Once upon a time there live a world of mix creation, along with normal species, but it's rules are a lot different than an alternate universe that "humans" live. You see, unlike mortal, these type of kind of mix races set their lives in a unique traditions, style, communication, sight, and love. There use to be four prime race but unfortunately, that simply fade as their nation met and united in brutal encounters. Though, there was a lot of fights and bad comments from each separate groups, they got through it, some how. And over the years, there have been technical problem that were solve. But soon, their worse problem came, when words spread about one group from a different race had children from another races. Than soon the elder species, who kept their old traditions and rules, worse fear came true. They fear about their future kind would breed with another races that wasn't apart of their own, and that wasn't good with high expectation of their ancestors. So each elder from different groups, that still kept their old style, force their future young breeders for an engage marriage, to prevent their races from fading out of this world.

Now, in the future of high, improve technology appear in this advance world, the dog families, cat families, bird families, and reptile families, are still not quite as one. There are still a few family members from each kind of species, followed the concern elders' words and lived as they were instructed. With the concern and strict parents and grandparents, they set up a program to help their young one in their future life. A program to control their hormones, senses, moods and lustful desire. Apparently they found a solution of their problem, it started with the breeding and end up with a evolution of creation, and with the high tech of discoveries and observation, they created something new.


"I'll give you a brief summary of the letter that was given to me by the head of the program to this private school. These are your new personal collar. Their given to you, with or without your parent or guardian, permission. It isn't optional, it mandatory. Their design to limit your desire, hormones, sense, and all the other sexual contact or connection, for your whole freshman year through junior years. While in your senior year, by than, you'll have total control of your substance and heat. If by possible, you take this out, or out by accident, you'll be sentence to an immediately examination and physical testing. It could only be taken off, and only, when you reach to senior year. No complains. Also, there will be staff, faculty, and other members in this campus, watching over you if you violated this law. It isn't the board's law, it's the old generation programs, call G.A.I.L.So deal with it!" announced the strict blond principal through the black microphone, as the whole freshman students looked terrify from her scary demanding speech.

Some looked lost, some were confuse, others laughed, and many few, especially the males, weren't happy about the whole situation. This is where it always starts from, in your freshman year as a rookie, to your senior year as a high successor to your family fortune. Your first year in high school, and already you get chosen to be the lowest of them all. How lame is that! Not only the collar were embarrassing enough, you also have to keep on, even at home, until your first day as a senior. Some bright idea from their ancestor.

"Ok, does anyone has any question to state out before reporting you all back to class and handing your personal collars," the hawk principal stare at the young future, meaningless, generation breeders as she seriously scare some of them off by her elder stare, "No one. Ok, you are all excuse, no further statements, enjoy your year," than the principal showed a very wicked smile that gave most students the cold chill. Thank god it was over, well almost.

Once all the student left the auditorium, the principal's assistant, the towhee(bird), appeared behind the hawk with papers on her arms, "Tsunade, the seniors are ready to take off their collar now. Are you ready?" she asked, carrying files of documents.

"Huh, oh yeah, sure Shizune. Every damn year, I know how it goes," she said annoyed, rubbing the right side of her aching head to relieve it from too many stress and work.

"It's okay. So far, not many troubles have occur in this secure school, remember. This is where it first started, the high elders created this school to begin their experiment and it turn out successful, since than, the school became the first too...,"

"Bla bla bla Shizune! I don't need to hear the same old crap every year. Its always the same thing and its going to stay that way until I die, gezz. I'm getting to old for this," said uncaring, wise hawk walking out of the stage and left to meet the mature seniors for their semi promotion.

She appeared at the center of the football stadium, to allow all senior to rip-off their long year of misery of the gifted collars, and so they all did. They roar in cheers as their collars were rip off from their lives and free from them as-well. Even though, the collars were their protection to sustain breeding, like the adult, some threw it away, many kept it as a souvenir and few just use it for something else. Just because it was taken off, the senior still have to attend school and have the opportunity to either leave school campus without their parent's permission. They could also socialize amongst their level, or races but can't have a serious relationship with their opposite family's group. Because this unique private school was design to help keep the families to maintain their bloodline and to carry it through for a long period of time. Making sure their families will not die because of mix breeding and, a mistake of love. So far, this kind of private school have spread through out the year, since the starter of the creation of the collar.

