Dear Readers,

I'm very sorry to say that I can not post chapter seven tonight as it was promised. Not only do I have the flu, but I also have to finish packing my bags to go back to the U.S.A. I'm vacationing in Brazil. My plane leaves at 6:00 am, meaning I have to be at the airport at 3:00 am on Thursday.

I know that I promised you a chapter chapter today, but I feel like over night shit.

I feel really bad about doing this to you guys, you've all have been so great with your reviews and critics and all around support of this story.

I'm writing this as an apology and as a warning that I may not post Chapter Seven until Saturday.

Also, I am building up an e-mail list of people who would like to be warned when the next chapter of my stories are coming out. If you would like to join it please leave a review stating so or e-mail me about it.

Thank you for understanding.

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