sy in their match at Duel Academy.

She hugged him, rubbing his back soothingly not wanting him to beat himself up anymore than he already had.

Zane hugged back, appreciating the back rub as that helped to relax his very tense muscles. "I just...if anything's happened to him..." He whispered, in a rare tone of nervousness.

"I'm sure he's fine..." Alexis whispered, hoping dearly that was indeed the case for Zane's sake more than anyone's.

"Alexis, he's been kidnapped," Zane moaned. He hated not being able to protect Sy.

"Shh..." Alexis soothed, rubbing his back once more.

Jaden took a breath. "He's tough, Zane...we'll get to him...somehow..." He reassured, but at this point, neither Jaden nor Alexis had any idea of their chances against Sy's kidnappers.

Meanwhile in another part of the hotel, Slowly, Sy's grey eyes fluttered open. "Hey...where am I?" He murmured aloud, trying to get a feel on where he was.

"Hello, Syrus...Welcome to our chamber..." A voice giggled wickedly…

To be continued…