Taunade annouced this information to the senior after they took off their collar, she had made herself loud and clear. It was a special day, that the senior will never forget, of course.

No surprise to Tsunade, it was the same thing every year, nothing much happens in Private Konoha high. Apparently that's what she thought.

You see, there was one young, shy and secure felidae. She was an average freshman, but too shy for her own good, even though she wasn't born that way, but it happen. Her ears were light navy blue, almost as her mid-blue hair, while her eyes were lavender white color and her long fluffy tail has strips circling on it like a target. She arrive home with a ride from her mother's personal driver. With permission from her parents, she is allow to go home after school, beside, her private school was only a 3o min. drive. So it was no problem for this shy 13 year girl to go home, instead of staying with her dorm-room, with the rest of the cat family. She knew it was going to happen anyways, being socialize with her kind was something she couldn't do, let along socialize with the other kind of families in the area.

In her mind, she thought about the new object that will be apart of her life, for three years and soon, continue out from there. She doesn't have to worry about her "personal problem", it's useful for something like the collar to help the other horny male species from their hormones and disgusting desires. But there are bad things about the object, like you'll have to wear it until you turn into a senior, which will take three years for her including rest of the freshman. Also for the main reason for this "collar", it's going to be embarrassing to bring up, because of her parents, especially her over protective mother.

"Hinata! My baby, your home," hugged Hinata's mother as she kissed her first white siberian off-spring cheeks. Hinata's mother, Kagura Hyuuge, looked like a super model, everyday, since her young age. She is simply prefect, with every curve and desirable beauty, that every male would hump every second. She would wear her furry tail extend around her neck, like a rich woman walking down the red carpet. Also her favorite color was always white, just like herself. Everything was white, except her skin, and hair, which was the same as her shy daughter. Though Hinata ears aren't round and small, like her parents, soon they'll eventually shrink and be shape as theirs. Just like every fully grown up cat and dog families, they first start off the same when their young, but when losing your virginity, your body will form into it's true being. In this case, if Hinata mated than her ears and tail will change, showing the true side of her, but this won't happen unless she find someone, which will take forever for her own state. As if Hinata would let any male touch her, even her mother's doesn't want Hinata to be with anyone unless it from her own choosing.

"S-School was f-find mom," she said softly, always being nervous while talking to someone. Hinata roughly rubbed her cheeks from the pure red lip stick that her over excited mother left.

"Great news sweetie. So did you receive the collar," she smiled bright at her shy daughter while gently touching the softness of her fur that was around her neck.

Hinata sigh, than showed the school's present for the freshman. The collar was given to them by the school, of course, Kagura was well aware of the collar's purpose for the young ones. It strictly say they must wear it, but it didn't say to wear it in one specific place that they demanded, so the students had their choosing to place their collar anywhere. The common way to put your collar was around the neck, well, that's exactly what Hinata did. She unzipped her zipper and showed her new life changing gift.

Her mother gasp but in a good way, "Oh Hinata it's beautiful. You look gorgeous, just like me when I first got mine, when I was in high school. I liked it," her mother smiled sweetly, trying to brighten the room with her motherly charm, but unfortunately, Hinata wasn't the type to get happy that easily. And Kagura blames herself for that mistake and is paying for it.

As Hinata's head stare away from her mother's lavender eyes, she sigh, "How about we take a family picture today? You know, for your new look, that sound nice," she said cheerfully.

Hinata sigh heavily, "Oh-oh n-no mom….. I-Its ok, p-please d-don't," Hinata begged her mother to prevent a new family picture, which sounded stupid and useless, because Hinata hates it badly. Another meaningless memories to go on the picture room. It always happen, whenever Hinata starts a new thing or get something new, her mother would always plan these pathetic perparation.

"Nonsense sweetie, we need this for your new life. After all, this always comes once and a life time. And I want this to be perfect," her mother kept smiling until she turn away from Hinata's sad expression, "Hisahi! Dear!" she yelled out for her husband, her mate for life.

Hisahi, the light ice serbian, came down once he heard his woman mate call for him, but he was on the phone as he came down from the long stairs, "I'm not sure if our profits are going down, than it means I'll have to make dramatic changes and I do not want that. ………………….. It's not my fault yours is going down. I don't care, you'll just………."

"Honey…….. Honey……. Honey!!"

"Hold on," he looks at his annoyed wife, "Yes?"

