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The waiting ends


The next day, the eagle Uchiha waited for his little kitty to appear out from her house-hold. The eagle waited on top of another roof to not be disturb or bother. Even upon that day he never said a word or thought of saying anything. All he thought was his white Siberian.

He waited and waited.

For three days he waited and waited. During those days, his family began to worry about his sudden disappearance, especially his mother. His father ordered his top guard to fly out and search for his third son.

They searched for days until finally one of the guards found him near the tiger's territory. The guard tried to drag the young eagle from his spot. Though the guard wasn't afraid of the young eagle, he still fail to pull the eagle from his place. The result was brutal, leaving the guard to a bleeding demise.

In a couple more days, the body rot and reck in a very foul way. The young creature dispose of the body on the ground floor from the ten story building, where the specie from the floor grew suspicious.

Days pass and the young eagle grew hungry, weak and pale. With lose of so much, he has yet lose his interest to his love, the white cat.

He wait and waited.

Since the lose of one of the guards, the head send a group to search for the body. After discovering the body in a hospital that was found by a near unfriendly territory. The gurads were send to find the place and search of the cuase. When they did they found the missing eagle that was missing for weeks. It was no problem for the group to grab the young weak eagle from his spot and took him home.

Once he was place home with his afraid mother, furious father, disappointed look from one of his brother and happy look from his special brother. His mother order for a immediate feast for the young eagle and spoil him.

For the next full week, the young eagle was watch at full-time from the guard of his father elite group. It anger the young eagle as he tried many time to escape and meet his tigress, but was drag back. The father tried to convince his young bird to see the future consequence for wanting another creature, beside their own kind. The young did not pay attention to his father, in fact, the young eagle spoke no word since his reveal confession he said in front of his parents. He said the truth and never spoke again, because it was too much and too much of a heart for his soul to handle. He wasn't absolutely sure of her feeling to him, that's why he waited on the roof top by her house. To wait for her to talk to.

The head eagle couldn't take the disobedience from his young bird, he kicked him out of school and took his privilege from going out-side for air. He now became a cage bird.

For two whole months. Two weeks. Three days. Seven hours. He gone insane. He desire her more than ever. No words could ever express what he was going through without his cat. He needs her more than ever. Fall is coming to an end, and soon, winter will arrive. Many families started supplying themselves with food and warmness to prepare for the upcoming winter.

He couldn't take the cage. He couldn't take the silence. He just couldn't stop thinking of her. He miss her.

So one day, he escape. And where he flew off to? To the home of his cat.

There he stood, on top of another roof top, to avoid from being capture from his father's guard.

Winter approached with a freezing call. The young hand to use his wing for warmness and hid himself from snowy days. It was not until the middle of winter that the cold eagle discovered something wrong. He noticed one of window opened automatically with no help from a hand. The young eagle took his chances and flew in front of the window. And what did he discover?


The place was empty. No furniture, no curtain, no family's photos, no fancy vase. Nothing. It was abandon or deserted. The young eagle was stun and pretty soon became in denial. He immediately went to every room and search for his love. After having not to talk for two months, he forgot to talk. He did not yell, shout or was able to call her name. Air, it was only air. Everywhere he turn, it was only air that filled the place, even in his own mouth. There was nothing inside to get out.

The young eagle cried silently to himself, not wanting to believe that she was gone. That she left without even saying anything. He first cried in sadness, than at anger. He got up from his knee and flew as high as his wing could take him.

He flew away from the house, city, the valley, than away from the state. He flew away from everyone. Everyone that he use to know but not from the one person he love. For the first time in his life, he let his heart do the leading rather his solemn head.

Seven years later

For seven long and lonely years, she was without the young eagle. During the last seven years, she couldn't stop thinking of her flying crush. She had admit it to her mother a day before they moved. She told her everything. She confessed her love and wanted to be with him. Not only the blond visitor heard it, so did the father. Especially the father! He was furious and piss. He slapped his cub for her decree action and called her a 'whore'. She was banned from going back to school and was force to be home school instead.

And now, she had return to the place that changed her entire life, Konoha's private school. It was Saturday, and the students have a day off. She watched quietly from the other side of the gate and thought of her alternated life if had the chances to stay and be with her eagle.

Two tears, from both eyes, slide down as the wind blew gently through her. She miss him. She still could feel his warm body when they first embrace. She try to block the memories but deep down, if she does, she would be lying to herself.

Than why is she engage to the blond tiger if she still love the eagle? Why is getting marry? What made her say yes?