"Hinata just came from school and I would like a family portrait, for us to remember. Which reminds me, where is Hanabi and Neji? They should be here also," the mother asked her husband many question that he simply answered with a direct answers.

"Ummm yeah sure, I don't know. Ok that's it," than went back on the phone, talking to his people.

This, of course didn't satisfy the main female of the house and didn't like it whenever her husband do this to her, especially when the situation was about Hinata. Her cute, and friendly smile vanish immediately, glaring at Hiashi during the second he turned away rudely. Without hesitation, she grabbed the cell phone and hang up the person, angrily glare at her husband, "We will have a prefect picture, whether anyone likes it or not, including you. So I suggests you get everyone ready for this family photo, because it will last forever and everyone must be happy on this photo, got it," her voice sounded like an ice cold villain, demanding orders that should be finish within the least time it should be.

Hiashi should of know this would happen, it always does, but when it comes with his business, he sometimes forgets and that is what gets him in trouble from his vicious wife. He knew not to cross the line but he did and he's paying for it. His spine was frighten, while his furs, tail and two ears stand out, "……… Fine," he replied back, walking away in defeat.

"Thanks honey," her smile came back as she kissed his cheeks from behind. Though he was defeated, Hiashi felt that not everything was lost, at least he gain something in return.

"Now than, lets get you fix, shell we," she said, looking at Hinata, who immediately responded with a shrug.



Meanwhile, in another expensive house, there live a family of Accipitridae. Unlike the one before, his name is Sasuke Uchiha. A very serious boy, yet gets annoy very easily, maybe it's because of all those insignificant female at school. After all, they find him attractive and irresistible, even females from different group had find him very delightful. But still, they can't socialize with him, because Sasuke isn't the social type and serious person. He does have friends but hardly talk to them, and sometimes he stays along, for some odd reason he prefer laying on the grass and sit there. It's strange for some accipitride because many thought he would sit on a tree or under it at least, but he was different. It's as if he has some dark secret that he keeps to himself. Well what do expect from a eagle, their always mysterious.

Sasuke walked home from school and was exhausted. He was one of the few who receive permission from their parent to leave the campus ground. The young eagle boy have his ears shape as the cats and dogs, but his is full with black feathers, and when the sun glares at it, shinny blue reflects out. Indicating that he isn't a crow, just a high class accipitridae, but sometimes he feels he isn't one. Since he noticed that his family had many secret that they never told him, he found out about the corruption and disaster that he shouldn't have know until he was ready. But the truth came to him when his older brother told him about a special season that only comes once per year. Which in Sasuke's case, it's starting in a couple of weeks and it fright him because even with the collar around his neck, he still feels heated. It wasn't his fault that he crave, it was his older brother, Itachi.

Once Sasuke entire the front door quietly, his eyes as an eagle scan the places before entering fully. The place was stylish with different color of brown design and huge area of spaces. Sasuke took a few steps inside and slide his backpack down but held it with one of his hands, than stares up for awhile. Suddenly blue wings, as long as his arms, expended out and began flapping, "S-Sasuke!"

"Damn..." apparently, before taking off, Sasuke concentration was caught off once he heard a familiar voice out of no where. His wings quickly were suck back into his back, landing a few inch on the clear floor. The person's voice did make him lose his balance but he didn't protest against him, instead he put his backpack back and went walking up to his room rather than flying. Without even checking who stop him from flying, Sasuke didn't want to know, he already knew who ruin his concentration and doesn't care. He ignored the person and walked up, without even a single reply to that person, Sasuke just ignored him.

"O-Ok than I-I'll s-see you l-later..." that person was yelling at Sasuke since the moment he try to fly up to his room, but Sasuke ignored him. He even waved at Sasuke, but he didn't wave back.

"hummmm... I w-wonder i-if..."

"Hey where are you son!"

"Uh o-oh" before completing his sentence, he heard the woman who hatch him, his ears slightly moved and began moving toward the opposite direction from her. He felt the wind's direction and ran to another area.

"Come out... where are you?" the woman flew around her own home in search of her disable son. Frighten a bit if her mate found him first, and he won't be gentle if he finds him, so she fears for his safety literally.

"Hehehe... she'll n-never f-find m-me..." he said to a unliving thing that he was holding for awhile now.

Within a minute the person was playing with his toy, but he accidently threw his toy to far that it hit the wall and landed softly on the ground. This caused him to leave his hiding places and reveal himself, "What are you doing here?" said a very demanding and dark voice, standing tall by the weak eagle. The shy brown eagle instantly looked at the male who despise him for some reason, that it wasn't the weak eagle's fault, "Well answer me. What are you doing here?" he said again but this time, he took a step close to the weak male, but instead of speaking to the dominated male in the household. He shivered, looking down at the ground, walking back like an old person, scare to talk to him.

"You stupid bird," he insulted the poor eagle, making him sniff as he kept slowly walking away without staring back, "Where are you going!?" than the dominated eagle grabbed the weak male's arm roughly, squeezing it harshly.

"Ahh... no p-please I-I ahh p-please d-don't h-h-hit me d-d-dad..." the shy eagle got on his knee trying his best to take back his arm, as the aggressive male eagle glared at the pleading helpless bird once he stated him as his father.

"Fugaku let him go!" shouted the main female of the house, landing behind her son, glaring at her mate for hurting her son.

"Why is he out of his nesting area?" Fugaku asked viciously, glancing at both eagles, but more disappointed at his mate. She ran behind her son, releasing Fugaku's grip away from him, "Please let him go, it's my fault that he is out so don't get mad at him" she revealed, releasing her hurtful son from the predominated eagle, though he was, he still act as if he is. But there is another, who is next in line to be the main male or alpha male in the household.

"Enough!" demanded a fierce voices, appearing right behind the female eagle, "Let him go," he said, glaring at the main male, expecting him to free the weak bird, and he did. The young fellow hugged his mother, shaking uncontrollably with tears from his dark brown hazel eyes, burying his face deep on his mother's warm breast.


"He isn't your problem nor your business. What happen to him isn't your responsibility,"

"You try saying that when you are in my state..."

"Whatever your state is, I do not care," he declined, viciously glaring at his father. Fugaku frowned at his successful son, the one he prefer than the weak one including the three off-spring. He than sigh, with his huge 12 feet, black feathery wings instantly expended from his back and flew away, leaving the three alone with their problem.

Itachi had shadow eyes, staring down at his depressing mother and scared brother, "Why is he out of his room?" he asked rusty yet calmly at his concern mother, trying his best not to scare neither of them, especially his frighten brother.

"I'm sorry but he wanted to get out and I thought he would be..."

"You thought? You can't make choices for him he is..."

"He is my son and I could do whatever with him, if he wants to go around and fly, than I will..."

"And look what it lead to," he said, while the mother glanced sadly at her defendless son, still shivering from a shocking moment. She gently rubbed his hair, sliding her hands up and down, making him feel safe even though he wasn't, "Come Itchy, it's time to go to your room, ok my dove,"

"I'll take him," he demanded, receving a signal nod from his mother, and helped Itacy to his room.

Mitoko wiped out a tear from her hazel eye, watching as her eldest son helped his young twin self, toward his room. She stood tall with a formal dress, specially made for her, and her hair was long black to the center of her back. Her ears was a hold, their not like her sons. In fact, when once a bird famly lose their virginity, their ears turn into a side hold on their body. The shape of the ear will shrink, indicating that their fully form into their kind.

Making to the upstair room, Itachi led Itachy to his room, allowing him to play around as he wish, "B-Brother..."

"Yes," Itachi replied nicely to his young twin, with his hands in his pockets.

"D-D-Do you w-want to p-play?"

Once Sasuke shut his door harshly, placed his backpack on the floor and jumping on his bed, the sound from his door was heard through the whole house. Mikoto stared up from the center of the house, where she figured that her three bird was very upset some how. Sasuke was upset, let alone piss off. He was remembering the part when he was rudely interrupted from his retarded brother, who ruined his flight. Sasuke was still trying to fly fully, not half, fully. The farthest he gone to his flight was about 30 feet, but couldn't go further than that. It has seem, everytime he gets as far as he does, gravity takes over and cause his wings to become much heavier than before. It irritates him deeply, and it's hard to fly right when your being distracted by someone like Itchy, he could never stop talking. That's exactly part of his life problem, his retarded bother, and there is nothing he could do about him. It surprise him that Itachi is cool with everything, acting as if Itchy doesn't exist in this world, but he does.

"... he'll never find anyone if he kept him apart of his life, it's his downfall," he said silently looking at the bright day of his new chapter.

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