She walked back to her new home, where she live with her future mate. Though they kissed a few time, they have yet mate with each other. She isn't ready or even want to be.

One more week.

Just one more week.

On the first day of fall.

He will return and wait for her again.

Every year, on the first day of fall, he'll wait on the house she use to live and wait on her return to the city. Once the season comes to an end, he'll fly off and heads for another long adventure. He chose fall because it was the first season he saw, kiss and embrace with his innocence tigress.

This would be his seventh time coming back to the city and wait, but until than, he'll just have to wander around the world.

She prepare herself for the wedding and stare at herself doubtfully. This was it, there was no going back.

As she walked down the aisle with her father, she stare at her own kind with their gaze upon her. They complimented her, aw her, and oh her. The pass seven years she had grown to a fascinating creature. Her hair was longer, her eyes more attractive, her figure more desiring and to top it off, she had right size breast that was not big or short. They were right.

She looked gorgeous and benevolent.

Once she made it to the alter, she glance at her mother's eye, than at her sister, than at her cousin, than her father. She wanted to take her last stare toward them before she get stuck with her future partner which she only cares, not love.

It became the first day of fall. And once again, she wasn't there. Despite her absent for the pass seven years he still waited until it was over.

One day, before fall was over, the white tigress came across to her old home in the morning. She was surprise at herself for waking early in the morning and rushed out to find herself in front of her old home.

She didn't know what to do? Except……

This was the last day of fall, and still no one, but still, he waited until the last second.

He stare down at the window that still was open seven years ago. Than, he noticed a movement, a figure, someone. The eagle quickly reacted.

He quickly flew down to the window and enter inside.

No one.

Was he losing it, again.

No, he wasn't.

Than, he heard another sound.

He carefully heard the noise and found the source.

There was someone hiding in the closet.

He went in front of the door and open it. And there she was.

'Hinata' her name was still fresh in his memories but not in his mouth.

Though he could recognize his love, she couldn't, after all, he had been gone for seven years. The young eagle had yet cut his hair, which pass his shoulder. His body developed into a muscular form and his eyes turn into sorrow and full of despair.

He was about to hug and kiss her, but she scream in fear of the stranger. He became stun of her reaction. She doesn't recognize him, but he does, and it hurts him more that she can't.

He couldn't explain himself because of his voice, but he need to try, try, try and try.

The white tigress fear him as he try to say something. She got out of the closet and began walking backward, away from him. The only thing she heard that was coming out of his mouth was 'mmm'.

He couldn't talk. Oh dear heaven! He lost his voice, his words to explain. This was his only chances to get her back before she runs away. Forever.





It wasn't until he got to his knee and tears began falling freshly. His mouth had forsaken her name. He had ruin it. He had fail his soft and broken heart.

He covered his face from the seven years of shame. He waited for seven years for this! To see her and forget her beautiful name. Her name! Say it! Say it! Say it! Damn it! Just say……….


His roaring vocal echoed all the way through the mansion and scared the birds from the outside.

"Sasuke…." she whispered his name once she remember his voice and his astonishing and hypnotize wings. Those memorizing wings were the ones that brought her back to him.

She kneel down in front of him and hugged her true mate.

"Hinata…… Hinata…. H-Hinata,"

"S-Sasuke….. Sasuke…… Sasuke,"

Their reunion lasted for minute. After the eagle dry his eyes and kiss her. Than they mated without interruption, which surprised the tigress because no one heard the loud noise.

After a long alone time with each other, the eagle barely got his voice back. It's ironic though, it was he who gets mad at her for stuttering too much, and now it is he who has it.

"S-Stay w-w-with me, p-please,"

"I can't abandon Eliot. I'm wed to him,"

"T-T-Than f-forg-get h-him. S-Stay w-with me,"

"If I chose to be with you. Where will we go? Where will we live? What will our family say?"

"T-There I-is a p-place, w-w-where I-is freedom a-and w-won't s-separate us,"


He nod

"Yes, yes, yes. I will be with,"

For the first time ever, she cry in joy and happiness.

She left his wedding ring on the front window of Eliot's room with a note that said:

I'm sorry for not being honest during these pass seven years, but I have to be true to myself, I can no longer lie.

I only care for you.

I love another.

And it was always the same person.

Please tell my family I'm with my true mate and am going to be with him forever.

I'm heading to the land of the free and home of the brave.



They were heading to their happily ever after home, where the handsome eagle store every single valuable treasure he found over sea and waited for the right moment to put it for use.

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